PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER
                                Thursday 26th August 2010

Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome back to Park Primary. We hope that you all had an enjoyable summer break. It’s
great to see everyone back looking so happy and healthy. We would like to welcome our new
Primary 1 pupils and parents to Park Primary. We would also like to welcome Emma Hill, Amy
Halcrow and Evie Workman.

We are looking forward to yet another busy and productive session in 2010/11. I know it always
seems like we send home lots of returns for you to complete but I can assure you that it is
necessary and we do appreciate your efforts to send the forms back as soon as possible with
your child. This letter requires several responses but we have tried to keep it as compact as

Here we go …….

(1)    Data Records
Each session we are required to complete a data record for your child. This ensures up to date
information and emergency contacts. It’s very important for your child’s health and safety that
these emergency contacts are accurate and accessible. In an emergency if we cannot contact
yourselves or the emergency contacts then I will act as a parent ensuring your child’s safety. If
your details change during the year, please inform the school office. Please return this form as
soon as possible.

(2)    General Activities Consent Form
During the course of the session we may need to take your child to the Church, Atlantis Leisure
or on local trips as part of their school work. This form allows you to give your permission for
these general activities this session – it means we do not have to send a consent form out for
each walk.

(3)    Administration of Medicines – School/Child
In order to give your child medication in school, a form should be completed in school when the
medicine is brought to school. If your child self-administers medication, i.e. an inhaler, a form
also has to be completed. Please inform the school if your child self-administers. You can
request a spare inhaler, which can be left in the school office, from your child’s medical centre.

(4)   Asthma
Please complete the enclosed slip with reference to your child and please inform us of any
changes during the session.

(5)    Head Lice
As a school we no longer send out letters identifying an outbreak of the above – this is in line
with Child Health Policy. However, notes will be sent out at specific times to remind people at
home that it is a good idea to check their child’s head for any little “visitors”. The
recommendation is that this is done weekly and if you should require further information your
local surgery or the pharmacist can help.

(6)     Water
It has been proven that the brain functions better when hydrated and we do encourage the
children to drink as much water as possible. Each class has it own rules and codes about how
this is done. Park School water bottles are available at a cost of £2. Children should ensure
their name and class are written clearly on their bottle. We encourage children to bring their
bottle daily. Due to health and hygiene regulations, we are unable to provide children with
(7)     Data Protection
During the course of the session there may be opportunities for your child to be photographed or
filmed by video as part of the activities they are involved in. These images will be used in school
or may be sent to the local press. We appreciate that, as parents, you will have seen the high
profile given to the incorrect use of images of children and would reassure you that we are very
careful when using the photos taken during school time.

(8)     PE Kit/Uniform
As all children now have 2 hours timetabled PE per week, we ask that children bring their kit with
them every Monday and take them home to be washed every Friday. PE kit is a change of
shorts, gym shoes and a white t-shirt. PE kit should be stored in a drawstring bag with the child’s
name marked clearly on the outside. For gym shoes we recommend slip-on black plimsolls,
particularly for children in P1 – P4, as many cannot tie laces. No football strips/colours, please.
For safety reasons long hair must be tied back and jewellery should not be worn.

Do you have any old shirts that might be used as painting shirts? We are running short and
would welcome any you could spare. Please ensure that your child’s sweatshirts are labelled

Lost property will be displayed when parents visit the school (open evenings etc) and after that
will be sent to one of the charity shops. If anyone requires items of uniform, Rowe Sports are
our suppliers and items of uniform will be available from them all year round. Iron-on name tags
can be purchased from or you can request an order form from the
school office.

(9)     Naming Items
As it is the beginning of another year children have many new items from school sweatshirts to
gym shoes and school bags. May we ask that all items are clearly named – this helps us to
return lost items.

(10) Stationery
The school only has a limited amount of stationery items. Please could we ask parents to
ensure that each child has at least a pencil and rubber for school – thank you.

(11) School Lunches
Just a reminder that school lunches now cost £1.85 per day. Claim forms for free school meals
are available from the school office. A menu is attached. We are on week 2 of the menu. A
variety of free fruit will continue to be available for Primaries 1, 1/2 and 2 at snack time on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please encourage your child to take fruit from the trolley on
these days. We are also continuing to promote a healthy choice of snacks and the “5-a-Day
Takeaway” will be up and running again shortly.

(12) Homework and Personal Learning Plans
Homework is a valuable activity for many reasons. It allows time for children to practise and
reinforce what they are learning in school. They may be asked to find out more about certain
topics. It lets people at home share some of their child’s learning with them as well as seeing
what they are working on during the school day.

Homework challenges will continue to be given throughout the year. We appreciate the time you
take helping your child to complete these.

Personal Learning Plans (PLPs). Your child will bring this home at the beginning and end of
each term. Please return these promptly as they are required for daily use in class.
P3-P7 will receive their written homework tasks on a Monday for them to complete in the course
of the week. This allows the child to organise their tasks in line with other activities in which
they may be involved. Parents are asked to check that tasks have been completed and support
their child as appropriate. We look for a signature and/or comment from home each week. P1
and P2 will use a small homework notebook and the tasks will be recorded each evening. You
are asked to sign/comment after the task is complete.

We aim for your child/children to have a very happy time learning at Park Primary. If you have
any questions, concerns or suggestions please contact me at the school immediately – that way
we can move forward and ensure the best for your child/children.

(13) Priorities
A combined copy of the School Improvement Plan 09/11and Standards and Quality Report for
09/10 is available from the school and the priorities in it include:

Raising Attainment – English language and ICT (GLOW)
A Curriculum for Excellence
Assessment is for Learning – Teachers’ Learning Community

The school would not function so well without various groups who support our school activities,
trips etc. Here are the dates of the next meetings. I would encourage you to support the
groups to support your children. Sports Day raised £550. Thanks to the PTA and all who

PTA AGM – Monday 13th September at 7.00pm (new families – please come along!!)
Parent Council – Monday 27th September at 7.00pm
Ardentinny Fundraising (P7 parents) – Initial meeting – to be confirmed
P1 Information afternoon – Wednesday 6th October

All of these meetings are held in the school.

(14)   Staffing

Our staffing this year breaks down as follows:

Primary 1                  Mairi Dunlop

Primary 1/2                Diane Black

Primary 2                  Christine Lind

Primary 3                  Yvonne MacKechnie and Eileen Crowe

Primary 4                  Lisa Danks (Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays)
                           Patricia Horne (alternate Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday)

Primary 5                  Alison Kennedy

Primary 5/6                Irene Bissett, DHT, (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday am)
                           Seonaid Campbell (Wednesday pm, Thursday and Friday)

Primary 6/7                Ilona MacLaurin

Primary 7                  Catriona Kirkpatrick

Pupil support Teacher      Carma Smith
PE                  Liz Clunie

RME, Science and French across the school – Avril Lamont

(15) School Hours
Primary 1 pupils finish at 12.15pm each day until 1nd October. Primary 2 – 7 pupils all finish at
3.15pm. Could we stress that no cars should come into the school grounds between
8.35am – 9.10am and 3.00pm – 3.25pm, to ensure the safety of your children.

(16) School Holidays
A sheet is attached giving the school holidays for this session. We would like to remind parents
that all family holidays should be taken during school holiday time. Scottish Executive advice
informs us that any family holiday taken during school time will be marked as unauthorised
absence. There are only very exceptional circumstances to this rule.

(17) Information about School Clubs etc
School Choir – Sileas Sinclair will shortly be taking in new recruits from Primary 5 upwards.

Wednesday evening shinty training commences on Wednesday 1st September at Oban High
School. Thursday after school training has still to be confirmed. The A team is taking part in the
six-a-side tournament at Oban Highland Games today.

After School Clubs
Karate starts at 3.30pm on Monday 30th August. (P1 – P7)

Volleyball – Thursdays from 3.15pm – 4.15pm for pupils from P4 – P6. Starts up on Thursday
2nd September.

Netball - Start date to be confirmed.

Girls’ Gymnastics – Liz Clunie, our PE Teacher, runs a gymnastics club for girls from P6 and
P7. This will resume on Tuesday 31st August from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Forms are available form
the school office.

We would like to compile a list of parents who would be available to help out at the school. To
this end, we will be issuing a parental involvement leaflet next week. Please check the school
bags!! We are desperate for volunteers to help run our chess club as Peter has had to
stand down. This club has been very successful and it would be a shame to lose it.

(18) Arrangements for the end of the school day
In the interests of child safety, if there are any changes to your child’s travel arrangements
please send a note to that effect – thank you. The school buses are full to capacity and are
unable to take any extra children. Therefore, we will be unable to accommodate any changes

(19) Instrumental Instruction
Recruitment forms, for chanter and strings only, will be issued to P5 and P6 pupils and new P7

(20) Photographer
The school photographer will be in school on Wednesday 8th September. This year he will be
taking P1 individual photographs, pupil council, clan captains/vice captains and Eco committee
photographs as well as year groups.
(21)   A few dates for your diaries

      Our clan elections will take place on Friday 3rd September

      Thursday 26th August – Oban Highland Games (Relay Team and Shinty A Team)

      Friday 27th August – Edinburgh book Festival

      Wednesday 1st September – Playground Buddy Training day for pupils from P6 and P7

      Wednesday 8th September – School Photographer

      Monday 13th September – PTA Meeting

      Wednesday 22nd September – Rag Bag Collection

      Monday 27th September – Parent Council Meeting

      Monday 4th October – P1s in full days

      Tuesday 5th October – “Smoke Me Free” production for all P7 pupils

      Wednesday 6th October – P1 information afternoon – 2.00pm

      Thursday 7th October – Pupils finish for holiday

      Friday 8th October – In-service day

      Monday 25th October – School re-opens at 9.00am for all pupils

Thank you for taking the time to read through this – another busy time ahead!

Yours sincerely

Head Teacher

Tick as relevant

My child suffers from asthma                                (    )

My child does not suffer from asthma                        (   )

My child carries his/her own inhaler                        (   )

My child has handed their inhaler into the office           (   )

Child’s name __________________________________           Class ___________________

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