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									                                                     2012/13 Community Conservation Partnerships
                                     Land for Wildlife Habitat Restoration Incentive application form

1. Property owner/s details
Surname(s)                                                      Given names
Property address
Suburb                                                          State                              Postcode
Postal address (if different from property address)
Suburb                                                          State                              Postcode
Lot and Plan (e.g. 1RP123456)                                   Email
Daytime contact number(s)         Home                          Work                               Mobile
Do you intend to sell your property in the near future?

2. Evidence of planning and commitment by landholder (all to complete)
Which incentive are you applying for? (Pick only one incentive)                     Seedlings                  Nest boxes
Briefly describe what you are aiming to achieve with this project, giving details of your background research.

What work have you already done on the site? Give brief details where appropriate.

Council will use any personal information provided for the intended purpose only and for remaining in contact with you. Council is
authorised to collect this information in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009 and other Local Government Acts. Your
personal information is only accessed by persons authorised to do so. Your personal information is dealt with in accordance with
council’s privacy policy.

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When is the work to be done, assuming environmental conditions are suitable?

What will you contribute to the project? E.g. weed control, monitoring, property planning etc.

2. Native plant seedlings for revegetation (leave blank if not choosing this incentive)
Do you require assistance in compiling a plant/species list for your property?                         Yes            No
If yes, would you like a Conservation Partnerships Officer to assist in compiling the list?            Yes            No
If no, how will you make your species selection?
 Direct observation of plants naturally present on this or neighbouring properties?
 Already have a species list compiled for your area? (e.g. regional ecosystem list)
 Through consultation with your nursery contact
 Other, please specify:
How many plants do you require in total this financial year? Please circle the appropriate number.

          100                       150                       200                       250                       300

Please circle or tick your preferred nursery/nurseries (you can choose up to 2 nurseries.)
Barung Landcare       Florabunda           Mooloolah             GMAN                 Noosa Landcare          Coolum
                      Bushcare             Landcare              (Glasshouse                                  Community
                                                                 Mountains                                    Nursery
Do you want to collect all your requested plants at once or in a staged approach? Please indicate your preference.
All seedlings must be collected by 31 May 2013. Minimum order of 100 plants.

 All at once  Staged – please detail your plan, including timeframes. For example if your project is approved for 300
              plants, you could order them in stages of 100 at a time from the one nursery to suit your planting capacity
              OR you could order 150 seedlings from Florabunda and 150 seedlings from Barung at monthly intervals.

The species selected should form a good balance of trees, shrubs and ground cover species and should not consist of
excessive numbers of any one species (e.g. more than about 10 of one species in an order of 100 plants), except for a
specific ecological purpose e.g. lomandras for along a creekline. Please contact nurseries prior to making plant selection
to ensure required seedlings are available.

2 of 4   2012/13 Community Conservation Partnerships Land for Wildlife Habitat Restoration Incentive application form V1 9/10/12
Site plan for seedling projects. Please provide a rough sketch of the site showing existing vegetation, creeks, property
boundaries, areas where planting will be done and other appropriate features.

3. Wildlife (nest) box installation (leave blank if not choosing this incentive)
This option is not available to landholders who have already received 10 or more nest boxes through the Habitat
Restoration Incentives program.
Have you already installed nest boxes on your property?                            Yes                            No
If yes what species where targeted and have you monitored your boxes? What success have you had?

Have you ever seen the Indian/Common Myna on your property?                        Yes                            No
You may apply to receive up to 5 of the following nest      Box type              Number     Box type                    Number
boxes only (including installation). Please indicate        Small parrot                     Feathertail glider
which boxes you would prefer and the number of each
box (maximum 5 in total).                                   Possum                           Pardalote
                                                            Glider                           Owlet nightjar
                                                            Bat                              TOTAL BOXES
Would you consider paying for monitoring of your boxes?                           Yes                          No
Our contractor will place the boxes in appropriate locations. Please keep in mind suitably accessible sites. You will also
need appropriate trees to support each box. So if you are applying for 5 boxes you will need 5 trees over 10 years old.
Monitoring of boxes will not be provided by this incentive. Any future maintenance of wildlife boxes will be your

3 of 4   2012/13 Community Conservation Partnerships Land for Wildlife Habitat Restoration Incentive application form V1 9/10/12
4. Landholder Agreement
I agree to the following conditions:
    1. Incentives provided by Council through Land for Wildlife may only be used on the Land for Wildlife property at the
       above address and for the purpose/s stated in this application.
    2. You may only choose one of the above mentioned incentives.
    3. For the native plant seedlings for revegetation incentive the following applies
              a. The maximum number of plants to be provided to one Land for Wildlife property in one financial year is
              b. It is my responsibility as the landholder to do the site preparation, planting, watering in and provide care
                 until plants are established and provide any additional resources e.g. mulch.
              c.   It is my responsibility to order and collect seedlings from the nurseries by 31 May 2013.
              d. If I have not collected my plants by 31 May 2013 my vouchers will be cancelled.
    4. For the wildlife (nest) box incentive the following applies:
              a. The maximum number of nest boxes that can be provided and installed to one Land for Wildlife property
                 during one financial year is five.
              b. It is my responsibility to effectively communicate with any contractors on my property to achieve the
                 desired outcomes.
              c.   Any monitoring or maintenance of nest boxes is my responsibility and is to be financially covered by
                   myself (the landholder).
    5. It is my responsibility to complete the acquittal form that Council will send to me in mid 2013.

Signature                                                   Date

Please return completed form by 5pm on Friday 23 November 2012.

Email to: LFW@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au

Or post to:
Sunshine Coast Council
Conservation Partnerships (DN01)
Locked Bag 72
Sunshine Coast Mail Centre
Qld 4560

Entered                               Date:                Checked                                     Date:
Incentive approved?                   Yes                     No                                   Date stamp

Officer’s signature                                         Date

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