Double digit addition with regrouping unit by MJ9C04X


									        Time Frame:                                                                                        Subject: Math
          Ten days                                     Unit:    Addition with regrouping                   Grade Level: 2

Enduring Understanding/Power Standards/Big Idea
       1. Students will demonstrate how to add two digit numbers with regrouping S1C2PO4

       2. Students will determine when to use numbers in double digit addition with regrouping
           to model real-life situations S2C2PO8;S5C1PO1

 Essential Questions:
     What is addition with regrouping?
     How can you represent addition with
                                                                                  Teacher observation of students’ use of
       regrouping using your knowledge of place
                                                                                  Student’s written responses to standards based
     Why is it important to know how to use
       addition with regrouping?
                                                                                  Oral and written responses to Essential Questions
                                                                                  Goods and Services assessment
      Build two-digit addition models with base ten blocks
      Model regrouping using base ten blocks
      Roll the Dice game regrouping up to 50
      Solve contextual problems with regrouping as a whole                   Vocabulary:
         class, in partnerships, and independently                            Addition    Regrouping                Ones          Tens
      Student created/solved contextual problems with                        Hundreds    Sums                       Addends
      Daily tasks using EnVision Math

                                                                                                 Cross Curriculuar Connection:
                                                                                                Social Studies – Exchange of goods
                                                                                                 and services in classroom simulations
 Students will know…..                                                                          Benefits of saving vs. spending
    How to add two digit addition with regrouping                                               S5C5PO1
    Create and solve contextual double digit problems with
    how transfer and apply information to new contexts
Cross Curricular Assessment for Double Digit Addition

A Class Fair
After completion of the Social Studies unit on goods and services, the students will set up a class fair. Prior to the fair the students will
be placed in teams of three to four students. Each team will earn Firebird cards for their acts of kindness and citizenship. Each Firebird
card will be worth three dollars. At the fair, the students will buy and sell goods and services from each other using the money they
earned prior to the Class Fair. When a student purchases good or services they must keep a record of their purchase in their Goods
and Services notebook. The sellers must also keep track of what they have sold using their Goods and Services notebook.

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