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									      Rosa Parks

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   Rosa Park's Childhood

• Rosa Parks grew up in Pine Level
  with her grandparents when her
  parents divorced. Rosa was born
  in February 4,1913 in Tuskegee,
  Alabama. She went to segregated
  schools in the south.
Why is Rosa Parks so known
in history?
• Rosa Parks is best known for the
  Montgomery Bus Boycott. On December
  1,1955 while going home from a long day at
  work. She got on a bus and there was a
  open seat in the front of the bus. A bus
  driver asked four blacks to give up their
  seats, but Rosa was the only one who didn’t
  give up her seat. The bus driver called the
  police and Parks was arrested. Later that
  night she was released with bail and at the
  hearing she was found guilty and the fined
  $10 plus $4 as court fee.
          Rosa’s Death
• Rosa died at the age of 91 on October 24,
  2004 of a progressive Dementia. Dementia
  is a loss of brain function with certain
  diseases. She was buried in Montgomery,
  Alabama on October 29, 2004.
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