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									                                                       Students made big strides in fourth grade,
                                                        with double-digit percentage points gains

       Keeping in Touch
                                                        on all five sections of the test. Sixth-
                                                        graders progressed, too, with gains ranging
                                                        from 4.2 to 20.4 percentage points. The
         Principal's Newsletter                         district met a state indicator for the first
                   from                                 time in sixth grade based on student
   College Hill Fundamental Academy                     performance on the writing test.
        Glenda Bauer, Principal
               February, 2003                      “Though this report card shows progress on
                                                   nearly every indicator, we are not satisfied,”
                                                   Superintendent Alton Frailey said. “We must
                                                   work harder – teachers, parents and staff – to
The mission of College Hill                        ensure that every student meets the high
Fundamental Academy is to                          standards we, and the community, expect.”
educate all students to meet their
full potential by giving them the                      Cincinnati Public Schools is committed to
                                                       raising student achievement and has been
tools they need to carve out their
                                                       recognized for aggressive reforms:
own destiny.
                                                       Standards – Cincinnati Public Schools has
                                                       been a state leader in promoting the
                                                       importance of high academic standards.

                                                       School Accountability Plan – The district
                                                       rates all schools based on their performance
Future Dates:                                          and redesigns those not performing.
February 3 - Student of the Month
             K-2 at 8:00 a.m.                          Student Based Budgeting – Money follows
             3-6 at 8:45 a.m.                          students, giving schools control of resources
February 7 – Field Trip, Gr.3 to Music Hall            based on number of students and their needs.
             8:10 a.m.
February 10-Principal’s staff meeting, 2:00 p.m.       Teacher Evaluation System – Teaching
February 13-“Trust Amanda” Play, Gr. K-3,              standards define good teaching and hold
             8:15 a.m.                                 teachers accountable.
             “No Blame” Play, Gr. 4-6,
              9:15 am                                  To accelerate improvement we are
February 14-Valentine Parties at 12:45 – 1:30          aggressively:
February 17-President’s Day Holiday-no                 Implementing new state standards: New
             school for students                       state standards are guiding what’s taught and
February 19 – Field Trip, Room 9, Library              tested in Cincinnati Public Schools and will
February 20- Founder’s Day at 7:00 p.m.                form the basis of new state assessments that
February 24-Princpal’s Staff meeting, at 2:00          will replace the current proficiency tests.
                                                       Focusing on Early Literacy: We’re
                                                       analyzing impact of summer school, lower
                                                       class sizes, and teacher training to get better
School Lunch Menus: Attached is a copy of              results.
the monthly school lunch menu. Please note the
format has changed.                                    Involving Parents: Recognizing the vital
                                                   role parents play in improving achievement,
Cincinnati Public Schools State Report Card        we’re using Parent Guides to the Standards to
News: Just the FACTS—                              educate parents and guardians on how they can
 Cincinnati Public Schools showed                 get involved, partner with teachers and help
    significant improvement in student             their students.
    performance on the 2003 State Report
    Card, with gains in 17 of 22 indicators and
    a 7.7 percent jump in students achieving
    proficiency on state tests.
Walnut Hills Testing: The test for admission
to grades 7-12, for the 2003-04 school year in
the Special College Preparatory Program               150 ways to Show Kids You Care:
offered at Walnut Hills Hight School and Dater        1. Notice them
High School will be offered to students               2. Smile a lot
currently in grades 6-11 on:                          3. Acknowledge them.
                                                      4. Learn their names
DATE: Saturday, February 8, 2003                      5. Seek them out.
LOCATION: Walnut Hills High School                    6. Remember their birthday.
            3250 Victory Parkway                      7. Ask them about themselves.
            Cincinnati, OH 45207                      8. Look in their eyes when you talk to them.
                                                      9. Listen to them.
Private and parochial students AND Cincinnati         10. Play with them.
Public Schools students are eligible for this test.   11. Read aloud together.
TESTS ARE GIVEN BY APPOINTMENT                        12. Giggle together.
ONLY. To schedule an appointment, call Test           13. Be nice.
Administration at the Cincinnati Public Schools       14. Say yes a lot.
Education Center, 475-4855.                           15. Tell them their feelings are okay.
*Students may enter Dater High School at              16. Set boundaries that keep them safe.
Grade 7 only.                                         17. Be honest.
                                                      18. Be yourself.
 Testing Information for March:                       19. Listen to their stories.
 March 3-23, 2003 --State Proficiency,                20. Hug them.
                Grades 4 and 6                        21. Forget your worries sometimes and
 March 3-23, 2003- Off-Grade Proficiency,                concentrate only on them.
                Grades 2 and 3                        22. Notice when they’re acting differently.
 March 3-23, 2003 – Terra Nova,                       23. Present options when they see your counsel
                Grades 1 and 5                        24. Play outside together.
                                                      25. Surprise them.
 Parents again, let me remind you to please
  do not pull into the driveway to drop off or        Watch for the next 25 ways in our March
 pick up your students. Our campus is safe. All       edition.
 of the areas are being supervised, plus children
 know how to get to where they’re to line up.
 We expect parents to drop students off at the
 sidewalk (even kindergarten).

   First, little ones walking cannot be seen.         Comments/Questions?__________
 Secondly, many times one or more of our              ____________________________
 administrators or staff members may be at an
 early AM meeting so their space is empty.
 However, if you pull in and block or park in         ____________________________
 their space, it becomes a problem. Many              ____________________________
 times, we are in a hurry or there are                ____________________________
 extenuating circumstances, and we end up             ____________________________
 pulling behind you, blocking you in. In order                   (parent/guardian signature)
 to avoid this unneccesary conflict please please     2/03
 please do not pull into the driveway at all –
 ever. This is for emergency vehicles, buses,
                                                      Glenda Bauer, Principal
 and staff members only. If this continues to
 occur, we will have to notify the police, and
 request that you be ticketed.

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