Transdisciplinary Unit Plan by 9Vge6qg


									                                                                                Transdisciplinary Unit – Grade 5
                                                           Essential Question: How does your perspective alter your view of the world?
                                         Enduring Understanding: The position of the Earth in the Solar System affects the conditions of life on our planet.
                      Week 1 - Jan 3-7          Week 2 - Jan. 10-14            Week 3 - Jan. 18-21         Week 4 - Jan. 24-28        Week 5 - Jan. 31-Feb. 4     Week 6 - Feb. 7-11
                        Immersion                    Immersion                     Investigation                Research                       Produce              Celebration
                                                  Continue Moon                     Continue Moon             Webquest                     Continue Moon         Students
                                                   Journal Standard 5.3               Journal                   Continue Moon                 Journal                practice
                                                   GLE 4                              Standard 5.3               Journal                       Standard 5.3           presentations
                                                  Day 1 – Discussion of              GLE 4                      Standard 5.3                  GLE 4                 Presentations
                                                   moon journals in small            Day 5 review               GLE 4                        Create                Day 5 review of
                                                   groups. Look for                   of journal and            Day 5 review of               presentation           journal and
                                                   patterns, share out                return to                  journal and                   using a                return to
                                                  Day 2 – use p. 90 of               essential                  return to                     multimedia             essential
                                                   investigation 2, show              question “How              essential                     tool. (presie,         question “How
                                                   poster of moon phases              has your                   question “How                 imoive, extra          has your
                                                   with names, students               thinking                   has your                      normal,                thinking
                                                   go back and identify               changed?”                  thinking                      glogster)              changed?”
                                                   phases in moon                                                changed?”                    Construct              Standard 5.3
                                                   journal.                                                                                    models                 GLE 5
Science instruction

                                                  Day 3 – Styrofoam ball                                                                      demonstrating
                                                   moon phase – Sun is                                                                         Earth’s rotation
                                                   source of light, moon                                                                       on its axis, the
                                                   is reflection                                                                               moon’s
                                                   Standard 5.3 GLE 3                                                                          revolution
                                                  Day 4 – share out                                                                           around the
                                                   information from                                                                            Earth, and the
                                                   guided webquest                                                                             Earth and moon
                                                  Day 5 review of                                                                             revolving
                                                   journal and return to                                                                       around the sun
                                                   essential question                                                                          Standard 5.3
                                                   “How has your                                                                               GLE 1 & 2
                                                   thinking changed?”                                                                         Day 5 review of
                                                                                                                                               journal and
                                                                                                                                               return to
                                                                                                                                               question “How
                                                                                                                                               has your
                                                         (End of Week 2)             Using essential            How to determine           Share multi-         Students
                                                          Reflect on portfolio of      question, create sub-       thesis and main idea        media options         practice
                                                          previous projects and        questions (small           How to deepen and           with class w/         presentations
                                                          discuss plan for future      groups)                     narrow research and         various story-       Presentations
                                                          group work                  Group plan for              gather more                 boards (teacher      Reflect on
                                                                                       research proposal           information on a            samples)              presentation,
                                                                                      Teacher models              main idea                  Teacher models        make plan /
                                                                                       how to set up a            Using various               how to create         adjustments for
                                                                                       research notebook -         resources – ICONN           presentation          science fair
                                                                                       as small group             Teacher models              using a

                                                                                       (organizing, citing         examples of general         multimedia tool
                                                                                       sources, etc.)              research and specific       (Glogster).
                                                                                      Teacher models              and well supported         Create
                                                                                       using various               research                    presentation
                                                                                       resources (iCONN,          Self reflection on          using a
                                                                                       webquest, etc.)             research in writer’s        multimedia
                                                                                      Note-taking                 notebook                    tool.
                                                                                       strategies (trash and
                                                                                      Determining
                                Sun (Foss        Guided practice (whole class)                                                                               
                                 Kit)             for webquest: Reasons for the
                                 Investigation    Seasons
                                 1 part 2 – tri         Learning to navigate
                                 teams (one               online non-fiction
                                 from each 5th

                                 grade)                 Look at webquest
                                Begin Moon             Introduce/Evaluate
                                 observations             sources
                                 – Moon                 Generating sub-
                                 journal (time,           questions for essential
                                 location,                questions
                       One lesson –                 One lesson – evaluating the      One lesson – evaluating
Reading / Read Aloud

                       evaluating the quality      quality and value of text using    the quality and value of
  Suggested Shared

                       and value of text using            Moon (Foss kit)            text using Sciencesaurus
                       Sunrise and Sunset           Possibly: Our Solar System:
                       (Foss kit)                 Exploring Other Worlds p. 6 - 8
                       Possibly: Our Solar
                       System: The Sun and
                       Its Effects p. 4 – 7
                       (topic – reasons for
              Launch (begin week      Guided practice for webquest         Create works      Webquest                      Teacher models                   Students
              before holiday break)        Learning to navigate            cited (URL)        Reading online text           effective                        practice
                                              online non-fiction            document –         Note-taking                   presentations (clear             presentations
              Introduction to the             resources                     noodle tools       Citing sources                thesis and main           oral presentation –
              research process             Look at webquest               Trash and          Triangluation of              idea,                        eye contact, volume,
                                           Introduce/Evaluate              treasure             data                       Teacher models how            pacing

                                              sources                      Begin webquest     Funnel of research            to create                       Presentations
                                           Generating sub-                 in small groups    Different sources             presentation using a
                                              questions for essential                            for different reasons        multimedia tool
                                              questions                                                                       (Glogster).
                                                                                                                             Create presentation
                                                                                                                              using a multimedia


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