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									                   Court Sancta Maria #368
                                        Catholic Daughters of the Americas
                                        Dell Rapids, South Dakota 57022

Regent: Judy Welbig 428-5242                                                             Editor: Darlene Schnieders
Chaplain: Father Gregory Tschakert                                                       202 East 7th Street Apt #1
Meeting: First Monday of the Month                                                         Dell Rapids, SD 57022
Volume XII                                                                                        March – April 2011

                                   “Have you not read the scripture passage:
                       ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone;
                By the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful in our eyes’”? (Mark 12: 10-11)

               REGENT’S MESSAGE                                              The CDA State Convention is April
                                                                            15--17, 2011, at the Ramkota Hotel
 It's been a long and cold winter. But the days are                         in Pierre. The theme is "We are
getting longer and soon the temperatures will                               Each a Bloom in Mary's Garden".
warm up. The sun seems brighter and that is                                 We are eligible to have 3 delegates
encouraging                                      too.                       but any CDA member can attend the
                   As we move towards spring, we                               Conventions are such a rewarding
                will be in the season of Lent. This is       experience as women of charity and faith gather
                such a special time of year as we            from across the state. The State Court Bulletin sent
                put more focus on our spiritual life.        in       January        and        the       website:
Whatever plan you use to make Lent more                       has        excellent
meaningful may you come to appreciate the                    information        about       the        convention.
Passion and Death of Jesus and the relevance                    Easter is the last Sunday in April. The weather
for our salvation.                                           should         be        great         by       then.
                                                             In Anticipation, Judy Welbig, regent
   We will be conducting the "Lifesavers Project"
after the weekend masses March 12--13th.                                          ***************
This is the annual fundraiser to promote
Abuse Awareness. We send 60% of the                                        HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY
donations to the State to cover
expenses and donate to Abuse                                   We wish Flora Larscheid a very Happy 100th Birthday
Prevention and Victim Assistance                             on April 23, 2011, in Cheyene, Wyoming. Flora joined
Organizations throughout the State. We                       Ct. Sancta Maria #368 in 1952 and received a 50-year
keep 40% and divide this amount                              pin in 2002. In 2010 she received Life Membership in
between Children's Inn, Children's                           the Court.
Home Society in Sioux Falls and the Wholeness                   After her husband Harry’s death, she moved to be
Center in Flandreau.                                         closer to family in WY. She lives in a nursing home,
                                                             but still is very active. In her yearly August note, to pay
                        In April we will be assisting        her dues, she writes that she appreciates the court
                      with Meals on wheels. The              newsletter, to keep up on what is going on with Catholic
                      CDA does the second week.              Daughters. Flora, may the Lord continue to bless you
                      (April 11-15)                          with good health.

             RETREAT – SIOUX FALLS                                          SPIRITUAL ENHANCEMENT
                                                                      By JoEllen Klein, State Spiritual Enhancement Chairman
  You are invited to a retreat on
March             26,           2011,                               During the season of Lent, the
at St. Michael's Catholic School,                                Church asks us for three things:
Sioux Falls,        from 9:30am—                                    1. Prayer –increase our prayer
12:30pm, sponsored by the                                        time, maybe go to daily Mass if
Presentation Sisters. Cost $10.
                                                                 possible, more Scripture reading,
Theme “A Journey to Your Spiritual Center”. To
                                                                 praying the Stations of the Cross,
register for the retreat at St.Michael’s call 605-339-1254
                                                                 more meditation.
or email
                                                                    2. Fasting—we fast and abstain because when
         SPRING LUNCHEON – LENNOX                                we deny ourselves we are in conformity with the
                                                                 cross of Christ and can be in unity with the poor of
                           The annual Spring Luncheon            the world.
                         of Ct. St. Christina #2336,                3. Almsgiving—deeds of mercy. Giving of our
                         Lennox will hold their                  time, talent and especially money for the poor of
                         Luncheon at Tea at St. Nickolas         our communities and the world. Jesus wants us to
                         Catholic Church on April 9,             do these things in secret, so that we don’t end up
                         10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Door            like "the hypocrites" (Matt. 6:2)
                         prizes and raffles! Contact
Jerene Atkins for tickets 368-2613.                                                          A Prayer for Lent

               RETREAT - MADISON                                                           This Lent, Lord help me
                                                                                  leave behind the distractions
  Court St. Thomas Aquinas #1949 is sponsoring a                                  of my daily life and make
Lenten Retreat for women on Saturday, April 9, 2011 in
                                                                                  this a time of spiritual retreat,
St. Thomas Aquinas church basement, Madison, SD.
                                                                                   of letting go all that holds me back
We invite your court members and your friends to this
                                                                    from taking the risk of drawing closer to you,
                                                                           allowing your Spirit to lead me, and
  The theme of the retreat is                                                       speak to my heart.
“Traits of a Healthy Spirituality”                                    Forty days, or four, or forty minutes or four!
and will be presented by Sister                                                 Whatever I can manage!
Kathleen Courtney, OSB, Sacred                                           The time spent is not the key, I know,
Heart Monastery, Yankton, SD.                                          but my willingness to look into my frailty,
The cost of the retreat is $20,                                                and then to trust in You and
which includes the retreat plus morning coffee and                         to seek your will for me. Amen
lunch. Registration and coffee will begin at 9 am with
the retreat starting at 9:30 am and concluding at 2:30                               **************
pm. Each participant is encouraged to bring along a
journal to record your thoughts and experiences.                                Could Be St. Mary’s?
PLEASE RSVP BY ARPIL 2 to Kathleen Hagman,
1741 Sunrise Dr., Madison, SD 57042 605-256--3031                  The Priest got up one Sunday and announced to his
or email . Look forward to spending               congregation, “I have good news and bad news.”
a very peaceful, healthy, and spiritual day.
                                                                  “The good news is, we have enough money to pay for
                     ****************                            our new building program.”

           Wisdom is the wealth of the wise.                     “The bad news is, it’s still out there in your pockets.”

                    STATE NEWS                                      SOAR Support Our Aging Religious

  The winners of the State CDA Calendar raffle were                                SOAR      (Save      Our     Aging
published in the CDA Website. Some of the area                                     Religious) is one of the five
winners were: Kathy Hageman, Regent at Madison;                                    National Projects of the Catholic
Mary Schwebach of Flandreau; Diane Kemig,                                          Daughters of the Americas. The
Brookings; Arlene Wermers, Past State Regent, Sioux                                Annual New York benefit for
Falls; Marie Schumacker, twice, Beresford; Madonna                                 SOAR takes place each year in
Manning, Beresford; Brenda (Burgraff) Smith, Kimbal;          October. This year the dinner was at the very elegant
Camille Dunnick, Sioux Falls; Delores Merges, past            Men’s Club in New York City. The Catholic Daughters
regent, Sioux Falls; Helen Severding, Humboldt; Marian        were well represented. In addition to many Court
Plagge, Sioux Falls. Ct St Rita #916, Rapid City won          members, all of the National Officers including, Joanne
four times. The big winner of $200.00 was JoAnn               Tomassi, Anne Nelson, Shirley Seyfried, Letty Calvetti
Weisz of Parkston. Congratulations to all the winners.        and Helene Shepard were present. Past National
                                                              Regents: Rayola McLaughlin, Grace DiCairano, Libby
  You still have a few days to nominate a Catholic            Ramirez, M Joan McKenna have served on the New
Daughter member for the State CDA Member of 2011              York Committee along with Helene Shepard, Mary
By March 15, write in less than 300 words an essay            Wohlscheid and Peggy O’Brien, National Executive
nominating a member that exemplifies the meaning of           Director      were       also       in      attendance.
the CDA organization; someone who follows the CDA
Motto, Unity & Charity.                                       The honorees were Father Benedict Groeschel and Sister
                                                              Frances Raferty. Father Benedict is from the Friars of
  Darlene Schnieders was the recipient of this award in       the Renewal and was awarded the Father Victor
2009 and she can say that such an award is a very             Yanatelli S.J. Award. Sister Frances is from the Sisters
significant memorial of her years in CDA.                     of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. Sister was awarded the
                                                              Saint      Elizabeth      Ann        Seton      Award.

                 NATIONAL NEWS                                National Regent Joanne Tomassi presented Sister
                                                              Patricia Lunsman with a check of $10,000.00 to be
                  The annual CDA Lecture was                  added to the previous check of $7,000.00 presented at
                Sunday, February 27, 2011 in the              the National Convention in July. The donations to
                Hatzfeld Auditorium at Catholic               SOAR help to award grants to religious communities
                University, Washington DC. The                who apply for them for special projects that will enhance
                speaker is Anne M. Butler, Trustee            the      lives    of     their      aging       religious.
                Professor Emerita of History at
                Utah State University, Logan, Utah.           It is so important for us as Catholic Daughters to
                Her lecture for February 27, 2011 is          continue the support of our aging religious through
                entitled, "'How Wide is the Field of          SOAR. A number of communities are facing
Labor!: Catholic Sisters, Work, and the American              tremendous financial challenges as their members
West." She is a specialist in the History of the              continue to age and there are fewer and fewer younger,
American West, Women's History, and U.S.                      active members. We must also pray for those religious
Catholic History. (Three specialists rolled into              who taught a number of us and touched our lives in a
one!) She is completing a book on the history of              real way. Many of us are who we are today because of
Catholic sisters in the American West.                        the nurturing and education we received from these
She is a native of Somerville, Massachusetts,                 dedicated religious.        (National CDA office)
moved to Baltimore and attended Notre Dame of
Maryland Prep. She was in Maryland for many                                   ****************
years before taking a teaching position at Utah                    The smallest deed is better than the
State University and retired to Florida in 2003.
                                                                          greatest intention!

                        THE ROSARY                                                               LEGISLATION

                            Thank you Marianne Brandner                       On February 23, President Obama told the Justice
                          who made 16 Rosaries for the                      Department that he no longer will
                          children in 4th Grade Catholic                    support the Defense of Marriage
                          Religious Education (CRE) and                     Act (DOMA), marriage of a man
                          also 16 Rosaries for the children                 &     woman,         as    it    is
                          in 4th grade at St. Mary's grade
                                                                            unconstitutional. The president
                          school. If anyone would like to
purchase a Rosary for anyone being confirmed in March or                    considers “the law a form of impermissible sexual
who will receive First Communion in May, please contact                     orientation discrimination”, said the U. S. Bishops of the
Marianne 428-5976.                                                          Office of General Counsel.. In 1996, Congress passed
                                                                            and President Clinton, signed the Defense of Marriage
  Court Sancta Maria #368 has been leading the recitation of                Act.
the Rosary before all weekend Masses since the early 80’s.
Leaders volunteer their time and many thanks to Marie                         The U.S. Bishop’s Office of General Counsel said,
Roemen who so willingly fills in if someone doesn’t fill the                “This decision represents an abdication of the
schedule.                                                                   responsibility of the Executive Branch to carry out its
  We could use more volunteers to help at the Masses.                       constitutional obligation to ensure that the laws of the
Just inform Marie that you would like to help.
                                                                            United States are faithfully executed.”
  Also, it would be so rewarding if more people, especially
Catholic Daughters participated in the Rosary at Mass. Is it                                        Attorney General Eric Holder said
that difficult to come to Mass 20-25 minutes earlier? Lent is                                    that the administration has defended
about to begin. Praying is part of the obligations for Lent.                                     the 1996 law in some federal courts;
The rosary every Sunday would be a start to extra prayer.                                        it will not continue to do so in cases
                                                                            pending in the 2 U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
  The Rosary of the Virgin Mary, that took form in the                      Unlike in the previous cases, said Holder, “The 2nd
second millennium under the guidance of the Spirit of God, is               Circuit has no established or binding standard for how
a prayer loved by countless saints and encouraged by the                    laws concerning sexual orientation should be treated”.
Magesterium. Pope Leo XIII, in 1883, proposed the Rosary                    Holder continues to say that the legal landscape has
as an effective spiritual weapon against the evils affecting
                                                                            changed since the law was passed, including, with
society. Pope John Paul loved the
                                                                            Supreme Court rulings, overturning laws criminalizing
Rosary and added the Luminous
Mysteries in 2002, which include                                            homosexual conduct and the repeal by Congress of the
the mysteries of Christ’s public                                            military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.
ministry between Baptism and His                                              To date 5 states and Washington D.C. recognize same-
Passion.                                                                    sex marriage.

  Today we face various worldwide challenges in the Church.                   Contact members of
The Rosary makes us peacemakers in the world. As a prayer                   Congress and urge them to
for peace, the Rosary is always a prayer for the family.                    uphold the Defense of
       “The family that prays together stays together”                      Marriage Act by supporting
                                                                            a resolution that authorizes
 Some of the Fifteen Promises of Mary to Christians who recite the
Rosary are:
                                                                            Congress to intervene in the
     I promise My special protection and the greatest graces to            ongoing litigation challenging DOMA.
        all those who shall recite the Rosary.                              (
     The Rosary shall be a powerful armor against hell; it will
        destroy vice, decrease sin and defeat heresies. Whoever               The House passed a 2-week spending bill of $4 Billion
        shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die
                                                                            to avert a government shutdown (335-91)
        without Sacraments of the Church.
     Those who are faithful to recite the Rosary shall have                The Senate is expected to follow suit this week.
        during their life and at their death the Light of God and the
        plenitude of His Graces. (Given by St. Dominic)

  As a member of the Senate Budget Committee,                                    STATE LEGISLATION
Senator Thune will play an active part in creating the
annual budget set by Congress.                                                             With only a few days left for the
                                                                                         State Legislature to complete
  The Priests for Life urge you to call your United States                               voting on bills presented and to
Senators and ask them to vote to de-fund Planned                                         make final decisions regarding
Parenthood as the House did a few weeks ago. Before                                      funds toward education and
you call, please read some short statements from women           elderly care, the legislators may have long days.
who have had abortions. The Silent No More Awareness
Campaign is mobilizing against Planned Parenthood.                 One bill of interest is HB1217-Informed Consent for
When you call the Senate, speak on behalf of these               Abortion that requires, that prior to a pregnant mother
women         and       quote      their      testimonies.       consenting to an abortion, that she must meet with a
Senator Johnson at 1-800-537-0025                                licensed physician and establish certain procedures to
Senator Thune at 1-866-850-3855                                  ensure that her decision is voluntary and meet with a
                                                                 registered pregnancy help center; as well as 72 hours
  Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in         before the procedure. This bill is
America and in 2009, 332,278 abortions were                      supported by the Diocese of Sioux
performed.                                                       Falls. Last minute news! The Bill
  According to the latest annual report, Planned                 passed and will be sent to the
Parenthood received more than $363 million in taxpayer           Governor for signature.
funds, and was the largest recipient of taxpayer funding
under Title X.                                                     SB176 regarding human trafficking, to establish
  Thank Representative Kristi Noem for signing the bill          degrees of the crime and to provide penalties passed the
to de-fund Planned Parenthood – 605-367-8371                     Senate and should be in the House today. Support

                                                                   SB156 prohibits employment of unauthorized aliens
                                                                 and provides penalties. Opposed by Diocese
                                                                 Read Statement from Bishop Paul Swain in

                                                                   HB 1255 shared parenting passed the House 53-16 and
 Priests for Life are very excited about the start of the        should have a committee hearing this week. Call your
new alternative to “The View.” Starting on Friday,               State Senator to vote yes,
March 11, EWTN will air The Catholic View for
Women. Co-hosted by Janet Morana of Priests for Life,              SB 161, discrimination legislation was defeated in
Teresa Tomeo, and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez, this                 Senate (25-9).        Equality South Dakota (EqSD)
program offers a Catholic alternative to “The View,”             supported this bill. EqSD is the largest pro-homosexual
and explores the adventure of living as a Catholic               rights organization in South Dakota.
woman        today.     Visit     the     website      at and be sure to                                    WORLD CONCERNS
click the “like” button on the Facebook page at .                         With pro-democracy movements moving across North
                                                                 Africa and the Middle East, the situation in Libya worries the
 Brand new episodes of my Defending Life program on              Vatican because of the loss of human lives, “The targeting of
                     EWTN will begin on Thursday,                civilians and of peaceful protesters, and the indiscriminate
                     March 3. Learn the latest                   use of force,” a Vatican representative told the U.N. Human
                     methods for protecting the                  Rights Council. Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican
                     unborn, and be inspired by the              representative to U.N. agencies in Geneva, told the council
                     Church’s teaching and the                   that the Vatican support all efforts to encourage a dialogue
                     example of pro-life warriors.               between pro-democracy demonstrators and the government of
See                         Col. Moammar Gadhafi. (My Catholic Standard, Mar 2)
              MORALITY IN MEDIA                                             PARENT TV COUNCIL

  Patrick Trueman has been named                             MTV’S Skins is a failure, losing advertiser support, viewers
new chief executive officer and member                     and costing shareholders money. This program, as a critic
of the board of directors of Morality in                   from Washington Post called Skins,
Media. He joins Robert Peters, long-                       “A       repugnant,     irredeemably
time president and newly named                             nihilistic viewing experience.” It is
General Counsel on the staff.        Mr.                   estimated that MTV is losing as
Trueman was the former Chief of the Child                  much as $2 million per episode.
Exploitation and Obscenity Section at the U.S.             The only possible answer is that
Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. during           MTV has an agenda to push and they are determined to
Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush              rewrite the rulebook for TV standards, forever lowering the
terms.                                                     threshold for what can and should be permitted on advertiser-
  He also is founder of Pornography Harms, an              supported basic cable.
educational program that warns citizens and
legislator  of   the    harms    of   pornography            Viacom is complicit in allowing the program to go forward,
consumption.       Online outreach posts are:              in spite of concerns within their own halls about possible, Facebook and You Tube.                  violations of Federal Child Pornography laws, and in spite of
                                                           concerns about portrayals of teen alcohol and drug use might
  Federal laws prohibit distribution of hardcore,          influence teen behavior in the real-world.           Viacom
obscene pornography on the internet, on                                           shareholders should be concerned
cable/satellites and hotel/motel TV, through the                                  about the harm Viacom has done to
                                                                                  the corporate brand and profits.
mails, and in retail shops. Trueman says, “We
                                                                                  Phillippe Dauman is CEO of Viacom
have an untreated pandemic of harm from
pornography in America today.            Addiction,
violence against women, and an increase in
divorce, sexual molestation, and sexual trafficking                  JOHN PAUL II BEATIFICATION
are all byproducts of pornography’s saturation
within society. The failure of the U.S. Department         The Vatican has announced
of Justice to vigorously enforce federal obscenity         that the beatification of Pope
laws has given a green light to the porn crime             John Paul II will take place
syndicates and harmed nearly every family in               May 1, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.,
America.”                                                  Liturgy at the St. Peter’s
                                                           Square and is free to
    Senator Orrin Hatch and US House                       everyone.
Representatives Mike McIntyre and Randy Forbes             The immortal remains will sit in front of the main altar
have agreed to take the lead on a letter to U.S.
                                                           at St. Peter’s Basilica immediately after the Mass.
Attorney General Holder urging the Justice
Department and FBI to vigorously prosecute major
commercial producers and distributors of obscene
materials.      Contact   our    Senators    and                                  SYMPATHY
Congresswoman Noem and ask them to co-sign
the letter authored by Hatch, McIntyre and                                       Sympathy to Marie Roemen on
Forbes.                                                                          death of her brother, Leo Fritza of
                                                                                 Parkston, who passed away in Feb.
                                                                              To Marianne & Walt Brandner on
Deeds, not stones are the true monuments of                                   death of Walt’s brother on February
                 the great.                                15. The funeral was at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in
                                                           Herreid, South Dakota. Walt also lost a cousin at
“…Let your light shine before men, that they may see       Herreid , who was buried on February 15.
your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.”
                   (Matthew 5:16)                                  May their souls rest in peace.

               CONGRATULATIONS                                                         GET WELL

 Congratulations to Tracie and Brad                               Good news, Marianne Brandner’s husband Walt, had a
Price on birth of son, William Alan                             defibrillator implanted February 9. Walt is feeling much
on February 2, 2011.                                            better and can venture out of the house.

                                                                  Pray for Terry Sward, husband of Patricia who is
                                                                fighting cancer.
      CONGRATULATIONS – Kathy & Mike
                                                                  Evelyn Huntimer received good news at last doctor
                    Congratulations to Kathy & Mike             appointment. No cancer!
                  Geraets for being chosen Farm
                  Family of the Sioux Empire Farm                 Teresa Huntimer also received good news following
                  Show in February, 2011. Kathy is              her chemo treatments.
                  presently President of George E
                  Fitzgerald     American      Legion
Auxillary. She bakes cakes for all occasions. If
anything needs to be done in St. Mary Parish, just ask                           PRAYER FOR LENT
Kathy and she will get it done.
                                                                                               Lord, help us to see in
                 FUGLSBY FAMILY                                                            your        crucifixion   and
                                                                                           resurrection an example of
   Mary Fuglsby sent note about family when I asked                                        how       to     endure   and
where Nickolas was stationed.     All of a sudden those                                    seemingly to die in the
little ones are grown up and gone so this member finds                                     agony and conflict of daily
she is even busier than she imagined.                                                      life, so that we may live
                                                                more fully and creatively. You accepted patiently
    Nicholas graduated from boot camp in Great Lakes,           and         humbly            the         rebuffs     of
Il on Jan. 14, 2011. His A school is right there in Great       human life, as well as the tortures of your
Lakes where he's studying to be a Medic-Hospital                Crucifixion and Passion.
Corpsman. He should be done in May, come home for                 Help us to accept the pains and conflicts that
two weeks and then he'll get his orders where he'll be          come to us each day as opportunities to grow as
deployed to.                                                    people and become more like you. Enable us to go
   Ryan graduates from high school May 14th.                    through them patiently and bravely, trust that you
  Jason will graduate from U of M May 15th in Physics.
                                                                will support us; for it is only by dying with you that
(That will be a busy weekend!)
                                                                we       can      rise         with      you.      Amen.
   Jill's baby (Lucy) will be one on March 8th, so we've
                                                                  ( Mother Teresa--Meditations on the Way of the Cross )
been planning that party!
   Jason & Kelsey's Elliott will be two on April 20th and
plans are already being made for that birthday party.

                    BEST WISHES

                      Best wishes to Katie Huewe
                    and Chris Molard who will be
                    married in the Twin Cities on
                    April 30, 2011. Katie is
                    daughter of Jennifer & Don

                                                     CALENDAR OF EVENTS

                                                   MARCH 2011                         APRIL 2011

     Ct. Sancta Maria #368               Friday, March 4                    Friday, April 1
    Dell Rapids, South Dakota             First Friday                       First Friday
                                         Saturday, March 5                  Saturday, April 2
        Officers 2010 - 2012              First Saturday                     First Saturday

             Chaplain                    Monday, March 7                    Monday, April 4
  Fr. Gregory Tschakert 428-3390          CDA Meeting Orchard Hills          CDA Meeting, Presentatn Rm
608 E. 8th St., Dell Rapids, 57022         Plans for Lent                    Feast of St. Isadore

            Regent                       Wednesday, March 9                 Friday-Sunday, April 15-17
Judy Welbig 428-5242                      Ash Wednesday                      State CDA Convention, Pierre
1215 N Garfield, Dell Rapids, 57022
                                         Saturday-Sunday, March 12-13       Sunday, April 17
             Vice-Regent                  Lifesaver Project                  Palm Sunday
Mary Fox 428-3525
403 E. 6th St., Dell Rapids, 57022       Thursday, March 17                 Thursday, April 21
                                          St Patrick’s Day                   Holy Thursday
      Recording Secretary
Evelyn Huntimer 428-4743                 Saturday, March 19                 Friday, April 22
509 W. 9th St., Dell Rapids, 57022        Feast of St. Joseph                Good Friday

       Financial Secretary               Friday, March 25                   Sunday, April 24
Bernadette Scherff 428-3850               Annunciation of the Lord           Easter Sunday
47646 – 243rd. St., DR 57022
                                          **************************         **************************
       Treasurer                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY                    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
Julianne Baustian 428-5546
24164 482nd Ave, Dell Rapids, 57022

         District Deputy
Vickie Feist, State Regent 945-0440
311 S. Lincoln Ave, Pierre, SD 57501     Mar. 13 Cindy Murphy                                                       Mar. 28 Verlyn & Gordon
                                         Mar. 27 Debra Rausch                        Anderson
                                         Mar. 28 Mildred Schmidt            Apr. 9 Jacqueline & John
       National Representative           Apr. 7 Charlene Peichel
Sherry Nilles 712-324-0125                                                          Nemmers
                                         Apr. 9 Regina Evans (91 yr)        Apr. 24 Jamie & Andy Swift
711 25th Ave., Sheldon, IA 51201         Apr. 9 Kathy Geraet                      Apr. 18 Kim Menning
**************************                                                  “Thou hast put gladness in
                                         Apr. 22 Marie Roemen
      MISSION STATEMENT                  Apr. 23 Flora Larscheid (100 yr)   my heart.”     (Ps:4:7)
                                         Apr. 25 Patricia Sward
We strive to embrace the principle of                                       ***************************
faith working through love in the
promotion of justice, equality and the               MOTTO                  CDA WEBSITES:
advancement of human rights and                                   
human dignity for all.                       UNITY & CHARITY      

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