Danna Garcia At Maybelline Color Sensational Tour

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					Danna Garcia at Maybelline Color Sensational Tour
Saturday, September 19, the Maybelline Color Sensational tour stopped at CVS/Pharmacy in Santa Monica, where three fashion/beauty professionals gave their expert opinions on the beauty and fashion trends of the coming Fall season. Star of Univision's telenovela, Un Gancho Al Corazon, Danna Garcia, Latina magazine beauty and fashion director, Angelique Serrano and professional makeup artist, Gabriel Almodovar, had distinct opinions on various beauty topics, but they all agreed on thing - red is one of the hottest colors for Fall. This Fall, you can flaunt the color red with clothing, shoes and accessories, but Garcia, Serrano and Almodovar suggest wearing red on an area where few women dare to try...the lips. In spite of this incessant fear, Serrano believes that red lips can be worn both at day and night and the trio demonstrated just how it can be done, as Almodovar gave Garcia a red-lipped day look, then took it up a few notches, to glam it up for night. "I think you can be more creative at night," said Garcia. Even after seeing Garcia's day and night red lip looks, a few skeptics remained, who felt that red lips wouldn't work for them. Specifically, one who felt she couldn't wear red lipstick after the age of fifty and another who felt her skin was too fair to wear red lipstick. But a professional "lipover" by Almodovar soon changed their minds. "You can wear any color in the rainbow," said Almodovar. "It's finding the right shades that are right for your skin." Which shouldn't be difficult, since there are 48 colors in the Color Sensational collection, said Serrano. Participants received two Color Sensational lipcolor coupons, a raffle ticket for the chance to win a $500 American Express gift card, a free lipover by a professional makeup artist and a "lipscription" highlighting the lipcolors and products that were used during the lipover. Participants also received a free lipstick when they asked the experts a question, along with some useful beauty tips. Tip #1: Find your undertones to determine which colors work best for your skin. To find your undertones, look underneath your eyes or on the insides of your wrists. If you see more yellowish tones then you should use warmer shades. If you see pink and/or bluish tones, you should use cooler shades. Tip # 2: Balance. If you're going for a bold, colorful lip, keep the eye lighter. Make the eyes stand out with eyeliner and mascara rather than with colorful eyeshadow. Tip # 3: When matching makeup to clothing, choose one area to match. For example, a pink dress with pink eyeshadow, pink blush and pink lips might be overkill. Tip # 4: Mix colors to find the perfect color for you. Tip # 5: When applying lip color, outline your lips with lip liner (lip liner color should be the same as, or similar to your lipstick color), then fill in your lips with the lip liner. "This will keep your lipstick from fading so quickly," said Serrano. "And when it does begin to fade, it will prevent you from having that ring around your mouth."

Tip # 6: Applying perfect eyeliner can be difficult. To make it easier, make small dots along your eyelid, then connect the dots. Tip # 7: "To make lips look bigger, line your lips as far outside of your lips as you possibly can, without drawing on your actual face," said Almodovar. Tip # 8: To make lips look smaller, line your lips with a shade that is slightly darker than your lips. Tip # 9: Blue-based lipsticks can make teeth look whiter, and blue mascara on the tips of the lashes can make the whites of your eyes look whiter.
Tip # 10: Try new things. Lots of women get stuck in a rut doing the same makeup routine everyday, said Almodovar. Change may take some getting used to, but it will be well worth it. "We will regret it if we don't try new colors and looks," said Garcia. "We have to overcome that shyness so that we can feel like ourselves."

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Description: Danna Garcia appears at the Maybelline Color Sensational tour.