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 1. Can a delegate see all that a manager can see?
     A. Yes, if you are making someone a delegate they have the same access you have in Manage
          Expected Job Results (EJRs) and Performance Reviews.
 2. Can the EJR be completed then moved to the reporting manager? Ex: if Brian Anderson has 16
     reports who have the same ejr’s , can he fill them in attach them to the direct report then move
     8 to Meloney and those ejr’s will move with the employee.
     A. No, Once you enter an ejr (expected job result) you have ownership of that catalog. It can
          not be moved from manager to manager. The system is set up for Manager to Employee not
 3. Is there a final review process before the performance review is sent to HR?
     A. The review is not sent to HR, but HR has visibility of the review via SAP tools.
 4. If the performance evaluations for PRN employees are completed in SAP, how will the system
     know not to give a merit raise?
 A. Salary Setting is only run for groups of employees that are eligible for merit increases. Ineligible
     groups are excluded from the process
 5. Can there be a summary page for managers, instead of having to go thru each tab to do a final
     A. No, you have to review the performance review evaluation tab by tab.
 6. Do you have to go to each tab to print?
     A. No, the print feature is for the entire review. When the user clicks print, a PDF version of
          the review is presented and can be printed, saved as a local PDF file.
 7. Can there be an option that managers can’t finalize a performance review until they have really
     reviewed it?
     A. The manager or their delegate will have to fill in every rating for the final review. These are
          required and the review cannot be finalized without every rating present.
 8. Are you required to fill in all the fields to proceed with the review?
     A. Mid Year Review rating is not manadatory, so no fields are required at this status. End Of
          Year ratings ARE required, so the form cannot be advanced to Employee Acknowledged or
          For Employee Acknowledgement without each and every one of the ratings present.
 9. Once you enter EJR information in SAP can everyone in the department access that information
     to assign to their direct reports?
     A. No, each manager has ownership of their own catalog and there are no shared or common
 10. Can a manager of direct reports be a delegate?
     A. No A delegate is intended to be administrative assistance for the manager. The system will
          not allow a manager to be assigned as a delegate.
 11. If an employee has resigned do I need to send in a request to have them removed from SAP?
    A. No, your HR/Payroll representative will enter the Termination form for the employee which
         will change the employee status in SAP.
12. If a non-duke employee manages duke employees are their evaluations performed in SAP?
    A. Yes, if you are the manager of a Duke employee you will need to perform the evaluations in
13. Do I have to use SAP Performance Management,?

    A. Yes, use of SAP Performance Management is mandatory for DUHS. The ratings will be fed to
    Salary Setting so it is imperative that each employee’s review is completed in the system.

14. Will I be able to see my direct reports and those that report to them.

    A. You will be able to see your direct reports in both Manage Expected Job Results and
    Performance Reviews. You will ONLY be able to see the reviews of second level reports (the
    staff your direct reports manage) via the Performance Review tool.

15. How do I have an employee added or removed from my list of direct reports?

    A. Contact your Administrator. The SAP PM Administrators are familiar with the iForms process
    to add/maintain employee – supervisor relationships via Duke@Work. [the list of SAP PM
    Administrators may be found at

16. Do I need the administrator to assist if a direct report leaves duke and someone else is hired
    into the same position?

    A. No administrator action is required. The manager should change the status of the departed
    employee’s review to ‘Close Review (xfer out of DUHS/PDC)’ sub-status. The review for the new
    employee will be created when the manager uses Manage Expected Job Results tool.

17. How do the Performance Management links work?

    A. The links are dynamic, meaning that certain data conditions must be met before the link will
    be activated for a particular user for that session. If corrective action is taken to resolve the
    data condition, the user must log out of Duke@Work and then back into the tool before the
    links will be re-evaluated. See below for each link and the criteria for activation.

    If the master data conditions have been confirmed, then have the user clear their temporary
    internet files and cache (Tools/Delete Browsing History , select Temporary Internet Files, Cache
    or Internet Options/Delete )

18. What do I do if the Manage Expected Job Results link is visible but grayed out?

    A. The Manage Expected Job Results link is ‘dynamic’, meaning that it will ONLY be active if the
    Duke@Work user (manager) has active direct reports or is the manager on any performance
    reviews in the system. The manager should contact the appropriate administrator to
    investigate and take corrective action. (if you are not a manager but have been delegated to
    from a manager, see the delegate section)

19. Who can be a delegate?

    A. The Delegate Expected Job Result Maintenance link allows a manager to self-service create a
    delegate for performance management activities. The delegate then plays the role of the

20. How does a manager change the delegate assignment from one delegate to another?

    A. Use the Delegate Expected Job Result Maintenance link to change the delegate assignment.

21. Why is the Manage Expected Job Results link grayed out for the delegate user?

    A. If this link is grayed out when the delegate logs into Duke@Work then the manager did not
    create the delegation correctly. The manager should go back in and update their delegation
    assignment and ensure the right person is selected.

22. Why is Performance Reviews – Delegates link grayed out?

    A. If the user has been delegated to, and has the Manage Expected Job Results link active, they
    should click Manage Expected Job Results link FIRST. Performance reviews are updated behind
    the scenes with the delegate’s id, so the next time they login, the Performance Reviews –
    Delegates link should be active.

23. I want to assign an EJR to an direct report but they are not on the list. What do I do?

    A. Take a look at Performance Reviews to see if you have a performance review for that
    employee. If not, then contact your administrator. They will have to confirm the direct report
    assignment to the manager has been made. The manger should log out and back into Manage
    Expected Job Results after the correction has been made and the system will create the review
    for that employee automatically.

24. Can I change the order of expected job results in the document?

    A. No. The EJRs are ordered by quadrant and within each quadrant they are listed in the order in
    which they are assigned.

25. My employee’s review has no buttons for changing status or save button. What do I do?

    A. The document is in Display mode. Most likely there is already a copy of the review open.
    Check the open browser windows and close all review windows.

26. Are attachments visible to my employee?

    A. Yes, attachments are visible to both the Manager and Employee
27. When are Manager Comments visible to the employee?

    A. Manager Comments are not visible to the employee at Mid-Year. Comments become visible
    to the employee when the review is advanced to End Of Year – For Employee Acknowledgement
    or End Of Year – Employee Acknowledged.

28. If a direct report leaves Duke during the year, what do I do?

    A. The manager should change the status to ‘Close Review – (xfer out of PDC/DUHS)’

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