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MIT developed interactive cooking spoon which makes suggestions on how to improve
your cooking based on temperature, acidity, salinity, and viscosity. Nearly as helpful as
the pan which reads RFID-based recipes.

DataFountain represents the value of the relative currencies Dollar, Euro and Yen through the
height of the water in the fountain.
Flashbag, a nice and very orange USB-stick, which gets bigger the more data is stored on it.
(Thanks to Fabian Hemmert)
The Floor It! race cars are controlled through a realistic free floating steering wheel. On the
website is a small movie, which explains the concept well. I like it for the way you work with the
steering wheel – something we all dreamt of, when we were boys… Done at the IDII…

One of LAST FM information designer, Dirk Waldik, was teaching a workshop on information mapping. He developed

visualizations of the community of LAST FM and invented the term “neighborhoods” for people with similar taste.

Quite interesting: he has the same academic background (Kartography) as my colleague at the FHP, Prof. Frank

Heidmann. There seems to be a lot, which can be learned from maps for information visualization…Dirk shows an
impressive selection of work on his website.
Talking about Information Visualization:                  Dr. Gernot Tscherteu is developing a tool, which shows how

information is flowing through the web. He uses the blog-world to visualize the ways of information. What I found

interesting in his talk, was that not only the web is mostly self-referrencial, but also our brain: for every brain-cell

receiving information, there are more than 100.000 cells, which work with this information.

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