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Get rich with an Offline Direct Response Marketing business.

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This report is to show you how to build and run an offline Direct Response marketing
business with an online product to make you a fortune.

A)     Introduction                                                 Page 2

B)     A business opportunity                                       Page 4

C)     Start an Internet marketing Business with a Direct
       Response Marketing concept                                   Page 6

D)     Guidelines to start a profitable Direct Response
       Marketing business                                           Page 7

E)     Eight proven ways to get Direct Responses                    Page 24

F)     Promote your product with classified advertisements online
       and offline                                                  Page 35

G)     Incorporate the Online Trading E-book Business with
        mini-classified ads to make massive income offline          Page 47

H)     Conclusion                                                   Page 49

A)   Introduction

     Welcome! After you order this report and begin to read, you are taking your first of
     exciting steps into the high profit business of Direct Response marketing.

     Principles of Direct Response marketing have been tested and proved time and time
     through thousands of keyed advertising run over many decades.

     Basic principles to do marketing business offline are the same as your marketing
     business online. But the tools and regulations are different.

     1)     When you run business online, you have to know:

            a)      How you can USE your computer to ease your daily operating daily
                    work load.

            b)      How to adapt software programs to manage your daily routine of
                    your business.

            c)      How to advertise your product or service to start a relationship with

            d)      How you can take orders, accept payments and deliver products or

            e)      How to design, test and retest your advertising.

            f)      How to make sure customers who are happy about your products or
                    services after they purchase them.

            g)      How to keep a record of incomes and expenses.

     2)     When doing business offline, you have to know:

            a)      How to use your file cabinet, calculator, telephone, fax, and other
                    equipment to ease your daily workload.

            b)      How you can manage the following daily operating routine of your
                    business, e.g.

                    i)     Handling incoming mail and building a database of your
                    ii)    Ordering and delivering your products
                    iii)   Keeping a record of your incomes and expenses
                    iv)    Handling inquiries, and complaints
                    v)     Designing and testing Ads for different marketing sectors.

     c)     How to start a relationship with customers when you advertise on

            i)      Newspapers
            ii)     Magazines.
            iii)    Coupon books

            Or communicate directly with customers by:

            i)     Using the database of your existing customers
            ii)    Posting your product‟s information on bulletin boards of
                   community centers, colleges, universities, and laundry mates
            iii)   Doing a co-op ad with other companies such as on a place
                   mate of a busy fast food outlet
            iv)    Organizing a promotional event such as:
                         In a trade show
                         In a night market
                         In a Swap meet
                         In a regular scheduled meeting
            v)     Building a store offline
            vi)    Getting referral from friends, customers, and relatives.

     d)     How to do “follow up services” with customers to make sure they
            have a good feeling about your product or service after their

     If you compare the business concepts and formats of both business models,
     you will see the similarities and differences between them.

     With tools on the Internet, it makes the Internet Marketing business a lot
     faster and more profitable than the conventional Direct Response Marketing
     or Mailing business.

3)   Maximize the benefits by incorporated both concepts together

     Why you have to learn more about conventional Mail industry or Direct
     Response marketing business offline?

     A study shows how people doing their shopping daily, up to the end of year
     2002, only 15% of the people in the world have the habit shopping on the
     Internet; even in the United State, it is not more than 23%. This is a big
     percentage of the marketing sector that you may miss if you only focus all
     your effort marketing on the Internet.

     85% of people on the earth still have fear or don‟t know how to shop or
     market their products or services on the Internet so this is an area still
     waiting for more people to explore.

B)   A reveal business opportunity

     If you were an entrepreneurial adventurer; if you are interested in making large sum
     of money using secrets of some of the most successful millionaire marketers; if you
     want to maintain the safety and security of regular job while marketing for millions
     in your spare time, then you come to the right place.

     With this business opportunity to market a digital product like the Online Trading
     E-book Business, you are not only let people knowing that they are safe shopping
     on the Internet.

     Also, you provide a chance to making them lot of money just let people know that
     they can market their product or service globally on the Internet and let them
     knowing how.

     1)     You can do this business online and offline

            You can learn as you earn and also, you can earn as you learn.

            Following rules of the game, within a year, you should be able to make
            enough money. You don‟t have to worry your debts, your spending money
            for your next holiday, money for your kid‟s educational fund or the
            retirement fund that you have worried for your whole life.

            With the help of PC, you may be able to run your Internet marketing
            business or a direct response marketing business much faster, and more

            Doing a conventional marketing business with a single product hardly has a
            chance to survive.

            But the design of marketing strategies of the Online Trading E-book
            Business is so unique.

            You sell products of more than ten repetitive companies on the Internet and,
            at the same time, you run your own marketing business promoting the
            Online Trading E-book Business.

            If your customers need products to improve their efficient of their own
            business, they have to purchase the “needed” product(s) and you get pay as

            If customers like the business opportunity of the Online Trading E-book
            Business, you also get paid when customers purchase the Online Trading E-
            book Business in order to have their own inventory marketing them online
            and offline.

2)   A unique marketing system

     You are the boss of your business; once, you buy the Online Trading E-
     book Business.

     You have to spend time to learn how to adapt:

     *)     Business principles
     *)     Guidelines to run a business
     *)     Online and offline marketing tools

     to promote the Online Trading E-book Business.

     This is like buying a franchise business only cost you US$50.00. You have
     the product, guidelines to run the business and marketing strategies to
     promote your product but you make money. You don‟t have to pay any
     franchise fee.

     Work on it. With a powerful Multi-Level marketing concept, you have ten
     thousands of associates working together with you. The design of the
     marketing system allows that you don‟t have to pay them a penny even they
     help you to sell your reports and benefit from the sale of your reports.

     You are using the most powerful leverage in marketing business.

     Reward is depended on your altitude to do this marketing business.

3)   A proven successful business model

     Affiliate program is hottest business program and the most successful
     marketing program on the Internet at 2002.

     Over of 60% of affiliate programs on the Internet, you get pay for TWO

     For example, huge companies adapted the affiliate marketing concept, are:

     a)     Herbal life
     b)     MSN8 (Microsoft)
     c)     Citigroups
     d)     BoA
     e)     Clickbank
     f)     Life insurance companies
     g)     Thousands of companies on digital distribution centers such as



            You own a business marketing the Online Trading E-book Business and
            you benefit from profit of all the reports sold and the commission of
            affiliate program.

            This is not only regarding money, money and money.

            Think about the FREEDOM that you may have by saving the time from not
            going back and forth from your office.

            You only have to work not more than four hours each day and you get pay
            five to ten times more than working on a job.

            You can work where you want and when you want. You may own a
            globally business from your own home.

C)   How to promote an Internet marketing business with a Direct Response
     marketing concept

     Building a business requires quality commitment.

     If you want to have a conventional Direct Mailing business, you need to learn:

     1)     Rules of a business game
     2)     Details of daily routine of the operation of a business
     3)     Tools to manage or speed up your daily routine
     4)     To set up a marketing system to communicate, to persuade customers to
            buy, to take orders, to accept payment, to deliver products, and to do follow
            up services making sure customers are happy.

     You need time and money to implement, design and re-design the required systems
     to run the direct response marketing business.

     It is different when you promote the Online Trading E-book Business that provides
     you with procedures, rules and tools to run this marketing business.

     With investing only US$50.00, you are the owner of this marketing business. The
     only thing that you have worry is to follow suggested business principles,
     guidelines and tools to find associates promoting the program.

     It is a similar as you buy a franchise but you don‟t have to pay any franchise fee
     when you have the business of the Online Trading E-book Business.

D)   Guidelines to start a profitable Direct Response business

     It may be like this:

     1)     Prepare yourself to build a successful business

            For details, refer to the book for the teenagers, namely, Life Strategies for
            Teens, by Jay McGraw.

     2)     Choose a product that feeds in a starving market

            You are more likely to be successful at Direct Response marketing business
            if you have a good product in a starving market.

            a)      This is how to pin point a starving market


                    i)       Marketing experts

                             They do the research for you.

                             If you pay attention to your “Junk Mails”, you may be able
                             to figure out the hottest service and product offering on the

                             Hot products of Merchandise industry are:

                             *)     Mini cameras
                             *)     Smallest remote control cars
                             *)     “XXX” toys
                             *)     Ink cartridges
                             *)     Computer software
                             *)     E-books
                             *)     Discriminators for free video
                             *)     Long distance call
                             *)     Many trendy items such as “war” or “911” T-shirts

                             Hot services are:

                             *)     Financial services e.g. mortgage and re-mortgage,
                                    and credit cards application
                             *)     Drug Prescription services
                             *)     Internet franchising business
                             *)     Health and Well Being Products or services:

                    **)    Loss Weight
                    **)    Anti-aging
                    **)    Enlarge your bust, or penis, and etc.
                    **)    Marketing business, such as:

                           ***)   Internet business opportunity
                           ***)   Lists of millions
                                  E-mail addresses, etc
                           ***)   Traveling and travel related services

     ii)    Jack Wuorio who suggested in his article
            “5 small-biz opportunities for 2002”

            *)      Home protection
            *)      At home services
            *)      Outsourcing services
            *)      Videoconferencing
            *)      “Teeny Luxuries” e.g. gourmet food, imported cigar,
                    beauty spa, ballroom dancing and etc

b)   Criteria of a hot product

     Use these Key criteria to pick up your product in a starving market.
     The product must have these characteristics:

     i)     High profit margin at least 100% preferred 1000%
     ii)    Broad mass appeal
     iii)   High perceived value
     iv)    Consumable

c)   Target your market and find out why your customers buy it
     from you

     The simplest way to know a customer‟s thinking is to ask questions
     and get a direct answer.

     People don’t buy but they choose.

     They choose:

     i)     To read your ad
     ii)    Choose to buy or not to buy
     iii)   Choose to make a decision or not

     You must help them make those choices.

            In order to accomplish this, you must spend your time to study why
            they buy it from you.

            Your prospect/customer cares nothing for you, or your company, or
            even what you sell.

            They just want to know “What‟s in it for me?”

            They want to know WHY they should buy so you have to give them

            Reasons that appeal to their emotions are the most powerful
            weapons to get them react to your offer.

            The possible reasons are:

            i)     People react to a quick and easier way to acquire love,
                   money, power, leisure and lost weight.
            ii)    People want to avoid work, time commitments, risk,
                   criticism, trouble, and effort.
            iii)   People want to spend, be affluent, and feel good.
            iv)    People buy cures (immediate need) over prevention (long
                   term problems).

3)   How you sell is just as important as what you sell

     Keep in mind what you are selling is not the actual commodity or service.
     What you really are selling is the feeling or experience that your customer
     gains or thinks he will gain from owning what you sell.

     Your image, reputation, guarantee, appeals, proposition, all influence the
     decision of your buyer.

     Always ask yourself. “What make you unique and how does that benefit
     your customers?”

     a)     Develop a unique selling proposition

            For a long term profitability and customer retention, develop your
            unique selling proposition.

            You should have a clear focus to who you are going to serve in a
            market place.

            Once, you develop a unique selling proposition.

This is a strategic theme, image, and market identity of your

Whenever a customer needs your product or service, your USP
should immediately bring your name to mind.

People need to know what you represent in a market place, what
make you special and why they should do business with you.

i)    Forms of strong USP

      Your USP should be in a form of one paragraph or less and if
      possible, reduce it down to a slogan, theme, or company

      Focus on the crispest, cleanest, most specific promise you
      could possibly hold out.

      The USP is the nucleus upon which you will build your
      success, fame, and customer relations.

      A strong USP is an incredibly powerful public relation tool.

      Your USP must be integrated into every aspect of your
      business-display advertising, direct mail, sales people, phone
      call, press release, stationary, or brochures.

      Some general USP might include:

      *)     Broad selection
      *)     Speedy service
      *)     “Top quality” product
      *)     Service above and beyond basic
      *)     Broad selection
      *)     Convenience i.e. delivery, stock, location and etc
      *)     A longer and more comprehensive service warranty
             or guarantee more than the norm.

      Now, do something unusual. Actually ask your customers
      what they really want. Listen very intently and look for those
      underlying fundamental motivations for what they do.

      The market will always tell you the right direction to go.

ii)   Questions you may ask to improve USP

       Questions may be used for an internal customer‟s study or
       doing a survey outside your company:

       *)     How I can show more interest in my customers than
              my competitors?
       *)     How much more service can I offer than my
       *)     How can I better educate and inform a prospect and
       *)     What is the specific added extended benefits,
              guarantees, incentives or bonuses?
       *)     How can I make my customers understand how
              important to me?
       *)     What I can do extra to ensure my quality product to
              be special to my customers?
       *)     What do my friends, business associates and experts
              say about their past experience with competitors?

       It will pay great dividends to spend a little extra time
       identifying those low cost, high perceived value extras
       related to service, follow up, and image that make you stand

iii)   Examples of outstanding USP

       *)     Convenience

              Most Dentists offer two types of Fillings. “Dr. XXX
              allows you to choose from XXX types of fillings, and
              the procedure can be done in one afternoon or
              conveniently scheduled over several evenings or
              weekends-whichever is most convenient to your
              schedule, your budget, and your dental needs.”

       *)     Better Service

              “Most computer companies sell you a computer then
              walk away, leaving you with a high tech
              paperweight”. We give you an onsite training
              program plus a Saturday session for all of your staff.
              We also double the normal warranty period and
              provide a loaner if you‟re unit breaks down after the
              warranty period, we rent you computer for just
              $50.00 per day and do the repair for free.

              Oh yes, we also offer a 45 day trial period before
              you‟re locked into your purchase.”

*)   The competition sells their software and is never
     heard from again unless the customer calls them.

     What I can do better:

     **)    Call the customers within a few days to be
            sure they understand how to use the product
            and ask if they have any questions.
     **)    Send a warm personal thank you for choose
            my company and remind them of our follow
            up, guarantee, and other products available.

*)   Most software companies have tedious confusing

     What I can do better than this:

     **)    Provide 800 number trouble shooting service
     **)    Prepare an audio or videotape for instruction
            and reference
     **)    Develop a newsletter for updates
     **)    Do annual and semiannual seminars
     **)    Provide customer onsite training.

*)   Most software companies only react when there is a

     What I can do better than this:

     **)    Offer an annual or semiannual program
            review this will help because it shows my
            concern, gives the customer added benefits,
            and helps me identify additional marketing
            and sales opportunities.

*)   Most software companies educate the customers
     about the software operates but don‟t show customers
     how to profitably incorporate that software into their

     What I can do better than this:

     **)    Put together or acquire the right to sell a
            pamphlet book, or report on the use of
            computers for sales and marketing,
            advertising and promotion.

             **)     Include information in a letter or newsletter
                     about other programs that are profitably using
                     my software.
                     It helps because if my customer makes more
                     money they can afford to buy more from me.

iv)   Successful start with an effective USP

      Put together scenarios like this and then write down the
      logical answers.

      A strong USP is an incredibly powerful public relations tool.

      The proper USP allows you to maximize back end sales and
      vastly improve the marginal net worth or the lifetime value
      of exciting customers.

      One of the most overlooked aspects of a USP is under
      estimating the importance of getting every one in your
      business to catch the spirit of your USP.

      Does every one fully understand, embrace, and believe in
      your USP in your business?

      More importantly, are they able to clearly articulate, convey
      and enhance that important company image?

v)    Benefits in your USP that help your customers:

      *)     Make money
      *)     Save money
      *)     Find love
      *)     Save time
      *)     Avoid effort
      *)     Acquire comfort
      *)     Improve health
      *)     Improve career
      *)     Be creative
      *)     Gain influence
      *)     Avoid pain
      *)     Be popular
      *)     Increase enjoyment
      *)     Satisfy curiosity
      *)     Be recognized
      *)     Improve parenting
      *)     Be more efficient

                    *)     Be in style
                    *)     Avoid trouble
                    *)     Avoid criticism
                    *)     Have fun
                    *)     Avoid risk
                    *)     Improvement reputation
                    *)     Avoid dominance
                    *)     Improve appearance
                    *)     Collect beauty

                    Now, you are able to identify who want your product and
                    how to locate your starving market.

                    It is always true for successful marketing campaigns-80%
                    advertising and 20% product.

                    You are far more likely to succeed at direct response
                    marketing business if you combine a good marketing
                    campaign with a good product.

4)   Write your product to create action

     When you write an advertisement, you want people to do more than just
     read what you write. You want to create some action. Either they ask more
     about your product or make a decision to buy it.

5)   Advertising is the starting point building a relationship with your

     Over 90% of the world-class companies have this advertising goal in

     More than 80% of the advertising on the market follows the objective of
     “image advertising”. They try to build a long lasting impression on the

     For example, such as people say “get me a Kleenex” even though they use
     “Puff”. Using a photocopier but they always say “Xerox” a copy.

     Image advertising involves massive amounts of money. Repeat the message
     in front of customers over and over again.

     Therefore, it is not for a small business or Direct Response advertiser with a
     limited advertising budget.

     Over 95% of small business have a limited or closed to nil advertising
     budgets. “Image advertising” is out of their reach and out of the question.

a)   Purposes of advertising

     The goal of advertising is to get people to act.

     You advertise for one reason: to make money.

     Your advertising copy has one job to do: to sell, sell, and sell!

     Think about how usually you deal with the “junk mails”.

     Trash! Trash! Trash! 99% of advertising campaigns are ended up in
     the garbage before you even open them.

     Your customers don‟t care how smart you are. They only care about
     your product or service can do for them.

     Start to advertise is the first step that you can build a relationship
     with your customers. Also, that means you have to build a trust in
     between you and your prospects.

b)   Ways to build trust between you and your customers

     The easiest and fastest way to learn the secret of million dollars Ads
     starts to appreciate “junk mails”.

     i)     Answers those you want to look for:

            *)      Which headlines grab you by the heart?
            *)      Are the offers written with personal appeal?
            *)      Does the ad overcome objections?
            *)      Is the copy loaded with benefits?
            *)      Is there a bonus offered for immediate response?
            *)      Do you believe the ad? Is it sincere?
            *)      Do the guarantees convey trust?
            *)      Are the post scripts (P.S.) giving you more reasons to
                    buy now?

     ii)    Keep ads and sale letters you get more than three times

            Think about it. If someone runs an ad or sends a letter
            repeatedly, it‟s because it works.

            Copy these headlines or sales letters and substitute their
            product with yours if you have a competitive product.

     iii)   Write from a standpoint of fulfilling emotional needs of your
            customers and turn all product features into benefits

      Benefit means headline when you do advertising to promote
      your product or service.

      85% of the job of a successful Direct Response Marketing
      advertising is done by the headline.

      Success in business is 80% advertising and 20% product.

      Your ads will not work effectively until you identify your

      As such, it is more important to find a starving market than a
      superb product.

      People all want ritual predictability and order in their lives.
      They want security and limited risk. They also want
      opportunity and hope.

      They need to nurture and be nurtured, love and be loved, to
      give and to receive. They want to be appreciated, and
      recognized as someone special.

      They all are silently looking for someone to help and show
      them the way.

      A kind word, a helping hand, a show of faith and trust, and a
      little extra when it isn‟t asked for, that what people respond

      These are reasons why people always look for a good
      “headline” is in order to satisfy their needs.

iv)   85% of the job of advertising is done by headlines

      It has been shown that a different headline alone can increase
      response as much as 20 times. That is over 2,000%

      A great headline grabs your attention; peaks your interest,
      causes you to do comparison, and furthers your curiosity,
      compelling you to dig for more.

      There is a reason that top copywriters earn anywhere from
      $3000 to $15,000 or more to write an ad. It takes experience,
      skill, research, and time to put together a package of
      advertising that works.

     The irony that you are actually in a better position to write an
     effective ad than most of the copywriters you hire.

     Your knowledge of your products, company, customers, and
     competitors makes you the best to represent your product
     and service.

     Write an above average headline is simple when you have a
     reference point to begin with.

v)   Examples of the greatest headlines

     Check these out. Decide which one appeal to you. Choose
     those that are applicable to your product or service.

     Headlines are:

     *)     “Here is an extra $70.00, Grace- I‟m making real
     *)     I gambled $160.00, and won over 1 millions in 2
     *)     Last Friday….Was I scared! My boss almost fired me.
     *)     7 steps to freedom
     *)     7 ways long distance can keep your head above water.
     *)     A $10,000 Mistake.
     *)     A WARNING to Men Who want to be independent in
            the next 5 years.
     *)     Advice To Wives whose husband don‟t save money-
            By a wife.
     *)     Are You Too Busy Earning A Living To
            Make Money.
     *)     Dare to Rich.
     *)     Fatten Your Bank Account.
     *)     Full time Minister Finds Part Time Gold Mine!
     *)     Here is a way to make money that has never yet failed.
     *)     How a man of 40 can retire in 15 years.
     *)     How I made a Fortune with a “Fool Idea”.
     *)     How I raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling
     *)     How I start A New life with $160.00.
     *)     How the next 999 days can change your life.
     *)     How to get rich Reading Classified Ads.
     *)     How to Make money with Display Ads
     *)     How to stop Worry.
     *)     How to Write Copy that will make you rich.
     *)     If I read nothing else –Read this
     *)     Lazy Man‟s way to riches

                   *)     No office, No phones, No Hassles, Just cold hard cash
                          in the Mail.
                   *)     Stop Dreaming & start making money.
                   *)     The greatest reason in the World.
                   *)     The passport to riches
                   *)     The Truth about Getting Rich.
                   *)     The Secret of being Wealth.
                   *)     Think and grow rich.
                   *)     To a man who is 35 and Dissatisfied
                   *)     To men who want to Quit work Someday.
                          You don‟t have to be Rich to retire on a guaranteed
                          Income for life.

           Your headline is the advertising for your ad. It must get attention and
           motivate your prospect to read on.

           No matter how good the rest of the ad is, if it doesn‟t get read, there
           will be no sale.

6)   Test your headline by asking these questions

     If you don‟t clearly define what makes doing business special, your
     customer won‟t be able to either.

     a)    Does the headline---?

           i)      Promise a benefit
           ii)     Solve a problem
           iii)    Appeal to the customer‟s self interest
           iv)     Arouse curiosity
           v)      Offer news

     b)    Is your headline has a great offer?

           i)      Use a power-packed headline and sub-head line
           ii)     Sell benefits
           iii)    Appeal to Human Nature
           iv)     Use Facts and Specifics
           v)      Use testimonials and endorsements
           vi)     Add a guarantee
           vii)    Lead customers to action
           viii)   Offer bonuses or Special incentives

     c)     Examples of great offers are:

           *)      Third party Referral

     Offer referral fee to someone who recommends your product
     or service to customers.
*)   Get a member offer
     Health Clubs, book clubs, can give members a free gift or a
     fee when they bring a friend.
*)   Personal offer
     For self-improvement or self-analysis products, Offer
     Personal evaluation. This is good for professionals also.
*)   Reimbursement offers
     A penny or a dime or some nominal amount offered to attract
     attention or encourage customers to return questionnaires and
*)   Competition Trade in
     Trade in competitor‟s product for yours. It can be dramatic
     and works best with repetitive products or services like credit
*)   Rush order Service
     For added charge, customers get a quicker service and faster
     delivery- Good for holidays and seasonal products.
*)   Another Round offer
     Cheaper and stripped down model is offered at a lower price
     if customers are not responding to regular offers.
*)   Delayed Billing
     Buy now; pay later.
*)   Reduced down payment
     Used in a series if customer is not responding to regular
     priced offer.
*)   Purchase with a purchase
     Appealing gift is offered at a special price with a purchase of
     another item.
*)   Free trial
     Put the risk of buying on you. This is one of the strongest
*)   Two steps offer
     Free gift examines the offer and another free gift for purchase.
*)   Money back guarantee
     Gives customers assurance; second best to “free trial”.
     Returns are usually quite low
*)   Cash offer
     Give small incentives (i.e. 3% or pay postage and handing for
     cash offer)
*)   Bill later
     Can double response when used with free trial offer.
*)   Installment
     Good for the big ticket items. It makes product affordable.
*)   Mystery Gift

            Sparks curiosity, sometimes good to indicate retail value.
     *)     Charge cards
            Accepting charge cards will generally increase response.
     *)     Free Cost Estimate
            Have good responses in service businesses,
     *)     Free sample
            One of the strongest offers you can make.
            Product sells itself.
     *)     Investment offers
            Emphasizes savings to customer through use of product.
     *)     Extended guarantee
            To One month, six months, etc. Buy now, get an extended
            warranty free.
     *)     Free demonstration
            Allows the salesman to explain the benefits of your product
            or service.
     *)     Drawing or Sweepstakes
            Prospects get one or more chances to win.
            All winners selected by random drawing.
     *)     Annual membership free
            Same as a life time membership Fee but on an annual basis.
     *)     Good, better, Best offer
            Popular in catalogs like Sears, gives customers a choice and
            encourages up grade.

d)   Does the headline use any Powerful action words and phrases?

     Successful direct response advertising copywriters rely upon an
     assortment of key words and phrases that prompt readers to buy.
     They have a collection of words that sell.

     i)     “FREE” is the #1 “grabber” that always gets attention.

            This is a lot variations using FREE.

            *)     Free gift
            *)     Free of charge
            *)     Absolutely Free
            *)     Giving away Free
            *)     Yours Free
            *)     Claims your Free
            *)     Call for FREE
            *)     Yours Free just for information responding.

     ii)    Other “grabbers” include,

       *)    How to
       *)    Attention
       *)    New
       *)    Easy
       *)    Money
       *)    Limited time
       *)    It is time for
       *)    Win
       *)    Cash
       *)    Secret
       *)    Get hook on
       *)    Good News
       *)    Success starts with
       *)    The price cutters
       *)    Can you afford not to
       *)    Announcing the first

iii)   Words and phrases are needed to communicate benefits,
       value, or appeal of your product or service

       *)    Take it anywhere
       *)    Foolproof
       *)    Ready to use
       *)    Easy
       *)    Eliminate the need for
       *)    Irresistible
       *)    Invaluable
       *)    Don‟t__ without it
       *)    A full line of
       *)    The one and only
       *)    Genuine
       *)    Tested
       *)    Built in
       *)    Convenient
       *)    It‟s never been easier
       *)    Effortless
       *)    Memorable
       *)    Satisfying
       *)    Significant
       *)    Your key to
       *)    An endless supply of
       *)    Backed by
       *)    Proven
       *)    Helps you
       *)    Solves

      *)     The answer to your

iv)   Words and phrases those make your product or service stand

      *)     Homemade
      *)     Made to order
      *)     Enriched
      *)     Just released
      *)     Innovative
      *)     No nonsense
      *)     Durable
      *)     Fast acting
      *)     Does more with less
      *)     The finest
      *)     All natural
      *)     No two alike
      *)     New and expanded
      *)     The latest
      *)     An exciting new way
      *)     Practical
      *)     A life time of satisfaction
      *)     Cut down on
      *)     The leading
      *)     A better way to
      *)     The only
      *)     Can be used in
      *)     Highest quality
      *)     Ideal for
      *)     Custom designed
      *)     The top

v)    The right “call to action” words increase responses

      *)     Don‟t wait any longer
      *)     Act now
      *)     Don‟t miss out
      *)     Don‟t hesitate
      *)     Now is the best time
      *)     Make your choice now
      *)     It is up to you
      *)     Reserve your
      *)     Today
      *)     Do it today
      *)     Why wait?
      *)     Now is the best time

vi)     An “no obligation offer”, “a guarantee”, or “a trail” also
        prompt people to action.

        *)     Send no money
        *)     No strings attached
        *)     Lift warranty
        *)     30 days FREE trail
        *)     No down payment
        *)     90 days no risk guarantee
        *)     No risk, order now.
        *)     Cancel at any time.
        *)     Unconditionally guarantee
        *)     It‟s guaranteed, how you can lose?
        *)     Try it for a week, if you keep it, pay only $

vii)    Other sources of power words

        *)     One of the best techniques for finding powerful words
               is to save advertisements that “grab” you. Look for
               keywords that are being used and use them in your

        *)     Another source is a thesaurus-a reference book or list
               of synonyms. You can buy an inexpensive thesaurus
               at your local bookstore.

        *)     Word processing software such as Word and Word
               perfect comes with a thesaurus. It can usually be
               found under “Tools”.

viii)   Check points and reminders. Examples of headlines

        *)     Use a headline that promises a huge benefit.
        *)     Make headline, subhead, and opening short and to the
        *)     Use a headline that selects prospects.
        *)     Mention your offer immediately i.e. free info re:xxx
               to your prospects.
        *)     Offer something of value.
        *)     Short (words, sentences, and paragraphs).
        *)     Educate your prospect.
        *)     Use questions to get reader involved.
        *)     Be specific; give details and facts.
        *)     Use action words to build emotion.
        *)     Use testimonials and quotes.
        *)     Guarantee. This gives the buyer a sense of control.

                           *)    Ask reader to imagine or visualize and experience
                                 what you say.
                           *)    Tie copy to needs and desires.
                           *)    Sell the emphasize benefits, advantages, and fulfilling
                           *)    Use strong appeal; don‟t spend time on minor claims.
                           *)    Build your ad entirely around your free offer.
                           *)    Include an attractive description of your offer.
                           *)    Help reader identify with you and what you say.
                           *)    Be sincere but add personality and human interest.
                           *)    The offer and the call of action.
                           *)    Active verbs, graphic nouns, and paint a clear picture.
                           *)    Even long copy can be seen as a short one if written
                                 with care while providing useful and compelling
                           *)    Read your ads that interest you, especially direct mail,
                                 and adapt the better concept for own use.

E)   Eight proven ways to get your direct responses

     Tools let you passing your “headline” message to prospects so they know how your
     product may benefit them.

     These are the ways:

     1)     Use your Business cards as a marketing tool

            Put your USP of your product or company on your business card, either in
            the front or at the back of your card.

            Whenever you give out, you have a chance passing your messages to

            This is possible to be done if you were in a “Wealth seminars”, a general
            meeting, a party and even inside a bar. Spread your business cards out to
            prospects. This will be the same as your messages.

            For example, if you promote the Online Trading E-book Business, you may
            put these messages on your business cards:

            a)     “Get paid from more than ten Companies at the same time and you
                   own a million dollars marketing business to promote their products”.

                   For FREE information, please a blank E-mail to
                   Or phone I-800-xxx-xxxx for free Report.

     b)       “Work on your own million dollars marketing business, and get paid
              from more than ten repetitive companies on the net”.

              For    FREE   information,   please      send   a   blank   E-mail   to
              or phone 1-800-xxx-xxxx for Free Reports.

     Your USP will stimulate the curiosity of your prospects. It is your choice to
     provide them the way they can reach you or a way to get free information
     regarding your product or your company later.

     It is wise that your business card may include:

     i)       A (800) toll free number
     ii)      An URL of your web site
     iii)     An E-mail address of your business
     iv)      An E-mail address of your auto responder to get information of

2)   Use a conventional advertising media

     Find the most effective publications or broadcast stations for your product or

     a)     Test various media

              i)     In newspapers, make your ad look like news item-by
                     imitating newspaper typing and by omitting the logotype.
              ii)    In magazines, make your ad like a magazine article.

     b)       Ways to get more response

              i)     Use an attractive booklet title or a “headline”.
              ii)    Show a picture of your offer such as booklet, sample, or
              iii)   Offer something of value or sweeten your offer. For example,
                     “In addition to this guidebook, you will receive a free xxx if
                     you order this Free guidebook within 72 hours”
              iv)    Tell your reader how your proposition will benefit him. Then
                     make as long a list of benefits as you can fit into your ad.
              v)     You can use small type. No need for larger type than used in
                     the news items in newspapers or the articles in magazines.
              vi)    Make your ad easy to read, avoid unusual type, reverse
                     printing and fancy decorations.

3)   Advertise on local Coupon booklets

     Build your entire ad around the FREE offer. It should include an attractive
     description of your offer and an attractive booklet title.

     Sweeten your offer with a FREE gift such as
     “A FREE Report of how to use an auto responder if your prospective answer
     this FREE offer within 48 hours.
     Three more FREE proven business opportunities if they answer this offer
     within 24 hours.”

     Include a coupon if space will permit. Say, for example: “Reply to this offer
     with your name and E-mail address.”

     May be a fold–over coupon is included. This is an oblong space in a print
     ad. The top half looks like a Business Reply Card. The bottom half is a reply
     coupon. The reader can clip it out; fold it in half; seal it with scotch tape and
     mail it with no postage.

     This always should be included:

     a) A selling copy in the coupon, for example: “Yes, send me the booklet! I
        want to know how to run a marketing business on the net.”
     b) Your telephone number. A (800) toll free number can further increase
        the response rate.
     c) The E-mail address of your auto-responder of particular messages or
        your business E-mail address of this ad or your web site.

4)   Set up FREE Ad Stands

     This may be done like this:

     a)     It may be set up at a gas station, grocery store, lottery ticket stand or
            a busy corner store. Promise the owner of the stand a maximum
            amount of benefits if he let you promoting your product. He receives
            the revenue of all the reports sold in his store.

            This can be done by a card containing your ad or can be your
            circular, booklet, or catalog.

            The design of this booklet may be the same as the coupon booklet.

     b)     Print 3” x 4” colorful coupons including a 3” base and 6” height
            triangular display and distribute them to retailing outlets.

            Make sure these coupons are valuable to their customers, such as, a
            large discount or FREE to their customers.

            For example, a coupon for a circus may be like this,

            *)      FREE child‟s circus ticket
            *)      $2.00 off one adult for the day show
            *)      $1.00 off one adult for the night show

            On the coupon, sell your benefits to prospects. It may be like this:

            *)      Over two hours of a non stop fun for them
            *)      Over 100 spectacular performers for theirs family “fun”
            *)      Enjoy the fun with theirs community

            Remember, have the location and time of the show on your coupon.
            Ask prospects to remember the date and make arrangement for this
            family “fun” day.

5)   Set up regular scheduled meetings

     This is always a promising way to start your Online Trading E-book
     Business offline.

     Start your advertising campaign. Then, use a designated phone line with a
     recorded message to capture this information from your prospective:

     i)       A name,
     ii)      A phone #
     iii)     An E-mail address

     Follow up with a “live” person and tell them that you have a regular meeting
     every week at a particular location.

     Notify them that they will have a FREE gift if they bring a friend.

     Don‟t tell them what the FREE gift is but do mention the value of this gift.
     This will increase the tense of curiosity.

     The FREE gift may be a chance to get up to $100.00 cash out of a draw.

     The other alternative may be a Free report regarding two to three FREE
     proven business opportunity on the Internet.

     Set up a meeting preferable at someone‟s home. Always benefits of first five
     sales to the host of the meeting.

     Encourage the host of the meeting to have tea and cookies for the guests.

     Have a guest‟s book. Always ask everyone to sign in with their phone
     number and E-mail address so you have a database of prospects to work on

     Always ask your guests introducing themselves in the meeting.

     After you present your products or services, ask prospects that they have any
     questions regarding benefits from your product or service or not.

     Give them a chocolate bar or Ten dollars if they give you a good way to
     promote your business. Always, let suspects contribute their opinions.

     Always give a Free report of how to promote their business online. Sweeten
     the offer with a #8 name space on your promoted report if they buy the
     Online Trading E-book Business right a way.

     Promise them with your 48 hours E-mail and/or telephone service if they
     have any questions about how to promote their business and also yours.

6)   Build the base of customers starting from “where people go” to find
     your competitive product or service

     You have direct response from the people who look for job or business

     Present your case honestly and systemically. Let your prospects have their
     choices to do or not to do.

     You can do follow-up services later and let them know how much they can
     benefit to the choice to have your product.

     You may take action like this:

     a)   Registrar and Post your “Guarantee Ten sale Job Position” on the
          Bulletin board of :

            i)      Manpower
            ii)     The Department of Human Resource
            iii)    Universities
            iv)     Collages
            v)      Technical Schools and etc

            The format may be like this:

            “Guarantee Ten sales job positions”.
            Work at your own home. Computer is recommended.
            For FREE information, Phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx

            Or E-mail to”

     b) Promote your products or services by setting a booth in:

            i)     A Night Market
            ii)    Computer Swap Meet
            iii)   Business Show and etc

            Use your USP or the biggest benefit instead the name of your
            company on a banner to create curiosity of prospects in the show.

            Your banner may be like this,

            “Secured Ten sales positions”.

            “Guarantee get paid from more than Ten repetitive companies when
            you promote their products and your Million $$$ business at home.
            Free Information.”

            You don‟t need to “close” the sale immediately.

            Give them a FREE gift if they leave you the name, phone # and the
            E-mail address on your guest‟s book.

            The Free gift may be a report of the Internet sales job opportunity
            and “FREE business opportunity on the net NOW” and a chance to
            have a draw up to $50.00.

            Show them even the HUGE Companies like ClickBank, Microsoft,
            CitiGroup, Bank of America, are involved in Affiliate programs.

            If they are interested or have any question, they can contact you by
            phone, fax or E-mail.

7)   Get referrals from customers

     Word of mouth is one of the oldest methods for a smart marketer using to
     build their business offline.

     Over 80% of people are naturally to share a good experience with their
     friends. This is a good conversational piece.

     It is comfortable that they share their experience about your product if you
     can provide a good valued product or service. A FREE referral will be given
     to your product or company.

Word of mouth advertising is a two “edged” advertising. It can promote
your product or service if it has a good value to your customers.

Otherwise, your company and/or your product can be destroyed slowly
when you customers spread the bad reputation of your products or your

a)    This is a majority

      The vast majority of people in business are not in enduring business
      that is why they have continued promoting their products or services.

      Usually, they don‟t have a system or a process to bring customers in
      sustaining and leading them through a system to get a back end sale.

      The back end sale of your business is two folds – it‟s transaction
      directly from your clients and it‟s referrals from customers and their

      With only promotion, your future is in jeopardy. You‟ve got to
      bring new blood in all the time for your business. Once, you stop to
      do your promotion. Your business will slow down considerably.

      Think about it! Do you have a job or do you have a business?

      This will not change until you decide to multiply your result and
      sustain it with a system and benefit from its residual value.

b)    Basic principles to get referrals

      If you have a good product, promise A Lot; Deliver More than your
      promise, then you can Expect Referrals.

      This is the process that customers will go through before they give
      you a referral.

      “Suspect-> prospect-> customer-> client-> advocate”

      Creating advocates is about a partnership with your customer. It‟s
      about taking your relationship to a higher level than traditional
      provider-to customer dealings.

      Powerful advocate partnerships are anchored in an attitude of
      generosity and unconditional giving.

      An advocate finds pleasure in extending the relationship beyond just
      a need or requirement.

            This is a major reason that they give a referral to your product or
            service when you ask.

     c)     Ways to have your referrals

            In this case, help your customers to build their business online and/or
            offline when they promote their business.

            Helping them to understand the details and go through the obstacles
            they face and do follow up services such as:

            a)     Provide a 24/7 FAQ E-mail lines with auto responders
            b)     Within 24 hours E-mail answering service
            c)     Monthly E-letter

            This will add a lot of value to your product and you will have a
            chance to build a much deeper relationship with your customers.

8)   Use Classified Ads

     Classified advertising is direct response advertising. It‟s there to do one
     thing – get your customers to respond NOW.

     a)     There are two kinds of direct response ads

            i)     One step-cash up front
            ii)    Two step-lead generation

     b)     Classified ads are unique

            The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make is assuming a tiny
            classified ad can effectively pull cash up front orders.

            For long term profitability and even near term response, the
            classified ad is much more effective when used for two-step lead

     c)     Examples of the two “step” ads

            Two-step ads are the one that will read like this:

            i)     Send for more information
            ii)    Free details; write to
            iii)   Amazing recorded message reveals secrets; call xxx-xxxx

     The actual sale is made after the person responds and is given a
     proposition through a telemarketing approach, sales letter, brochure,
     and etc.

     The people who respond to a classified ad have qualified themselves.
     You know they have at least some interest in your product or service.

d)   Function of classified ads

     Low cost classifieds are a way to zero in on or target the exact
     market you want to reach.

     Instead of spending a lot of money on a large expensive display ad
     that reaches many non-prospects; you focus by using an inexpensive
     classified ad under headings and classifications your prospects are
     likely to read.

     Once, they respond to you; focus your dollars and energy on an
     educational and persuasive selling package aimed at people you
     already know have an interest in your products.

     A major advantage is that you now can afford to work that prospect
     with several follow-ups messages if needed. Your cost per lead is

     By using this two-step approach, you have accomplished three
     important objectives:

     i)     You have acquired the maximum number of leads at the least
     ii)    You have spent the necessary time to convert those leads into
            the maximum number of actual sales
     iii)   You have captured the name, address, phone #, and E-mail
            address of a qualified lead that you can rework for added

e)   Decide which system is better for you?

     One step? Two step? Classified ad? Display Ad?

     The system will ultimately be dictated by the following factors:

     i)     Your budget
     ii)    The product you sell
     iii)   The message you‟re trying to get across

     The key is to test different approaches and let the market tell you
     what works.

f)   Display vs Classified

     Display ads, inch for inch, are more expensive than classified ads.

     Generally a display ad uses more space to get message across,
     further increasing the costs.

     One of the advantages of classified Ad is the opportunity for low
     cost testing.

     You can use low cost classifieds to determine if the response and
     resulting sales conversions justify going into expensive display

     If you test a one step, cash up-front classified and pulls strongly (not
     likely, but possible). Then the next step, you may test a larger benefit
     laden display ads.

     If you use display space wisely, you‟ll tell a much more complete
     story with a compelling offer that will be seen, hopefully, by more

     Again, you don‟t start with a full page of display advertising, you
     test on a small scale inexpensively to see if a display ad will pull

     The more EFFECTIVE one step display ads, are large sized
     from 1/8 to full page ad.

     It often takes a lot of hard selling copy to stimuli your customers to
     buy even $10.00 to $20.00 items.

g)   One step cash advertising vs two-step lead generation

     The more intense and immediate your customer‟s need for your
     product or service, the more likely they are pay up front to get it.

     Likewise, the more readily apparent the benefit of owning or using
     your product is to the prospect, the more likely they are to respond.

h)   Critical factors influence the way you advertising

     Reasons are,

     i)     Many magazines like Popular Mechanic, Saturday Reviews,
            and Psychology Today will allow you to ask for money up
            front in your classified ad.

            Many newspapers will not allow you to ask for money in
            your classified ad.

            You will be required to use two-step approach to do your

     ii)    If your prospects don‟t have a trust of your products and
            company, the two step approach is almost essential to your

            Think about it. Even a company as well known as Sears
            doesn‟t have someone send money in directly off a
            newspaper ad.

            Rather, they have customers come to the store; talk to a
            salesman or pick up a catalog; in other words, stair stepping,
            educating, informing, and moving a customer toward a sale.

     iii)   Important Consideration

            The key is code, test, track, and compare results of all ads.

            Work from the least expensive to the more expensive
            approaches, learning as you go along. This will help you
            conserve those precious advertising dollars.

            Be patient, be professional, and realize that it will take a
            well-planned strategy to maximize sales. Whenever possible
            use endorsements and testimonials to build creditability, then
            educate your prospects about the value of what you sell.

i)   Pre-market Gang Test

     Here‟s a suggestion to avoid wasting time and money on looser

     You could gang test ideas using newspaper, or better yet, phone

     Write a short paragraph description with the number one benefit on
     each idea you have.

                   If you have only one or two ideas, add some ideas that are already
                   being marketed, but aren‟t well known. Group the ideas in the group
                   of three each. It would be good to have least six to nine ideas.

                   Then you call people randomly in the evening 6.00-8.00 pm
                   weekdays, 10.00-5.00 pm on Saturdays and ask their opinion.

                   Tell them you represent a marketing research firm that you want to
                   get their opinion on a new concept and if they help they could win a
                   free product or service.

                   Make sure to ask right away if it‟s convenient for them to talk to
                   you. If not, thank you and hang up.

                   The key is to work with people who are willing to cooperate.

                   Go on to explain that you‟ll be reading three description of a product
                   or service and you would like to pick a favorite.

                   Don’t use more than three on any one call.

                   Tell them if the company decides to market the one they pick, you„ll
                   send it to them FREE. That should give you a cooperative interested

                   Read the description; have them pick and finish by taking down their
                   name and address. Don‟t be cheap, send the product if you
                   eventually market it. You„ll have a loyal market research person who
                   will gladly work with you again.

                   To draw any conclusions, that might take 60-100 calls to get.

                   However, the feedback you‟ll get will identify some obvious
                   winners. Those are the ones you want to spend your time and money

F)   An example of how to promote product(s) with classified advertising online
     and offline

     Building a business is required a deep commitment.

     If you need quick money, get rich within a few weeks. This is not a business for
     you. May be try one of the chain letters on the Internet.

1)   This is a real business

     Once, you learn principles to run a business online or/and offline; the only
     difference to run a business between online and offline is learning how to
     apply different tools marketing the same or different products or services.

     This is one of the most important rules running a successful business.

     Find out the needs of customers; fulfill those needs and money will come.

     Prepare yourself to be in business. You don‟t need to work harder but you
     have to work smarter. It is a lot easier to have a workable system.

     Follow guidelines in the reports. Be persistence.

     Within one year, you are guaranteed to make a fortune. Then, you don‟t
     have to worry about your debt, holiday fund, educational fund, and even
     your retirement fund.

2)   Ways to promote your product or service

     Online, you may rely on tools such as:

     a)      Signature file and news groups
     b)      E-zines
     c)      Targeted E-mail lists
     d)      Web sites
     e)      Word of mouth
     f)      Referral from customers

     Offline, you may use,

     a)     Business cards
     b)     Signage, banner, and etc.
     c)     Business Gathering; trade shows, swap meet, night market and so on
     d)     Classified ads on Newspapers, Magazines, Coupon books and etc
     e)     Co-advertising with other companies
     f)     Word of Mouth
     g)     Referrals from your customers

     With all these tools, you rely on ideas of marketing such as:

     a)     “What is in for me (your customers)?”
     b)     How your product or service can fulfill needs of your customers.
     c)     How you can pass your message –“benefits those you can do” to
            your customers.

3)   Success in business is 80% advertising and 20% product

     80% of job is done by the headline in the advertising business.

     A good headline is a good classified ad. Classified ads are nothing more
     than a good headline.

     Your classified ad likes a good headline; should stress the number one, most
     important benefit to your customers.

     You should also try to solve a problem, appeal to curiosity, be newsworthy,
     assuming the risk for responding, and be as credible and believable as

     It is not an easy thing to do in 25 words or less.

     Use your number One benefit, best headline, offer, and target media to start.

     For your product and service, you want to find out how valid your idea is.
     You can always raise the price, cut your offer and try other less promising
     media later.

     If your idea doesn‟t work giving it your best shot, you know you will need
     major corrections or a whole new idea.

4)   How does this apply to a classified ad?

     You have to:

     a)     Write the best ad you can
     b)     Use a 1-800 number and E-mail address to respond
     c)     Offer something FREE
     d)     Give a bonus for immediate action
     e)     Emphasize the Number One benefit
     f)     Use power action words
     g)     Start with local paper
     h)     Use smaller paper for better exposure and less cost
     i)     Try to build in a testimonial or recognition factor for believability
     j)     Pick the right “heading” for your offer and target your audience such

            i)      Business Opportunity
            ii)     Investments
            iii)    Miscellaneous for Sale

     k)     Have a highly specialized product; go to specialty magazines or
            trade journals that target your audiences.

5)   Step by Step Writing an AD

     It is only LUCK if you can zip off your best, winning classified ad in ten
     minutes. It almost never happens.

     It will take a methodical professional approach to get your best effort on
     your advertising.

     The steps by steps process in this report should help you quickly hone in on
     your most effective approaches.

     Test several variations in small local papers to identify the winners. TEST,
     TEST, and RE-TEST.

     No matter how good you think your ad is, the only way to know for sure is
     to listen to the marketplace. Actual responses tell you what works!

     Unless you have a very healthy advertising budget, a two-step lead
     generation approach (using classifieds) is a safer and more logical way to
     get started.

     a)     An example of writing an Ad for the Online Trading E-book
            Business use the following strategies

            Classified ads are the most concentrated form of communication in
            print there is. In 20 words or less, you have to make something
            happen. You have to:

            *)     Describe what you sell
            *)     Present a strong offer or sales pitch
            *)     Add some sort of bonus, incentives, or reward for action
            *)     Provide a response vehicle- a way for the reader response to
            *)     Prove you claims, make the prospect believe and trust you, at
                   least make them curious enough to find out more

            It is not easy to do. Let‟s get started with a specific example like the
            Eight Marketing Report Program and see what it can do.

            i)      Description

                   The number one benefit of the Online Trading E-book
                   Business is get paid for doing something already know how
                   to do or already do as you know the basic function of a PC.

       Follow the systems and you may build your financial
       independence by using the basic function of a PC and
       Internet connection.

       It‟s very inexpensive to start, but you can earn as much as
       owning a McDonald‟s franchise.

       What you have to do is motivate potential entrepreneur to
       call or write for details.

ii)    Offer

       A good offer gets the reader involved immediately. It should
       be irresistible and risk free respond to your ads.

       You must use power action words.

       Research the psychology of selling. It is backed by years of
       tracing successful ads prove the power of certain words to

       Words like “new”, “free”, “how to”, “love”, “discover”,

       The key of course is knowing when and how to use them.

       In this example, you are selling a “new” business opportunity
       with a difference.

       The difference is that it is proven, inexpensive, turned key,
       money generation systems that pay you for what you already

       It is like owning a franchise. Just follow a proven system
       after you have purchased the business. You have a better
       chance to achieve the end result that you want.

iii)   Bonus premium

       A good classified ad gives the reader reasons to contact you
       such as:

       *)      Are you giving something free?
       *)      What can you do for the prospect immediately if he
               answers your ad?

     iv)    Response device

            This is simply a way for reader to respond.

            This is helpful to your prospect easily reply to your offer and
            get more information of your product(s).

            For example,

            *)     An E-mail address
            *)     A (800) phone number
            *)     A fax number

            This will increase the rate of response. That gives you a
            realistic opportunity to get to write in, send cash, or call your
            (800) number.

b)   Armed with these elements, a suggestion of classified ad regarding
     the Online Trading E-book Business may be liked this

     i)     Unique business opportunity pays you for what you already
            do. Minimum investment, for more information on this
            proven money generation system, Call our Phone (123) 456-
            7890 or send a blank E-mail to

     ii)    “Get paid NOW for what you already do!”
            New, proven, money generated system, works. FREE
            message reveals this limited time, low cost, quick to start
            business opportunity. Phone (123) 456-7890 or send blank E-
            mail to

     iii)   “Unlimited earning potential”
            Get paid for something you and others already do. FREE
            message reveals amazing details. Phone (123) 456-7890 or
            send blank E-mail to

     iv)    “Get paid from TEN reputable Hi-Tech CO.”
            While you promote your own business at the same time.
            FREE information reveals amazing details. Phone (123) 456-
            7890 or send blank E-mail to

     v)     “Guarantee TEN sales positions”.
            Get paid from more than TEN reputable Hi-Tech companies
            when you promote your own unlimited potential home

                    FREE information reveals amazing details. Phone (xxx) xxx-
                    Or send blank E-mail to

            The more elements you can get in your ad with the most punch,
            the better.

            You may accomplish your goal only you can get into the head of
            your prospects and understand their hot button.

            Spend time; do your homework and study your customers so you can
            get right to their “hot button”.

            What is the end result they want to obtain? In this case, it‟s probably
            making a lot of money.

            Go through the greatest headline. You‟ll be amazed at all the
            variations you will find.

            Take your time to write and re-write. Then code, test, and track the
            results of several variations to find out the winner.

6)   Media Research

     Media research is vital step in the mail order/ direct response advertising

     Actually, media selection is not that difficult if you follow a few simple

     This is how,

     a)     Pick the media

            Questions you have asked

            i)      Why your prospects buy them from you? What are the
                    attitude, belief, life style, and need of your targeted

            ii)   Where and how your prospects make the buying decision.
                  Where are customers located, what do they read, listen to,
                  and watch? When is the best time to reach them?
     b)     Where you may place them

            If you are selling a “business opportunity”, it is not wise to put your
            ad in a magazine like “Sweet Sixteen”.

     You may run the ad under the “business opportunity” but “help
     wanted” would attract even more motivated individuals. They need
     money now.

     Then, that is why it is important for you to code, test and track the
     result of your ads to find out your winner.

c)   Ways to find a “right” advertising media

     It is not an easy job when you try it in the first time but once, you
     know the way to find them. It is just a routine to find the right one.

     An easy way is:

     i)     You may pay US$500.00 to use the S.R.D.S. services online
     ii)    You may spend a few days in a library. Ask for the Standard
            Rate and Data Service guides at the Reference Desk.

            They list names of publications according to areas of interest,

            *)      Business publication advertising source
            *)      Community publication advertising source
            *)      Consumer magazine advertising source
            *)      Direct marketing list source
            *)      Newspaper advertising source
            *)      Out of home advertising source
            *)      Print media production source
            *)      Technology media source
            *)      Television and cable source
            *)      TV and cable source

            By looking through the S.R.D.S. listings, you may get new
            ideas or come across publications you may not have

d)   Test your research

     Once, you have selected a magazine. Take a look at several back
     issues. Go back six months to one year.

     If an ad is being repeated in the same magazine over a period of
     time, it is because it is making money. That means it‟s probably a
     good publication for you; especially if the ad is for a similar product
     or service.

     e)     Consideration

            Generally, if there are a large number of classifieds, it means that
            publication is good for classified ad response.

            Some books insist wide circulation publications offer the best
            advertising opportunity. That‟s only party true.

            That statement takes a great deal of qualification. In some case, wide
            circulation may be best, for others it could be a disaster.

            The New York Times may be full of classified ad and may have the
            widest circulation of any American paper, but just for that reason,
            you two step lead generation ad could get completely lost in the
            crowd of completing ads.

            It may be a good idea to test the “pull” of your ad on the smaller
            community newspapers. If you get a reasonable response, you can
            commit to the much more expensive metro and national newspapers
            and magazines.

            Often magazines with limited circulation and targeted audiences
            have very effective classified section. A good test is looking for
            those repeating ads.

7)   Testing your Ads

     The process of testing your ads is really a systematic way of growing your

     Good advertising and marketing is a way of leveraging your promotional
     dollars to maximum value.

     Testing takes you out of the “Dark Ages” and leads you to make
     enlightened, informed decisions.

     In short, let the market tell you what to do, what work and what doesn‟t.
     Most important, test it on small scale before you risk money on a large

     a)     Factors with respect to the testing activity

            Factors are:

            i)     You always test only one aspect of the ad at a time. It may be
                   one word, the offer, the name of the product, or the price.

            ii)     You may have to wait several weeks to get your result.
                    That‟s one great advantage in using smaller community
                    papers to test. Your turn around time is usually two weeks or
            iii)    Most people don‟t read classified just for fun. They are
                    looking for something very specific. In this regard, it is very
                    important to put your ad under the right classification or

8)   Tracking your Ads

     Code or key your ads. This is a common sense, but you need some way to
     distinguish which ad, what publication, and the date an ad run.

     If every ad is keyed, you know just which ad is pulling and which isn‟t. A
     key number will save you literally thousands of dollars in wasted

     By establishing a “control ad” you can continually test new ideas to
     response. Each improvement becomes your new “control” progressively
     building your business.

     That„s how small companies become big companies. They cater to what the
     market wants by listening, testing, and tracking results.

     Keying can also tell you what time of year some publications are more
     effective than others. It can alert you to seasonal changes in buying habits.

     With a seasonal pattern of responses, you may run your ad in one
     publication in the winter and in another publication, in the summer time to
     maximize returns. Testing gives you the knowledge to make such a change.

9)   Responses and follow-ups

     Quick and professional follow up is essential for success. A prospect has
     called in or written for more information, is receptive and ready to make a
     favorable buying decision.

     This is your opportunity to use the most favorable message you can to
     educate, inform, and compel the respondent to action.

     You must write your message. All the elements of good direct response
     copy or telemarketing should be employed.

     Don‟t be cheap. Spend the money necessary to prepare a follow-up package.
     It may take several follow-ups to stair step a sale.

      Think of it this way. Your inexpensive classified ad gave you an opportunity
      to pinpoint that one person out of thousands who has genuine interest in
      what you have to offer.

10)   A tremendous opportunity for you

      Treat your prospects as someone special. Make doing business with you
      easy, compelling, exciting-maybe even fun.

      Assume this risk for trying your product or service. Emphasize customer
      benefits. Prove your claims with supporting facts and figures, endorsement,
      and testimonials.

      Go the extra miles to gain trust, believability, and respect. Recognize the
      potential for building a profitable long-term relationship that benefits both
      you and your customers.

      Add a bonus as a reward for immediate action and include a time limit to
      motivate response and eliminate procrastination.

      Above all else, don‟t forget to ask for order. Tell your prospects specifically
      what to do and lead them to action.

      Remind them of what they have gain and what they have missed by not

      The message here is clear. Treat all responses equally, quickly, courteously,
      and professionally.

      If you are serious about your business, get serious about your follow-up to

11)   Forecasting Returns

      As a general rule if a magazine is sent to subscribers, you can figure that all
      your potential prospects will see the magazine at about the same time or
      during the same week.

      If majority of sales take place from newsstands, then you can figure that
      paid subscribers will receive their copies at one time, and newsstand buyers
      over a much longer period of time.

      “Lead time” is generally longer than for newsstand magazines than
      subscriber oriented publication. You need to plan accordingly.

      Generally, you can figure that once returns start coming in, you can get
      approximately one fourth of all responses within two weeks.

      Within the next weeks, you‟ll receive about another quarter of your total

      Individual situations vary, of course, but about six months you can figure
      that a specific issue will bring in about 90% of all inquiries.

      This is very important if you have to make decisions about placing more ads
      with long lead times. These figures aren‟t exact and only experience will tell
      you what to expect.

      Newspapers are quite a bit different and generally you can expect most of
      your response within one or two weeks of running your ad.

12)   The Ad/Response Cycle

      If after two week you get 100 responses from a classified ad in a national
      magazine, and if after another two weeks you get another 100, you can
      figure that after six months you will accumulate another 160 responses from
      that ad.

      The remaining 10% or 40 responses will come for as long as one year after
      the ad runs.

      You also want to keep track of your actual conversions.

      If you get many leads but no one buys, you may have to evaluate your

      A better follow-up piece or a “qualifying” lead generating ad may be

      At any rate, testing and tracking results will help take these corrective

13)   Result of a good classified ad campaign

      It can help you cost effectively target your market and add more profit to
      you direct response/ mail order.

      Effective communication and advertising in most any business is the key to

      Use classified ads wisely to effectively communicate with your best
      prospects and watch your business grow.

G)   How to incorporate the Online Trading E-book Business with a simple system
     using mini-classified Ads to make a massive income offline in U.S.A.

     (Information comes from The Classified Club)

     It is extremely easy to place ads, and the income potential is massively enormous.

     Did you know that if you earned a mere $5 profit with just one newspaper ad, then
     you just made yourself a FORTUNE?

     Let's say you're selling a product you invented which costs a total of $5 both to
     produce and to ship to the customer. Let's further assume that the ad costs $25.
     Your total expense is $30.

     If your ad brings in $35, then you have just made a small $5 profit! How is this a

     Assuming you make that same kind of profit in similar newspapers, the “power of
     multiplication” will EXPLODE your profits!

     Place that same $25 ad in just 10 newspapers, and your profit is $50.

     Place it in 100 newspapers, and your profit is $500.
     1000 newspapers mean $5000.

     1)     How the Power of Multiplication can affect your profit

            If you can place 1000 ads per week, then your income can eclipse $20,000
            per month, or $240,000 per YEAR, the concept of Power of Multiplication
            is really working!

            This is NOT a secret. THOUSANDS of people are utilizing this power each
            and every day!

            If YOU have a product that you can confidently sell by placing simple ads,
            then YOU should be using the Power of Multiplication right NOW!

            To place your ad in 1,000 newspapers the old way, you‟d spend $490 on
            postage stamps alone, not to mention expensive long-distance bills.

     2)     This New system can help you to make a fortune

            This is a convenient, highly effective classified advertising system that
            allows you to reach millions of readers across the country with a single
            phone call, or mouse click.

     Now you can use it to place classified advertisements for 900 numbers,
     publications, products and services.

     You could even start a business as a classified ad “broker” and earn
     substantial commissions placing ads for other people.

     A Texas couple recently grossed a million dollars just from placing ads for
     businesses that had no idea this incredible resource existed!

     There are now dozens of people selling this one secret resource alone for
     $29.95 - $49.95. Can you believe it?

3)   The new way to do a massive classified advertising

     It will save you hours of time and money while generating thousands of
     inquiries for your product or service.

     Nationwide Newspapers is the #1 classified ad agency in U.S.A.

     They are able to place your ad in 1 or 8000 newspapers, with a combined
     readership of more than 13 million viewers.

     Nationwide Newspapers targets active mail order buyers in the best-
     classified papers in the Country.

     One contact gets your classified ad in one state, a combination of States, or
     all 40+ available states.

     This saves hours of time and expense placing ads the old way, one-by-one.

     For even wider reach, Nationwide Newspapers features statewide plans
     consisting of over 8000 newspapers with a total circulation of over 40

     A twenty words ad that runs in 1 million papers costs only US$180.00

     This is a great plan for initially testing your response rate

     They also offer Statewide and National plans.

     Nationwide Newspapers can also place your classifieds in select major
     markets (metropolitan cities).

     Their network includes dailies, weeklies, and even a special package just for
     advertising 900 numbers.

            Contact Nationwide Newspapers for current rates and a customized reach
            plan to meet your needs.

            Will you consider place an ad for your Online Trading E-book Business on
            the classified ads?

H)   Conclusion

     IT WORKS! Follow the marketing systems of this offline direct response report.
     Sell the Online Trading E-book Business or the hot product that you pick in a
     starving market.

     Work on it. Once, you get the marketing system working for you.

     YOU ARE HOME FREE and send the financial worry away forever

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     Latest edition June, 20 2005

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