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									                                Grissom Elementary School
                                 12810 South Escanaba Avenue
                                    Chicago, Illinois 60633
Dennis Sweeney, Ed. D.                                                 Phone: (773) 535-5380
Principal                                                              Fax:   (773) 535-5362

                             Parent Newsletter for September 2012

We Are Underway
We have had an excellent start to our school year. Congratulations to all Grissom students for
their outstanding attendance during the first week of school. So far our attendance rate is 98.7
percent. To all of our families: keep up the good work in getting our students to school.

Welcome New Staff
This year six new staff are joining us at Grissom. Ms. Margarita Chavez is our new first grade
teacher and Mrs. Edna Aguilera has come on board as a classroom assistant. We are also in the
process of hiring four parent aides to assist with lunch and recess supervision. So far two are on
board: Mr. William Zaremba and Mrs. Carmen Guzman.

Possible Strike
The Chicago Teachers Union has set Monday, September 10, as a strike date if agreement on a
new contract has not been reached. We do not know if there will be school on Monday, and a
settlement could take place as late as Sunday night. Be sure to watch the news to see if a
contract settlement has been reached. If there is no school Monday, you can take your child
elsewhere for morning activities and meals. Attendance is optional. You are getting a letter
today with more information on this program. Meanwhile, until an agreement is reached, I am
not posting any future activities or dates, except for the book fair (see below), since these dates
were pre-determined well in advance. Nonetheless, the book fair will also be postponed if there
is a strike.

Morning Drop-Off and After School
Please be reminded that there is no parking in front of the school. Mrs. Alnemri of our staff is
charged with overseeing this operation. Please treat her with the respect that she deserves. The
safety of our children is a top priority at Grissom School.

School Uniforms
The vast majority of our students have been in uniform the first week of school, which has
greatly added to the positive school climate that we already have. Please be reminded that if
students wear a sweater or sweatshirt in class, it should be solid red or navy blue, except that
sweatshirts with the Grissom logo are permitted. For gym days, students should wear a Grissom
t-shirt, or a solid-colored t-shirt, navy blue or red, with navy blue shorts or sweat pants, and gym

                                       Expect the best!
                                 Grissom Elementary School
                                  12810 South Escanaba Avenue
                                     Chicago, Illinois 60633
Dennis Sweeney, Ed. D.                                                     Phone: (773) 535-5380
Principal                                                                  Fax:   (773) 535-5362

Gym days are as follows:

                        Kindergarten: Mondays and Tuesdays

                        First grade: Thursdays and Fridays

                        Second grade: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

                        Third grade: Thursdays and Fridays

                        Fourth grade: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

                        Fifth grade: Mondays and Tuesdays

                        Sixth grade: Mondays and Tuesdays

                        Seventh grade: Thursdays and Fridays

                        Eighth grade: Wednesdays and Fridays

Book Fee and Supplies

All students are required to pay a book fee to supplement class workbooks and materials. The book fee
for grades kindergarten through eight is $30.00. Students may bring their book fee to school. Each
teacher will issue a receipt to your child upon payment of the book fee. Please send cash or a money
order made out to Grissom School. NO checks, please. All book fees should be paid by Friday, October
12, 2012. If this plan presents a problem for you, please make an appointment with Dr. Sweeney as
soon as possible to develop an alternate payment plan. Supply lists were issued to students the first day
of school, and can be found on the school’s website,

Chess at Grissom

We will be offering an after-school chess program this year for grades k-8. The program will be provided
by an organization called Chess Scholars and will take place on Thursdays from 2:45 to 3:45 from
October 25 through December 6. The program will cost some money--$20 per child, and the school will
pay an additional $40 per student to cover the total cost. Staff from the program will be here Tuesday,
September 25, to distribute fliers and answer questions. I encourage all students to participate because
chess is an excellent way to develop thinking skills.

                                         Expect the best!
                                  Grissom Elementary School
                                   12810 South Escanaba Avenue
                                      Chicago, Illinois 60633
Dennis Sweeney, Ed. D.                                                      Phone: (773) 535-5380
Principal                                                                   Fax:   (773) 535-5362

Expect the Best After-School Program

We will be offering the Expect the Best after-school program for all students in grades

k-8 this year. The program will take place for one hour after school, Monday through Thursday, but
Monday through Wednesday when the chess program is in session (see above). The program will
feature homework help, reading and discussion of interesting books, and challenging math problems
outside of regular class assignments. Participating students can get extra credit in reading, language arts
and math classes. Expect the Best will begin this month and students will soon be getting applications to
take home. We hope to get extensive participation.

Book Fair

If school is in session, we will have our book fair from Monday, September 10 through Wednesday,
September 12.

                                          Expect the best!

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