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									CSR 331- Spring 2011- Consumer Behavior V1 (subject to modification)
Richard Feinberg, PhD.

320 Matthews hall 494 8301

Skype    Richard.feinberg2 some Background on Feinberg look for csr 331 Spring 2011 - all class material that I want
you to have will be here. Videos usually cannot be streamed. You need to right click and save to your
hard drive and watch from there. You may need the free version of QuickTime to view some of them.
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Required Textbook: There is no required text book. There are a lot of CB books that you can buy and
they all are good. The Babin and Harris book that has been used before is good. There is a new text
called Consumer behavior: Human Pursuit of happiness in the World of Goods. This might be the most
useful book in the stable but it is expensive. At any time in the future if you want to know something CB
just get one of the texts. I have a complete text for you (low level) ( an older version of a book )
available to you to read if you want. …there might be something useful there.

CB on the web
Some Readings about the field in a folder called readings
See also Chapter notes
See Overview notes on consumer behavior

        Course Philosophy:

Feinberg’s Law #5 – you never know that what you learn today may be useful tomorrow

Feinberg’s Law #6 or Tom Peters Law #1: It’s in your hands so quit whining

Feinberg’s Law #7: You have 1,816,473,600 seconds left. Tick tock…tick tock…tick tock.

                               What are you going to do with them?
Feinberg’s Law #8: Stop whining…solve the problem

Feinberg’s Law #10- This is “IT”

Feinberg’s Law #12- “I am Borg”…”resistance is futile”

Feinberg’s Summary Law : Yo!

Purpose- The purposes of this course are really quite simple:

    1. Understand …really understand….the importance of studying consumer behavior
       whoever wherever and whatever your consumer is….. Markets meet needs of
       customers…business and marketing strategy…key concepts and
       terms…theories…models…methods…and be able to apply to business and world issues.
    2. Write better. I mean it.
    3. Understand the world better. I mean it too.
    4. Make new colleagues…have some fun….I am not sure I mean it.

These are not exhaustive in any way but should give you a flavor of what the course will be as it
rolls out.

This course provides you with (1) theory about consumer behavior (CB) and (2) an understanding of how
CB concepts can be applied to marketing management, to our roles as consumers, and to everyday life
and personal development. CB uses concepts, theories, and principles from the various social
(behavioral) sciences to understand factors influencing the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of
products (goods, services, ideas, and any other object of exchange).

CB is one of the most exciting areas in the study of marketing! Every day, all around us, the use of
various marketing mix tools to inform, persuade, and influence our purchase decisions competes with
other stimuli for our attention—and our hard-earned money! In studying CB, you will understand how
marketers identify and exploit various sources of influence—from learning about the way we think and
process marketplace information to how our product, brand, and store choices are shaped by our
relationships with others, even by our dreams and aspirations.

The primary course goal is to provide you with a viable executive-level understanding of CB, which is
important for marketing managers as well as public policy makers. Quite simply, in order to develop
want-satisfying products, as well as an effective marketing program (and, for public policy makers,
effective consumer protection), knowledge of CB is necessary. Course applications are primarily from
the marketing manager's perspective in marketing consumer products, with special emphasis on
advertising and promotion as well as new product development.

A secondary course goal is to develop your knowledge of CB as a major aspect of human behavior. Thus,
applications are also from the consumer's perspective in making consumption decisions in the

marketplace and in everyday decisions in life. The course will also aid your understanding of our human

The course is 1) descriptive—background theoretical principles are presented and discussed—
and 2) applications oriented—experiential exercises are undertaken and discussed, case studies
are analyzed, and examples of marketing strategy implementation of CB concepts and theories
are investigated through experiential exercises from the textbook, in-class discussions, audiovisual
presentations, and student presentations.
Now do some sit-ups- 50 3 reps.
The course explores:

1) A history of and an overview of current efforts in CB research, including market segmentation (various
segmentation bases are further developed throughout the course);

2) The consumer decision-making process;

3) The influence of the external social environment on CB, as studied by the social science disciplines of
cultural anthropology, sociology, and social psychology; and

4) The influences on CB of internal psychological factors, as studied by the behavioral science
disciplines of experimental psychology and social psychology.

Learning Objectives and Outcome Objectives

1. By the end of the semester you will be a better professional. Outcome measure- you will be
able to articulate 5 instances when a decision was made with awareness of some of the principles
discussed in class.

2. By the end of the semester you will be a better consumer of information. Outcome measure-
you will be able to more strategically understand a business article or a piece of research that you
read in a newspaper or magazine.

3. By the end of the semester you will write better. Outcome- A side by side comparison of work
in the beginning and work at the end will show better first paragraphs and conclusions and better
paper structure. See tips on writing. Why is writing important?….because you look like a jerk if
you write poorly.

4. By the end of the semester you will be able to see how consumer behavior infuses business
and business strategy and you will be able to articulate a strategy for any situation you find

5. 5 years (10…15…20…+) from now…you will be a better leader for yourself and others and
can articulate how CSR 331 was responsible for part of that. Yeh right you say…call me in 15.

6. Here is your first extra credit opportunity

Class Approach: This class will consist of lectures and a set of problems and issues to be
solved. In order that class time will be meaningful, you must read class assignments and prepare
for the class meeting before arriving in the classroom. It goes without my saying that your job is
to attend class.

Other Issues:

HINI- - We are supposed to make arrangements for the possibility that we are quarantined as
Lafayette/West Lafayette gets infected. Let me first assure you that the outbreak when and if it
occurs will not be as bad as all the “doom and gloomers” think it will be (my personal opinion
and I could be wrong). We will probably all die from a nuclear attack from terrorists group this
year before we all die from N1H1 this happens (I hope this cheered you up). Some useful advice
on avoiding swine flu. I actually think the swine flu scare is over but I loved the picture.

Here is what I am suppose to say …In the event of a major campus emergency, course
requirements, deadlines and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated
by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances beyond the instructor’s control. I will
email you this information.

If you want to know more about Purdue’s procedure.
If we have to (or just want to be cool) we will hold class through the universities adobe connect

All you need to know is that you can link in (from a link I send you) and listen to another
scintillating lecture. If you have a camera and microphone you can be seen and heard (we will
do a trial run sometime soon). But you do not need these things. The system has a chat function
so you can ask questions and send private notes to others. We will do a lecture this way
sometime in Sept just for a trial run and the fun of it. You can be anywhere with an internet
connection. If this does not work we will do it over a telephone bridge where you call into an 800
number and we talk through the material. All this is my way of saying that you will get through
this course no matter how we have to do it.

Integrity (more than just a 4 letter word)
You are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty in all aspects of your work.

Academic dishonesty is as follows:
     a. Presenting another’s work as if it were one’s own;
      b. Failing to acknowledge or document a source, even if the action is unintended (e.g., plagiarism)
      c. Giving or receiving, or attempting to give or receive, unauthorized assistance or information in
          an assignment or examination;
      d. Fabricating data;
      e. Submitting the same assignment in two or more courses without prior permission of the
          respective instructors;

      f. Having another person write a paper or sit for an examination;
      g. Unauthorized use of electronic devices to complete work; or
      h. Furnishing false information, including lying or fabricating excuses, for incomplete work.”

In this course, I encourage you to consult with other students, professors (myself included), and people
for ideas for your written work. However, you should acknowledge sources of ideas (both direct
quotations and paraphrases) that are not your own, including individuals personally consulted, print
sources, and electronic sources. Also, your write-up must be your own work, although you may get help
with proofreading and editing.

I work under the assumption that my students are honest. However, if you are caught violating these
standards of academic honesty, I will give you a zero for the assignment. This would significantly lower
your numerical course average. If it happens a second time the issue will be turned over to the Dean of
Students. I don't anticipate any problems here. Honesty pays in the long run.

Cheating and other acts of dishonesty- don’t do it…don’t engage…the consequences are just
not worth it.

Tolerance and Intolerance - Don’t engage in intolerance.

 More details on Academic Honesty and Dishonesty


 Dishonesty of any kind with respect to examinations, course assignments, alteration of records, or
 illegal possession of examinations shall be considered cheating.

 It is the responsibility of the student not only to abstain from cheating, but in addition, to avoid the
 appearance of cheating and to guard against making it possible for others to cheat. Any student
 who helps another student to cheat is as guilty of cheating as the student he or she assists. The
 student also should do everything possible to induce respect for the examining process and for
 honesty in the performance of assigned tasks in or out of class.


 Honesty requires that any ideas or materials taken from another source for either written or oral
 use must be fully acknowledged. Offering the work of someone else as one's own is plagiarism.
 The language or ideas thus taken from another may range from isolated formulas, sentences, or
 paragraphs to entire articles copies from books, periodicals, speeches, or the writings of other
 students. The offering of materials assembled or collected by others in the form of projects or

collections without acknowledgment also is considered plagiarism. Any student who fails to give
credit for ideas or materials taken from another source is guilty of plagiarism.

Cheating and/or plagiarism is sufficient for an F. See student handbook for University rules.

Be very careful. Purdue has a program that checks your work against things available on the

Racism, Sexism, Anti-Semitism

I will not tolerate racism, sexism, anti-semitism, or any other "ism". If you believe that I have
exhibited any "ism", bring it to my attention. If I have harmed you or you believe that you have
experienced an "ism" in my class, or any CSR class, you can do one of the following:

        1. Talk to the professor.
        2. Talk to me.
        3. Go directly to Head of Department (Dr. Sugato Chakravarty in CSR) or Dean of
           Students’ office.

 Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. Let’s call them work,
family, health, friends, and spirit and you are keeping all of them in the air. Work may be a rubber
ball and if it drops it will bounce back.. The other 4 balls are made of glass. If you drop one of these

They may become scuffed, marked, damaged, or even shattered…irreversibly. They will never be the
same. You must understand this.

I was at a conference recently and heard Jack Welch give his secrets (former CEO of GE and
seen by many as a great management/leadership guru) …

                           1. keep costs in line…(RAF adds fanatically devoted to saving
                           2. prepare for the worst case (RAF adds always do a premortum)
                           3. Cash is king (RAF adds- in business and in life
                           4. Leadership has to communicate like hell (RAf adds…what is
                              the point and communicate it like hell)
                           5. Love your best people (RAF- hire eagles and let them soar…make
                              eagles and let them soar…hire ducks and hear them quack. An
                              eagle is worth 10x’s a duck…in this metaphor not on a menu)
                           6. Buy or bury your competitors
                           7. No reason not to have fun
                           8. Have a laser sharp focus.
                           9. It’s the customer “stupid”

       Some good advice about becoming a great student
       How does an A student look different from a B student from an F Student (from the
        Purdue Education Department)
       Read customer service graffiti
       Watch the following videos of talks/interviews of Malcolm Gladwell as he talks
        about his books and his thinking available to you at csr 331 in the gladwell folder. Right click
        download to your computer and then play.
     longer interview of
       Watch Reverend Billy try to get consumers not to consumer…here is the video (go to ..look for anticonsumption folder...Watch Reverend
        Billy download to your computer. This is a quicktime movie and it is large so it will take
        time to download.)

      Careers in consumer psychology . There are opportunities for specialists in consumer
    behavior in marketing, marketing research, and business. Usually (not always) these careers
    need advanced degrees (MS, MBA, PhD’s).

“Industrial/Organizational Psychology (from

Industrial/organizational psychologists are concerned with relations between people and work.
Their interests include organizational structure and organizational change; workers' productivity
and job satisfaction; consumer behavior; selection, placement, training, and development of
personnel. I/O psychologists work in businesses, industries, governments, and educational
institutions. Some may be self-employed as consultants or work for management counseling

Consumer Psychologists are industrial/organizational psychologists whose interests lie in
consumers' reaction to a company's products or services. They investigate consumers'
preferences for a particular package design or television commercial, for example, and develop
strategies for marketing products. They also try to improve the acceptability and safety of
products and help the consumer make better decisions.
Human Resource Psychologists are industrial/organizational psychologists who develop and
validate procedures to select and evaluate personnel. Jobs for industrial/organizational
psychologists are available at both master's and doctoral levels. Opportunities for those with
master's degrees tend to be concentrated in business, industry, and government settings; doctoral-
level psychologists may work in academic settings and do independent consulting work.

A listing of graduate training programs in industrial-organizational psychology and related fields
is available at Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychologists. Information on the Society
for Consumer Psychology may be of relevance to you. A good resource for information on
organizational psychology and human resource management can be found at The Internet
Survival Guide of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. A new site on Emotional Intelligence:
Optimizing Human Performance in the Workplace may be of interest as may the Society for
Human Resource Management. A book on graduate programs in human resource management is
available. Eye on Psi Chi (Spring 1999) addresses a career in industrial/organization
psychology. Another issue of Eye on Psi Chi (Fall 2001) talks about "What is consumer
psychology?" A page on careers in consumer psychology and one from careers in industrial
organizational psychology from West Chester University may provide additional information.”

      This course is oriented such that you will become aware that learning is not necessarily
       abstract but a function of application of knowledge to your immediate environment. You
       are never outside the scope of the course and as you gain increasing understanding of the
       nature and scope of consumer behavior.

.Course assignments:

      Customer service/satisfaction song – due January 23 before 3PM- 100 pts
      Film analysis- due before 5pm Feb 24 – 300 pts
      Consumer data project - due March 31 by 5pm (can be done in gps up to 5)- 300
      Test – only if you force me
      Assignment 2- Due Feb 3 by 7:03 200 pts
      Consumer Behavior Blog- last entry by 4/26 – 600
      Opportunities for extra credit…not a right but an opportunity

       Total points available from assignments 1500
       90%+=A 1350
       80%+=B 1200
       70%+=C 1050
       60%+=D 900
       Below 59.99% an F below 900

       Miss it by a point…you missed it by a point. It is in your hands so no whining.

 Song Assignment 100 pts (due 1/23 by 3pm)- Think of a pop, rock, rap,
  country, hip hop (or whatever I am missing song) with consumer behavior
  or customer service satisfaction in the song. Name the song and the artist
  and tell me where and what the song has to do with customers in some
  way. . Send to with song in the subject line please.
   Film analysis- Rent/buy/watch       The Joneses. I will put the film online for you but
    …you can watch instantly on Netflix or if you do not have Netflix you can watch
    instantly on Amazon on demand ($3.99).

    Read these reviews and get some greater insight… but do not copy

     In your essay address the following….What is the meaning of consumption? What is the
message of this film for understanding consumption? What roles does the film say products
play in defining our lives? Are we masters or slaves of stuff? What does the film say is our
future our destiny as we relate to products in our lives? Write a up to 5 page paper
addressing these issues in an interesting way. You must have a point. Email to with “Joneses” in subject line

   Consumer data project-(You should work in a group of 3-5 people on this. You
    will be given real…actual data and will have to write up some recommendations. More
    details to follow.

   Assignment 2- Watch this interesting infomercial in Assignment 2 at csr 331 spring 2011. . Create a podcast (mp3) or
    apple QuickTime format (1-2 minutes long) analyzing this infomercial .. telling who is it
    targeting and why is it successful…and any other issues you want to discuss. This is not
    just rambling…it is a cohesive…coherent discussion so you will need to script it out. You
    can if you want do a videocast and submit that. Go to media lab at Purdue and they will
    help you do the podcast. Submit via email with “podcast” in the subject line. Be careful
    that you have actually created something that plays…check it. You can record on your
    PC by attaching a microphone and then going to the proper place in your control panel
    and recording.


 How to Create a Podcast
 Podcasting Basics
 Podcasting Kit
 Free Podcasting Software
 Podcasting 101
 Start Podcasting

       Test – only if you force me
       Consumer Behavior Blog – start a blog…go to . This is a blog
        about your consumer behavior observations…wide ranging. Well
        written..interesting…insightful. Too few entries you get a low grade. Depthful and
        frequent entries a good grade. Look at this as your final project. Send me the url for the
        blog by 5pm 1/15 “blog” in subject line. I expect at least 1 good entry per week…so that
        is a minimum of 14 entries. Do more and increase your chances. Last entry by 4/27 5pm.

        Here are some professional blogs:










Some documents on this page are provided as a pdf. They require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be
opened on your computer. If you already have the Reader then click on a file below to open it,

review it, and/or print it. If you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader it can be downloaded for free by
clicking HERE (you may not want McAfee Security scan so uncheck that box)

 Here are some good examples from last year to give you an idea of what can be done:

 …..exceptional entertaining and insightful ones…READ THEM AND YOU WILL SEE (I did not check all of

  Aarnes        Gerd
  edmondson     amanda
  Foster        Stacey
  Gabourel      Stephanie
  Gonzalez      Andrew
  Jerkovich     Jenna
  Johnson       Dan
  Mader         Corbin
  Martin        Tarissa
  Seeger        Kyle
  Trock         Lindsey
  Yoo           Hyunju

 Really…look at these and rejoice in how smart students can be. Can you do it…yes yes yes. Can I hear an
 AMEN? There is no reason why all of you cannot get an A on this. But you have to put some effort in.
 You have to talk about consumer behavior. Is all hope lost…no no no…can I hear an Amen. Even the
 inadequate can become adequate and exceptional but you need to get going NOW. The rest of you need
 to continue what you have been doing and getting better each time.

 This is worth 600 out of 1500 points available….so it is important to do well on this.

 Enough said….And so it goes…

 And Remember..please..please.. please…be careful out there


 Weeks 1-3 - Consumer behavior…consumer behavior research

                The nature of science and scientific endeavor

              Research Method #1- Focus groups- the most used and misused marketing
research technique in the universe

                  1.   Understand the meaning of consumption and consumer behavior
                  2.   Understand the role that CB plays in business and society
                  3.   Understand basic approaches to studying CB
                  4.   Understand what is meant by consumer behavior is dynamic

               Readings that might interest you – coming soon

               Watch the videos in the story of stuff – You can also download from
      Story of Stuff ..The story of
               cosmetics…the story of bottled water…the story of electronics. .

So this should hold us for a while as I figure out how to maximize your learning this semester.

Weeks 12-15 - I am negotiating a price on an online simulation I would like to use in this class.
This would be an experimental thing. You would have to pay $ and take part and it would be
worth extra credit. If you do not take part I would have to come up with an alternative research
paper. I will let you know.

Any…all …subject to change….



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