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                                APRIL 2010

                          REFERENCE TITLES
G 1021G6 2010
Goode's world atlas

GV 11 E555 2009
Encyclopedia of play in today's society

HA 203 S66 2009
The Sourcebook of zip code demographics.

PR 19 O94 2009
The Oxford companion to English literature

R 864 D64 2009
Documentation for medical records

RB 38.2 P337 2009
Mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference

RB 115 D74 2010
DRG expert : a comprehensive guidebook to the DRG classification system.

RB 115 S38 2008
Severity DRGs and reimbursement : an MS-DRG primer

TL 509 D475 2009
A dictionary of the space age

TX 353 R525 2009
The new complete book of food : a nutritional, medical, and culinary

Z 118.5 R67 2009
The typographic desk reference : TDR

                       CIRCULATING COLLECTION
B 945 P584 M58 2006
Mitchell, Mark T.
Michael Polanyi : the art of knowing
BD 21 W434 2009

BF 315 V399 2010
Vedantam, Shankar
The hidden brain : how our unconscious minds elect presidents, control
markets, wage wars, and save our lives

BF 637 S4 S74 2009
Stebbins, Robert A.
Personal decisions in the public square : beyond problem solving into a
positive sociology

BF 789 C7 C65 2009
Marks, Terry.
Color harmony compendium : a complete color reference for designers of
all types

BH 39 H456213 2006
Herder, Johann Gottfried
Selected writings on aesthetics

BL 80.2 I434 2003
Coogan, Michael David.
The illustrated guide to world religions

CB 311 G74 2009
Harrison, Thomas, 1969-
The great empires of the ancient world

D 258 W55 2009
Wilson, Peter H.
The Thirty Years War : Europe’s tragedy

D 764.3 S7 B37 1998
Beevor, Antony, 1946-

D 799 U6 S74 2009
Sterne, Joseph R. L.
Combat correspondents : the Baltimore Sun in World War II

DA 315 M477 2010
Meyer, G. J., 1940-
The Tudors : the complete story of England's most notorious dynasty

DA 578 O79 2009
Overy, r. J.
The twilight years : the paradox of Britain between the wars

DG 258.5 S83 2009
Strauss, Barry S.
The Spartacus war
DS 79.76 D84 2009
Duelfer, Charles.
Hide and seek : the search for truth in Iraq

DS 735 K43 2009
Keay, John.
China : a history

E 184 M5 H437 2008
Hernández-León, Rubén.
Metropolitan migrants : the migration of urban Mexicans to the United

E 302.6 C3 B57 2010
Birzer, Bradley J., 1967-
American Cicero : the life of Charles Carroll

F 189 B157 G73 2000
Chapelle, Suzanne Ellery
Baltimore : an illustrated history

F 1435.1 P2 S783 2008
Stuart, David, 1965-
Palenque : eternal city of the Maya

F 2849.22 G85 C28114 2010
Caistor, Nick
Che Guevara : a life

GC 21 R59 2008
Rose, Paul.
Oceans : exploring the hidden depths of the underwater world

GN 21 M36 L87 2008
Lutkenhaus, Nancy
Margaret Mead : the making of an American icon

GR 825 A86 2009
Asma, Stephen T.
On monsters : an unnatural history of our worst fears

GT 3412 G45 2004
Peabody Essex Museum.
Geisha : beyond the painted smile

GV 706.5 E567 2009
Eitzen, d. Stanley
Fair and foul :beyond the myths and paradoxes of sport

HB 72 A345 2009
Aldred, Jonathan.
The skeptical economist : revealing the ethics inside economics

HB 101 V66 K57 2001
Kirzner, Israel M.
Ludwig von Mises : the man and his economics

HB 118 R66 Z63 2001
Zmirak, John.
Wilhelm Ropke : Swiss localist, global economist

HC 79 P6 K488 2009
Khan, Irene.
The unheard truth : poverty and human rights

HD 30.225 B8782 2009
Staib, Robert, 1944-
Business management and environmental stewardship : environmental

HD 59 D558 2010
Dilenschneider, Robert L.
The AMA handbook of public relations

HD 9502 U52 L568 2009
Little, Amanda
Power trip : from oil wells to solar cells—our ride to the renewable

HF 5415.33 U6 E47 2009
Eisenberg, Lee
Shoptimism : why the American consumer will keep on buying no matter what

HF 5549.5 M63 T456 2009
Thomas, Kenneth Wayne, 1943-
Intrinsic motivation at work : what really drives employee engagement

HF 5636 L33 2010
Label, Wayne A.
Accounting for non-accountants : the fast and easy way to learn the

HG 4529.5 W45 2009
Whiddon, James N.
The investing revolutionaries : how the world's greatest investors take
on Wall Street…

HM 479 N57 S86 2000
Stone, Brad Lowell.
Robert Nisbet : communitarian traditionalist

HM 831 C654 2009
Conley, Dalton, 1969-
Elsewhere, U.S.A.

HN 385 M67 2010
Mortimer, Ian, 1967-
The time traveler's guide to medieval England : a handbook for visitors
to the fourteenth century

HQ 76.25 N45 2009
Neill, James, 1940-
The origins and role of same-sex relations in human societies

HQ 281 C85 2009
Cullen-DuPont, Kathryn.
Human trafficking

HQ 14121 C64 2009
Collins, Gail.
When everything changed : the amazing journey of American women from 1960

HV 4999.2 C35 2007
Califano, Joseph A., 1931-
High society : how substance abuse ravages America and what to do about

HV 5135 D69 2009
Dowdall, George W.
College drinking : reframing a social problem

HV 5825 F5653 2006
Fisher, Gary L.
Rethinking our war on drugs : cadid talk about controversial issues

HV 5825 M353 2008
Tardiff, Joseph C.

HV 6080 S85 2009
Stone, Michael H., 1933-
The anatomy of evil

HV 6431 M632 2009
Moeller, Susan D.
Packaging terrorism : co-opting the news for politics and profit

HV 6626.2 D685 2009
Domestic violence sourcebook

HV 8139 G72 2008
Grant, Heath B.
Law enforcement in the 21st century

JA 71 F44 2002
Federici, Michael P.
Eric Voegelin : the restoration of order

JC 261 M27 2005
Mahoney, Daniel J., 1960-
Bertrand de Jouvenel : the conservative liberal and the illusions of

JC 573.2 U6 C65 2009
Colodny, Len
The forty years war : the rise and fall of the neocons, from Nixon to

JK 516 T45 2009
Thomas, Helen, 1920-
Listen up, Mr. President : everything you always wanted your president to
know and do

JK 2281 L39 2010
Lawrence, Regina G., 1961-
Hillary Clinton's race for the White House : gender politics and the

JQ 751 A58 S84 2010
Steinberg, David I., 1928-
Burma/Myanmar : what everyone needs to know

JV 6456 R44 2010
Regan, Margaret, 1952-
The death of Josseline : immigration stories from the Arizona-Mexico

JV 7711 Z79 U55 1988
Miller, Kerby A.
Emigrants and exiles : Ireland and the Irish exodus to North America

KF 3080 B88 2009
Butler, Rebecca P.
Smart copyright compliance for schools : a how-to-do-it manual

KF 9625 H66 2009
Honigsberg, Peter Jan.
Our nation unhinged : the human consequences of the War on Terror

KFN 7977 R33 2009
Race to injustice : lessons learned from the Duke lacrosse rape case

LA 219 F56 2009
Finnan, Christine R.
The upper elementary years : ensuring success in grades 3-6

LB 1140.35 C74 C48 2002
Chenfeld, Mimi Brodsky
Creative experiences for young children

LB 2322.2 M45 2010
Menand, Louis.
The marketplace of ideas

LB 2342 G37 2009
Garland, James C.
Saving alma mater : a rescue plan for America’s public universities

LB 3609 D38 2009
Davis, Stephen F.
Cheating in school : what we know and what we can do

LC 4717 A75 2010
Ashcroft, Wendy, 1953-
Success strategies for teaching kids with autism

ML 419 C67 A3 2009
Copeland, Stewart.
Strange things happen : a life with the Police, polo, and pygmies

ML 420 L773 K57 2009
Kirby, David, 1944-
Little Richard : the birth of rock 'n' roll

ML 421 B4 C33 2009
Womack, Kenneth.
The Cambridge companion to the Beatles

ML 3790 C89 2010
Cutler, David, 1971-
The savvy musician : building a career, earning a living & making a

ML 3917 U6 P33 2010
Pacini Hernandez, Deborah.
Oye como va! : hybridity and identity in Latino popular music

NA 2540 G63 2009
Goldberger, Paul.
Why architecture matters

NC 750 S54 2009
Shearer, Janet.
The artist's guide to perspective

NC 975.5 H36 H86 2009
Hunsicker, Robert C.
Roger Hane : art, times and tragedy, 1939-1974

ND 237 G8 M38 1997
Mayer, Musa.
Night studio : a memoir of Philip Guston

ND 1535 F743 2009
French, Soraya.
Dynamic acrylics

ND 1535 G37 2009
Garcia, Claire Watson.
Painting for the absolute and utter beginner

NE 485 P37 2009
Parshall, Peter W.
The darker side of light : arts of privacy, 1850-1900

NK 1450 A1 A96 2009
Aynsley, Jeremy.
Designing modern Germany

P 120 R32 H55 2008
Hill, Jane H.
The everyday language of white racism

PE 1591 L625 2008
Lindberg, Christine A., 1954-
Oxford American writer's thesaurus

PN 1991.3 U6 C63 2009
Cox, Jim, 1939-
American radio networks : a history

PN 1995.9 P7 G76 2009
Grove, Elliot.
130 projects to get you into filmmaking

PN 1998.3 C352 K43 2009
Keegan, Rebecca.
The futurist : the life and films of James Cameron

PN 2287 P23 T87 2009
Turan, Kenneth
Free for all : Joe Papp, the public, and the greatest theater story ever

PN 4151 S67 2009
Somers-Willett, Susan B.A.
The cultural politics of slam poetry : race, identity, and the
of popular verse in America

PN 4874 G398 A25 2009
Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963-
What the dog saw and other adventures

PS 374 V35 O94 2006
Overstreet, Deborah Wilson.
Not your mother's vampire : vampires in young adult fiction

PS 379 O35 2010
O'Donnell, Patrick, 1948-
The American novel now : reading contemporary American fiction since 1980

PS 648 S5 B452 1999
Updike, John.
The best American short stories of the century

PS 1872 Y63 Y68 2005
Bloom, Harold.
Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

PS 3553 O5545 Z88 1996
Stookey, Lorena Laura.
Robin Cook : a critical companion

PS 3557 R5355 Z85 2007
Pringle, Mary Beth, 1943-
Revisiting John Grisham : a critical companion

PS 3558 I45 Z8 1996
Reilly, John M.
Tony Hillerman : a critical companion

PS 3565 B75 T48 2010
O'Brien, Tim, 1946-
The things they carried : a work of fiction

PS 3568 I265 Z88 1996
Smith, Jennifer, 1949-
Anne Rice : a critical companion

Q 126 H46 2009
Henderson, Mark, 1974-
100 most important science ideas : key concepts in genetics, physics and

QC 24.5 O79 2009
Orzel, Chad.
How to teach physics to your dog

QC 495.3 T398 2009
Taussig, Michael T.
What color is the sacred?

QC 981.8 G56 H365 2009
Hansen, James E.
Storms of my grandchildren : the truth about the coming climate

QE 511.4 K43 2009
Kearey, P.
Global tectonics.

QH 442 N465 2010
Newton, David E.
DNA technology : a reference handbook

QH 447 S53 2010
Shenk, David, 1966-
The genius in all of us : why everything you've been told about genetics,
talent, and IQ is wrong

QK 475 H174 2005
Hageneder, Fred.
The meaning of trees : botany, history, healing, lore

QL 737 C27 E47 2009
Ellis, Richard
On thin ice : the changing world of the polar bear

QP 81.5 E45 2009
Eliot, Lise
Pink brain, blue brain : how small differences how into troublesome gaps…

R 976 R871 2010
Russo, Ruthann.
Clinical documentation improvement :   achieving excellence.

RA 445 S66 2009
Sommer, Alfred, 1942-
Getting what we deserve : health and medical care in America

RA 565 E484 2010
Larsen, Laura.
Environmental health sourcebook : basic consumer health information about
the environment and its effects on human health…

RA 645 D5 H87 2010
Hurley, Dan, 1957-
Diabetes rising : how a rare disease became a modern pandemic, and what

RA 645 O23 F55 2009
Rothblum, Esther D.
The fat studies reader

RA 776.75 B84 2009
Buettner, Dan.
The blue zones : lessons for living longer from the people who've lived
the longest

RA 1213 S65 2009b
Smith, Rick, 1968-
Slow death by rubber duck : the secret danger of everyday things

RB 38.2 P337 2009
Pagana, Kathleen Deska, 1952-
Mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference

RB 115 P76 2010
Schnering, Patricia.
Professional review guide for the CCA examination
RB 155 S557 2009
Skirton, Heather.
Genetics for the health sciences : a handbook for clinical healthcare

RB 155.5 G455 2009
Judd, Sandra J.
Genetic disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about
heritable disorders…

RB 155.65 C65 2010
Collins, Francis S.
The language of life : DNA and the revolution in personalized medicine

RC 265.6 L24 S55 2010
Skloot, Rebecca, 1972-
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks

RC 489 M53 S54 2010
Siegel, Daniel J., 1957-
Mindsight : the new science of personal transformation

RC 628 P65 2009
Power, Michael L.
The evolution of obesity

RC 628 T6813 2009
Globesity : a planet out of control?

RC 933 A665257 2010
Sutton, Amy L.
Arthritis sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the risk

RD 97.6 Q52 2008
The repetitive strain injury recovery book

RM 723 A27 A54 2007
Andrews, Synthia.
Acupressure & reflexology for dummies

RT 62 I79 2010
Irwin, Barbara J.
NCLEX-RN : strategies, practice, and review for the registered nursing

SF 426.2 K3827 2008
Katz, Jon.
Izzy & Lenore : two dogs, an unexpected journey, and me

T 173.8 P467 2010
Petroski, Henry
The essential engineer :why science alone will not solve our global
TX 301 S27 2010
Sandbeck, Ellen.
Green barbarians : how to live bravely on your home planet

TX 353 R525 2009
Rinzler, Carol Ann.
The new complete book of food : a nutritional, medical, and culinary

TX 355 E44 2009
Elias, Megan J.
Food in the United States, 1890-1945

TX 371 M37 2009
Masson, J. Moussaieff
The face on your plate : the truth about food

ZA 3075 C66 2010
Mackey, Thomas P.
Collaborative information literacy assessments : strategies for

ZA 3075 G73 2009
Grassian, Esther S.
Information literacy instruction : theory and practice

LB 1025.2 N48 no.121 2010
Wehlburg, Catherine M.
Integrated general education

LB 2328 N48 no.149 2010
Wallin, Desna L.
Leadership in an era of change

                         FOLIO COLLECTION
BP 130.4 A77 2003
Asad, Muhammad, 1900-1992.
The message of the Qur’an

ML 3534.3 M55 2009
Miles, Barry, 1943-
The British invasion

N 6494 M64 S56 2009
Shoemaker, Innis H.
Adventures in modern art : the Charles K. Williams II collection

NC 70 H66 2009
Holcomb, Melanie.
Pen and parchment : drawing in the Middle Ages
NC 975.5 V47 A4 2009
Vess, Charles.
Drawing down the moon : the art of Charles Vess

NC 997 M24 2009
Malamed, Connie.
Visual language for designers : principles for creating graphics that
people understand

NC 1429 B625 J65 2009
Johnson, Haynes, 1931-
Herblock : the life and work of the great political cartoonist
ND 497 B16 A4 2009
Bacon, Francis, 1909-1992.
Francis Bacon

ND 955 P63 B442 2003
Beksinski, Zdzislaw
The fantastic art of Beksinski.

QT 261 D46 2010
Denegar, Craig R.
Therapeutic modalities for musculoskeletal injuries

TR 647 P46 2009
Penn, Irving.
Irving Penn : small trades

VE 23 B368 2008
Bartlett, Merrill L.
Leathernecks : an illustrated history of the U.S. Marine Corps

                      CLASSROOM DVD COLLECTION
146           Il Postino = The Postman

366           Rage : a social analysis

569           Art through time : a global view.

570           Color

571           Brazil

572           The untouchables

573           4 little girls

574           The Good soldier : what is courage?

575           Serpico

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