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					           THE AMBASSADOR
                     “So we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.
                  We beseech you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God (2 Corinthians 5:20).”
Volume 10, Issue 7 A newsletter for the Pastors and Lay Leadership of the Charlottesville District           August 2012

        At Large Delegates to Annual                                      Charlottesville Youth News
              Conference 2013                                                       District Youth Rally
In just a few weeks, we will be gathering as a district to                           August 26, 2012
celebrate our ministries.        District Conference is                          Salem UMC in Palmyra
September 9 , 3:00 PM, at Aldersgate UMC. One of the                           Registration begins at 3 p.m.
items on the agenda will be the election of at-large                            RSVP to Rebecca Wagner
delegates to attend the 2013 session of the Virginia             at with approximate number of
Annual Conference to be held in Hampton, June 21-23.                        people attending by August 17.
We will elect 20 at-large delegates, 2 youth and 2 young        We will be collecting school supplies and Campbell Soup
adults, along with 7 alternate delegates. Youth, young                  Labels for the Henry Fork Service Center.
adults and adults interested in serving need to complete
a nominating ballot (included in this newsletter and on                             Save the date!!
the district website:                           District Youth Retreat
Nomination forms should be received in the district                              Westview on the James
office by September 5 .                                                          February 22-24, 2013

                                                                             Upcoming events in the area
                                                                                    Night in a Box
       District/Conference Leadership                                    Friday August 10 - Saturday August 11
The Charlottesville District and the Virginia Annual                     Admiral Richard E Byrd Middle School
Conference is always looking for persons to share their                             Winchster, VA
gifts in connectional ministry. If you are interested in
serving the district or conference, let us know of your                 Proceeds benefit Teens Opposing Poverty
interest by completing a nomination form (included in
this newsletter and on the district website:                               For more information or to register: Completed forms for                           Teens Oposing Povery
both conference and district leadership are to be                                     PO Box 933
submitted to the district office. 2013 Charlottesville                           Berryville, VA 22611
District officers will be elected at District Conference on                          866-955-6260
September 9. Let us know of your interest by August                    
15 .

                                                                                Stop Hunger Now
    Charlottesville District Conference                         Scottsville United Methodist Church is hosting a Stop
                                                                Hunger Now Meal Packaging Event on September 29th
              September 9th                                     from 10:00am - 12:00pm!
Be sure to mark your calendars for our September                Join the movement to end hunger in our lifetime! Help us
District Conference. Along with electing At-Large Lay           reach our goal to package 10,000+ meals on Saturday
Delegates to the 2013 Annual Conference and District            September 29, 2012. Working together we can create a
Officers, we will commission our second district mission        world without hunger. You may register and/or donate by
team (Brazil: October 12-20, 2012), and hear from Rev.          clicking the following link.
Dan Elmore, Pastor of Restoration UMC, the new church 
start on the Charlottesville District. The offering received    Bruce Lugn, Pastor
at District Conference will be shared between the               Southern Albemarle Charge: Scottsville and Mt. Zion
construction of the community center in Brazil and              434-286-4736, 434-286-3355:
playground equipment for Restoration UMC.             
                                                               Seay’s Chapel: National Register of
          Bishop Young Jin Cho                                          Historic Places
    Assigned to the Virginia Conference
                                                            Sixteen years ago Seay’s Chapel membership had
Bishop Young Jin Cho, Arlington District Superintendent     dwindled down to only three members. Tucked away in a
who was elected a bishop and consecrated at the 2012        bucolic but isolated area of southern Fluvanna County,
Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference, was assigned to     the little white country chapel was scheduled to close.
come home to Virginia to lead the Virginia Conference       But this week, like a humble veteran who was never
for the next four years.                                    properly recognized for his service, Seay’s long history
                                                            was instead honored on the state and national level.
A Service of Celebration on the assignment of Young Jin     On Thursday (June 21) both the State Review Board
Cho as Resident Bishop of the Virginia Conference will      and the Historic Resources Board unanimously
be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 22, at Reveille       recommended that Seay’s Chapel in southern Fluvanna
United Methodist Church, 4200 Cary Street Road,             County be added to the Virginia Landmarks Registry and
Richmond. Reception will follow the service in the          the National Register of Historic Places.
Reveille Fellowship Hall.
                                                            “Most churches have been changed over the years,
                                                            whether an addition or new windows or vinyl siding,” said
Even before Cho was elected and anyone knew he
                                                            Andy Sorrell, a member of Seay’s who spoke on behalf
would be returning to Virginia as bishop, the delegation
                                                            of the chapel in Richmond on Thursday. “But, [Seay’s
drew up a covenant, pledging to devote at least an hour     Chapel] pretty much is, for all intents and purposes, the
each day to prayer and other spiritual disciplines -- a     same as when it was built in 1890.”
central tenet of Bishop Cho’s plan for the clergy under
his episcopal leadership. In welcoming Bishop Cho in his    The process of researching and applying for National
new role, the delgation is sharing that covenant with the   Historic Registry status took nearly a full year.“It’s more
entire conference in hopes that clergy and laity will       complicated than you would think,” said Sorrell. “I had to
prayerfully consider committing themselves to this act of   bone up on architectural terminology.” According to the
intentional spiritual renewal. Get more information on      official application submitted on behalf of Seay’s Chapel
how YOU can become a part of 100 days of prayer for         to the Department of the Interior, “The building is an
Bishop Cho and the Church by visiting the District          excellent example of a vernacular country church with
Website: Http://CharlottesvilleDistrict            Gothic Revival and Carpenter Gothic influences.”
                                                            The addition of Seay’s Chapel to the list will be only the
              The Ambassador by email                       14th place in Fluvanna County on the register and only
If you would like to receive The Ambassador by email, or    the second church – the other being Bremo Slave
if your email address has changed recently, please send     Chapel. It is also the first historic place in Fluvanna to
     an email to the District Office with your request to   be added to the national list since 2004.
                                                            “I think the reason that we did it is to help others who
        Newsletter Deadline August 15                       aren’t familiar with the church to know that it’s a historic
Please send your submissions for the September issue        resource worth visiting,” said Sorrell.The application and
of The Ambassador to Carol Frost at        approval for the historic registry is just one step of many
                                                            that the few dedicated members of Seay’s Chapel have
                                                            taken to save their quaint church from closure. After
                                                            raising the membership from three to 33 (literally a 1,000
              United Methodist Women                        percent increase), last year the congregation built a
Sept 21-22 Young Women’s Event, place TBA                   brand-new, 1,800 square-foot fellowship hall, in the
Oct 6 Charlottesville District UMW Annual Meeting,          hopes of attracting more families with fellowship events.
place TBA                                                   While the new designation makes Seay’s eligible for a
Dec 1 Advent Prayer Breakfast, place TBA                    historic highway marker, the prohibitive $2,500 cost is
The Virginia Conference UMW website,                        unappealing in the short-term. “Maybe one day we’ll do, is a wonderful source of information,        that but I think we have more pressing things right now,”
and has any forms you may need available to print.          said Sorrell.

Frances Garwood, UMW President,                                                      Fluvanna Review, June 22, 2012, phone 540-456-6718.                                           Kristin Sancken, Correspondent

August 2012                                                                                                     Page   2
Saturday 8:30-9 coffee
Saturday 9-12 and 1-5
Sunday 1:00-4:00
Cost $25.00 Please check
your choice
Please include your
name and address,
phone and email
           MAKE CHECKS OUT TO: Charlottesville UMC and send, aong with registration form to
                   Carol Recknor, 452 Buffalo Run Rd, Stanardsville, VA 22973
                    Registration due three weeks before class to obtain text
                                               Lay Speaking Training
                                             Charlottesville District 2012
                    August 25 and 26, 2012 at Aldersgate, 1500 E. Rio Rd Charlottesville 22901
  ____ Basic                                                            Jeanne Hamlin CLS
  ____ I Love To Tell the Story                                         David Bailey CLS
            September 29 and 30, 2012 at Culpeper UMC 1233 Oaklawn Dr. Culpeper 22701
  _____ Basic                                                           Wyatt Mills
  _____ Survey of Apologetics For Lay Speakers                          Charles C.G, Miller
  Basic: This course is the foundation for all the other courses. In this course you are encouraged to discover and employ
  personal spiritual gifts and God intended. It offers guidelines for best practices as a church leader and in mission and
  ministry in the community and daily life.
  Apologetics: This class will identify the most common questions that act as stumbling blocks to faith and belief. Some
  questions are: Can we know God exists? Is the bible true and reliable? How can a loving God allow evil?
  REQUIRED TEXT: Holman Quick Source Guide to Christian Apologetics by Doug Powell. Text included in
  registration fee.
  Story Telling: In this class participants will learn different approaches to telling Bible Stories. They will study techniques
  for learning and fleshing out stories from scripture and contemporary events. The participant will tell short stories and
  have lots of feedback to enhance the storytelling experience. There will be lots of opportunities to explore any particular
  aspect of storytelling and modify a story for different types of audiences. A resource list is included. Required Text:
  Dancing With Words by Ray Buckley. The text is included in the registration fee.
           Lay Speaking isn't just for prospective preachers anymore. In fact the name has been changed to lay servant
  ministries. Anyone is able to take a class that interests them. If you wish to have general knowledge of areas of service,
  take the basic class. You may take an advanced class, however the basic class is the start of the process to be certified
  as a lay speaker. Currently there is no certification for lay servants, but this may change in the future.
  A synopsis of the offered classes is on the registration form. Note the deadlines for the classes as texts must be ordered
  and then sent to the registrants.
  Lay Speaking ministry team for the Charlottesville District.
The United Methodist Church                                                           Non-profit
Charlottesville District Office                                                      Organization
914 E. Jefferson St., Suite 104                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902                                                          PAID
                                                                                    Permit No. 180
                                                                                   Charlottesville Va
Newsletter Editor: Carol Frost


                                                       Calendar of Events
          August 1                      Clergy Welcome Picnic
          August 10                     Night in a Box (Youth)
          August 26                     District Youth Rally

          September 9                   District Conference, 3:00 PM, Aldersgate

          November 17                   District Leadership Training

August 2012                                                                                         Page   4

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