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					Conjoined Twins

In this passage, you will hear the following vocabulary:

Organ – a part of the body such as the heart, liver or stomach

Nickname – a short name for someone

For example, we call Alexander Alex.

Despite – something not expected. He did well on his test despite not studying.

Separate – to take apart

Skull – the bone around the brain

Disability – when a person can not do things as well as other people


Now listen to the passage.

Twins are two babies born at the same time. Conjoined twins are two babies born attached to one
another. These babies typically share an organ such as the heart or liver. Being born conjoined is a
condition that occurs once every 200,000 births and only about 25% of conjoined twins survive. The
condition also affects more women than men. Three-quarters of conjoined twins are women.
The most famous conjoined twins in history were Chang and Eng Bunker, who shared their liver. They
were born in Thailand in the year 1811. At this time, Thailand was called Siam and the brothers
became known as the Siamese Twins. Due to the popularity of Chang and Eng, this nickname was soon
applied to all conjoined twins. Even today, many people use the term Siamese twins when they refer to
conjoined twins. Despite their disability, Chang and Eng married a pair of sisters and fathered 21
Separating conjoined twins is no easy matter, particularly if the twins are joined at the skull. This risk
means that one or both of the conjoined twins could die during the surgery.

Now listen to the passage again.

Now answer these multiple choice questions:

1. Conjoined twins are more common

a) among females
b) among males
c) among children

2. What was Thailand called in 1811?

a) Siamese
b) Chang
c) Siam

3. It is riskiest to separate conjoined twins that are joined at the

a) heart.
b) skull.
c) back.

Now listen to these vocabulary words:


You will use these words to fill in the blanks.

You will hear:
My little brothers were fighting, so we had to __________ them.

You will say:
My little brothers were fighting, so we had to separate them.

1. My father has a bad heart. We are waiting for an __________ transplant.

2. Cancer causes your __________ to fail.

3. Let’s put these foods on __________ plates.

4. She won the beauty contest __________ being very unattractive as a child.

5. __________ working at a zoo, he hated animals.

6. Let’s get __________ hotel rooms when we go on our business trip. I don’t trust you.

7. All of the body’s __________ require blood to work properly.

8. She is learning to surf __________ her fear of sharks.

9. We took __________ cars to the cinema.

10. They got married __________ having hated each other in high school.

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