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					                         The 2010 Grant Competition Of
               The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas
                                             January 2010

We are pleased to announce the 2010 grant competition of The First Lady's Family Literacy Initiative for
Texas, a program of The Barbara Bush Texas Fund for Family Literacy. This statewide initiative is a
partnership of The Barbara Bush Texas Fund, the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and
Learning at Texas A&M University, and Texas literacy providers. Laura Bush, who founded this Initiative
when she was first lady of Texas, is the Honorary Chair.

These grants of up to $50,000 are given to programs in Texas that:
    help create a family literacy program.
    expand existing reading programs that work with only one generation so that a complete family
     literacy program can be created.
    allow for innovative projects within existing family literacy programs.
    replicate successful family literacy programs with a new population or in a new location.


All proposals must meet the following requirements:

      start by September 15, 2010, not exceeding one year in duration, and ending between May 31 and
       July 31, 2011.
      include reading instruction for parents and/or primary care-givers and reading or pre-reading
       instruction for their children.
      include a specific parent/child literacy component during which parents and children learn and read
      include children at pre K through 3 grade level.
      measure adult progress using the TABE or BEST and children’s progress using the TPRI or other
       agreed upon standardized instrument for children.
      demonstrate fiscal responsibility.
      be based with an established organization that has maintained current non-profit or public status
       for at least two years as of the date of the application.

Submitting Applications

Download the application:

One signed original and three (3) copies of the complete, hard-copy application package must
be received at TCALL by 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 5, 2010.

Delivery options:

        TCALL Physical Address (Use for UPS, Fed Ex, or DSL delivery):
        Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning
        Riverside Campus, Texas A&M University
        3100 State Highway 47 Building 7751 (corner of 4th and Bryan Streets), Suite 117
        Bryan, TX 77807

        TCALL Mailing Address (Use for U.S. Postal Service delivery, including Express Mail):

                     The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas
       Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning
       Texas A&M University
       4477 TAMU
       College Station, TX 77843-4477

                   The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas
                                 Application Guidelines
General Guidelines

    One original and three (3) copies of the application must be received by 5:00 p.m. March 5,
    Faxed or emailed material will not be accepted.
    The application submitted must be the exact form downloaded from the website http://www-, completed in the original online format. The original
     questions must remain on the application and margins must not be changed.
    The original application must have an original signature signed in blue ink.
    All applications must be submitted on standard 8 ½ x 11 paper, double spaced, single-sided,
     using 12 point black typeface.
    Photo reduction of larger pages is not acceptable.
    Letters of support (limited to 5) from collaborators should be included at the end of the application.
    Table of Contents, additional cover pages, etc., should not be included.
    The budget must be submitted on the form provided in the application.
    Do not include flow charts, pictures or graphics.
    The entire application should not exceed 22 pages.
    Each complete set of application materials including the original must be stapled in the upper left-
     hand corner. All copies of the application must be submitted in a single package. Do not use paper
     clips, or include separate covers, binders, clips, tabs, plastic inserts, maps, brochures or other
    All applications will be retained by The Barbara Bush Texas Fund for Family Literacy.
    Grants will be awarded and winners notified in May 2010.
    Grant winners are required to attend training in August and January in Houston or College Station,
     dates and locations to be announced.
    The Fund retains the right to revoke a grant if the implemented project does not reflect the
     application that was submitted or comply with the stated guidelines.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:

    Grant winners will be announced in May 2010.
    If you have previously applied and not received a grant, we encourage you to apply again.
    Assessment instruments required for adults are the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) and
     BEST (Basic English Skills Test). Information about the TABE and BEST tests can be found at (use website search).
    For school aged children, the TPRI (Texas Primary Reading Inventory) should be used. Any other
     tests used must be agreed upon between The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative and individual
    Collaborations are encouraged. However, two entities may not “combine” to request funds of more
     than $50,000.
    Limited costs for meals and snacks are allowed.
    Costs for training, testing materials, conferences, grant orientation meeting, and outside evaluators
     are allowed.
    Because of the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to provide feedback on individual
     application evaluations.

                     The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas
Application Assembly and Format
Cover Sheet                                                 Page 1
Project Summary                                             Page 2
Budget Summary                                              Pages 3-4
Non-Profit Authorization (if applicable)
Project Narrative                                           limited to 12 pages
Letters of Support                                          limited to 5 pages

Application Considerations
Applications that are complete and conform to the requirements of this program announcement will be
subject to a competitive review against the Application Evaluation Criteria outlined below:

Section                                                                                         Points

 1.   Organization’s Background and Need for the Project                                          20
 2.   Program Size and Demographics                                                               20
 3.   Project Design, Objectives and Curriculum                                                   20
 4.   Recruitment and Retention                                                                   15
 5.   Project Outcomes and Assessment                                                             10
 6.   Staff Qualifications                                                                        10
 7.   Collaboration, Community Support and Project Site                                            5

                                                                     TOTAL                       100

Cover Sheet (page 1)

The Cover Sheet must be signed in blue ink by an authorized official of the school or organization. Please
note the classification of your organization (and any collaborating organizations, if applicable) using the
following codes:

Classification of Organization

CBO       Community-Based Organization                      VOL    Volunteer Organization
COR       Correctional Institution                          MED    Media
IHE       Institution of Higher Education                   FBO    Faith Based Organization
LEA       Local Education Agency                            STA    State Agency
LIB       Library                                           COL    Collaboration of 2 or more organizations
                                                            OTH    Other

Project Summary (page 2)

The Project Summary is limited to one page. The Project Summary page will give reviewers an overview
of your program proposal. It will also enable you to make sure you have included all required information.

          Objectives are the overall goals of each component of the project. They can be broad, but must
          be measurable, such as “adults will improve their English reading level.” Statements such as
          “adults will read more” are not useful objectives since they are difficult to measure.

          Outcomes are the specific results expected, usually expressed in terms of the standardized tests
          the grant requires. An example is “80% of participating adults will increase their BEST Plus
          scores by one level.” Other acceptable outcomes may include statements such as “parents will
                      The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas
        read at least three times a week to their children”, or “adults without high school diplomas will
        take and pass the GED Test.” The project will be held accountable for meeting these outcomes
        statements, so it is important to give them careful consideration. When writing the proposal be
        certain that they can be met and you can demonstrate that they have been met.

        Student progress is closely tied to the number of hours of instruction provided. Weekly Class
        Hours per Student are not contact hours, but should reflect the actual number of hours of
        instruction that each adult receives each week.

Budget Summary (page 3)

A budget summary for the project must be provided on the Budget Summary forms.

     Identify all costs associated with the project in the categories listed. The total of “Grant Funds
      Requested” should not exceed $50,000.
     In addition to the amount of funds requested, the applicant is encouraged to show In-Kind
      Contributions representing at least 1/3 of the amount requested. In-Kind Contributions might
      include contributions made to the proposed project by sponsoring organizations such as use of a
      teacher, classroom, vehicle, etc. This means that a project requesting $50,000 will need to show
      approximately $16,700 in in-kind contributions. Indicate other grant funds, and any other funds
      and/or contributions that will be utilized to support this project.
     In-kind contributions and other relevant funding sources that are expected to contribute directly to
      the project should be listed by source, amount, and duration in the space provided.
     Indicate personnel by position. Note the full-time equivalent (FTE) by percentage of staff time that
      will be devoted to the grant project (40 hours per week = 100%; 20 hours per week = 50%, etc.).
     Capital expenditures including equipment, computers, and site renovations should total no more
      than fifteen percent (15 %) of the total budget requested or approximately $7,500.
     There should be no charge to participants for instructional activities.
     The total of your direct and indirect costs, plus the total of your in-kind contributions and other
      funding sources will, naturally, be much higher than $50,000.
     Grant funds will be dispersed as follows: 50% at start-up, 25% after the first progress report is
      reviewed and 25% after final reports are received and reviewed.

Non-Profit Authorization (if applicable)

Provide evidence (if applicable) that the organization or the administering agency for the grant has been a
non-profit organization or public agency for a minimum of two years at the time the application is
submitted. Community-based organizations should submit a 501 (c)(3) letter of non-profit status which
also includes a tax identification number. Public agencies, such as schools and libraries, need not submit
proof of non-profit status, but must provide a tax identification number.

                     The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas
                   The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas
                              2010 Application Cover Sheet

      Lead                   Name
      Organization           Project Title
                             City                                                  Tax ID
                             Zip                                      Classification (p.3
                                                                      of Guidelines)

      Project                Name
      Administrator          Position
      responsible for        Address
      overall                City
                             Zip                                       Fax
                             Home Phone                                Work Phone

      Project Director      Name
      (person               Position
      responsible for
      day to day, hands-    Address
      on management of      City
                            Zip                                        Fax
                            Home Phone                                 Work Phone

Funds are requested in the amount of $            from The First Lady's Family Literacy Initiative
for Texas described in the attached summary and application. It is understood that any changes
to the original proposal require approval by The First Lady's Family Literacy Initiative for Texas.
The Foundation retains the right to revoke a grant if the implemented project does not comply
with our guidelines or reflect the application that was submitted. It is understood that
expenditures will be made and program requirements will be met with respect to the standards,
policies, deadlines, and procedures determined by The First Lady's Family Literacy Initiative for
Texas. Fiscal records, invoices, and similar verifications of all expenditures will be kept available
by the fiscal agent for three (3) years after payment.

This is to certify that all the information contained herein is accurate, complete, and current and
that the organization I represent meets all the eligibility criteria set forth by The First Lady's
Family Literacy Initiative for Texas.

Authorized signature________________________ ___
Where/how did you learn about the grant?

                     The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas
                                                             Project Summary
Name of Project:
Start Date (must start by September 15, 2010):                               End Date ( must end by July 31, 2011):
Brief description of project, not to exceed 100 words.

                                                                                           Class                 Outcomes                  Required
           Objectives                         Curriculum                                   Hours         (Percentage of students who    Assessments
                                                                           Number of                       will achieve objectives.)
                                                                                            per                                        and other testing


Parent and Child Together Time

                                       The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas
                                          A PROGRAM OF THE BARBARA BUSH TEXAS FUND FOR FAMILY LITERACY
                                           Budget Summary

                                                                                             Dollar Amount
                                  DIRECT COSTS
Personnel list by position and percentage of time (FTE%)

Fringe Benefits
Contractual Services (list by service, e.g., consultants, etc.)


Equipment (list by type, e.g., computers, audiovisual, etc.)

Instructional Materials

                                                                  Total Direct Costs

                                             (Must not exceed $50,000)

                   INDIRECT COSTS/OVERHEAD                                         Dollar Amount Requested
                                                   Total Indirect Costs

                           The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas                    3
                               A PROGRAM OF THE BARBARA BUSH TEXAS FUND
Budget Summary, cont.

                               IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS
         Source                       Contribution                        Duration         Amount

                                                                           Total In-Kind

                              OTHER FUNDING SOURCES
        Source                     Contribution                           Duration         Amount

                                                                   Total Other Funding

                  The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas                     4
Project Narrative

   1. Organization’s Background and Need for the Project

             Describe the general background, experience, and purpose of the organization.
             Describe any existing literacy or reading programs for adults or children, the length of time these
              programs have been in existence, achievements, and note any larger network of which they are a
             Describe how the project will relate to your organization’s mission and any significant benefits that
              would accrue as a result of this project.
             If your organization is applying for a grant to expand or replicate an ongoing family literacy project,
              state the outcomes for adults, children and families to date.
             Include a statement of need for the proposed project within the community to be served. If a needs
              assessment has been conducted, briefly describe the results.

   2. Program Size and Demographics

             The project should accommodate a reasonable number of students determined by staff and
              resources. An adult education class can typically accommodate 25-30 students.
             State the approximate number of participants to be served and describe their general
              characteristics, including age, educational levels, language background and socioeconomic level.
             Describe the eligibility criteria for participant selection.
             Briefly characterize the families to be served by the grant project, e.g., subsidized housing
              residents, homeless, incarcerated, etc. Specific ethnic groups may also be noted, e.g., Native
              Americans, African Americans, limited English proficient Hispanics, limited English proficient

   3. Program Design

      A family literacy project should focus on significant reading skills instruction administered
      separately for adults and children, and include specific structured time for families to engage
      together weekly in reading, pre-reading or other literacy-building activities

             Specifically identify curricula and examples of activities for each component.
             Include exact number of hours a week per student spent in adult reading instruction, exact number
              of hours per student spent in children’s pre-reading or reading instruction and exact number of
              hours per family unit spent in inter-generational activities.
             Required: Include a sample schedule of class days and times for one week.
             Describe how the curriculum will be integrated across all components as adults are given an
              opportunity to learn the same concepts and vocabulary that their children are learning.

                          The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas                               5
                              A PROGRAM OF THE BARBARA BUSH TEXAS FUND
4. Recruitment and Retention

    Recruitment and retention of family literacy students continues to be a challenge for the field.
           Describe all plans to recruit participants through community outlets, media or other sources.
           Include your recruitment timeline, e.g. when will you start to contact participants? What start-up
            events will be held?
           What barriers to program attendance are known to exist in your community such as language,
            transportation, childcare, or distance from site? How will these barriers be overcome?
           Describe your plans for a comprehensive orientation process which includes pre-testing and goal
            setting. How do you plan to encourage participants and make them feel welcome during the
            enrollment process?
           What on-going strategies will be used to retain students?

5. Assessment

    Test scores will be used to measure beginning and ending language and reading proficiency
    levels of children and adults participating in the project. This assessment data will then be used to
    further research in family literacy. It is imperative that testing be completed immediately upon
    enrollment of students or within the first two weeks of class. The BEST Plus or TABE is required
    for all adults. The BEST Plus requires specific training. The TPRI is required for school age
    children. An outside program evaluator is not required.

           Describe when and how test requirements will be met.
           List all assessment instruments used in addition to the ones required.
           Outline a specific plan for staff to attend BEST Plus training if needed, or name the outside
            providers that will administer the BEST Plus/TABE.

6. Staff Qualifications

    Directing and managing a family literacy project such as this will require a significant time
    commitment. The project director will need sufficient time for management of personnel,
    assessment, planning and budget. A person in an administrative position with other significant
    responsibilities will most likely not have the time to devote to this grant which will require daily
    hands-on management.

           How will the project will be monitored and assessed on a daily basis?
           List the qualifications of the staff (current and proposed) and describe how those qualifications will
            provide effective project management. Indicate the amount of time in FTE’s that each staff member
            will devote to the project.
           If volunteers will be used, describe their specific roles in the project and explain what training will be
           Describe the initial and ongoing staff development plan. Indicate amount of time staff will spend in
            planning together with the goal of integrating the curriculum .

                        The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas                                 6
                            A PROGRAM OF THE BARBARA BUSH TEXAS FUND
7. Collaborations, Community Support and Project Site

   Partnerships are important factors in building a successful program that goes on to become a
   permanent part of the community.
          Outline activities to be carried out with cooperating agencies, organizations, school districts, or
           institutions and delineate their responsibilities. Describe and list contributions, community
           involvement and local support of your program.
          List the amount and source of other funds available to the project as well as in-kind contributions
           being made to the project.
          Describe the proposed project site to be used. Include relevant information concerning the project
           facilities such as rural or urban, classrooms, lunchrooms, restrooms, access to public transportation
           and any special features.
          Include letters of support (limited to 5) from key collaborators at the end of the application.

                      The First Lady’s Family Literacy Initiative for Texas                             7
                          A PROGRAM OF THE BARBARA BUSH TEXAS FUND

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