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									   Paleo Challenge IV: “CFLI vs The World”

Pre-game speech: Approaching the deep dark scary cave!
    It’s one thing to say things are going to be different. It's another thing completely to
    have them BE different. On day 1 of this challenge you are going to wake up the same
    person you were the day before. Don't go out there and just expect it to be different.
    The world will not have organized itself around your choices about your life! Make your
    circumstances different and you will make YOU different. Prepare yourself for the
    situation as you know it exists out there and you won’t be disappointed.

Creating your Cave Environment
    Sweep!      You must change your surroundings to make them different than they have
    been up until now. Throw away all food items that don’t support your success - cookies,
    pasta, bread, crackers, etc. They should not be there when the craving strikes. You’ll also
    want to look for things that have sugar that you weren’t even aware of! This isn’t magic,
    it’s pure practicality.

    Decorate!       Buy your food on a regular basis and know what you’re shopping for.
    We’ve talked about this already but of course were going to remind you, STAY AWAY
    FROM THE MIDDLE AISLES! The only things that you should need for this challenge are on
    the perimeter- meat, produce, nuts and seeds, etc. The closest you should get to an aisle
    is to buy olive oil. Also, don’t forget; never go shopping when you’re hungry. Once you’ve
    cleared out your cave don’t put any junk back in!

    Plan your Hunt! You shouldn’t have to plan your shopping more than once during
    the challenge. You can basically use the same list every time. Take a few minutes to look
    at how much food you will need over the course of a day, and then a week. What do you
    eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks?
    Protein is important, here’s an easy way to determine your intake:

    (Bodyweight in pounds) x .5 to 1.0 = grams of protein required per day (the more you
    exercise, the more vigorous the exercise, the more protein you’ll need).

    Grams of protein per day / 6 = oz. of protein required per day Oz.
    1oz of meat = approx 6 grams of Protein
    Remember to READ LABELS - there are sugars where you don’t expect them, especially in
    marinades and cures for meats.
     Caveman with class! Prepare like you are a restaurant chef. When you leave for
     work or come home at night, it will make a big difference if you can open your fridge
     and have what you need at your fingertips.

           Season and Cook: (roast, grill, sauté, poach) all meats

           If you won’t be able to cook a hot dinner, don’t season or cook your meals,
            potion out your meat and then toss it in the freezer for another day.

           While meat is cooking, chop and prepare all vegetables. Save as much raw as
            you want to make salads or cook at dinner. You can cook lots of stuff now-
            asparagus, peppers and onions, sweet potatoes, roasted tomatoes, etc. Make
            putting a meal together as quick and painless as possible. There will be a
            learning curve here. Don’t expect that your first try will take an hour or two. It
            will get better over the course of weeks.

           SUNDAY FUNDAY! Tip: a good way to prepare for the week is to do all of your
            shopping, cooking, and cutting in a two to three hour block. Pre-cut your
            vegetables so when you get home from a long day you can pull them out of a
            bag and throw it in a skillet. Put meals in Tupperware for lunch and dinner
            during the week.

     Outside of the cave- Eat something before you go out to take the edge off. This
     applies to going to a restaurant OR a party -- ESPECIALLY a party. Don’t go out hungry.

     Ask questions at the restaurant. Be that guy. You want to ask about sugar, soy, grains,
     etc. This is about ownership and clarity. If you can start being clear for yourself about
     the choices you are making, you can start seeing real results. Order a “doggie bag”
     with your meal and put half of it aside for another time.

Moving Boulders with Ease

     Create a neighborhood-Don’t go in alone! Form partnerships or teams to
     support each other.
         For those who have Facebook log onto our Paleo Challenge fan page to vent,
           share recipes, read posted articles and links. It’s a great way to get advice and
           guidance from others.
         About half way through the challenge CFLI will be having a Paleo Pot luck
           where you can share recipes and take home some of the delicious meals
           others made. (Of course if it’s not all gone) Date: TBA
    Working Out- Daily workouts are about consistency, not intensity. You should
    continue to do your CrossFit workouts as usual, but find some time every day, 10
    minutes at least, to be active - jog, bike, hike, yoga, sit ups, whatever. Do it to instill
    that health and fitness is a daily commitment and that it doesn't come down to going
    to the gym 2-3 times per week to fix everything that you did wrong in your life.

    Goals- Set milestones for yourself. Create short term goals so that you can have
    victories all along the way. There will be weekly challenges for you to take on, but you
    can create any kind of marker for yourself that you choose. Where do you want to be
    2 weeks in? What can you do each week to celebrate victory? What do you want to
    have halfway through? The more you have to look forward to on a short term basis,
    the quicker the long term will arrive.

    Make a promise. What is success in this challenge going to look like? Make a promise
    to yourself and share it with someone else. Keep that as your motto, mission
    statement, mantra, whatever. And make it something that you are excited about.
    Ex. When this is over I will have the energy to __________! When I complete this, I am
    going to treat myself to _______. And do it! It doesn’t just have to be food. This is a
    big deal, reward yourself.

How it Works

    The Paleo Challenge IV is a 9 week nutrition, workout, mobility, and accountability

    challenge designed to create habits that last a lifetime.

    Entry fee: $50 ($35 for Gold members)

    All participants will receive:
    ▪ 1 extra class per week for the duration of the challenge
    ▪ Paleo Pep Rally – how to set yourself up: preparing your home and kitchen,

           shopping, preparing food, strategies

    ▪ Paleo Pot luck dinner
▪ Access to the CFLI Paleo Challenge Facebook fan page

▪ Before and after photos to document your transformation

▪ Chance to win big time CASH and PRIZES!

There will be 3 parts to the challenge
Body composition-All participants will be measured during the week prior to the

challenge. We will be performing girth measurements of arms, hips, waist, and thighs

and adding them up to get a 1-number girth measurement. The measurements will be

repeated on Finals Day and scored for percentage improvement.

Performance- Everyone will participate in 3 baseline workouts as a performance

measurement. The workouts will be repeated again in the final week and scored for

percentage improvement.

Accountability- You will receive a total of 7 points at the beginning of each day. They

are yours to lose. You can lose 1 point for any violation of the nutrition guidelines, up

to 3 points. The remaining 3 points you may keep for working out, mobilizing, and

taking supplements. The lowest score you can get on any day is 0.

For the nutrition portion of this challenge, you may not consume:

▪ grains/starches (corn, soy products, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fries, etc.)
▪ sugar (refined, artificial, or “natural”)

▪ dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk)

▪ alcohol, soda, juice

▪ diet or processed food or drinks

You will score yourself 3 points if you avoid all of these foods in a day. Subtract 1

point for each time you consume an item from any of these categories.

Workout- for this challenge is a minimum of 10 minutes of “active” recovery –
running, cycling, rollerblading, hiking, yoga, etc. You will score yourself 1 point for

each day you work out.

Mobilization is a minimum of 10 cumulative minutes of stretching. You will score
yourself 1 point for each day you stretch for at least 10 cumulative minutes.

Supplements -There is no minimum dose for fish oil/ Vitamin D/ LuRong Velvet Antler

in this challenge. For fish oil, the recommended minimum dose is 100mg of EPA and

DHA combined for every 10lbs of bodyweight. For example, a 150lbs person would

take 1500mg of combined EPA and DHA. For Vitamin D 5,000-10,000 IU daily is

suggested, and for LuRong, 2 capsules per day is recommended. As long as you take

at least 2 out of 3 recommended supplements, you can keep your point.

H2O – you must consume a ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight a day.

Ex. 150lbs person must drink 75 ounces a day to reach quota. That’s about 4 ½ bottles.

Your final score for the challenge will be a combination of your change in

measurements (25%), your improvement in performance (25%), and your

accountability score (50%)

There will be other Mini Challenges along the way that will allow you to gain Bonus


     Reporting your Score-
         Register: email your full name to if you are
          male, or if you are a female. You will then
          receive a reply email with your score sheet which you must fill out each day
          during the challenge.
                o You MUST report by 12 noon the latest for the previous day or you will
                  receive a score of 0 for that day.
         When sending in your score sheet you must reply to the email which is labeled
          for that week. Ex. Reply to email subject: WEEK ONE during the first week. By
          the end of the week the entire score sheet should be filled out.
         Logging starts Monday September 17th. First score is recorded by 12pm

Not Caveman Friendly

     What to avoid

     Grains/starches (corn, soy, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes) - Quinoa and wild rice are
     grains. Quinoa contains saponins, a concentrated source of anti-nutrients which
     increase intestinal permeability and lead to "leaky gut" which in turn may promote
     low level, chronic inflammation. Quinoa also contains phytates which inhibit the
     absorption of nutrients such as iron and zinc. Wild rice also has similar gut irritating
     qualities. It comes down to whether or not you can OWN it. If you are not sure, the
     best answer is always avoid it until you are clear.

     Sugar - ANY caloric, natural (honey, agave, cane juice, evaporated cane juice, maple
     syrup, Truvia, etc) or non-caloric artificial sweetener (aspartame, nutrasweet,
     sucralose, etc.). Stevia is fine for this challenge, just be sure you are not preserving a
     sweet tooth you’d be better off without. Unwire your palate from sweet! There is also
     some research that says that there is an insulin response just from the taste of sweet.
     Gum and mints are not OK - artificially sweetened or not, they are a violation. There is
     a reason that people dip and chew tobacco. The mouth and gums are a highly
     permeable entranceway to the bloodstream. Whatever you chew in your mouth ends
     up in your system.
Alcohol, soda, juice -. No soda - it's either sugar or artificial sweetener, so lay off. No
alcohol. No juice allowed. It's just liquid sugar, people. If you choose to drink any of
these, you will lose 1 nutrition point immediately.

Dairy - Only butter is permitted (Not permitted for LuRong Challenge). No milk, raw or
not, yogurt, cheese, kefir, etc. If it is made from the milk of any animal and is not
butter, it is not allowed. That's the rule.
Diet or processed foods - nothing artificial, nothing processed in anything besides
traditional cooking or preserving methods (curing, cooking, drying). If it required a lab,
it's not OK.

Food points - multiple violations in 1 item
Combo items such as coffee with milk and sugar, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches,
baked goods and pastries, pasta with sauce and cheese, etc count as 1 point even
though there are technically multiple violations contained within. It is the item, not
the combination of parts.
A single instance of the item is 1 point, repeated instances are additional points (a
single cafe mocha, a single piece of pizza, one piece of cake, pie, bread, etc, 1 drink).
Size? Can you own it? Is half a cake one piece? Can you say with a straight face to
yourself that you only had one piece of cake?

Minimum of 10 minutes active recovery DAILY. It's about focus and habits, not killing
yourself. Work out, active recovery, yoga, hiking, jogging, etc.

Any kind of stretching whatsoever. 10 minutes minimum. Routines from are highly recommended.

Winner will be determined by ranking in accountability (50%), workout improvement
(25%), and measurement improvement (25%). The default for measurements will be
loss. If you are planning to build muscle or gain size, you must declare that prior to the
start of the challenge.
This is actually very simple - there are four rules. Eat right, exercise, stretch, take
supplements. You have 7 points each day. You can lose up to 3 points for food rule
violations. You can keep 1 point for working out, 1 point for stretching, and 1 point for
taking supplements. Maximum each day is 7, minimum is 0. Report your score by
12noon or you will automatically receive a 0 for the preceding day.
         If you blow 3 food points one day, you cannot lose any more no matter what you do.
         You can eat as much fruit and nuts as you want, but keep in mind that this challenge is
         about going for a particular result. You can figure out how to cheat yourself inside of
         the rules, or you can take it on and see what is really possible.

         On the final day, each participant will receive a ranking in each area based on their
         accountability score, percentage improvement in their workout score, and percentage
         improvement on their measurements. The winners will be determined by the lowest
         cumulative ranking of all three scores.

         Each day you MUST report your score by 12 noon for the previous day. Failure to
         enter your score by 12pm will result in a score of 0 for the day being entered

         For the mini challenges, you will have the opportunity every Monday by 12 noon to
         report whether or not you completed the previous week’s challenge successfully.
         That will be your only chance to enter your score for the bonus points! These will be
         announced week by week.


         Grand Prize
         $250 Cold Hard Cash                         1 Male / 1 Female / 1 Master
         -Reebok Olympic Weightlifting Shoes of
         your choice ($150 value)                    Over $550 in total Cash and Prizes!!
         -Progenex Combo Pack - 1 Recovery, 1
         More Muscle ($110 Value)
         -PurePharma Combo Pack - 1 Fish Oil, 1
         Vitamin D ($50 value)

         2     Place:
         -Reebok Nano 2.0s of your choice ($110      1 Male / 1 Female / 1 Master
         -Progenex Combo Pack - 1 Recovery, 1        $270 in total Cash and Prizes
         More Muscle ($110 Value)
         -PurePharma Combo Pack - 1 Fish Oil, 1
         Vitamin D ($50 value)

         3 Place
         -CFLI Pro-Shop Gift Pack ($75 value)        1 Male / 1 Female
         -Progenex Combo Pack - 1 Recovery, 1
         More Muscle ($110 Value)                    Over $200 in total Cash and Prizes
         -PurePharma Combo Pack - 1 Fish Oil, 1
         Vitamin D ($50 value)

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