Homework Sheet for Friendly Letter Writing by D6HVK03A


									                                Homework Sheet for Friendly Letter Writing

    1) Below is a letter. However, it has been separated into six parts: heading, salutation, body,
       closing, signature and post-script. Identify the parts of the fragmented letter and order them
       based on the sequence they appear in an actual letter (using numbers). The first one is done for

Identify Parts       Order by                                   Parts of the letter
Salutation             2nd    Dear Student in 6C,
                                                                                    Your friend,
                                 P.S. Ms. Grapko says hi.
                                      It feels like such a long time since the last time I saw you. I know it's only
                                 been several weeks since I saw you. So far my summer has been great!

                                       I spend all my weekends at the beach. I am getting a nice tan and you can
                                 no longer say I am paler than you. I have been playing lots of volleyball,
                                 surfing and building a nice collection of sea shells. Just this past weekend I
                                 took second place in a sandcastle building contest!

                                       On the weekdays I work. I drive an ice cream truck around and sell ice
                                 cream to the kids. It is so cool. It is a combination of the two things I love most,
                                 ice cream and kids. The pay isn't too great but I love the job so much.

                                       I hope the summer's been going well for you too. There's only a month
                                 and a half left in summer vacation and after that it's back to school. Would you
                                 like to meet up some time before school starts?
                                                                                                           Tom Eel
                                                                                                  506 Country Lane
                                                                                    North Baysville, ON L5N 3G6
                                                                                                      July 16, 2009

                                                                                    Tom Eel
         Parts of a Friendly Letter:
         Heading: Is the located at the top of the page in the right corner. It is the receivers address and
         the date.
         Salutation: Is two lines below the heading on the left side. It is a greeting (usually ‘Dear’)
         followed by the receivers name and a comma.
         Body: Contains main thoughts and ideas. Located two lines bellow the salutation, consisting of
         paragraphs indicated by spacing and indentation.
         Closing: Located two lines below the body. Only the first word is capitalized. The closing is also
         followed by a comma. It is off-center to the right.
         Signature: Is located directly under the closing. It is the signature of the sender.
         Postscript: Is abbreviated as P.S.. It is writing added after the main body of a letter. It is located
         after the signature on the left side.
2) Pretend that Tom Eel is a friend of yours. Respond to his letter using the parts of a letter and
   punctuation as according to the rubric and checklist. Be creative!

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