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Bucks County Community College
Episode 11 Season 1
Shot on 11/15/2005
Airs 11/21/05 to 11/26/05

            Fade from Black to CU of Annie and Dan

            Hello, and Welcome! I’m Annie Maxwell…

       …and I’m Dan Magro. It’s the third week in November

                        Dan and Annie
              …and you’re watching Student Update!

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       Moving Shot IN on Dan and Annie, then, cue Hosts

  Well here we are again. I hope you all enjoyed our last episode!
  We have another great show for you guys, and hope you’ll stick

Without wasting another second, let’s start our STUDENT-TER-TAIN-
                           MENT block!

           Fade to Black, then shortly after, Fade Up
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     We have a bunch of movies hitting the big screen this holiday
   weekend, the first of which is the Billy Bob Thorton/John Cusac
    collaboration Ice Harvest. It's Christmas Eve in rainy, icebound
 Wichita, Kansas, and this year Charlie just might have something to
 celebrate. Charlie, an attorney for the sleazy businesses of Wichita,
  and his unsavory associate, the steely Vic, have just successfully
 embezzled $2,147,000 from Kansas City boss Bill Guerrard. Even
so, the real prize for Charlie would be the stunning Renata, who runs
the Sweet Cage strip club. Charlie's fondest Christmas wish is to slip
  out of town with Renata. But, as daylight fades and a storm whirls,
everyone from Charlie's drinking buddy Pete to the local police begin
  to wonder just what exactly is in Charlie's Christmas stocking. For
 Charlie, the 12 hours of Christmas Eve are filled with nonstop twists
                   and turns, both on the ice and off.

  Then we have Yours, Mine & Ours The remake of a 1968 film that
starred Lucille Ball and Henry Fonder, YOURS, MINE, & OURS adds
  a comma and an ampersand to the title but keeps everything else
    pretty much the same. Rene Russo stars as a widow with ten
children, and Dennis Quaid as a bereaved man with eight kids. They
  fall in love, marry, and make the best of their zany new life with a
                            blended family.

     Next we have Just Friends. This romantic comedy stars Ryan
   Reynolds as a former high school geek turned trendy Los Angeles
   music executive. When he gets stranded in his New Jersey home
 town due to bad weather with a superstar singer he is trying to sign,
he finds himself reunited with his high school crush and discovers she
  is his true love. The film co-stars Anna Faris, Amy Smart and Chris
               Klein and is being directed by Roger Kumble.

You liked his hits like Burn, and Yeah, now you can enjoy his acting
talents as well. Usher takes the big screen In The Mix. When New
York's hottest nightclub deejay Darrell saves a mob boss's life, he is
  rewarded for his bravery with the job of watching over the Don's
beautiful daughter Dolly. The sparks soon begin to fly between this
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 attractive couple from very different worlds, against her formidable
father's wishes. The Don, however, has other things on his mind like
 quashing a potential war with an arch-rival and controlling a young,
  ruthless challenger to his throne. In the end, all's fair in love and
            gangster warfare in this hip romantic comedy.

Next we have the highly anticipated big screen take on the Broadway
hit Rent. Rent's diverse and unconventional community is made up of
impassioned and defiant individuals. Roger is an aspiring songwriter
who has emotionally shut down after his girlfriend's suicide. Despite
his attraction, he is reluctant to start a new romance with his
downstairs neighbor Mimi Marquez, an exotic dancer struggling with
baggage of her own. Roger's roommate Mark is a filmmaker trying to
balance art and commerce. His girlfriend Maureen, a self-indulgent
performance artist, recently left him for a lawyer named Joanne.
      Also part of this close-knit circle is Tom Collins, a professor of
  philosophy who, after being mugged, is rescued by his soul mate, a
 high-spirited street drummer, Angel Shunard. Benny, who alienated
 his friends after he married their landlord's daughter, has reneged on
 his promise to provide rent-free artist space to his bohemian friends.
        Once a close friend, he is now viewed as the enemy since
                       threatening them with eviction.

      The we have Syriana. a political thriller that unfolds against the
  intrigue of the global oil industry. From the players brokering back-
   room deals in Washington to the men toiling in the oil fields of the
       Persian Gulf, the film's multiple storylines weave together to
   illuminate the human consequences of the fierce pursuit of wealth
       and power. As a career CIA operative begins to uncover the
 disturbing truth about the work he has devoted his life to, an up-and-
coming oil broker (Matt Damon) faces an unimaginable family tragedy
 and finds redemption in his partnership with an idealistic Gulf prince.
    A corporate lawyer (Jeffrey Wright) faces a moral dilemma as he
finesses the questionable merger of two powerful U.S. oil companies,
   while across the globe, a disenfranchised Pakistani teenager falls
  prey to the recruiting efforts of a charismatic cleric. Each plays their
  small part in the vast and complex system that powers the industry,
 unaware of the explosive impact their lives will have upon the world.
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 Finally, we have 39 Pounds of Love 39. this is the inspirational and
humorous non-fiction account of a remarkable man and a remarkable
 journey. Amy was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) --
    an extremely rare and often fatal form of muscular atrophy that
 severely limits his physical growth and movement yet at 34 years of
 age -- he continues to outlive a doctor’s prediction of life expectancy
 by 28 years. And counting. Amy, who weighs only 39 pounds, works
in Israel as a 3D animator and creates his art despite the fact that his
bodily motion is limited to a single finger on his left hand and in doing
           so, continues to redefine notions of a “limited” life.

 I have the new music for Tuesday the 22nd. Amarentine is the name
of symphonic and harmonious Enya’s new release. Laos System of a
 Down releases Hypnotize, county/WB hit sitcom star Reba McIntyre
   comes out with Reba’s #1. Scot Strapp releases the Great Divide
  and the soundtrack for the movie-musical based on the hit musical,
  which was based on a hit movie…the producers comes out as well.

 That raps up out StudEntertainment Block for this week! Thanks to
rotten tomatoes for the movie info and stuff! When we come back we
have a few members of the Bucks County Community College’s Print
 Making Society here to sit with Kelly Wilson in the Club Corner for a
 little chat more about what they do! That should be very interesting
         considering I didn’t know we had a print making society!

                    (Dan and Annie Talk)
 Motion Shot Out Away from Anchors and Slowly Fade to Black

Hello and welcome back! I’m Kelly Wilson, Special Student Update
Club Corner Correspondent! Today I’m sitting with __________ from
Hillel. Welcome to Student Update

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 Well that was truly a great interview. I really learned a lot about the
        Hillel. Now it’s time for our first “Centurion Moment.”

                    FADE OUT THEN UP AGAIN

  I will be reporting the Centurion Moment for the journalist Janine
     Logue (Ja-nean Lowg) who was unable to make it in today.

The costs of college are rising and Bucks students are feeling the
burden of coming up with enough money to pay for tuition, books,
and the tons of other costs of school.
   Nellie Mae, a private student loan company, did a study in 2002
and found out that on average students are leaving their two-year
school owing almost nineteen thousand dollars in student loans.
   Several students have talked to the Centurion about their
experience trying to get financial help from Bucks. Chrissy Griffith, a
20-year-old Communications Performance major said that she had to
go to the financial aid office several times before anyone could
answer her questions about student loans. And that it felt to her like
they were just blowing her off.
Another student, Bill Chernay, a 23-year-old Math major said that he
doesn’t even bother applying anymore because of the hassle. He
would like to see Bucks institute one on one financial advisory
meetings to help students make the right choices.
   Other students also felt like Bucks was failing to help them
understand financial aid and student loans. Some have suggested
seminars or even required orientations.
   Without financial guidance students sometimes feel like their only
options are credit cards. But an important thing to remember is that
your credit card company wants you to pay now, not when you
graduate like student loans. And a late payment on a credit card can
stay on your credit report for up to seven years.
Your credit report is sort of like a grade that companies give you
based on several things, but mainly on your payment history and
amount of outstanding credit. So if you are late on more than a few
payments to your credit card and you have maxed out your credit
cards, you might find yourself denied for a loan in the future.
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    Other schools in our area are taking steps to make sure that
students understand financial aid and are applying for everything that
is available to them, before turning to loans or credit cards.
    Temple for example has financial counselors on staff. Mercer
County community college has a loan officer available to students on
a walk-in basis.
    Arcadia’s website offers a free financial aid estimate form to help
their students plan a budget better.
On the Bucks website you will find 13 pages in the financial aid
section, and not one of them lists a phone number to call with
    Montgomery County Community College, not only lists their
financial aid office’s phone number prominently on their page, but
also offers a slide show presentation about financial aid on the
    So it looks as though, at least for the time being, Bucks students
are going to have to learn about financial aid and students loans on
their own.
    Some great places to start are the Pennsylvania Higher Education
Assistance Agency website which is www.pheaa.org. They handle
state grants and financial aid or you can visit the US Department of
Education website at www.fafsa.ed.gov for federal grants and
financial aid information.
    And of course you can always visit the websites of other colleges
in our area. Montgomery county community college’s website is
www.MC3.edu or Temple can be found at www.temple.edu.

Thank you Jeanne, and when we come back, Dan and Annie have
your campus news
                          FADE OUT

 We’re almost through, but now we want to see what’s happening on

                       Fade to Black, Fade Up
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Eric Mintel and his quartet perform “A Jazz Holiday” at Bucks County
Community College in Newtown Saturday, November 26 at 7:30 p.m.
The third annual concert features music from “A Charlie Brown
Christmas,” the Council Rock High School South Vocal Ensemble,
and original straight-ahead jazz.

“Many people will remember this music from when they were growing
 up,” says Mintel, noting that the Charles Schulz television special is
often a child’s first exposure to jazz. “It reminds me of a simpler time.
I’m always trying to perpetuate that in my music, to create endearing,
  familiar melodies with their own twist. The child within me comes
   alive in the music.” Says Mintle. For tickets, call 215-968-8462.

  Next is Student Life News. The Ski Club has a day trip to Hunter
  Mountain on December 8, 2005. The cost is $60.00 for Ski Club
    members, $65.00 for students, and $70 for members of the
 community. The trip includes transportation, all mountain lift ticket,
and full course dinner. Departure is at 5:00am with return at 9:30pm.
                Contact: Joe Walsh at 215 968-8289

 There are no social science trips this week but remember to update
 your id card with the current sticker. Another thing to remember is
   that Bucks is on Thanksgiving recess from the 23rd to the 27th.

  That’s all for this episode of Student Update. We hope you enjoy
    watching Student Update just as much as we enjoy making it.
 Thanks again to Holly Ken and Paul at Gateway Media Services for
     airing us every day, Kevin at Cn8 Studio in Doylestown, our
   wonderful advisor Ron Feeback, and Cara, and Russ, and our
wonderful, talented, dedicated crew! If you want to get involved with
  Student Update or have any questions concerns or suggestions,
contact us via our website at www.bucks.edu/~s_update or go to the
   clubs and organizations page at bucks.edu and click our name.
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On behalf of the entire Student Update family, we want to wish you
and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Remember stay active and
 involved in your local community – we are the future and we can
make a difference! Thanks for watching our ELEVENTH episode.
                           I’m Dan Magro

                     And I’m Annie Maxwell

                       Dan and Annie
         Keeping You Up To Date, With Student Update!

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