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CNG Business Services is part of The CNG
  Family of Companies, a privately owned
  business founded in 1971.
We provide cost saving solutions for three
  different market segments.
 Retailer Revenue Enhancement Solutions
 Cost Reduction Solutions
 Corporate Outsourcing Solutions
    Get MVNO Services for Your

 MVNO is mobile virtual network operator, is a
  company that provides wireless and mobile
  network services to its consumers.
 CNGBS provides network services on
  wholesale basis, giving you best and cheap
  networking option.
    Get Loans to Enhance Your

 Easy loans for small businesses.
 Repay it through credit and debit card sales.
 Improve your business with simple loan options
  that comes with low interest rates
Get Benefited Through Services of

 CNGBS provides many types of services to its
  clients like fire protection, insurance, loans etc.
 All the services are easy to afford even by a
  small business owner.
 They are determined to provide required help
  to small business owners to come up in the
  business world.
                      Contact us

                   CNG Business Services Limited

   Registered Company No:       04661743
   VAT Number:                  815 3024 64
   Registered Office:           115 Southborne Overcliff Drive,
                                         Bournemouth, BH6 3NP
   London Office:               17 Marylebone High Street London
                                 W1U 4NZ
   York Office:                 1 Chessingham Court, George
                                         Cayley Drive, Clifton
    Moor,York                                    YO30 4WQ
   Free phone Number:           0800 083 9374
   Fax:                         01904 690681
   E-mail Address:    

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Description: CNG Business Services: We Provide Cost Saving Solution to various businesses by means of Cost Reduction Solutions, Retailer Revenue Enhancement Solutions, Corporate Outsourcing Solutions.