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					Sean Ewbank, Pastor                                     ST. THOMAS LUTHERAN CHURCH
Edward R. Aller, Pastor Emeritus
9393 Church Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
(734) 675-0005; (734) 675-8807
Fax: (734)675-5068
Pastor Sean: (734) 250-1655
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                                         AUGUST 2011

 Wow! August is here already! I often expect that
 things will slow down in the summer and that the
 days will be lazy and slow. That has not been the
 case, and I have much to share with you about
 things happening now and soon in our future.
                                                           REGISTER ONLINE for a fun filled week of
 I am writing to you from camp. Our kids are having        Vacation Bible School August 22-26, 9am-noon.
 a great time. It is such a blessing to watch them in      Go to our website,, and
 action and to know how many of you are praying            follow the link under the "youth" tab. Registering
 for them while we are here. Thank you for those           early helps us to better plan, so please, register
 prayers. Our youth are so important. Within the           TODAY!
 next year you will watch them attend a Michigan
 Gathering, confirmation and elementary camp next          This year’s program, ReNew: The Green VBS will
 summer. Also, next summer our high school youth           center around the parable of the sower. Children
 will attend the National Gathering in New Orleans.        will learn about caring for God’s creation as they
 All of these events will help to strengthen what we       also experience how the seed of God’s love grows
 do right here at St Thomas. Our Youth Night and           in them! Cost for VBS is $10 and will include a
 our regular Sunday School will kick off on Sunday         ReNew Tshirt! Find more information online.
 September 11th. Please continue to keep our youth
 and their leaders lifted up in your prayers.              Volunteers Needed
                                                           We’ll need lots of volunteers to make this VBS a
 Looking ahead into September, we will return to our       great experience for our kids! Adults and youth
 regular worship schedule of the Saturday Service at       who have finished 6th grade are needed to lead
 5:30 and Sunday morning at 10:15 on the weekend           groups of kids, run activity sites, help with tech,
 of September 10th and 11th. Also on September 11th        prepare snacks, sing, play and have fun with the
 we will join with our fellow island congregations in      kids! We can use your gifts all week, for one day,
 commemorating the 10th anniversary of September           or just a few hours! Sign up online to volunteer!
 11th, 2001. Youth Night and our regular Sunday
 School will also kick off on that day.                            There will be a VBS staff meeting
                                                                     Monday, August 1st at 7pm.
 Exciting things are happening now and coming
 soon. Come share the Spirit!                                     Check elsewhere in the newsletter for
                                                                      a list of VBS supplies needed.
                      Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy,
                             Pastor Sean

             2011 VBS IS COMING!
                                                                    SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL
The kids are having a great time in our mixed ages            We’ll be using lots of repurposed materials, thanks for
Summer Sunday School class. September 11 we'll                your help in bringing items in! Check out the updated
return to a full Sunday School schedule. Look for some        list... it has some new items, and lists items we've
exciting changes and fun activities in Sunday School          received enough of already (thanks!)
this fall! Anyone interested in helping with Sunday
School please talk with Krista Ewbank.                        Newly added items: 8"x10" and 10"x10" pieces of
                                                              fleece, 12"'x12" pieces of heavy cotton (for napkins),
                                                              plastic containers with lids (like margarine containers),
                                                              plastic shopping bags, used gift bags and paper bags,
                                                              fruit baskets, empty squirt bottles, a piece of (appx.)
                                                              2'x4' peg board

                                                              SEEDS (leftovers from packets, seeds taken from fruits
                                                              or vegetables you’ve eaten, seeds from plants in your
                                                              yard… we will be using seeds for a large variety of
                                                              activities during the week, and need LOTS of seeds. If
                                                              possible, bag and label the seeds. But unidentified seeds
                                                              are welcome, too!) Old greeting cards, unused church
                                                              offering envelopes, empty tomato paste cans, empty
                                                              yogurt containers, leftover pieces and parts from board
 Dick Withey brought his seeing eye dog, Bradley, in to       games, gardening magazines. various junk for junk
    meet the kids during Sunday School last spring
                                                              sculpture (wire, nuts and bolts, empty containers, paper
                                                              tubes, rubber bands, fabric scraps, etc), solitary light-
                  SUMMER CAMP                                 colored socks (give us your spares!), old crayons,
As this newsletter goes into print 11 campers from St.        interesting yard items (pinecones, slabs of wood, dried
Thomas are enjoying a week at Camp Michi-Lu-Ca.               plants, etc)
They are enjoying songs, chapel, swimming, crafts,
archery, horseback riding, low and high ropes courses,        Thank you, we already have enough: Egg cartons, berry
games, bible study, and much, much more. Be sure to           baskets, Shoeboxes
ask our campers (confirmation campers Kate Bickel,
Justine Brozek, Maddy Davis, Katie Graver, Lizzie             Items to borrow or donate: gardening spades and
Finazzo, Mia Kohler and Danielle Thompson;                    other gardening tools, straw hat (that a farmer would
elementary campers Abby Ewbank, Anna Finazzo, Lisa            wear), gardener’s visor, grocers apron, trucker’s hat,
Kohler and Kate Schafer) about their experiences,             world maps, globes, rope, clothes pins, magnifying
they're sure to have lots of great stories to tell!           glasses (If you’d like your items returned please clearly
                                                              label them. If you have items to loan but only want to
                                                              part with them for that week, please notify Krista.)

                                                                              INFANT BAPTISM
                                                                          Christopher Matthew Shelton
                                                                     Infant son of Matthew & Erin Shelton
                                                                    Was baptized In the name of the Father
                                                                 and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit on July 22
                                                                    Grandparents are John & Cheryl Shelton
                                                                          Sponsors are David & Darlene Bowen

Lizzie, Maddy, Kate, Katie, Mia, Danielle and Justine dance
and sing at the opening chapel Sunday night. Check out our
website for more great pictures from camp - look under the
                        "youth" tab!
Repurpose your junk into VBS supplies!                                    Our quest for a piano has taken a major
                                                                              step forward. By the time you are
RE:NEW VBS is intent on teaching kids to be good                               reading this, the donation of a
stewards of the wonderful creation God has gifted us.                         1928 Chickering Grand Piano to St
Thomas by a member of the DSO may have already
happened. We will then be fully about the work of       By way of his medical update, Vic was able to join
reconditioning it. I will keep you posted on our        Art Wahl and John to completely clear the
progress and I thank all of you for your donations      underbrush and unwanted vegetation from the
that will help us with this effort and in the future    Meridian side of the church as well as the
bolstering of our musical staff.                        Memorial Garden--all in that extreme mid-July
                                                        heat! Thanks guys!
              ST. THOMAS GEAR
                                                        For the rest of July and August, the property group
Shirts with our logo are                                has tentatively scheduled early morning work
coming! Between Sunday                                  sessions to get things done around the church.
August 7th and Sunday                                   These sessions are from 7:30am to 9:30am. If you
August 21st you will be                                 have the time to join us for these short sessions on
able to view samples of                                 Monday, Wednesday or Friday please do so. Call
shirts and other products                               John first to make sure sessions are still
bearing our logo. These                                 scheduled.
will be high quality
oxford cloth long sleeve                                We are also in the process of having roof repairs
shirts, high quality polo shirts in both men’s and      made to address a couple of leaks. We plan to
women’s styles, and other products. Come check          defer any major re-roofing for a couple of years if
out all the choices in styles, sizes, and colors. You   possible.
will place your own customized orders, then we
will submit all the orders at once on Monday                                                John Schade
August 22, and our items will be delivered to us
within two weeks following that.                          


                                                              SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULE

                                                                SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULE
                                                               Worship Services 8am & 10:15am
                Congratulations to                            Sundays July 3 through September 4
           Laura Koch & Daniel Mercier                              (no Saturday services)
           Who were united in Marriage                             Sunday School 10:15am
           On July 30 at Elizabeth Park.                                CLUSTER NEWS
            Pastor Sean performed the
                Sunrise ceremony
                                                        Our conversations with our five other downriver
                   PROPERTY                             Lutheran congregations are continuing. We have
                                                        had a wonderful getting to know the folks from the
Thanks to all those who have so ably filled in for      other congregations and discussing ministries that
Vic Lenhart as his medical sabbatical from              we can do together that will strengthen each of us
custodial duties proceeds to the next phase.            and our witness to the whole downriver area. I will
Because summer vacations are in full swing, there       keep you posted on progress as we continue to
will be some weeks when we could use some               meet. Again, by the end of September we hope to
temporary assistance. If you can help for an            have some idea on our goals for the future.
occasional chore over the next little while, please
call John Schade (675-2452) or Carol (675-0005).
    Women’s Cluster Fellowship Opportunity

St. Philip is organizing a cluster women's outing to
Shipshewana on October 1, 2011. It will be a day
trip, and they are looking into getting a charter bus.
If you are interested, please let the office know and       2011 Habitat for Humanity Monroe Build
we will get the details out to you as soon as            Individual volunteers are needed Tuesdays,
possible.                                                Thursdays and Saturdays for the Monroe Build
                                                         through September 10. Three new Habitat homes will
                                                         be built. Meal providers are also needed. To sign up
  CLUSTER HOLDEN EVENING PRAYER                          to volunteer please view
   WORSHIP SUMMER OPPORTUNITY                  , click “volunteer now.”
                                                         or contact Christina at (734) 243-2048 or
This summer, Holden Evening Prayer services are
being held at Peace in Southgate at 8pm on
Sunday evenings. The service is done by                    YOU ARE INVITED TO AN EVENING OF
candlelight, and is a wonderful, meditative time to           MUSIC, INSPIRATION & FAITH
wrap up the weekend and prepare for the coming
week. All are invited to come worship!                   The Great Lakes Region of Thrivent Financial for
                                                         Lutherans is once again sponsoring the Summer
                  SYMPATHIES                             Contemporary Christian Concert series at DTE Energy
                                                         Music Theatre. This sponsorship means that Thrivent
         Sympathies of the congregation                  members can purchase tickets to either concert in this
      Are extended to Denise & Bob Malone                year's series for themselves and their guests at
          Denise’s father, John Polaczyk,                discounted prices. The Concert Series Includes:
        Passed away on Monday, July 25                         MICHAEL W. SMITH, TOBYMAC, THIRD DAY/
                 At the age of 95.                             CHRIS AUGUST, PETER FURLER / MANDISA –
                                                                      Sunday, Aug. 14 at 7:00 pm
                                                                   JAMIE GRACE - Sunday, Sept. 18th at 7pm

                                                         Discounted Ticket Price Options are: $32.00 Pavilion
                                                         Tickets ($7.50 off of the regular price of $39.50) or $20.00
                                                         Pavilion Tickets ($5.00 off of the regular price of $25.00)
                                                         or $10.00 Lawn Tickets. Tickets can be ordered on-line
                                                         at: ID:
                                                         Thrivent/Password: GreatLakes. Invite your friends and
                                                         family! Questions can be directed to Downriver
         HABITAT FOR HUMANITY                            Associates Dan Dickhudt or Chris Hawk at 734-284-1838.

                                                                       MEN’S LUNCH GROUP

   25th Anniversary Blitz Build 1 Phase 2
  Dates: August 16, August 17, August 18,
           August 19, August 20                          Mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 3 at
       Information is available in the office.           12 noon. John Schade will grill shishkebabs, Vic
                                                         Lenhart will bring vegetables and Dick Withey will
                                                         be bringing watermelon. Hope you can attend and
                                                         invite a friend.
              10AM – 5PM
                      AUGUST SERVANTS OF ST. THOMAS
     SHOULD YOU NEED IMMEDIATE   COFFEE   LAY  ALTAR COMMUNION                                              SUNDAY
    DATE     GREETERS  USHERS                                    NURSERY                                                ACOLYTES
                        734-934-1964 OR
       PASTOR SEAN @ 734-250-1655
                                   Paul                                         Vic Lenhart
Sunday, August 7                 Smolak,        Judy        Sal       Cheryl    (8am)/Sal &     Volunteer   Volunteer   Volunteer
                     Biggar &
 (Communion)                      Adam         Cemer      Finazzo    Shelton   Cheryl Finazzo    Needed      Needed      Needed
                    Bev Gover
                                  Bickel,                                        (10:15am)
                    Harvey &      Keeler,
                                              Volunteer     Dan                                 Volunteer    Darcie     Volunteer
Sunday, August 14     Doris       Denise                               *             *
                                               Needed     Sanquist                               Needed     Bammer       Needed
                     Nissley    Keeler, Jim

                      Judy                                                     Bruce Gluski
                                Peter Rock,
Sunday, August 21   Kohler &                    Judy                  Cheryl   (8am)/Jim &      Volunteer     Cindy     Volunteer
                                 Art Wahl,                Art Wahl
  (Communion)        Marge                     Cemer                 Shelton    Sue Quick        Needed     Thompson     Needed
                                Bill Swasey
                     Noyce                                                      (10:15am)

                    Sonny &
                                  George      Volunteer   Chelsea                               Volunteer   Volunteer   Volunteer
Sunday, August 28    Debbie                    Needed
                                                                       *             *
                                Thompson,                  Karrar                                Needed      Needed      Needed
                                GROSSE ILE BOAR’S HEAD 2011/BENEFIT
                                            FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2011
                                   ELEGANT EVENING ABOARD THE OVATION
                                    TO BENEFIT THE BOAR’S HEAD FESTIVAL
                              Depart from Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church at 6:30pm
                                   Depart from Rivard Dock in Detroit at 7:30pm
                       Enjoy strolling supper, open premium bar, dining and entertainment
                                  until 10:30pm; return to Grosse Ile by 11:15pm
                                      $150 per person ($175 after August 18)
                                           For reservations call Wendy Moco @ 734-692-1163
                       Mark your calendar! Performance Dates: December 8, 9, 10, 11
                         Cast sign-ups begin in September; Rehearsals begin in October
                                                 August 2011

      Sunday               Monday                Tuesday             Wednesday              Thursday            Friday            Saturday

                                          1                 2                     3                         4             5                   6
                                                                                       9:00am Office
                                                                12:00 Noon - Men's
                         7:00pm VBS                                                                                            NO SATURDAY
                       Planning Meeting                                                                                          SERVICE

                                                                Evening - Fellowship
                                                                    Hall In use

                   7                      8                 9                    10                    11                12                  13
8:00am Worship                                                                         9:00am Office
(Communion)                                                                                    Volunteers
10:15am Worship
(Communion)                                                                                                                    NO SATURDAY
10:15am Sunday                                                                                                                   SERVICE
                        7:30pm Church
Coffee                      Council


                  14                    15                 16                    17                    18                19                  20
                                                                                       9:00am Office
8:00am Worship                                                                                 Volunteers
10:15am Worship
10:15am Sunday
School                 7:00pm Worship &                                                                                       VBS DECORATING
Coffee                  Music Committee                                                                                             DAY


                  21                    22                 23                    24                    25                26                  27
8:00am Worship                                                                         9:00am Office
(Communion)                                                                                    Volunteers
10:15am Worship
(Communion)                                                                                                                    NO SATURDAY
10:15am Sunday                                                                                                                   SERVICE
Coffee                                        RENEW VBS THIS WEEK AUG. 22-26 9AM - NOON

                  28                    29                 30                    31
8:00am Worship
10:15am Worship
10:15am Sunday


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