Dear Parents Welcome Letter by seNlo20V


									Dear Parents,

Welcome to you and your child! Thank you for choosing our office. We believe that quality
preventive and restorative dental care is a special part of your child’s life.

On your first visit, you and your child will meet with one of our friendly dental assistants who
will demonstrate and review proper brushing and flossing technique and healthy dietary habits.
We will be interested to hear any special concerns you may have for your child at that time.

Once acquainted, the assistant will clean your child’s teeth. X-rays are taken and are necessary to
complete the examination. Taking x-rays can be challenging for younger children and are
generally attempted if the child is cooperative. You will be greeted by the dentist who will “count
the teeth,” complete a thorough review of your child’s mouth and apply a flavorful fluoride
treatment. The dentist will discuss any findings, or “treatment plan,” and will be happy to answer
all of your questions.

Children often experience anxiety in new situations and it is a completely normal and healthy
response. We have worked with a wide variety of children’s responses and are well trained in
behavior management. We are committed to providing your child with an exciting, fun and
enriching dental experience.

Our treatment area is designed with an open concept. This allows the dentist and dental assistants
to observe the children at all times and the children are able to support each other and have fun.

We feel it is very important to acquaint your child with our office and to have the opportunity to
discuss our recommendations with you before starting treatment. Therefore, we do not do
restorative procedures at the initial appointment. Of course, exceptions are made when it is
necessary to provide emergency care for a patient in pain.

To prepare your child for the first visit, it is important to be honest and simple. Express your
excitement to see the office with the “playhouse” and to have the dentist “count” your child’s
teeth. Getting a new toothbrush and stickers can be great fun!

After the initial visit, if treatment is indicated, we will provide you with an itemized estimate for
you child’s dental care. Please be sure to bring all insurance related information, such as:
insurance card, policy holder’s date of birth, social security number, current address and phone
number to the appointment. Please note that without this information we are unable to file
your claim and you will be responsible for payment at the appointment. For those without
insurance, payment is due in full at each appointment. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff
will answer any questions you may have.

Again, we welcome you! We are looking forward to your child’s first visit with us and appreciate
your confidence in choosing our office!


Drs. Walton, Hartmann, Ovalle, and Bothun

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