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									                        GRANT APPLICATION FORM

 Please answer every question in this grant application form fully. Your
 application must demonstrate fulfilment of all Eaga-PCT’s assessment
 criteria, as detailed in Section 3 of this form. Refer to the ‘How to
 Apply’ page of the Eaga-PCT section of Eaga’s website
 (http://www.eaga.com/charitable/how_to_apply.htm) for details of the
 Trust’s grant programmes and funding priority areas.


 Project name
 Lead organisation
 Contact name
 Job title


Please provide a description of your project. This should be in no more than
three sides of A4, in font size 12. This project summary must outline all the

      Introduction to the project
      Main aims of the project – i.e. what you want your project to achieve.
      Main objectives of the project – i.e. identified action to achieve your
      Methodological approach. Provide full and detailed information on
       the methodology of the project. Where data are required, are they
       readily accessible? If data are to be collected, how will this be done in
       practice; and if necessary, has approval been sought or obtained from
       the relevant ethics committee?
      Main outputs of the project. What services and activities will be
       provided by the project? Will a project report be produced? If so, what
       are the publication plans? Please expand on your dissemination plans
       under Criterion 5.1.
      Main outcomes of the project – i.e. what are the differences that will
       be made by your project?

                              Project summary

This should be up to 3 sides of A4 in length using size 12 font, and should be
structured using the followings headings:

Introduction to the project

Main aims of the project

Main objectives of the project

Methodological approach

Main outputs of the project

Main outcomes of the project


Criterion 1: The project is relevant to Eaga-PCT’s aims

1.1.    Under which of Eaga-PCT’s two grant programmes are you applying
for a grant?

1.2. How does your proposed project fit with the priorities of this grant

Criterion 2: There is a need for the project and the project demonstrates

2.1. How do you know that there is a need for this project? Provide an
indication of your knowledge of previous relevant work in the area and details
of how your project will build on, and not duplicate, that work.

2.2. How will your project contribute to knowledge, practice or policy and
how will it have wider application and practical or policy relevance?

Criterion 3: Management arrangements for the project are strong and

3.1. Demonstrate that the structures for managing the project are strong.
This would normally include a steering/management group for the project. If
so, provide details of the steering/management group’s intended composition,
role and frequency of meetings.

3.2. Specify the project officer responsible for the proposed project. Also,
provide the names of co-workers, if applicable. For each member of the
project team, attach summary CVs with details of relevant experience and
lists of relevant publications.

3.3. If any members of the project team are to be appointed on a fixed term
contract, what steps will you take to:
     encourage the postholder to stay for the full duration of the contract;
     minimise disruption if the postholder does leave the post early;
     prevent delays with the project, and therefore avoid a situation whereby
      the employment contract expires before the completion of the project?

3.4. Provide details of two contacts for the project. The first contact should
be the project officer. The second contact name should be a senior individual,
ideally a member of the project steering group/management group.

Criterion 4: The proposed project has been properly planned and
reporting arrangements are clear and well developed

4.1.    Provide information on the proposed key stages of the project,
including the start and completion dates, and reporting frequency of the
project. This will depend on the length and size of the project but should
include at least a quarterly written progress report to Trustees.

Criterion 5: Dissemination and promotion strategies are adequate and
appropriately resourced

5.1. Provide details of the nature of target ‘user’ group(s) and the intended
means of effective promotion and dissemination of project findings. The
Trustees place great emphasis on the importance of wide and effective
promotion and dissemination of project findings. Therefore, adequate funding
for promotion and dissemination work should be incorporated into the project


a.    Is your organisation VAT registered?

If not, then your organisation cannot recover any VAT and you must be
very clear of the VAT status of the activities to be funded by the grant
that you are requesting.

b.    If yes, please give your VAT registration number.

c.     Have you contacted either your local VAT office or a VAT expert to
establish how much VAT you can recover on the cost of your project, and
then adjusted your budget costs accordingly?

d.     If you have responded ‘No’ to the above question, then please describe
below the steps you have taken to ensure that no extra costs will be incurred
as the result of irrecoverable VAT, and confirm that you can meet any extra
costs that may occur.

Please note that Eaga Partnership Charitable Trust (Eaga-PCT) cannot
provide advice on VAT issues. We advise that you seek professional
advice on VAT issues – e.g. from your auditor, accountant or if
necessary Customs and Excise, particularly if you are unsure about the
answers to the above questions. Eaga-PCT disclaims liability for the
accuracy of such advice and is also not liable for payment of any extra
costs that might be incurred as a result of irrecoverable VAT that is not
included in the project budget.


a.     What is the total cash cost of the project over the period to be funded,
inclusive of irrecoverable VAT?


b.     Please state the amount that you are requesting from Eaga-PCT,
inclusive of irrecoverable VAT.


c.    For how many years is the funding requested?

d.     Are you asking Eaga-PCT to fund the whole project? If not, please
provide full details of sources of co-funding and detail the status of all co-
funding applications – is the funding secured, is a funding decision pending,
when will you hear if co-funding has been secured?

e.     Please give a budget breakdown for the cash costs of project. The
budget must show the total cash costs for the project inclusive of
irrecoverable VAT. It should be divided into relevant budget heads which may
include, for example: salaries (including daily rates and number of days
budgeted, where relevant), travel, telephone/postage, stationery, the costs of
producing reports, and costs of promotion and dissemination work.

f.    Provide explanatory notes in relation to the budget in order to
demonstrate how each budget head has been calculated. Please refer to the
notes on budgeting and full cost recovery in the ‘How to apply’ section of the
Eaga-PCT website.

g.     Will there be any ‘in-kind’ contributions made towards your project? If
so, please provide details of the source of the ‘in kind’ contributions, the
amount and explain what the contributions are for.

h.    Provide details of the proposed stage payments of the grant and the
frequency of invoicing.

Data Protection Statement
The Eaga Partnership Charitable Trust (Eaga-PCT) is registered under the
Data Protection Act 1988 and complies with the provisions of the Act. Grant
applicants are therefore reminded that in order for assessment procedures to
be completed, Eaga-PCT will process, circulate amongst Trustees, staff and
occasionally advisors to Eaga-PCT, and will store information provided by
them. Data will be held securely and lawfully processed, and will not be
retained for longer than necessary. In addition, data may be used: to compile
lists of rejected funding applications, which will be retained for internal use
only; to compile published lists of grant holders, which may be posted on the
Internet; and to inform you of the Trust’s future grant programmes and events.
Data may also be used by individuals and organisations working for Eaga-

To confirm that you give consent to Eaga-PCT to process the data
provided for these purposes, please place a cross in the box below:


            Thank you for applying to Eaga-PCT for a grant.
           Please submit your application by email or post to:

                             Dr Naomi Brown
                              Trust Manager
                     Eaga Partnership Charitable Trust
                          23 Macadam Gardens
                                CA11 9HS

                          Tel/Fax: 01768 210220
                         e mail: eagact@aol.com
                         website: www.eaga.co.uk

                         The assessment process

The timetable
All applications that are completed in full and fulfil the aims of Eaga-PCT will be
assessed at a formal meeting of Trustees. Meetings are held 3 times a year.
Completed application forms must be submitted by the deadlines set out below:

Date for receipt of application               Date of Trust meeting
8 December 2006                               31 January 2007
4 May 2007                                    15 June 2007
31 August 2007                                12 October 2007

The assessment
You will receive written confirmation that we have received your application,
usually within one week. The Trustees of Eaga-PCT will assess your application
using the information you have provided on this application form. It is therefore
essential that you complete all sections of the form. If Trustees have any queries
about your application, the Trust Manager will contact you shortly before the
Trust meeting for clarification. To be approved for a grant, you must provide a
high quality project summary and the project must fulfil all Eaga-PCT’s assessment
criteria. In addition, you should demonstrate that the project budget is accurate,
well-substantiated and value for money.

If your application is unsuccessful
If your application is not approved for a grant, we will usually write to you during
the week following the Trust meeting at which your application was considered.
This decision letter will outline the main areas of weakness with your application.

If your application is successful
If your application is approved for a grant, you will usually be informed in writing
during the week following the Trust meeting at which your application was
considered. This decision letter will state the total amount of the grant approved
and will provide details of any special conditions related to the grant offer. You
will also be sent a copy of the full grant conditions and will be asked to confirm in
writing that you will comply with these conditions.

Finally, please note the following:

-      The Trustees’ decision is final;
-      Eaga-PCT has limited funding available and there is strong competition for
       grants. Therefore the fulfilment of all the assessment criteria does not
       necessarily mean that an application will be approved;
-      Eaga-PCT accepts resubmitted funding applications only in exceptional
       circumstances and only if Trustees specifically request them.


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