Unit 4 Scott Foresman Series by D6HVK03A


									                         Unit 4 Scott Foresman Series
                         The Yangs’ First Thanksgiving

After students have read the story, ask them to imagine that they, too, attended the
Conners’ Thanksgiving dinner. Have them write a thank-you note that includes observations
about some of the positive things that occurred during the meal. Be sure to include all of
the elements of a friendly letter in your note. Click here to review the parts of a friendly

   1. Open Microsoft Publisher
   2. Choose “Publications for Print”
   3. Click on “Greeting Cards” and choose the thank you note of
      your choice.
   4. Change the text on the card by double clicking in each text
   5. Insert a clip art that would be appropriate for your

   6. Save your work to your folder.
   7. Raise your hand when you are ready to print.   

                                 Rubric for Grading
Student Name:______________
Followed “friendly letter” format (10 points) _____
Includes positive comments about the dinner (10 points) _____
Includes an appropriate graphic (2 points) _____
Text is easy to read and pleasing to the eye (3 points) _____

                       Total: ____________

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