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									                   Section 5:   [SCHOOL-PARENT COMPACT]

Tips and Recommendations

A School-Parent Compact is a written agreement, jointly developed with parents, that outlines how
parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student

      Revising an existing School-Parent Compact:
          o Call a meeting in May or June for parents to review and revise your school’s
              approved Compact
                   Schools should revise the Compact yearly to reflect the changes in school
                      test data and to focus on critical need areas
      Developing a new School-Parent Compact:
          o Call a meeting in May/June for parents and school staff to begin drafting the
              School-Parent Compact
          o Offer opportunities, including over the summer, for parents and staff to give
              ongoing input
          o Provide a sign-up sheet at end-of-year events for parents to volunteer to assist in
              developing the Compact over the summer
      Once the School-Parent Compact has been approved by your Family & Community
       Engagement Specialist distribute it to all parents by September 30th
      Compacts should be used as a communication tool between the school, family and
       student throughout the school year
          o We encourage teachers to keep a signed copy of the Compact in student folders
              to reference during Parent-Teacher conferences
          o Some schools have built the Compact into the mission and vision of the school
              and the entire school-community uses and discusses the key components of the
              Compact throughout the year

For Your Reference

   1. School-Parent Compact Checklist
   2. School-Parent Compact Sample

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