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									PFC Joe Denton, 76th Infantry Division

As I write my last newspaper article my final thoughts
become less focused on recounting all the great and
many activities/efforts our twice “All State” Post
(regular + auxiliaries) have accomplished over the
last two years by helping veterans and supporting our
community, or that through difficult and trying times
that our Post rests on solid financial footing and is in
good standing with all licensing/regulatory agencies,
or that our Post is highly respected in our State VFW
community; but rather on the “true purpose” of why
our organization exists? Although day-to-day it
seems we spend great amounts of time and energy
discussing and engaging in Canteen operations,
entertainment, membership numbers, smoking laws,
and the need for hospitality rooms at conventions,
etc., we must not forget that the “true” purpose for
our organizations existence is to advocate and stand
up for the rights and needs of veterans!

To ground ourselves we should remember that our
organization was founded at Columbus, Ohio,
September 29, 1899, by those who had served in the “Cuban Campaign” of the Spanish
American War. The prime motive for founding the organization was the establishing of a medium
through which needy ex-service members suffering disabilities incident to the war could be
assisted as there were no hospitalization provisions of the government to which they could look
for medical attention and incidentally, no such provisions were established by the government
until 23 years later, or not until 1922.

I believe our current VFW mission statement, “Honor the dead by helping the living,” well
captures the “spirit” of our organization and provides the core of where our organization needs to
be focused. Today the need for one veteran to help another is just as keen. With continued
military operations since the “fall of the wall,” our military/VA support resources are being
stretched to the limit. To fill the void, organizations like the VFW must “take up the slack.” We
must also pay tribute and remember all those who wore the uniform of our Armed Forces so that
their sacrifice is not forgotten. As the great philosopher George Santayana stated, “Those who
cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

It is my challenge to all “Comrades” that we maintain the balance between the social aspects
of “good comradeship” and our commitment to “support and advocate” for the needs of veterans
and to honor their sacrifice. Hospital visits, community involvement, patriotic activities (honor
guard functions, funeral participation of fallen comrades, remembrance ceremonies, etc.) are not
an “imposition” to being a VFW member, but rather “why” we are VFW members.

I wish our new Post leadership team for 2008-2009 all the best. I will do my part to support them
and to ensure our Post continues to “move forward” as a progressive post anchored in our VFW
mission to: “Honor the dead by helping the living!”

Respectfully, Commander Dan

We now accept VISA and MASTERCARD for dues payment, but ensure your receipt is marked
“Dues.” I look forward to serving as your new Post Quartermaster!

- Joe DiFalco, Post Quartermaster


The House Committee will convene on Tuesday, 3 June, 2008 at 6:30PM. Got anything you
would like to see implemented? Your House Committee is eager to serve!

- Mike Null, House Committee Chairman

The next VA Bingo trip to Ward 7 South will be on June 19 ; we’ll plan on leaving the Post at
6:30PM - come out and join us!

    -   Ron “Padre” Groves


If you know of any Comrades who are in ill health or hospitalized (or you yourself are), please let
me know so I can help you with assistance you might need. I can be reached at 258-8303.

    -   Jess B. Cancino


If you know of a Post Comrade, or a family member who might need help, please feel free to call
me at 603-3494. We are always ready to help another veteran or his/her family – they don’t need
to be a member of this Post, or the VFW for that matter. If you know of a person or group doing
good work for the community that could use a helping hand, let me know that as well!

    -   Mark Conrad, Service Officer


May was an extremely busy month for your Post Honor Guard. In addition to Comrade Denton’s
award ceremony and the Relay for Life, we took part in 7 ceremonies over the Memorial Day
weekend. On the 27 , we rendered the honors for WWII Veteran and Post member John L.
Grant. While these details kept us “on the go” for the entire weekend, we enjoyed a lot of good
press coverage as you’ll see from the photos in this months newsletter. Thanks to the Honor
Guard members who “sweated it out” for those 4 days as well as all the other details!

We would also like to welcome aboard our newest member to the Honor Guard, Anthony Critell.
    -   Mark Conrad, Honor Guard Commander

(Caption) Comrade Roy Kellerman plays a flawless rendition of “To the Colors” while the Post
657 flag detail ( Mary Wuellner, Jesse Cancino and Kellyann Healey) salutes during the raising of
the American flag at Stebbins H.S. “Relay for Life” closing ceremony.

(Caption) The Honor Guard presents the Colors during the opening ceremony for the American
Veterans Heritage Center’s “Walk with Giants” Memorial Day festival in the Protestant Chapel.
(Caption) The Heritage Honor Guard led the way for the annual Dayton VA Medical Center
Memorial Day parade.

(Caption) Commander Faulkner chats with a WWII veteran and the Heritage Honor Guard fires
the traditional “three volleys of musketry” during the Dayton National Cemetery Memorial Day
(Caption) Posting of the Colors at the start of the Post installation of officers for the new year.


The greatest achievements are those that benefit others. It has been a pleasure serving you this
past year, and I would like to say “Thank You”. I ask that you continually show your support for
our Auxiliary. The veterans need, and deserve, our unity, compassion, love, and respect.

I’ll leave this thought with you “If a task is once begun, never leave it till it’s done”. Freedom is not
free; some gave little, some gave all, be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.

For God & Country,

    -   Teresa Bates, President


       Well I would say that Spring is in her full glory, The weather has been warm enough for
everyone to get their gardens in and start planning the family vacations.

         As we do every year at this time the Men’s Aux will take a summer break from our usual
Thursday night “Bingo and Subs”. As we have only a handful of people that actually support the
Auxiliary it is necessary to give the ones that do a break. So there will be no Bingo or subs during
the months of June, July or August. We will resume Bingo and Subs on September 11 .
        There has been one change to the election results that were announced last month.
George Lynch formally resigned as the Third Year Trustee due to personal reasons. We held a
special election at our May meeting, conducted by Senior Vice Bruce Davis. Steve Wuellner
(Yours truly) was nominated and elected to fill the office of Third Year Trustee.

          Anyone that did not attend the Memorial Day tribute at the post, missed a tear jerker of a
ceremony, The poppy plates were all read aloud by Barb O’Neal and placed on the floor by
members of the post. During the final prayer of the ceremony everyone stood around the plates
silently reading the names of our fallen comrades. I think it was while reading the names that I
realized who many good friends had passed away just in the short time I have been a member of
the Post.

        Remember that the next Auxiliary meeting will be on June 5th at 7:00PM and our next
Hospital visit will be June 4th at 7:00PM the van will leave at about 6:30pm and return at around

    -   Steve Wuellner, President


The winner of the May trivia contest and $25 U.S. is Norma Shawhan, who correctly answered
that by law, the maximum number of stars that can be displayed on the canton is 99. Executive
Order 10834 signed by President Eisenhower on August 21, 1959 provided for the arrangement
of the stars in nine rows of stars staggered horizontally and eleven rows of stars staggered
vertically. Congrats Norma!

A winner will be randomly drawn from a pool of correct answers submitted, and will receive $25
(there won’t be any trick questions, but they won’t always be easy either). Write your answer
down and place it in the mess kit in the Memorial Room or send an email to
by the 20 of each month. Good Luck!

The June question is:

What does "thumper" mean in U.S. military lingo?

This month in military history:
June 2, 1969: Dayton native Specialist 4 Class Joseph G. LaPointe, Jr. is killed in action trying
to save two wounded soldiers.
June 6, 1944: Allied forces land on the beaches of Normandy, France.
June 9, 1863: Battle of Brandy Station, largest cavalry battle of the Civil War.
June 15, 1775: His Excellency, General George Washington is elected as Commander In Chief of
the Continental Army.
June 23, 1915: First Battle of Isonzo.
June 25, 1951: North Korean People's Army invades South Korea.

Did you or one of your relatives serve in World War II? Have you (or they) had your name
registered in the Book of Remembrances at the National WWII Memorial? If not, contact me and
I’ll do it for you. I need to know:
    -   The person’s full name
    -   Rank
    -   Branch of Service (this includes civilians who worked on the Home Front!)
    -   Hometown
    -   Anything special you want people to know, such as where they served, awards and
        decorations etc.

Speaking of awards and decorations, if you never received yours, or they’ve been lost over the
years, I can help you get them replaced FREE OF CHARGE! The process can take up to six
months, but it’s absolutely free and gives you a chance to leave a tangible reminder of your
service to our great Nation to your children and grandchildren.

    -   Mark Conrad, Post Historian


 The May schedule, although not jam-packed with paid entertainment, worked out to be
somewhat enjoyable and resulted in a little boost to the Post budget. So, I offer my thanks for
your faithful participation. The (PINK) suggestion box up front could use a little more action in that
we would like to hear more of your wishes and entertaining ideas. Although the Men’s Auxiliary
has suspended it’s Thursday night “Bingo and Subs”, maybe we can talk the Ladies into picking
up the slack on Tuesdays – whatcha think? Watch the June schedule for some reduced drink
pricing and Canteen chit awards. Although it’s nice and sunny and warm, and the kids are home
from school, the Canteen staff would like to see you more often. There’s some good opportunities
to put the picnic area to good use e.g. Corn Hole, horse shoes, volley ball, or just sit back and

    -   Al Link, Canteen Manager

P.S. It’s nice to be back, even with the extra parts!


 Hello again! If I could, I would like to reflect on last month for a moment, taking the opportunity to
thank the volunteers: Steve Wuellner and Barb Null the night of the regular membership meeting,
the fish fry was a huge success, and also a thank you again to Barb Null, Ginny Stafford,
and Bruce Davis for all your help with the Ladies' Tuesday night bingo. That was a lot of fun!
Now, moving on to June: We’re going to try a few new things this month, so I hope that it’ll be fun
for everyone. Be sure to stop in on Wednesdays for "Ray-Ray's wing nite"- come in and bring
your quarters!! Also, in light of Friday the 13th, be on the look out for the list of activities going
on starting on the 13th hour of the day (that’s 1PM), and Hot Kat karaoke starting at 8PM. Also,
we have a new band playing on the 28th, so don't miss that either!! Until next time!!

"Every mighty oak was once just a nut who stood it's ground."

        -   Mary Wuellner, Entertainment Committee Chair

While browsing the Ohio Hall of Valor website about 2 years ago, I noticed that there was no
recognition of a Dayton Medal of Honor recipient – Specialist Joseph G. LaPointe, Jr. That isn’t
the case now – after completing the application and arranging for his proof of service, SPC
LaPointe’s widow, Cindy, received the award on his behalf at the Ohio statehouse on 2 May.

Another local hero has received his awards as well - after waiting nearly 6 months, Comrade Joe
Denton’s medals arrived from Saint Louis – long over-due by more than 60 years.

(Caption) Bemedaled Private First Class Joe Denton poses with his lovely bride Ruby while at
right, Commander Faulkner pins on one of several of PFC Denton’s medals.
                       (Caption) PFC Denton’s awards and decorations.

(Caption) Ladies Auxiliary member Cindy LaPointe-Dafler poses with recipients and families of
recipients of the Ohio Hall Of Valor medal during ceremonies held in the statehouse. Cindy
received the award on behalf of her husband, Specialist Joseph G. LaPointe, Jr, Vietnam Medal
of Honor recipient.
(Caption) Incoming Madam President Mary Wuellner and her new officers are installed for the coming

                 (Caption) Commander-elect Marty Gould and his staff are installed.
     (Caption) Sister Barb O’Neil speaking at the opening of the Post Memorial Day service.

(Caption) Commander Faulkner reflects on the departed members of the Post during the ceremony.
The Friday evening steak dinners temporarily suspended until further notice.
Newsletter reminder: Please provide your inputs to Comrade Mark Conrad not later than the 20
of each month. You can send input via email to:, or contact me at 603-
3494. To speed the editing process, please do not use fancy fonts or all capitals; “Arial 10pt” is
the preferred font. I can also add digital pictures to the newsletter, they need to be in jpeg format,
and of a reasonable size; I’ll convert them to black and white and make enhancements where
needed and when possible. Also, make sure you identify what the photo is of and who is in it –

 If there are errors in this newsletter, I accept full responsibility for them. However, I’m not perfect,
so mistakes are going to happen. If you have an “issue”, a complaint (or whatever you want to
call it), come see ME.


Sunday - June 1 - Pancakes with Scotty

Monday – June 2 - Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Tuesday – June 3 - House Committee meeting @ 6:30PM

Wednesday – June 4 - Aux. Hospital visit @ 6:30PM

Thursday – 5 June - Men's Aux meeting @ 7PM
Friday – 6 June - 64 Anniversary of D-Day

Saturday – June 7 - Juke box night

Sunday – 8 June – NASCAR
                  Graduation party at shelter 12-6PM

Monday – June 9 -: Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Tuesday – June 10 - Ladies Auxiliary meeting @ 7PM

Wednesday – June 11 -: Regular members' meeting @ 7PM
              Ray Ray's Wings starting @ 8PM

Thursday – June 12 - Post VA visit to Building 410 @ 6:30PM

Friday – June 13 – “SpotLight” Karaoke
                  Lucky 13 game night!!

Saturday June 14 - Children's day w/movie 10-12AM,
                   Juke Box night

Sunday – June 15 – Father’s Day
                   Pancakes with Scotty

Monday – June 16 - Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Wednesday – June 18 - Entertainment + scheduling meeting at 6:30PM
                      Ray Ray's Wing Nite 6-8PM

Thursday – June 19 - Post VA visit to Ward 7 South @6:30PM

Friday - June 20 – Men’s Auxiliary Summer Cookout (All You Can EAT)
                        Burgers, Brats and Dogs
         `              Cost - $3.50
                        Time - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Saturday- June 21 - Jukebox Night

Sunday – June 22 -: NASCAR

Monday – June 23 - Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Wednesday – June 25 - Ray Ray's Wing Nite 6-8PM

Friday – June 27 - Juke Box night

Saturday – June 28 - The Band w/Geoff 8-12PM

Sunday – 29 June - NASCAR
                   Luck of the draw

Monday – June 30 - Darts 7:30 – 10PM

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