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This performance evaluation form should be used to evaluate an employee’s performance at
their six-(6) month anniversary, twelve (12) months, and annually thereafter. Use the
Department form for an employee’s three-(3) month evaluation. This form requires the
supervisor and employee to identify major areas of responsibility for the upcoming evaluation
period and establishes additional standards of performance for those areas at the start of the
evaluation period. If those items need to be amended during the evaluation period, that can be
done on the interim progress report.

An employee receives an overall rating of:

Meets Standards: Performance generally meets job requirements and previously determined
standards of performance.

Does Not Meet Standards: Performance generally does not meet job requirements and
previously determined standards of performance, and no substantial changes in job
requirements occurred during the appraisal period which would prevent the employee from
meeting the standards of performance.

Job responsibilities and standards of performance are to be completed by the supervisor in
consultation with the employee at the beginning of the appraisal period. In addition to the
standard job responsibilities (1-8), complete additional duties (beginning at Item 9) which will be
the employee’s responsibilities during the upcoming evaluation period.

At the end of the evaluation period, the employee will be given a copy of item number 10,
Employee Reflections, for completion prior to the evaluation. The employee shall also complete
the comment section for items evaluating their own performance. Next, the supervisor
completes their sections, describing the extent to which the employee has met the standards of
performance expected for each major job function. Finally, both employee and supervisor will
meet to discuss written comments.

The Mission, Values, and Principles of the Department should be consulted during all stages of
this evaluation.

                             Multnomah County
                       Department of Community Justice
                               October 2000


Our mission is to enhance community safety and reduce criminal activity by holding youth and
adults accountable in a fair and just manner, assisting them to develop skills necessary for
success, and effectively using public resources.


Change and Rehabilitation: We believe in people’s ability to change and strive to provide
opportunities for rehabilitation through the effective use of best practices.

Restitution to Victims and Communities: We value restitution to neighborhoods and individual
crime victims. Restitution restores those impacted by crime and encourages offenders to take
responsibility for the harm they caused.

Strong Families: We value families for their role in strengthening our communities and
preventing criminal behavior.

Diversity: We value and respect diversity within our staff, our clients, and our community.

Professionalism: We value the highest standards of professional behavior, including treating
people with respect, promoting effective communication, resolving conflicts peacefully, acting
with integrity, taking initiative, and accepting personal responsibility for our organizational

Financial Accountability: We recognize that it is our responsibility to manage our limited time
and resources carefully to maximize services provided to the public.

Investing in Employees: We invest in employees through education and training and by
providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. We value a balance between
professional responsibilities and personal life.

Information Based Decisions: We value information. We are dedicated to continuous
improvement and use data and best practices to help guide our decision making.

Collaborative Relationships: We believe that in order to enhance public safety, we must work
collaboratively with our partners, including the judiciary, law enforcement, schools, treatment
agencies, and the community.

Job Responsibilities: List major job responsibilities and describe the key components.
Standards of Performance: List the standards of performance by which each area of responsibility will be
measured. You should indicate the specific results you expect this employee to accomplish during the period under
S=Strength;                        M=Meets Standards                            NI=Needs Improvement

1.      Case Management
                                                                                                      S M       NI
          a.    Cooperates with staff and assists as needed.
          b.    Treats offender with respect.
                 Follows through with commitments.
                 Models good communication by listening actively, reinforcing
                   positive behavior, and problem solving with offender.
                 Uses cognitive skills to help offenders reflect on their thinking and
                   change behavior.
                 Utilize appropriate interviewing techniques including motivational
                   and investigational.
          c.    Compiles and reviews all pertinent file material and information to
                determine risk for recidivism and violence.
          d.    Accurately and promptly assesses risk and need factors using
                accepted assessment tools, including those geared to special needs.

          e.    Develops case plan, taking into account offender needs, financial
                obligations and community safety.
          f.    Decisions reflect appropriate concern for family, victim, and
                community restoration.
          g.    Makes appropriate referrals, and follow-up based on identified
                strengths, risk/needs, supervision conditions, and community safety
          h.    Imposes interventions, sanctions, and modification of conditions of
                supervision that takes into account offender risk and needs, system
                resources, responsivity, and community safety.
          i.    Updates case plan at regular intervals.

        Employee’s Comments:

        Supervisor’s Comments:

               Meets Standards                                             Does Not Meet Standards

2.      Field Work
                                                                                      S M   N

         a.   Prepares field itinerary, including community risk management
         b.   Wears and utilizes department issued safety equipment.
         c.   Adheres to department radio procedures.
         d.   Utilizes local law enforcement as resources.
         e.   Applies officer safety and tactical planning standards.
         f.   Complies with up-to-date search and seizure laws and practice.
         g.   Attends yearly recertification.
         h.   Conducts home contacts.
         i.   Actively engages in investigatory and follow-up practices in
              response to violations, locates, and community complaints.
         j.   Debriefs and uses appropriate documentation for incidents,
              including use of force, weapons, search and seizure, in a timely
         k.   Evaluates and assesses home environment for associations,
              family, leisure, criminal activity, geographic and officer safety
              issues, and financial lifestyle.
         l.   Equipment will be kept up in good repair, utilized per training, and
              signed out as required.

Employee’s Comments:

Supervisor’s Comments:

     Meets Standards                                             Does Not Meet Standards

3.      Office/Unit Relations
                                                                                      S M NI
         a.   Cooperates with and supports co-workers, including requests for
         b.   Works independently, takes initiative, uses good judgment.
         c.   Communicates with co-workers directly and honestly; works in a
              respectful, professional manner to resolve issues/problems.
         d.   Participates in developing and implementing unit plan.
         e.   Takes responsibility for a positive work environment.
         f.   Willingly accepts assignments to improve and ensure service delivery.

         g.   Work hours respond to the needs of offenders, victims, community,
              and other agency personnel.

Employee’s Comments:

Supervisor’s Comments:

                                                                  _____ ________
   Meets Standards                                             Does Not Meet Standards
4.   Community Relations
                                                                                       S   M NI
       a.    Consistent with the agency’s mission and values, presents self in a
             professional manner, understanding that he/she is a representative
             of DCJ.
       b.    Uses a problem solving approach when interacting and networking
             with the public and other criminal justice partners.
       c.    Courteous when working with public, criminal justice and community
             partners, and other DCJ staff.
       d.    Responds to inquiries and conveys accurate information in a timely
             manner; makes appropriate use of electronic communication.
       e.    Encourages communication by developing networking relationships
             through information sharing and coordinated case planning,
             including discharge and transition planning.

Employee’s Comments:

Supervisor’s Comments:

   Meets Standards                                             Does Not Meet Standards

5. Cultural Competency
                                                                                   S       M   NI
       a.   Employee demonstrates an understanding of the role of culture
            in perceptions and interpersonal relationships.
       b.   Interventions take into consideration the importance of culture in
            responding to treatment programming and goal setting.
       c.   Employee makes use of resources that facilitate culturally
            competent case planning.

Employee’s Comments:
___     ____________________________________________________________________

Supervisor’s Comments:
______      _________________________________________________________________
   Meets Standards                                 Does Not Meet Standards

6.      File Management/Legal Sufficiency
                                                                                      S M NI
         a.   Chronological entries are readable and fully documented information
              obtained/action taken.
         b.   Case activity recorded electronically, according to policy, in
              appropriate CIS/ISIS format (e.g., chronos, action plans, treatment
              modules, UA log, etc).
         c.   Criminal information documentation available and reviewed (police
              reports, law enforcement data systems printouts, PSIs, personal
              history information, mug shots).
         d.   Legal documents are up-to-date and entered as per CIS (EPR,
              adjudicating orders).

         e.   Referrals, conformance, special condition status up-to-date and
              present in file with supportive action plans.

Employee’s Comments:

Supervisor’s Comments:

     Meets Standards                                             Does Not Meet Standards

7.      Legal Issues
                                                                                      S M NI
         a.   Interprets and applies OAR, ORS, and adjudicating authority
              documents (e.g., unsupervised status, federal firearms laws,
              restraining orders, local control, matrix supervision, and sentencing
              guidelines structured sanctions, etc).
         b.   Applies search and seizure law and policy.
         c.   Works within OAR, ORS relating to PPO legal authority and
         d.   Applies standards of proof and evidence, both new crimes and
         e.   Observes courtroom and hearings protocol.
         f.   Works with local law enforcement and the DA’s office to facilitate

              resolution of case actions.

Employee’s Comments:

Supervisor’s Comments:

     Meets Standards                                          Does Not Meet Standards

8.      Reports
                                                                                     S M NI
         a.   All reports are legally sufficient, concise and thorough in approved
         b.   The appropriate report (and supporting documentation) is submitted
              within time frames dictated by policy.
         c.   Recommendations and imposed sanctions support community safety.

         d.   Reports are consistent with agency Mission and Values.
         e.   Assigned investigations are thoroughly researched and completed by
              designated dates.

         f.   Report recommendations are accurate and adhere to department and
              legal guidelines.

Employee’s Comments:

Supervisor’s Comments:

     Meets Standards                                   Does Not Meet Standards

9.   Responsibility (Standards of Performance):                         S M     NI

Employee’s Comments:


        __________________      ______________________________________________

Supervisor’s Comments:

        ____________           ____________________________________________________

                                 Employee Reflections


        A.     What specific changes or modifications of your work responsibilities would be
        beneficial to you and assist you with personally meeting the Department’s Mission,
        Values, Principles, Benchmarks, Unit Plan Expectations, Goals, and Objectives.

        Employee’s Response:

        Supervisor’s Response:

11.     OVERALL EVALUATION of time being evaluated (to be completed by supervisor)


12.     Please check the appropriate box:

Employee has met requirements of six months of service                  Yes        No         N/A

The employee has met the requirements of one year probationary          Yes        No         N/A

For annual evaluation ending       the employee   Meets Standards   Does Not Meet Standards

13.       If the employee receives a “Does Not Meet Standards” rating, the supervisor
          should develop a specific plan to address the deficiencies.

14.       Updated training form should be completed at this time and attached.

15.      I have reviewed and discussed this evaluation with my supervisor. My signature
         does not necessarily indicate agreement.

Employee’s signature:                                          Date:

Supervisor’s name printed:

Supervisor’s signature:                                        Date:

District Mgr.’s signature:                                     Date:

Distribution: Employee, personnel file, District Manager
Revised 11/27/01


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