My Brother Sam is Dead by isJvo8d0


									                 My Brother Sam is Dead
                By: James and Chris Collier
     The genre of this book is historical fiction. I want you to read this
book because it is full of action. This book won the “Newberry
honor book reward.”

       In this book my brother Sam is dead, the oldest son Sam, wanted
to go to the army, because he wanted to fight for the freedom, but his
dad didn’t want him to go because he knew that something would
happen to Sam so the dad started banging his head on the table because
he does that when he gets mad. So he didn’t let him take the gun that he
was going to fight with so one day he took the gun while the dad was
not at home and he went to the war base. Then after that his dad got put
in jail and tom tried to get him out but he wasn’t able to get his dad out
and his brother died and so did his dad.

      Main character is: Sam’s little brother Tim meeker.

      Setting is: mostly outside and some at Tim’s house and mostly
placed in the family’s tavern.

      Theme is: listen to your parents

      I think the person who would like it would be a person that likes

      My favorite part was when Tim was on the animals and he was
trying to take a note to this dudes friend.

      What makes it my favorite book is because it has a lot of action
and I’m the person who likes action.

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