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									                            SERVICES                               JULY 2004

             4th Trinity 4                                     18th Trinity 6
             8.00 am       Holy Communion                      8.00 am        Holy Communion
             11.00 am      Parish Communion                    11.00 am       Mattins & Sermon
       Preacher:     RevdMarcus Ramshaw                  Preacher     Revd Dr Fraser Watts
       5.00 pm       Meditative Eucharist                5.00 pm      Meditative Eucharist
       Preacher:     Revd Jane Leach                     Preacher     Revd Dr Fraser Watts
                     No 6.45 pm service                  6.45 pm      Holy Communion (1662)
                                                         Preacher     Revd Brian Mastin

       11th Trinity 5, St Benedict                       25th Trinity 7, St James the Apostle
       8.00 am        Holy Communion                            8.00 am        Holy Communion
       11.00 am       Mattins & Sermon                   11.00 am       Mattins & Sermon
       Preacher:      Canon Alan Cole                    Preacher:      Revd Marcus Ramshaw
       4.00 pm        Evensong (no sermon)               5.00 pm        Meditative Eucharist
                      in the chapel of Trinity Hall      Preacher:      Revd Dr Fraser Watts
       5.00 pm        Meditative Eucharist                              (Healing Service)
       Preacher:      RevdMarcus Ramshaw                                No 6.45 pm service

       Fridays:      10.30 pm Holy Communion             5.30 pm Meditation

                                  11.00 am READINGS JULY
       Theme             Old Testament/Epistle          New Testament/Gospel
4      Trinity 4         L Adenrele Romans 8. 18-23    M Ramshaw Luke 6. 36-42
11     St Benedict       N Burdett    Proverbs 8. 1-17 B Cole Matthew 19. 16-end
18     The Church’s Task P Osbourn     Isaiah 49. 1-13 D Cox        Luke 9.51 - 10.9
25     St James          E Edwards     2 Kings 1. 1-15 C Martin     Mark 10. 32-45

Readers for August                 1st      Visitor & Chaplain                 8th   L Adenrele & C
15th P Marshall & M Ramshaw        22nd    A Finn        & C Martin            29th D Cox & B Cole

Outing: On Friday July 9th there will be a summer outing to Ickworth. Please add your name to the
list at the back of the Church if you would like to go.

Garden Party: On Sunday July 11th there will be a Garden Party at Trinity Hall at 2.30 pm. This is
always a very enjoyable Church occasion, and a good opportunity to spend time together in
delightful surroundings. It will be followed by Evensong at 4.00 in the chapel of Trinity Hall.

Healing: The next healing service, with laying on of hands, will be at 5.00 pm on July 25th

Open Day: The annual Open Day will be held on 14th August. We would be grateful for offers of
help on the day, and also for books, bric-a-brac, plants, cakes, jam etc to sell. Offers and enquiries to
Marcus Ramshaw. Further details to follow.

Family Service: There will be a summer family service at 11.00 am on Sunday 15th August at which
young children will be particularly welcome. The service will include a baptism.
Accounts: Those who were present at the Annual Meeting will know that it had to be adjourned
pending the preparation of accounts for 2003. Mrs Rachel Lentin has kindly agreed
to prepare these, and they will be presented to a resumed Annual Meeting in due course.

Sierra Leone: Thank you to all who supported the Garden Party on June 6th in aid of the Sierre
Leone orphanage, and to all who made donations. We have raised over £700 to support the
orphange, in addition to funds committed by the Chapter. This help will mean a great deal to those
children and to those looking after them. Marcus will give a talk about the work of the orphanage at
6.30 pm on June 20th in the Bowett Room of Queens’ College.

Marcus Ramshaw: Marcus has now submitted his MPhil dissertation (on the psychology of
ritualism), and from July will be taking up a part-time post as a research assistant in the Faculty of
Divinity, particularly working on promoting and supporting the Beta course. We are very pleased
that he will also be continuing to work part-time at St Edwards, with more time to give to the
Church. He will be taking on extra responsibility for the day-to day running of the Church, as
Associate Chaplain, which will be a great help to Fraser.

Peter Marshall: For over ten years, Peter has helped St Edward’s by preaching and taking services,
particularly Evensong. During this time he has actually been licensed as a Reader to St Andrew the
Great. However, he has asked, and the Bishop has agreed, that his license be changed to St
Edward’s. We are delighted that he will now be officially attached to St Edward’s.

                                    Letter from Canon Alan Cole
       Many clergy that I come into contact with, like their commercial counterparts, are under
stress or to use a modern term ‘burn out’. The clergy, due to the scattered population of their
charge, are unable to perform the pastoral care they would want to give or to find much needed
time for reflection and study. Our Bishops have become Area Managers – they too are frustrated by
the amount of administration that keeps them away from being the Shepherd, Pastor and Teacher
in their Diocese. St Edward’s in many ways is very fortunate thanks to past benefactors. We need,
however, to be sensitive what the wider Church is having to face and to focus on - Mission and
outreach. Patterns will have to change. The question we all need to ask is ‘What is God calling us to
do in the life of His Church to-day?’
       One of the problems with Church life and life in Western Society is the false concept that the
power of money/wealth can answer most of our problems. We know this to be false – in fact I
believe that the underlying feeling is not of success, but fear of failing. Those fears lead to all sorts of
stresses and tensions and are part of the dis-ease of modern living. The Church also seems to be
weighed down by problems, financial, manpower and lack of spiritual vision. We have costly
buildings to maintain – buildings which are a rich part of our heritage and which also remind the
world around us of the stability of God, when all else seems to be changing
       In Italy during the thirteenth Century the Church was corrupted by power. It was more
concerned about wealth and preferment and was out of touch with the people. There were wars,
increasing poverty and a negation of her main purpose of being the Body of Christ in the world
through power of the Gospel. St Francis of Assisi changed the struggling and corrupt Church by
returning to living the Way of Jesus. Concern for the poor, the quest for peace and concern for the
spiritually hungry were the main aspects of Francis’ ministry. He took seriously the life and
teaching of Jesus and was very much aware of the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He revealed what it
means to live in the Kingdom of God. That strange little man has still a profound effect on those
who are seeking to get back to Gospel principles. He has given us all a vision of hope at a time
when the going is tough. The Church is, after all, a tool for the Gospel for the spread of the Good
News bringing the Kingdom of God into the present.                  Alan Cole
Vicar-Chaplain: Rev Dr Fraser Watts (19 Grantchester Road, CB3 9ED; 359223);        Church phone:
Associate: Revd Marcus Ramshaw (360298; 077930-64455)                    Assistant: Canon Alan Cole
Chaplain’s Warden: Mrs Phyllis Osbourn (359059); People’s Warden & Chapter Sec: Dr Elizabeth Edwards
(313570);        Reader: Mr Peter Marshall (564471);               Treasurer: Dr Kevin Dutton (07870

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