Brand Pyramid - Kingsbarns Distillery by wuzhenguang


									Branding Presentation


The Aims
Transform the ancient barns, doocot, mill and stables of East
Newhall farm into a traditional, hand-crafted micro distillery and
Fife’s first distillery visitor centre.

Produce a world class single malt and other non-matured spirits.

Capitalise upon a gap in the Scottish whisky
and tourism markets.
The Brand
Essentially Kingsbarns Distillery has 3 brands to market:

Kingsbarns single malt whisky
A selection of non-matured spirits
Kingsbarns Distillery Visitor Centre
The Brand: non-matured spirits
Year one spirits:
gin, malt liqueur, schnapps, vatted whisky malt

Future possibilities:
vodka, rum

Each spirit will require a name and individual brand. They will be
connected with the core brand with the phrase “distilled at the
Kingsbarns Distillery”.
The Brand: visitor centre
The visitor centre will include:
•  café / restaurant
•  retail shop (offering Kingsbarns products as well as local
   products which are in line with our ethos)
•  event venue
•  distillery tours
•  whisky school

The brand will be linked strongly to our single malt.
However, it must also attract interest to our other facilities.
The Brand: kingsbarns single malt
Premium boutique whisky
Barley to bottle
Micro, hand-crafted (traditional)
Spirit of the kingdom

key principles on which the Kingsbarns Distillery is being founded
The Brand: development
                  Brand Pyramid
                  In order to start developing the
                  brand, we identified our key
                  principles and values.
The Brand: inspirations: the farm
Georgian model farm
The Brand: inspirations: the doocot
distinctive, historic, strong, castle-like, traditional,
(outside & inside - pigeon boxes… perfect whisky tasting room)
The Kingdom of Fife is known as the doocot capital of Scotland
The Brand: inspirations: the Picts
The Kingdom of Fife ‘Fibh’ (pronounced ‘Feev’) was once an
independent principality within the larger kingdom of the Ancient

               The Kilduncan Stone was recently found
               just outside Kingsbarns. Made in the 9th
               or 10th century, the stone is the most
               significant Pictish discovery to be made in
               Scotland in the past century.
               Its intricate carving and unique symbolism
               make it perfect to draw inspiration from.
The Brand: artwork
We commissioned Heather Brennan to
sketch the farm buildings and to
illustrate some features from the
Kilduncan stone.
The Brand: our coat of arms
Heather created this
representation of the doocot with
pictish symbolism.
Too detailed for use as a logo,
we have adopted it instead as
our distinctive illustration.
The Brand: logo development
We needed a simpler logo which would be more
versatile in terms of printing techniques, as well as
more instantly identifiable.
We started working with the K, but felt the doocot
was also crucial so looked at ways to incorporate it
into the logo.
The Brand: logo development
The Brand: final logo (so far…)
The Brand: additional imagery
We have also developed a colourful illustration of the doocot and rolling
barley fields to reflect King James VI’s famous description of the
Kingdom of Fife as “a fringe of gold on a beggar’s mantle”.

Gold is particularly appropriate for us as the colour of barley, beaches,
stills and whisky.
The Brand: use so far
Business Cards
The Brand
The Brand: use so far
Sand sculpture event
at the British Golf Open

"The Award for the best guerrilla
marketing campaign of Open week
has to go to the Kingsbarns Distillery
which received daily television
coverage thanks to its golf related
sand sculptures”
   The Scotsman
The Brand: use so far
Engraving on Glencairn
tasting glasses
The Brand: website
To keep our investors and followers up to date with the team’s
plans, and maintain their interest during the planning and
renovation stages, the site is regularly updated, incorporates a
blog, and directs users to our facebook and twitter pages.

The site also encourages users to sign up as a friend of Kingsbarns
Distillery, which is enabling us to build a database for future email
The Brand: website
Heather is creating a series of
quirky illustrations on the
whisky-making processes from
malting to bottling.

The concept represents our
Tasmanian / Scottish
partnership, using animals from
both countries working together
to produce our world class malt.
•  Branding for the non-matured spirits and visitor centre
•  New website with full e-commerce integration
•  Friends of Kingsbarns concept to be fully developed, along the
   lines of the Laphroiag scheme
•  Email marketing to be developed using this database
•  Further Search Engine Optimisation on the website
•  Future innovative PR events like the successful sand sculpture
The brand development team
•  Heather Brennan, illustrator/designer. Award winning graduate from
   Duncan of Jordanstone Art College. Other recent commissions include
   designs for Brewdog (a Scottish craft brewery).
•  Mark Connelly, graphic designer with considerable whisky credentials
   (Co-Organiser of Glasgow's Whisky Festival; Whisky Whisky Whisky
   Forum Head Honcho; Committee Member of Glasgow's Whisky Club
   Co-Owner of The Good Spirits Company Spirits Shop in Glasgow)
•  Helen Wyllie, freelance graphic designer & illustrator. Other clients
   include Miller Construction, Edinburgh Canal Festival, Love Music
   Festival, British Waterways, National Union of Students, URTV

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