DATE:          Thursday 15th September 2011

     TIME:          7.00 p.m.

     PLACE:         Irlam Community Centre, Locklands Lane off Fairhills Road

          Please note that displays on the Regeneration Initiatives in Irlam and
                     Cadishead can be viewed before the meeting


1.    Welcome and apologies for absence                                            7:00
2.    To agree, as a correct record, the minutes from the last meeting held on     7:05
      21st July 2011
3.    Matters arising                                                              7:10
4.    Open Forum                                                                   7:25
5.    Irlam & Cadishead Initiatives Budget Panel (attached)                        7:35
6.    Devolved Highways Budget                                                     7:40
7.    Police Update                                                                7:50
8.    Regeneration Initiatives in Irlam and Cadishead - Rob Pickering              8:00
9.    Hulme’s Bridge Ferry - June Mabon                                            8:30
10. Highways update – ‘Delivering for You in Irlam and Cadishead’-                 8:40
    Stephen Hands
11. Significant Planning Applications – Tim Hartley                                8:50
      -     Update on Port Salford City Council
      -     Update on Community Stadium
12. Neighbourhood Partnership update - Martin Vickers                              8:55
13. Any Other Business / Good news stories                                         9:00
14. Date of next meeting- Thursday 17 November 2011 at.St Mary’s
    Church Hall, Penry Avenue, Cadishead

     Contact:       Jackie Matthews
                    Administration Officer
                    Eccles Neighbourhood Management Team
                    Tel: 603 4290
                                          IRLAM AND CADISHEAD COMMUNITY COMMITTEE

                                Meeting held on 21st July 2011 at St Mary's Church Hall, Penry Avenue, Cadishead

Meeting commenced: 7.10 p.m. Meeting ended: 9.10 p.m.

PRESENT:     Ann Cavanagh -        In the Chair   (Poorlots Allotment & Leisure Society)
             John Morley           -       Deputy Chair (Rotary Club of Irlam)
             Councillors R. Jones, J. Hunt, C. Hudson and J. Kean

              John Waning                                               Wynne Harris
              Chris Williams (Irlam Labour Party                        John Walsh (Irlam Labour Party)
              Dave Williams                                             T. Ledsen
              E. Black                                                  B. Caulshaw
              Mr Ledey                                                  Mrs Ledey
              P.S. Campbell                                             R.E. Waring
              Mr Pickering                                              Mrs Pickering
              Gordon Shovelton                                          Christine Richardson
              Ray Richardson                                            Sybil Norcott (Women's Institute)
              Ian Ryder                                                 W. McLaughlin
              R. Doe                                                    N. Lowndes
              Nancy Heap (I&C Hazard Initiative)                        B.D. Whitfield
              P. Redmond                                                John Leather
              Tony Kelly                                                Brian Myles - Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
              Saeed Ali                                                 Marion Hassall
              Keith Hassall                                             Joan Morgan
              John Donaldson                                            Alison Morley
              Pat Benson                                                Margaret Dixon
              Brenda Leather                                            Tracy Kelly
              J.S. Wright                                               C. Wright
                  Dominic O'Connor                                             Mr Hampson
                  Ursula Sossalla-Iredale - (Neighbourhood Manager)            Stephen Hands - (Urban Vision)
                  Chris Trueblood - (Community Dev.Officer)                    Graham Gentry -(Sustainable Regeneration)
                  P.C. Pringle - (Irlam Police Station)                        Claire Thorn - (Sustainable Regeneration))
                  Dawn Williams – (Salford Community Leisure)                  Marion Wood - (Economic Development)
                  Martin Vickers - (Area Co-ordinator)                         Jackie Matthews - (Neighbourhood Admin Officer)

    ITEM                                                                                                             ACTION TO BE     ACTION
                                                                                                                      TAKEN BY      TAKEN AND
    Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of -
    Inspector Jill Gorse - G.M. Police, Cllr R. Houlton, Cllr L. Bramer-Kelly, Mrs Cherry, Mr T. Hartley,
    Ms J. Dawdy and Mr T. Handsley.


    RESOLVED: THAT the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 19th May, 2011, be approved as a correct


    Item 1.   Membership of the Community Committee

    RESOLVED: THAT a review of Community Committee membership would be undertaken in Autumn 2011                     NH Mgt Team
    and numbers increased if possible.
Item 4.   Skate Park (Open Forum)

RESOLVED: THAT the Committee noted that signs had now been erected at the skate park.

Item 6.   Highways Devolved Budget

The levelling of the tarmac outside Irlam Library had been put into Urban Vision's work plan. Costings to be   Stephen Hands

Installation of bollards near the Chapel Medical Centre had been approved for Highways Devolved Budget         Stephen Hands
funding. Costings were awaited.

RESOLVED: THAT this information be noted.

Item 7.   Magenta Avenue/Dean Road Update

An update from Tim Hartley, Urban Vision was read out at the meeting. United Utilities had recently
announced that they planned to adopt many private sewers. It was noted that this might make the adoption of
Magenta Avenue more of a possibility. Consultations with residents on whether the road should be closed
were ongoing and residents had indicated a willingness to compromise on this issue. Residents present at the
Community Committee meeting made a request for a 20 m.p.h. sign to be installed. Cllr J. Hunt advised that
local councillors would support a 20 m.p.h. speed limit.

RESOLVED: THAT Stephen Hands, Urban Vision should pass on the request for a 20 m.p.h. sign to                  Stephen Hands
Accident Reduction.
Item 8.   Dog Fouling

An update from Phillip Morton, Environment Directorate was read out at the meeting and the following points
were raised:- Dogs on leads were allowed in cemeteries - any problems with this at St John's Cemetery should
be reported to Rev. David Wheeler. The local community would be involved in a review of dog fouling and
litter bins. The bin on Hayes Road at the bottom of the bypass was not being emptied.                          Phillip Morton

RESOLVED: THAT Phillip Morton should address ongoing problems with the Hayes Road bin not being

Item 12 (1). Chat Moss Peat Application

Cllr J. Kean advised that Planning had refused the application to extract peat on the Salford side
of Chat Moss. Urban Vision were monitoring the site to ensure there was no peat extraction.
It was likely that the company would appeal against the decision.

RESOLVED: THAT thanks and credit to Allied Land for the beautiful nature reserve at the top of Cutnook
Lane be recorded in the minutes.

Item 12 (4). Libraries

A statement from Andy Howitt, Culture and Leisure, on Library and Information Service Provision in Irlam
and Cadishead was read out and the following points arose:-
     Building work to extend Fit City Irlam was due to start in August 2011. Limited capital money meant
       that this work would not include a new library. This could be a consideration for the future - money
     Building work at Fit City Irlam could result in the road being closed at Prince’s Park in August 2011,
       which would have an impact on the Festival. The Festival Committee requested that this issue be
       addressed urgently.
          The existing two libraries would continue to operate. Other partners were being sought to share the
           buildings so running costs could be reduced.
          It was noted that although consultations had revealed the majority wanted to keep the libraries open,
           comparatively few people actually used them. People needed to be encouraged to use the libraries

    RESOLVED: THAT Cllr Roger Jones would address the issues regarding how the building work at Fit City            Cllr R. Jones
    Irlam would impact on the Festival and advise the Festival Committee urgently.


    The meeting was advised that Community Committees were no longer funded by Democratic Services so
    administration costs such as postage and printing would need to be funded by the Devolved Budget. A review
    of Community Committee membership was being conducted so that mail out costs could be reduced.
    Members were being asked to obtain papers by email, the Council website or local libraries wherever possible.
    A funding application of £1,000.00 for administration costs had been submitted to Irlam and Cadishead Budget
    Group. The Neighbourhood Management Team had incurred printing and postage costs of £242.70 for the
    July 2011 Community Committee meeting. The Community Committee was asked to approve the
    reimbursement of the costs incurred for the July 2011 Community Committee meeting from the Devolved

    RESOLVED: THAT administration costs for the Irlam and Cadishead Community Committee meetings be                 NH Mgt Team
    funded by the Irlam and Cadishead Devolved Budget and costs incurred to date by the Neighbourhood
    Management Team be reimbursed.

       Containers on Boat Lane

        A resident voiced concerns that a business premises had installed 4 containers very close to the front
        door of his property. As well as being unsightly, children were climbing onto the containers and then
        onto the roof.

        RESOLVED: THAT Stephen Hands, Urban Vision would report this problem to Planning.                           Stephen Hands

       Salford Royal Foundation Trust

        Brian Myles explained that his role as a Governor of the Trust and Community Committee
        representative was to pass the views of the community on to the Directors of the Hospital. He advised
        that the Trust would soon be holding Governor elections. Anyone wishing to join the trust or become a
        Governor should speak to Brian following the Community Committee meeting.

        RESOLVED: THAT This information be noted.

       Grids

        A resident suggested that to pre-empt the theft of metal grids and offset the costs incurred by replacing
        them, Salford Council should remove them all, weigh them in and use the funds to replace them with          Stephen Hands
        plastic grids.

        A resident advised that there were blocked drains and that the kerbs and block paving were loose in the
        area around no. 44 Liverpool Road, Cadishead.                                                               Stephen Hands
    RESOLVED: THAT Stephen Hands , Urban Vision should report these issues back to Urban Vision for
    investigation and resolution.

   Speed Tables on Lords Street

    Community Committee members reported that the small speed tables on Lords Street had not
    been repaired - work had only been done on the large tables.

    RESOLVED: THAT Stephen Hands , Urban Vision should report this issue back to Urban                 Stephen Hands
    Vision for investigation.

   Yellow Box Section at Moorfield Parade.

    A resident advised of traffic problems at the yellow box road marking at the entrance to
    Cutnook Lane on Moorfield Road.

    RESOLVED: THAT Stephen Hands , Urban Vision should arrange for Urban Vision to                     Stephen Hands
    investigate this issue.

   Blacklist of Complainants

    A resident queried whether the Daily Mail report of Councils keeping a blacklist of complainants
    was true. The meeting was assured that Salford Council did not keep such records.
    Steven Hands advised that Urban Vision did keep a record of vexatious complainants but did
    not blacklist people who complained.

   Building Rubble at Boysnope

    Community Committee members advised that, although it was subject to an enforcement
         order, the pile of building rubble at Boysnope (on the side going towards Irlam from Eccles)
         was getting larger.
                                                                                                              NH Mgt Team
          RESOLVED: THAT Nigel Powell, Environment Directorate would be requested to address this issue.      Nigel Powell

        Seating

         The W.I. representative advised the Committee that a seat was required in the Playbuilder area
         at Irlam Park.

         RESOLVED: THAT This information be noted and acted upon if possible.                                 NH Mgt Team


    P.C. Pringle provided the Committee with an update on policing issues in the area, which included the
        - There had been a rise in acquisitive crime. The Committee was advised to be extra
          vigilant regarding property, including sheds - as there had been a spate of shed breaks
          in Cadishead.
          Crime figures for the past two months were as follows:-
          3 house burglaries in Cadishead and 7 in Irlam.
          Break-ins at commercial properties were 21 in Cadishead and 5 in Irlam in the past 2 months.
        - Metal theft fluctuated according to scrap metal prices and there had recently been a huge rise in
          the theft of pedal cycles.
        - Crime figures for criminal damage and assaults remained static.
    The Committee noted that young people were proud of the skate park facility at Fit City. This had been
    demonstrated recently when Police were contacted by a young person who was concerned that drugs were
    being taken at the site.
     RESOLVED: THAT this information be noted.


     RESOLVED: THAT £242.70 administration costs for printing and postage of the July 2011                         NH Mgt Team
     Committee papers be reimbursed to the Neighbourhood Management Team from the
     Devolved Budget.

     RESOLVED: THAT funding of £1,000.00 from the Devolved Budget to cover administration                          NH Mgt Team
     costs of future Community Committee meetings be approved.

     RESOLVED: THAT the recommendations of the Budget Panel be approved.                                           NH Mgt Team


     Marion Wood from the Skills & Work Team gave a presentation to update on this multi-agency approach to
     worklessness which was launched in July 2010. Marion advised that the Moss Vale estate had been selected as
     the focus of the initiative due to high numbers of residents claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance or being lone
     parents. Actions taken in the past twelve months to encourage people into work, education or volunteering
     included a work club, surgeries and the M44 Job Match project – which matched people’s C.V.’s to vacancies
     in local businesses. The Team would continue its work in 2011/12 and had identified 4 target groups that it
     would focus on.

     RESOLVED: THAT this information be noted.

     Martin Vickers explained that Ward Councillors and agencies attended Neighbourhood Partnership
     Board meetings to ensure progress continued to be made on issues of community priority between Community
     Committee meetings. The following issues had been identified as priorities for partners to address:- youth
     issues, schools, employment, child obesity, child poverty and regeneration.

     RESOLVED: THAT this information be noted.


     Graham Gentry, Sustainable Regeneration, advised that there had been some changes to the draft document
     since consultations were last held in 2010. He gave a presentation to advise how the proposed changes would
     affect Irlam and Cadishead. Graham explained how the local community had the opportunity to comment at
     this stage and influence the final version of the plan.

     The following points arose:-
         There had been a significant reduction in planned housing i.e. from 1,250 dwellings to 600 in Irlam and
         The potential for more sustainable energy production, such as hydro electric, wind farms and
            geo-thermal energy was included in the plan.
         Cllr J. Kean assured the Community Committee that members would be invited to join a committee to
            discuss coal bed methane gas extraction and elect a chair for this committee.

     The consultation would run to 1st August 2011. Documents were available in libraries and on the website.
     Following various steps, the plan would be adopted at the start of 2013.

     RESOLVED: THAT this information be noted.

     Stephen Hands from Urban Vision presented the ‘Delivering for You’ document which summarised recent and
     forthcoming works delivered by Urban Vision in Irlam and Cadishead.

     The Community Committee agreed that the following schemes should be considered for funding from the
     2011/2012 Highways Devolved Budget of. £50,000.00 for capital projects and £10,000.00 for maintenance

               Resurfacing of Harriott Street. The meeting noted that this street was unadopted but agreed that it was
                in special need of repair. It was also noted that the park would be used more due to the housing
               Sandy Lane (at the top of New Moss Road in Cadishead) was in need of resurfacing. The meeting
                noted that this road was unadopted but agreed that it needed resurfacing and more parking provision.

     RESOLVED: THAT costings be obtained for these proposals so they could be investigated further.                       Stephen Hands

     RESOLVED: THAT this agenda item be discussed at the September 2011 Community Committee                               NH Mgt Team


     1)       Retirement of Sue Ness

              It was noted that Sue Ness, Administration Officer at Irlam and Cadishead Neighbourhood
              Management Team was retiring on 29th July, 2011. Community Committee members were
              invited to attend Sue’s retirement do at the Neighbourhood Management Team offices
          between 1pm and 3pm on 29th July, 2011.

          RESOLVED: THAT a vote of thanks be recorded from the Community Committee for the
          tremendous work carried out by Sue. All agreed that she would be sadly missed.

     2)   Summer Holiday Activities

          There would be free entry at all Fit City swimming pools for children aged 16 and under during
          the summer holidays. Community Committee members were advised that summer holiday
          activity leaflets were available for collection or could be accessed on the internet at

          RESOLVED: THAT this information be noted.

     3)   Three leaflets of walks from Cadishead Fit City, Tiger Moth and Prince’s Park had been
          produced. These were available for Community Committee members to collect when leaving
          the Community Committee meeting.

         RESOLVED: THAT this information be noted.

     RESOLVED: THAT the next meeting of the Irlam and Cadishead Community Committee be held on
     Thursday, 15th September, 2011, to commence at 7.00 p.m. at Irlam Community Centre, Locklands
     Lane, off Ferryhill Road, Irlam.

     Irlam and Cadishead Budget Sub Group Tuesday 6th September 2011 at Irlam Council Offices to commence at 2pm

     Present: Cllr Kean (Chair), Cllr. Hudson, N. Heap, A. Cavanagh, J. Murchan
Apologies: N. Heap, J. Morley

   APPLICANT             TOTAL
                         GRANT      PURPOSE          RECOMMENDATION      COMMENTS             FUNDING   ID.
                        SOUGHT                                                                SOURCE    NUMBER

1. St Marys CE        £2670.00   Resources           Refuse           Does not meet                     27911
Primary School                   Storage                              community priorities

2.St Michaels                                                         Supporting local
Morris Dancing        £82.00     Room Hire           Refuse           dance groups in Irlam             28751
Troupe                                                                and Cadishead

PUBLICATION                      Xmas                                                                   28696
CITYWIDE                         decorations,        Refuse           Supporting local
3. Singing with       £138.85    guitarist, food &                    dementia group
Dementia in Salford              stationary
PUBLICATION                      Refreshments,                        How many older                    28534
CITYWIDE                         room hire, artist                    people attend from
4. Salford Forum      £214.86    costs, publicity,   Defer            Irlam and Cadishead
for Older People                 promotion and                        and what efforts are
                                 printing                             being made to recruit
Authorisation by Neighbourhood Manager …………………………………………………….

Authorisation by Chairperson ……………………………………………………………………
Irlam and Cadishead Budget Sub Group Tuesday 6th September 2011 to be held at Irlam Council Offices

   APPLICANT             TOTAL
                         GRANT          PURPOSE           DECISION            COMMENTS               FUNDING   ID.
                        SOUGHT                                                                       SOURCE    NUMBER
PUBLICATION                                                               Condition to include
                                                                          corporate official
5. Friends of Irlam                                                       launch of play builders,
and Cadishead         £2818.00       Workshops/        Approve            green gym and                        29191
Parks                                Materials/                           amphitheatre leading up
                                     Publicity/event                      to event. Start
                                     infrastructure                       recruitment drive for
                                                                          Friend’s Group

6. Positive Moves                    Targeted youth                       Supply Bank Statement
I & C Youth           £4270.00       work/referral     Approve            and related document                 29311
Project                              group

(App tabled on the
Authorisation by Neighbourhood Manager …………………………………………………….

Authorisation by Chairperson ……………………………………………………………………

                                             ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Application 5: Declaration of interest by A. Cavanagh and N. Heap.

Discussion on the future of the Irlam and Cadishead Community Committee Newsletter.
Review suggested for October 2011.

Next Budget Meeting: Tuesday, 1st November, 2011, 2pm at Irlam and Cadishead Neighbourhood Centre, Irlam ad Cadishead College, 2A
Station Road.
Deadline for applications – 11th October, 2011.

Authorised by Chairperson ……………………………………….

Authorised by Neighbourhood Manager …………………………

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