Parts of Speech: Worksheet #3�Adjectives by D6HVK03A


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English I

For each word below, circle the suffix that indicates the word is an adjective.

   1. careless
   2. delightful
   3. ragged
   4. sandy
   5. specific
   6. boisterous
   7. healthy
   8. cultural
   9. creative
   10. erroneous

Convert the following words into adjectives by adding adjective suffixes. Some words
may take more than one suffix.

    Logic (logical)

   1. style
   2. cycle
   3. home
   4. like
   5. wish
   6. cone
   7. allergy
   8. monster
   9. rest
   10. point
Identify whether the adjective in each following sentence is central, or predicative or
attributive only.

1. I’m afraid you are under arrest.
2. What utter nonsense!
3. The book had a happy ending.
4. It was a comfortable ride.
5. The ride was comfortable.
6. That is utter nonsense.
7. I consider her old.
8. He is afraid of dogs.
9. We made him happy.
10. Bella is lovable.

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