Kilbarry Landfill, with an area of approximately 20 hectares, lies by 9Vge6qg


									                   Management Plan for Waterford Nature Park

A Draft Management Plan for Waterford Nature Park was presented to the March
meeting of Waterford City Council last Monday (12th March). This Nature Park
encompasses the 50 acres of the former landfill site in Kilbarry, the John’s River
walkway alongside the proposed Natural Heritage Area along the Tramore Road and
an adjacent 9 acre site that was recently purchased to create wetlands.

This plan gives details of both current and future projects, as well as the ecology of
the City. One of the projects included is the remediation of Kilbarry landfill. The
landfill closed in August 2005 and under conditions of its licence a remediation and
aftercare plan was instigated. The infrastructure to environmentally control the
landfill has been installed and landscaping works have been ongoing for the past year
to create a mature park. When it opens late next month, the park will serve as a local
and regional public amenity for recreational and educational use. Potential uses
include walking routes, playgrounds, exercise space, athletics, nature trails, integrated
wetlands, wildflower meadows and wildlife areas. It also gives details about the
recent pond creation at Kilbarry Bog and the impending creation of a 9 acre wetland
habitat at Kilbarry.

“This plan encompasses the environmental projects that have been carried out in the
city in recent years and those that will take place shortly”, said Mayor of Waterford
City Councillor Pat Hayes. “It’s very encouraging to see all these projects coming
together. The combination of the projects within this plan highlights the amount of
work that has been achieved in the city in relation to nature. It is a hugely positive
time for biodiversity in the city. The recently created wetlands have already attracted
snipe. Waterford Nature Park has an ecological focus and provides an aesthetically
pleasing and stimulating park environment for the city. It is designed to function as a
local and regional amenity for public recreational use. There are walking routes, play
areas, exercise space, nature trails, integrated wetlands, wildflower meadows and
wildlife areas. I am looking forward to the opening of this park, when both locals and
visitors can make the most of it and discover more about the nature all around them in
the city.”

Feedback on the Waterford Nature Park Management Plan, 2012 - 2019 is welcomed;
it will be on display and may be read at Environmental Services’ 1st floor reception in
Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford from Tuesday 13th March to Tuesday 10th
April 2012 (Mon-Fri 9.30am-1pm and 2pm – 4pm). It can also be viewed on
Waterford City Council’s website Any comments or feedback
relating to this plan can be made in writing to Waterford City Council before 10th
April and will be taken into consideration before the Plan is adopted and can be made
to or Environmental Services, Waterford City
Council, Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford.

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