Charles Dickens

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					    Charles Dickens

          5th period
Brooke Maltbie, Toni Thornhill,
Maila Morehouse, Ian Parrott,
       Jacob Kapono
Biographical sketch
          • Charles Dickens is
            known as the most
            popular of the
            19th century.
          • Who was this man
            who could arouse?
          • Listeners both in
            England and
Timeline In Dickens Life
            • 1812- Dickens was
              born feb.7th in
            • 1830-1833-Dickens
              meets 1st love and
              end in 1833.
            • 1834- dickens meets
              Catherine 1 year
              later gets engaged.
            • 1836-Dickens gets
              April 2 at St. Luke's
Timeline In Dickens Life
            • 1653- 1st public
            • 1863- Dickens mother
              (Elizabeth) dies, he
              began working on A
              Mutual friend.
            • 1870- Dickens gives
              his final public
            • 1870- June 9th
              Dickens dies of a
              stroke at Gad’s Hill
   How does Charles Dickens life
       parallel his writings?
• Charles dickens had very poor living conditions ,
  because his parents were in deep debt to other
  people so he was sent to a boot blacking or
  shoe polish factory to pay off the debt for 6
  shillings a week.
• He never had wealth until he started to writing
  poetry, novels and other scriptures .dickens was
  a great writer and had a successful life, Charles
  perused his dreams and was achieved his goals
  throughout his life.
    How does Charles dickens life
        parallel his writings?
• Dickens , agitation found a positive outlet
  in his writings. While he was traveling in
  France. He went to France and wrote a
  book while he was traveling through
   Charles Dickens Education and
             Early Life.
• His parents were John and Elizabeth
• They had eight children, two of them died
  when the were young
• At the age twelve Charles was sent to work
  at Warren's Blacking Factory.
• Six months after being sent to Marshalsea,
  one of Johns relatives died.
• In his will he left enough money for John to
  get out of prison, and for Charles to go to
  a nearby private school, Wellington House
• Charles went to William Giles’ school in
  Chatham for approximately one year after
  Wellington House Academy.
• When he was fifteen he left school to work
  as an office boy.
• After being an office boy he decided he
  wanted to be a reporter.
• In 1828, age sixteen, Charles found work
  as a court reporter.
• Afterwards he joined the Mirror Parliament
  a newspaper that recorded daily
     Charles Dickens Marriage
• Charles wife “Catherine Dickens”
  (Hogarth), with whom he had ten children,
  was born in Scotland on May-9-1815.
  Catherine came to England with her family
  in 1854.
• Charles met his future wife through his
  work as a Journalist. Catherine was the
  oldest daughter of the editor of the
  Evening Chronicle, “George Hogarth.”
      Charles Dickens Family
• Charles mother was Elizabeth Dickens,
  (Barrow) Charles father, “John Dickens”
  was a clerk in a Navy Pay office.
• Out of Charles ten children one of them
  bought the Gads Hill Place after his death.
  One went into law and was knighted in
  1992. One of them went into Parliament in
  New South Wales, while another joined
  the Canadian Mounties.

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