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					NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

Reference         MS/0812/08R               Quote on all correspondence
Grade             Locum Consultant
Location          Monklands Hospital
Hours / PA’s      10 PA’s per week (Part-time may be considered)
Salary Scale      Locum Consultant
Closing Date      Noon on Friday 9th November 2012

Your             Thank you for expressing an interest in the above post within NHS
Application      Lanarkshire. Please find all the relevant information attached to begin the
                 application process.

                 Should you require further information regarding this post you can contact
                 the Medical Staffing team or make informal enquiries with the department
                 using the contact details below.

                 To ensure we can process your application as easily as possible please
                 complete all the information required within the Application Pack and email
                 with your CV.

Contact          Telephone                           01698 377720
Details          Email                               Lynn.cliens@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Application      To apply, please email your CV to the above, along with the Application
Process          Pack.

                   Lanarkshire NHS        Application Pack.doc

Additional       Informal enquiries regarding this post will be welcomed by:-
                 Dr D Litherland     Clinical Lead                        01236 712610

Date when the    The post is vacant immediately and a start date will be agreed with the
post is Vacant   successful candidate.

NHS              For further information regarding NHS Lanarkshire and it’s hospitals, please
Lanarkshire                     visit our website:- www.nhslanarkshire.org.uk

We are an Equal Opportunities Employer and Positive about Disabled People.

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

The Post     This locum post is to cover maternity leave.

General          You will be answerable to Clinical Director who will agree your job plan.

Health and       You are required to comply with NHS Lanarkshire Health and Safety
Safety           Policies.

Junior Medical   You will be responsible for the training and supervision of the Junior
Staff            Medical staff who work with you, and you will be expected to devote time to
                 this on a regular basis. In addition, you will be expected to ensure that staff
                 have access to advice and counseling. If appropriate, you will be named in
                 the contracts of Doctors in training grades as the person responsible for
                 overseeing their training and as the initial source of advice to such Doctors
                 on their career.

Resources        Comprehensive Emergency Medicine Services are currently provided on-
                 site at the three Lanarkshire hospitals of Wishaw, Hairmyres and
                 Monklands. Across Lanarkshire a total of 180,000 new patients are treated
                 annually with attendances rising by approximately 3% a year

                 Two of the three Emergency Departments are housed within the new
                 buildings at Hairmyres and Wishaw Hospitals, whilst as a part of the
                 Hospital Wide rejuvenation project, Monklands has re-designed its
                 Emergency Department.

                 Emergency Medicine Consultant Staff across Lanarkshire are as follows:
                 Monklands          Hairmyres             Wishaw
                 Dr I McLaren       Dr P O’Connor         Dr V Maclean
                 Dr D Litherland    Dr J Keaney           Mr J Harden
                 Dr B Key           Dr J Cash             Dr J Macnair
                 Dr J Mitchell      Dr. A Palombo         Dr A Pollock
                 Dr N Hughes        Dr. F Mushtaq         Dr G Ng
                 Dr N Howie         Dr C Lightbody        Dr C McCarthy
                 Dr A Russell       Dr D Donnelly         Dr N McCulloch
                 Dr S Teece         Dr G Logue            Dr J Ng
                 Dr S Scullion      Dr D Patrick          Dr A Graham (Associate
                 Dr L McGregor         Dr F Burton
                 (Comm May 2013)
                 Dr G McNeish          Dr S Allen

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

              Middle Grade Medical Staff
              There are currently three middle grade doctors providing night shift cover at
              the weekend and until 0200 on other days. These are 3 ST4 -6 trainees in
              Emergency Medicine from the West of Scotland Emergency Medicine
              Training Programme.

              Junior Grade Medical Staff.
              3 Foundation Year 2 trainees.
              3 ST1GP trainees.
              1 ACCS trainees.
              1 ST2 GP trainees.
              2 LAT in emergency Medicine

              Nursing Staff
              The nursing establishment for the Department currently stands at 42.15

              Secretarial Support:
              WTE Senior Secretary                                     1

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

Main Duties   The main duties and responsibilities of the post include:

                        Clinical care of patients attending the Emergency Department

                        In-patient care of acutely head injured patients (you would not be
                         involved in the rehabilitation of post neurosurgery head injured

                        Clinical supervision of junior medical and nursing staff.

                        Participation in the day to day running and administration of the

                        Participation in the out of hours on call rota shared equally with
                         consultant colleagues.

                        Shared responsibility for the development of contingency plans in
                         relation to significant planned events.

                        Participation in regular weekly teaching of medical staff, in
                         addition to shop floor teaching, thereby supporting the various
                         college recommendations for ongoing medical education. The
                         successful candidate will also be expected to be involved in the
                         teaching of medical students, paramedics and nursing staff as
                         and when required.

                        Teaching, audit and supervision of the MINTS minors and majors

                        Participation in Clinical Audit and Patient Safety activity.

                        Continued Professional Development activity.

                  Aspire to a standard of practice compatible with current GMC “Good
                  Practice” and the College of Emergency Medicine guidelines. (It is
                  recognised that these goals are resource related and assume adequate
                  departmental staffing levels and management support.)

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

Work           As required under Section 3 of the Terms and Conditions of Service, the
Programme      duties and responsibilities are supported by a job plan and work
               programme detailed as follows:

               Job Planning/Programmed Activities

               This post will be offered on a 10 Programmed Activity contract, divided
               between direct clinical care and supporting professional activities (SPA).
               1 SPA will be included in the job plan.

               The balance of programmed activities will be used flexibly for:

               Direct Clinical Care.

               The Department operates a consultant rota with scheduled clinical
               sessions. Consultant cover for the Department is 0800 to 2300
               weekdays (two consultants 0800 to 2000) and 0800 to 1700 and 1530 to
               2130 at the weekends. At other times cover is provided by a consultant
               on-call from home with strict call-back criteria.

               Your responsibilities during clinical sessions include:
                   Direct clinical care of patients, particularly those who are severely
                      ill or injured.
                   Clinical supervision and support of junior and senior trainees to
                      ensure they are working safely and within their competence.
                   Clinical supervision and support of MINTS nurses.
                   To ensure the appropriate and safe disposition of all patients
                      within the 4 hour target unless clinical reasons dictate otherwise.
                   To ensure appropriate deployment of available medical staff to
                      cope with the workload and case mix.
                   To liaise with nursing and managerial colleagues to ensure the
                      safe and efficient running of the Department for staff and patients.
                   To review complex cases or cases subject to delay with the
                      responsible clinician and ensure appropriate clinical care.
                   To ensure the safe transfer of patients requiring care at other
                   Review of head injured patients on the ward when required out
                      with the daily ward round.
                   To liaise when necessary with consultant colleagues in other
                      specialties to expedite and co-ordinate individual patient care.
                   To supervise enquiries from outside agencies (e.g.: police) for
                      information and ensure due regard for patient confidentiality and
                      information governance.

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

                          To directly supervise cases involving child protection and
                           vulnerable adults ensuring appropriate action.
                          Take the lead in managing unusual events (e.g.: major incident)
                           in liaison with other consultants, senior nursing and managerial
                           colleagues ensuring appropriate action in line with established
                           protocols and policies.
                          ‘Shop floor’ teaching of junior trainees and supervision of Work
                           Place Based Assessments.

Indicative Job Plan

An indication of how 10 PAs could be allocated is as follows;

             Shop floor sessions               7
             Clinical admin/Clinical safety    1
             Unpredictable on call             1
             SPA                               1

 A possible weekly timetable might be as follows:
  DAYS           HOURS                                 Duties

    Monday         8am – 4pm                            Shop floor work
    Tuesday        4pm to 11pm                          Shop floor work then on-call
    Wednesday      12pm to 8pm                          Shop floor work.
    Thursday       Off
    Friday         9am – 1pm                            Clinical Admin
                   1pm – 5pm                            SPA
  Weekends         8am – 5pm Sat & Sun, or 3.30pm
                   to 9.30pm plus on-call on 1 in 10
                   basis. (overall frequency of
                   weekends 1 in 5)
 This is indicative only – the precise working pattern will vary from week to week.

Supporting Professional Activities.

These include:

●      CPD
●      Clinical Governance/Audit
●      Management/Administration
●      Teaching/ Research
●      Service Development

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

Although the focus of these posts is clinical, the successful candidates will have the
opportunity to take on particular areas of responsibility within the Department in line with
their interests and past experience.

Review of the       This job plan is subject to review every 3 months in line with the contract
Job Plan            review with the post holder and the Clinical Director

Audit and           The successful candidate will be expected to participate in audit
research            processes and there is an active clinical audit department available to
                    assist. An interest in research will be supported.

Continuing          Study leave is available within the terms and conditions of service with
Professional        the approval of the Specialty Clinical Director/Clinical Lead. The
Development         appointee will be required to fulfill such demands for continuing
                    professional development as the Royal College of Physicians (or other
                    relevant bodies) may make.

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

Attributes     Essential                             Useful
Qualifications Full registration with the GMC with a In possession of CCT in Emergency
               Licence to Practise.                  Medicine or CESR (CP) at the time
                                                     of interview or in an established
                                                     training programme and within six
                                                     months of CCT (i.e. pending exit
Training       FCEM or equivalent.                   Current ALS and/or ATLS and/or
                                                     APLS/PALS/EPLS instructor status.
               Current        ALS,      ATLS     and
               APLS/PALS/EPLS provider status.       MIMMS/HMIMMS.

                     For existing consultants evidence of Child Protection course.
                     CME and participation in appraisal.
Audit/Research       Understanding of the principles of Basic I.T. skills.
                     medical audit.
                                                          Evidence of recent research activity
                     Evidence of previous audit activity. and publications.

                     Familiarity with the principles of Clinical
                     Governance and Patient Safety in the
                     context of Emergency Medicine.

                     Understanding of the principles of
Teaching             Evidence of commitment to and                 Experience of organising teaching
                     experience of teaching undergraduates,        programmes.
                     doctors in training and other disciplines.    Training in Educational Supervision.
Experience           Broad experience in all aspects of            Subspecialty interest.
                     Emergency Medicine gained in the
                     context of a recognised Emergency             Formal clinical supervision training.
                     Medicine      training  programme       or
                     approved equivalent.                          Training and experience in specific
                     Able to supervise the clinical work of        extended skills such as Ultrasound.
                     doctors on training and relevant staff in
                     other disciplines. Confident with indirect
                     supervision of varying grades of doctors
                     in training,
                     Competent to carry out the wide range
                     of procedures required in Emergency
Administration and   Experience of the day to day running of       Attendance at an appropriate,
Management.          an Emergency Department.                      recognised management course.
                     An understanding of the management            Previous management experience.
                     responsibilities of consultants.

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

Personal               Able to demonstrate excellent team-
Attributes.            working (multi-disciplinary & multi-
                       professional) and inter-personal skills

                       Able to be understanding of           and
                       sensitive to the needs of patients

                       Able to work as team leader when

                       Demonstrates personal leadership skills
                       Demonstrates        commitment       to
                       continuing professional development.

                       Demonstrates commitment to service
Other                  Satisfactory medical clearance by NHS
                       Lanarkshire’s   Occupational    Health

                       Satisfactory Disclosure Scotland check.

                       Current full driving licence.
If there is any reason why a disabled person           The post requires physical dexterity. Uncorrected
should not be considered suitable for this post,       visual or hearing defect would be incompatible
please provide details:                                with the nature of the work.

                             Prepared By:-                     Approved By:-
Name                         Dr. D Litherland                  Dr J Burns
Designation                  Clinical Lead                     Divisional Medical Director
Date                         October 2012                      October 2012

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine


a)   This appointment is offered on the Terms and Conditions of the new Consultant
     Contract on a locum basis.

b)   The successful candidate will automatically be taken into membership of the National
     Health Service Superannuation Scheme unless he/she elects not to join.

c)   The employment is subject to 1 months’ notice on either side subject always to the
     appeal and other provisions of paragraphs 10.4 & 10.5 of the Terms and Conditions of
     Service of Hospital Medical and Dental Staff and Doctors in Public Health and the
     Community Health Service Consultant Grade.

d)   The successful candidate, if not already employed by the NHS Lanarkshire, will be
     required to complete a medical questionnaire to obtain medical clearance from the
     Occupational Health Physician.

e)   The successful candidate will be required to complete a disclosure Scotland PVG
     (Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme) form. No approach will be made without
     written permission of the successful applicant who will be asked to sign and complete a
     Disclosure PVG application, giving authorization for the check to be undertaken.

f)   NHS Lanarkshire does not negotiate salary placements. On commencement the salary
     will be in line with paragraph 11.1.2 of the terms and conditions of the new consultant
     contract. Appointees start on the scale minimum except in the circumstances of
     paragraphs 11.1.3 – 11.1.4 of the terms and conditions of service.

g)   From 1st April 2012 the starting salary for the post is £74,504 per annum (based on 10
     Programmed Activities per week). The successful candidate’s total salary will be
     dependent on his/her previous service history. Remuneration for any extra
     programmed activities will be dependent upon the job plan agreed at the time of

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine


The following should be used when completing DECLARATIONS/ CONVICTIONS within the
application pack.

Registration with the General Medical Council or General Dental Council imposes on
doctors and dentists the duty to provide a good standard of medical care and to behave
appropriately, towards patients. NHS Employees also have a duty to ensure that patients
receive a good standard of medical care and ensure as far as possible the safety of
patients. We therefore need to establish if you have been found guilty of a criminal offence,
been bound over or cautioned or are currently the subject of proceedings which might lead
to a conviction, an order binding you over or a caution, in the UK or any other country.

Applications for posts in the NHS are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
Application forms will include a declaration for applicants to complete declaring any previous
or pending prosecutions or convictions, including those considered “spent” under the Act.
Forms will also include a declaration of any cautions or bind overs.

We also need to establish if you have been the subject of any fitness to practise
proceedings in the past, or if any fitness to practise proceedings are being contemplated, by
a licensing or regulatory body in the UK or another country and this is also reflected in the

This information will be treated in confidence and will not debar you from appointment
unless the selection panel considers that it renders you unsuitable for appointment. In
reaching such a decision we will consider the nature of the conviction/action, how long ago
it took place and any other factors which may be relevant

Failure to disclose a criminal offence, having been bound over or cautioned or that you are
currently the subject of criminal proceedings, which might lead to a conviction, an order
binding you over a caution, or fitness to practice proceedings undertaken or being
undertaken by an appropriate licensing or regulatory body, may disqualify you from
appointment, or result in summary dismissal/disciplinary action and referral to the General
Medical Council (General Dental Council) for consideration if such a discrepancy came to
If you would like to discuss what effect any previous convictions, police investigations or
fitness to practice proceedings taken or being taken either in the UK or by an overseas
licensing or regulatory body might have on your application, you may telephone: Marlene
Fraser (01698) 377752 in confidence, for advice.

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NHS Lanarkshire – Information Pack

POSITION: Locum Consultant in
          Emergency Medicine

Overseas        For the purpose of immigration status, overseas doctors and dentists are
Doctors and     those who, regardless of where they obtain their primary medical/dental
Dentists        qualification, are not nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA). A
                list of EEA countries is attached.
Changes to      On 7th March 2006 the Department of Health announced changes to the
Immigration     immigration rules for postgraduate doctors and dentists. The changes
                came into effect on 3rd April 2006 and mean that all doctors and dentists
                who wish to work in the UK from outside the EEA will need to meet the
                requirements of an employment category such as the work permit
                provisions. New applications for permit-free training visas will no longer
                be granted for doctors undertaking training posts
Impact of       Non-EEA doctors and dentists will still be able to come and train in the
Change          UK and are still eligible to apply, in open competition for training posts
                provided all the other eligibility criteria is met. However, training posts
                will now be considered employment for immigration purposes. Work
                permits will only be issued where there is a specific post for the
                overseas doctors that cannot be filled by someone from the EEA.
Further         The changes in immigration requirements for trainee doctors and
Information     dentists are a result of a Scottish Executive Health Department
                announcement and immigration issues are the remit of the Home Office.
                Clarification and further information can be accessed from the following:-

                Home Office         www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk
                Work Permits        www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/workingintheuk/

EEA Countries   Austria               Greece              The Netherlands
                Belgium               Hungary             Norway
                Bulgaria              Iceland             Poland
                Cyprus                Republic of Ireland Portugal
                Czech Republic        Italy               Romania
                Denmark               Latvia              Slovakia
                Estonia               Liechtenstein       Slovenia
                Finland               Lithuania           Spain
                France                Luxembourg          Sweden
                Germany               Malta               UK
                NB – Switzerland is not in the EEA, Swiss Nationals have the same
                rights as EEA nationals.

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