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									Volume 10, Issue 2 April 2008

          ESSENTIALS                                    BY DEBI & JIM BOWMAN

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                                          Celebrating 11 Years
Debi, Jeanette and Jim each thank you for your confidence and trust in our services. We appreciate the loyalty
you have shown over the years. Without you and all the referrals, we would not be the entity we are today. As
always, if you have questions or need information, please call or email. Information and resources can also be
found on our website at
We will continue to offer the leading health insurance policies in the Texas market. We continually review what
is available to consumers and focus on the best available. This includes:
Individual/family health & dental insurance                        Long Term Care
Small business group health plans.                                 Life Insurance
Medicare Supplements                                               Secure Horizons Medicare HMO
Indexed & Fixed Annuities                                          Medicare Part D Prescription plans
                                 Funding Your H.S.A Account
With the April 15th funding date coming shortly, here is a recap of what you can fund for tax year 2007 and 2008.
The amount funded each year qualifies for a reduction in net income, making this a pre-tax (ie. tax free)
contribution. The reduction is recorded on the annual income tax return (form 1040).

Yes, it is not too late to fund your H.S.A bank account. Each year the IRS sets the limit to what an
individual/family can put into their H.S.A account. If the account is not funded for a tax year, this is an
opportunity gone by. Since funding an H.S.A account is pre-tax, this is an excellent way to save for current and
future health care expenses. To be able to get this income reduction for the 2007 tax year, the account must be
open AND FUNDED by the close of business April 15, 2008.
For 2007, the maximum is $2,850 single and $5,650 family. Those 55 or older in 2007 can contribute an extra
$800. For 2008, he maximum is $2,900 single and $5,800 family. Those 55 or older in 2008 can contribute an
extra $900.

                            Prescriptions going Generic in 2008
This year these 3 medications will be available in Generic form. Fosamax, Risperdal,(in June) and Lamictal (in
July). If you take one of these, or know someone who is, this may be useful information.
As you may already know, Zyrtec already went over-the-counter.     In most cases, it is no longer covered by
health insurance.

                FREE Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Screenings
During the month of April CVS pharmacies are providing free screenings for blood pressure and cholesterol. If
you have never had these checked, or need to be re-checked, here is a free and easy way to get it done.
                                Certificates of Credible Coverage
The federal law, HIPAA, allows anyone, when switching insurance plans, to receive credit for prior health
insurance coverage towards the 12 month pre-existing period that everyone is subject to. The new policy’s
coverage must begin within 63 days of leaving the prior policy.

This certificate is sent to you automatically when you leave a health plan. If one does not come to your home
address, you can call the insurance company, membership department, and request one.
                                               Cell Phone Alert
When receiving requests for personal or financial information via a text message, call the person back before
texting back a reply. The request may have come from a stolen cell phone and you do not want to give your
personal information away. Taking time to verify this may protect you.
                                   Routine Eye & Dental Exams
Having your eyes and teeth examined on a regular basis has preventive results separate from checking for clear
vision and cleaning your teeth.

Eye exam can detect diabetes, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune problems by an
examination of the cornea. Dental exams can detect periodonic (gum) issues, bacteria buildup, cancer of the
mouth and tongue. Including an annual medical exam, with routine lab work, routine eye and dental exams can
give you a clear picture of your overall health.
                                      National Do Not Call List
As of February 11, 2008, cell phones were available to telemarketing companies. To prevent this, call
1-888-382-1222 from your cell phone to get on the National Do Not Call List. It’s easy and takes only a

                                              Websites of Interest – Aetna insurance company Client website – AMS insurance company Client website – Blue Cross & Blue Shield insurance company Client website – Unicare insurance company Client website – Humana insurance company Client website – United Healthcare insurance company Client website – List of state licensed senior living facilities at New Lifestyles website.

This newsletter intends to offer factual and up-to-date information on the subjects discussed, but should not be regarded
as a complete analysis of these subjects. Professionals should be consulted before implementing any option presented.
It is meant for informational use only.

This is a Christian business based on the teachings of the Bible, with a strong belief in the Holy Spirit. We believe that
God has blessed each of us and assigned us the task of stewardship during our lifetime. All efforts are focused towards
this walk.
As it is written, “Minister to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God”                  1 Peter 4:10

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