Director of Education: Therese Gillespie by F6yLEoY


									                FILTON HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                BLENHEIM DRIVE
                          SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE
                                   BS34 7AX
                           Telephone: 01454 866559
                               Fax: 01454 866560


Chair of Governors:             Mr M Fry

Vice Chair:                     Mr I Bell

Staff Governors:                Miss S Hake
                                Mr C Hornsby

Parent Governors:               Mrs J Joinson
                                Mrs Sarah Kingscott
                                Mr D Burand
                                Mrs R Saunders

Community Governors:            Mr M Fry
                                Mr I Bell
                                Mr R Price

Head teacher:                   Mrs K Lemming

Clerk to the governors:         Mrs A Curry

All governors may be contacted through the school.

Head teacher:                Mrs K Lemming
Deputy Head:                 Mr C Hornsby
Teaching Staff:              Mrs M MacFarlane (Part time)
                             Mrs C Thomas
                             Mrs Marriott (Senco)
                             Miss G Brown
                             Mr A Turpin
                             Miss S Hake
                             Miss S Greenslade
                             Mrs C Conradi (Part time)

School Administrator:        Mrs B Goodall

Teaching Assistants:
                             Mrs J Furlong
                             Mrs M White
                             Mrs S Moore
                             Mrs H Howe
                             Mrs D Roach

Catering Staff:              Mrs D Spencer
                             Mrs J Bunce

School Meals
Supervisory Assistants:
                             Mrs D Coles (senior SMSA)
                             Ms R Virgo
                             Ms S Weston
                             Mrs R Carnew
                             Mrs A Curry
                             Miss S Harvey

Caretaker:                   Mr D Collins

Cleaners:                    Mrs D Coles
                             Ms R Virgo
                             Ms S Weston

School Adviser:              Mr A Evans

Education Welfare Officer:   Mrs A Roberts

Local Authority:             South Gloucestershire
Director of Education:       Therese Gillespie
We want Filton Hill to be a:
                                   happy
                                   safe
                                   challenging
                                   caring
                                   Creative school.

We want Filton Hill to be a school where:

      everyone in the school and wider community is respected and valued;
      children become independent learners and fulfil their potential, through
       building their self-esteem;
      there is high quality teaching of a creative curriculum that is accessible to
       all learners;
      children learn in a pleasant, stimulating environment using excellent


Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1
Morning session: 8.55am-12.00pm
Afternoon session: 1.00pm-3.15pm

Key Stage 2
Morning session: 8.55am-12.00pm
Afternoon session: 1.00pm-3.20pm

Children should not arrive at school before 8.45am, when there are teachers on
duty either at the school gate or in the playground. However, in bad weather,
children are directed into their classrooms when they arrive at school.
At the end of the day parents are encouraged to wait within the school grounds
for their children.

We do run a breakfast club which opens at 8 am. The children are allowed to
leave bikes or scooters in the bicycle shed.


The curriculum at Filton Hill is based on the National Curriculum, the National
Primary Strategy, and the Local Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education and the
Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage.

Our curriculum is creative and incorporate meaningful links between the subject

During the academic year children are given the opportunity to take part in a
variety of after school clubs. Monday night is ‘club night’ run by the staff. Most
clubs are free of charge; however some clubs incur charges depending on the
provider and the nature of the activity. We endeavour to provide a range of
activities that give every child the opportunity to participate in an after school
activity of interest to them.

The following clubs have been offered: football, basketball, keep fit, art and crafts,
knitting, Pyramid Club, choir, circus skills, hockey, netball, music, baking, chess,
outdoor club, ICT, street dance, book club and German.


We are required by law to hold a daily act of Collective Worship which must be
broadly Christian in character. The children also learn about other religions and
assemblies/celebrations reflect that we live in a multi-cultural society. We
encourage visitors to lead acts of worship as well as all members of the teaching
staff. On Fridays we have our Service of Praise where we recognise children’s
achievements made both inside and outside of school. Parents are welcome to

St Peter’s Church
Canon Brian Arman visits the school regularly to lead worship. The school also
celebrates different events during the school year at St Peters Church.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child(ren) from all or part of Collective
Worship. If you choose to do this is up to you to arrange a suitable alternative
activity for your child.


We follow a school-wide programme of sex education beginning with developing
children’s understanding of family relationships, their knowledge of the body, etc.
much of which is contained within the Science curriculum.

At Years 5 and 6 children study a topic on ‘Growing and Changing’ which looks
specifically at 3 areas: puberty, new life (birth) and conception. Throughout the
emphasis is on relationships, on family life and on the need to respect self and
others. We use a BBC video, which parents are given the opportunity to view
before the topic begins. Parents are encouraged to talk to the class teachers if
they have any concerns and may view the policy and scheme of work on request.
Our aim is to answer children’s questions openly and honestly in a way that is
age appropriate. Parents do have the right to withdraw their child(ren).

The most important way to support your child at home is by reading together
daily. All children are provided with a reading record, which you are encouraged
to complete whenever you hear your child read. We have book bags that you
may purchase from the office, which provide a sturdy bag to carry books and
reading records home.
Children in Reception/Key Stage 1 have weekly spellings sent home. From Y2
the children are asked to learn their times tables.
Teachers send home class letters at the beginning of each term with details of
how you can support your child at home. All children are given targets and these
are shared with parents at parents’ evening.


We feel it is important to involve all the children in decisions affecting them and
their school. A teacher is responsible for discussing all aspects of school life with
the children and listen to their concerns and suggestions for improvements.
Many ideas have been acted upon including opening the conservation area and
improving the play area.
In addition the children are asked about their learning and how we can improve
their experiences in class.


We recognise that all children have different needs. Through our planning and
assessment procedures we meet those varied needs within the classroom by
careful differentiation of work.

Those children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are supported by our
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).

The school works with a variety of external agencies in order to meet the needs
of our pupils. These range from statutory organisations such as Social Services,
Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapist and the Health Service to voluntary
organisations such as the Southern Brooks Partnership and the Pyramid Trust.

Children who are identified as able, gifted and talented are supported through
appropriately differentiated activities and challenges. We ensure that our gifted
and talented pupils are given specific opportunities for enrichment

All pupils are treated as equals regardless of their gender, disability or ethnicity.
We value the different experiences all our children bring to Filton Hill School.

The school has National Healthy School Status. We encourage pupils to make
healthy food choices and to understand the benefits of participating in physical
activity. We promote a positive attitude to healthy eating and knowledge of how
a balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

School milk is provided free to every child until their fifth birthday.

The school is part of the National Fruit Scheme which provides a daily piece of
fruit for every child in Foundation Stage and KS1. In addition the kitchen sells
small bowls of fruit for 15p as well as bags of dried fruit and bottles of milk.

We do not encourage children to bring sweets into school for any reason. Please
do not send sweets to school to celebrate birthdays or holidays as we will simply
return them. Chocolate and sweets should not be included in a packed lunch.

We have a child with a life threatening reaction to nuts so please do not let
the children bring in any kind of product containing nuts.

We prefer all children to drink water only in school.


We have a positive approach to behaviour management which encourages
children to be self-disciplined and to make the right choices. Good behaviour is
rewarded and there are consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Generally
behaviour throughout the school is good because we have consistency and an
agreed set of procedures followed by everyone.

Our most recent OFSTED report states:

       ‘Pupils thrive in the caring, family atmosphere that nurtures their self-
       esteem and encourages them to be independent and self-reliant. They
       say bullying is rare and promptly dealt with. Good behaviour in founded
       on a firm understanding of right and wrong.’

We welcome any voluntary help that parents feel they can give during the school
day. Please see the class teachers.

We hold a parents evening in the Autumn to discuss how your child is settling in
their new class and to discuss targets for the year. In the Spring we hold another
meeting to discuss your child’s progress. There is a formal written report in the
Summer. In addition the class teachers are always willing to discuss any issues
or problems you may have at a time convenient to you both.

There is a Parent Teacher Association (Filton Hill School Association) which co-
ordinates events throughout the year to raise funds for additional resources for
the school. We are grateful for all the hard work they do. The committee is
always looking for new members to join the team, or volunteers to help out with
individual events.

There is a suggestion box in the entrance and we also have a small group of
class representatives run by Mrs Conradi. Anyone can volunteer to become a
class representative and discuss any aspects of school life. We welcome your
opinions and suggestions.


Regular and punctual school attendance is a key factor in promoting the welfare,
social inclusion and achievement of pupils. Research has shown that poor
attendance does affect children’s learning. We do not authorise holidays in term
1, term 5 (for year 6) or the first 4 weeks of term 6 (except year 6) and at other
times unless consistently above 90% attendance.

At Filton Hill the children who achieve 100% attendance take part in a raffle at
the end of each term. Children with very good attendance or improved
attendance also receive certificates.


School swimming lessons are funded by the school through the Traded Services
agreement with South Gloucestershire Council.

Visits/additional activities organised by the school are generally linked with the
National Curriculum.

There is a ceiling of £20.00 for each child for trips in any one academic year
(excluding Year 6 camp).
We would like to see the children wearing sweatshirts or cardigans with the
school badge on. These can be ordered through the school.

Children will also require a change of clothes for PE. All clothing, including PE
kit, must be named.

Jewellery is not allowed in school for health and safety reasons. If children have
pierced ears then small stud earrings may be worn. These must be removed for
PE unless ears have recently been pierced in which case they may be covered
with tape.

KS2 children may wear a watch.

We would also like to ask the children to have sensible haircuts please.

White collared shirt or blouse, polo shirt or polo neck
Red sweatshirt or cardigan
Navy or black school trousers, skirt or pinafore
Sensible dark shoes
Navy, white or red tights
Navy, white or grey socks

In Summer the following optional items may be worn:
Red and white striped or check dress
Sensible sandals or black crocs with straps

Strappy sandals or plastic ‘jelly’ shoes are not appropriate for safety reasons.
There is an expectation that sensible school shoes will be worn and not trainers.

PE Kit
Red or black leotard
Plain white T-shirt
Red or navy shorts
Black daps

Outdoor Games Kit (KS2)
As for PE kit plus:
Track suit
Change of footwear

Children who are swimming should wear sensible costumes or trunks. Long
shorts and bikinis are inappropriate.
Lost Property
Lost property is kept outside of the office.


Anyone who has a concern should contact either their child’s class teacher or the
head teacher.

If the matter cannot be resolved in this way the school has a set of procedures in
place which may be viewed on request.

POLICIES and other documentation

Parents may view policies, schemes of work, inspection reports etc. on request
by contacting the school office. The most recent OFSTED inspection report may
be viewed online at:

A copy of the most recent Governor’s Annual Report to Parents is available from
the School Office on request. From 2006 this is no longer a requirement and will
be replaced by the School Profile. This is available on-line.
The contents of this document were correct at time of going to press: March

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