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Teaching About the Middle East by HC121105063258


									Teaching About the Middle East
Monica M. Eraqi
Arab-American National Museum
The Middle East & Arabs in the Curriculum
    According to Marx (2002), “by
     the year 2050, the United
     States will become a nation of
     minorities, with less than half of
     the population being non-
     Hispanic White (as cited in
     Gardiner & Enomoto, 2006).

    Orfield (2001) argues that at
     present, more than half of the
     students attending urban
     schools are members of
     minority groups (as cited in
     Gardiner & Enomoto, 2006).

    Middle Eastern & Muslim
     Americans have largely been
     ignored from the curriculum
     and from research.
 Common Core & Middle School
6th Grade – Eastern Hemisphere               Examples of Common Core & GLCEs
7th Grade – Western Hemisphere               6 – H1.1.1 Explain why and how historians
                                                use eras and periods as constructs to
8th Grade – U.S. History (up to                 organize and explain human activities
Civil War)                                      over time.
                                             6 – H1.4.1 Describe and use cultural
                                                institutions to study an era and a region
Common Core:                                    (political, economic, religion/belief,
                                                science/technology, written language,
   ◦ Broad rather than specific                 education, family).
     (Literacy & writing, thinking skills,
     Position & Defense)                     7 – H1.2.6 Identify the role of the individual
                                                in history and the significance of one
   ◦ Not more work – emphasizes                 person’s ideas.
     what teachers already do
   ◦ Teaching reading and writing
     about issues that connect to today.
Common Core & Middle School
   Reading:
    ◦ Textual (meant to eliminate
      scaffolding, emphasize higher
      text, above comfort level)
    ◦ How to assess perspectives,
      biases and dwell over difficult
      readings for information.
   Writing
       Not opinion, but POSITION
       Supporting with factual information
       Informative writing
    Common Mistakes
   Ignoring Middle Easter/Islamic
    ◦ Dismissed as unimportant
    ◦ Teachers lack training and resources
    ◦ Teachers not confident in teaching
      controversial issues
   Using videos & other
    instructional materials that are
    not sourced
   Using materials out of context
    or without historical background
    that emphasize Middle Eastern
    or Islamic stereotypes
    ◦ Kite Runner
   Bringing in Servicemen who have
    served in the Middle East
Implementing Arab-Islamic Studies
Social Studies/English
   Islam
    ◦ 5 Pillars (History Channel: Inside Islam)
    ◦ Political Islam (Project)
   Arabs & Culture
    ◦ Diversity Day
    ◦ Foods, Dress, Music, Dance, Sports (YouTube, Community
      Resources, Anthony Bourdain,
   Middle East & U.S. History
    ◦ U.S. involvement in Middle East since FDR (Blood & Oil, House
      of Saud, Reading Activities on Afghanistan 1980s, Iran-Iraq War,
      Iran-Contra, Gulf War, Oslo Accords, Daily Show)
Implementing Arab-Islamic Studies
Social Studies/English cont.
 Class Debates
 PowerPoint/Prezi & Movie Maker
 Stations Activities
 Book Reviews (followed by class
  presentations and guest speakers),
 Arab-American National Museum Field
Video Examples:                     Project Examples:
Aladdin                             Reagan & Afghanistan
Stereotypes in Media                Pan-Arabism PowerPoint
Activity Examples:                  Turkey Prezi
Iran (Helpful after studying Iran   Turkey & Saudi Arabia Debate
Hostage Crisis)                     Palestine & Israel Video
Doing Business in Afghanistan       Tourism
(Economics & English: Has been
adapted to a PowerPoint Group
Persian Gulf
Arab-Israeli Conflict Solutions
Arab-Israeli Conflict History
Curricular Resources
   Lesson Plans & Units
    ◦ Center for Middle Eastern & North African Studies (CMENAS)
    ◦ Teaching the Middle East
    ◦ Media Construction of the Middle East
    ◦ Choices Program Resources
       Professional Development, Conferences, Workshops
    ◦ Eraqi Website
       Teaching Middle East/Arab/Islamic Studies in U.S. History, Global &
        Modern Middle East
Additional Resources
Teach Middle East
   Dr. Allen Webb
Teaching About the Middle East: A Teacher’s
  Resource Guide
   Abigail S. Chill
Media Education Foundation
Other Informational Books
   Teaching Literature of
    Today’s Middle East
    ◦ Dr. Allen Webb, Western
      Michigan University
   Islam: Faith and People
    ◦ Eraqi H. Eraqi
   Class Speakers or
    Community Involvement
    ◦ Arab-American National
   Dr. Allen Webb
    ◦ Western Michigan University
    ◦ http://www.teachmiddleeast.c
    ◦ Women in Islam
    ◦ Diversity
    ◦ War in the Middle East
    ◦ Palestinian & Israel Conflict
    ◦ Organized by grade level
    ◦ Sensitive use with books such
      as Kite Runner
   Stereotypes:
    ◦ Reel Bad Arabs
    ◦ Peace, Propaganda and the
      Promise Land
   Arab-Israeli Conflict:
    ◦ Promises
    ◦ Arna’s Children
    ◦ Paradise Now
   Middle East in General:
    ◦ Blood & Oil
    ◦ PBS & History Channel

Monica M. Eraqi
Thank You!

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