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									                                  Creating PDF Files

The following instructions pertain to the creation of PDF files and the insertion and
extraction of pages within these files. If you do not have Acrobat Distiller, contact the
Help Desk at 772-5200.

Converting Word documents to PDF with Acrobat Distiller using the Print
 Open the document in Word
 Choose File > Print
 Choose Acrobat Distiller from the Current Printer pull-down menu
 Click Print. The Save PDF dialog box is displayed
 Choose a folder and specify a filename for the PDF document
 Click Save to create the PDF document
 Open the newly created PDF document in Acrobat

To insert a page or combine two PDF files:
 With the target document open, choose Document > Insert Pages.
 In the Select File to Insert dialog box, select the source document you want to
   insert into the target document, and click Select.
 In the Insert Pages dialog box, specify whether you want to insert the document
   before or after the specified page.
 Specify whether the document is to be inserted before or after the first page, last
   page, or enter a page number.
 Click OK.

To extract a page:
 Choose Document > Extract Pages.
 Specify the range of pages to extract.
 To delete the pages from the document during the extraction process, select
   Delete Pages After Extracting. If you do not select this option, the extracted
   pages are copied to create a new file, but they still remain in the original
 Click OK. If you choose Delete Pages After Extracting, you need to click OK
   again to confirm the deletion. A new document is opened with the name Pages
   from <document_name.pdf>.

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