Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here, I am to mention!

Being a foremost member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in Pakistan and of other reputed
professional trade Associations/Forums in the security and investigation industry, and also having
possessed the designation of a Certified Fraud Examiner-CFE, I always kept myself keen to give an
expertise hand and shoulder to the victimized trade industries in the different spheres of their needs,
may caused due to Frauds/Misappropriations/Embezzlements and other internal/external managerial

In this fast going modern and technological pace of time having global ranged trading concepts, the
business community either working with a Firm or a huge Organization needs to settle/adjust the loop-
holes of their financial and other sensitive matter within a flash of an eye. They really want to get the
things settled before the sun set.

For any sort of detection, you can ascertain the services of excellent educated, trained and well
groomed professionals such as Certified Fraud Examiners-CFEs, very loyal to their objectives and highly
skilled to create opportunities by paving the ways and soften the means to achieve the targets/goals
allocated to them within the expeditious means of time. Also they are capable to discover the clever,
crock and cunning intentions playing behind the curtains.

I am sure enough that with the services/abilities, CRI is quite capable to convert the impossible into
possible, and you will be given a heartiest response, whenever you need.

Our Motto!        A Guaranteed satisfaction of the Client shall be our Pride.

Thanks and regards!

Zafar I. Anjum, CFE
(Certified Fraud Examiner)
Chief Executive


As you are very much aware of the fact that while running a Business, Firm or a huge Organization it
becomes very difficult to check and watch its downing trends. There are many factors in which
departmental frauds/misappropriations and embezzlements becomes the main consequences to disturb
and jeopardize the financial status of the business and thus tantamount to breach of trust within and
outside affairs of the business and also put a very bad impact on its reputation and goodwill as well. The
inside criminals, somehow, makes their way to get around the control of the various sensitive affairs of
the business and becomes in a position to mend and mould the surroundings towards their mal

Business offers many avenues for crimes and civil wrongs which may not be apparent to the un-trained
eye. Economic crime is an undeniable fact of business life, affecting both large and small organizations
across all industries. To explore the hidden facts of such mishaps, the business community often needs
independent auditing and monitoring of its examination to get the last bottom of the scattered things.

Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt.) Limited (“CRI”) is a group of Company, which operates in
different areas, with the Head Office in Islamabad, Pakistan. CRI was established in the beginning of
2001 as being Pakistan’s foremost professional investigation company. The Company has experienced
rapid growth over the last few years. Apart from the main Office at Capital city Islamabad, we have a
developed and well-connected network of Operatives and top knitted resources in all strategic locations
of Pakistan and across the globe, as well. Our affiliated Offices at United States, United Kingdom and
other Western Countries are responsible for the Debt-Collection cases and allied Investigative services.


At, Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt) Limited “CRI”, we erase false covers, and help you to see
through even micro-bacterial business and Economic Crimes.


We work personally with clients to comprehend their business essentials and expand realistic and cost-
effective solutions to lessen risks associated to business or to endow with well-timed and precise
information to maintain premeditated business decisions.

CRI’s way in situation is over and over again a CRISIS, a MAJOR SCAM or FRAUD, breach of
INTELLECTUAL PROPERITY, or a Rapid need of Critical Intelligence to evaluate a business prospect.
However we don’t discontinue. We repetitively lend a hand to pact with instantaneous crisis to their
ultimate determination and implementing proactive measures to diminish potential risk exposure.

It may therefore be worthwhile to establish what we are trying to achieve, what are the objectives of a
fraud prevention and control approach inside the company. Our Fraud Investigation approaches should
achieve any, or all of following objectives:

       Prevention
       Deterrence
       Disruption
       Identification; and
       Civil actions or Criminal prosecution

CRI also operating as being additional support to law enforcement and administration of Justice, so that
a healthy competition amongst public private sector can be developed


At CRI Group, our values and standards have always formed the basis of our success. They inspire trust
and confidence on the part of the Investigation community, government officials, regulatory agencies,
financial markets, our customers and even criminals all of whom are essential to our success. Even more
important, these values inspire the trust and confidence of CRI Group employees—creating a sense of
pride and a desire in each of us to achieve great things at CRI Group. Yes, we care a lot about the results
we achieve. But we care just as much about how we achieve them.

We must comment that “Investigative results are for the people, to get informed decisions” embodies
our values and our aspirations. But sometimes it’s not clear what this means in our day-today activities
and decision-making as members of the Investigative community. Following paragraphs illustrates how
our values are applied through standards of conduct with each of our key stakeholders: customers,
employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities.


This Code of Conduct and all relevant corporate policies apply to everyone who conducts business on
behalf of CRI Group– including employees, executive officers (e.g., chief executive, financial officer,
directors, etc.), members of the Board of Directors, agents, consultants, sub-contracts, or others, when
handling CRI Group matters. Should exceptional employee situations warrant a waiver of the Company’s
standards, any such waiver must be handled by a manager with the appropriate authority. Executive
officers or members of the Board of Directors may be granted waivers only by the Board of Directors or
a Board Committee.

Any such waiver must itself be legal and promptly disclosed to our stakeholders

          Our Customers’ Customers:

Our business is preserving and improving Corporate Fraud Control, facilitating to get informed decisions
and lessens the crime picture from society and working businesses. All of our actions must be measured
by our success in achieving this goal. Above all, we value our ability to serve business community who
can benefit from the appropriate use of our investigative results and services. We are dedicated to
providing the highest level of professional excellence and result oriented delivery systems. We strive to
identify the most critical needs of professionals and consumers, and we devote our resources to
meeting those needs.
          Our Suppliers and Sub-contractors:

We believe in developing mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. We recognize that they
are important partners in our success, and we treat them with honesty, fairness and respect. We also
expect that they will conduct business activities for or on behalf of the Company in accordance with
business standards and values that align with our own.

          Our fellow Employees:

Our ability to succeed depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity, flexibility and
teamwork of CRI Group employees. To this end, we strive to create an environment of mutual respect,
encouragement and teamwork—a working environment that rewards commitment and performance
and seeks to be responsive to the needs of employees. We seek to provide a workplace atmosphere that
attracts highly talented people and helps them achieve their full potential. Each of us is responsible for
creating a climate of trust and respect, and for promoting a productive work environment. These
responsibilities are embodied in our leadership principles:

               Know and develop yourself
               Know and develop our business
               Know, support and develop our people
               Communicate

          Our Communities and Society:

Being a good corporate citizen means that we comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
Also, we serve our society, from the local communities in which we operate to the national and
international levels, by supporting programs that advance knowledge and education and improve social
standard. In addition to these priorities, we support programs to protect the environment; promote art
and cultural activities; and foster civic institutions.

          Our Shareholders:

We recognize that our ability to meet our goals depends on maintaining financial performance that
encourages investment in leading-edge research and development. This in turn enables us to deliver
effective products and innovative services. We strive to provide honest, accurate and timely information
to our shareholders about our performance and to make clear disclosures in all public reports and
           Our Resources:

No guidelines, no matter how detailed, can possibly anticipate all of the challenges we may face on the
job. That is why there are additional resources we can use when we have questions about business
conduct. Following paragraphs serves as a guide to our standards, including frequently asked questions,
and is not intended to be an exhaustive description of the Company’s policies and standards.
Throughout these paragraphs you will find responses to real questions that CRI Group employees and
customers have risen. Supplementary information on a number of issues may be found by referring to
the relevant corporate policies, which you will find referenced throughout these guidelines. These
policies may be accessed via the Intranet (being under process) or you may contact the Human
Resources Department. If your questions are not fully addressed by these resources, your next step
should be to discuss your questions with your manager. Other resources are also available—including
specialists in the Legal, Finance, Corporate Audit, Human Resources Departments, the Office of Ethics
(being under process) and the AdviceLine (being under process). You can use any of these resources
when you need clarification of policies, assistance in dealing with “gray areas,” or when you are
concerned about possible violations of our standards, laws or regulations.

Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt) Limited command by Mr. Zafar I. Anjum, Certified Fraud
Examiner-CFE and a squad of veteran professionals with wide-ranging know-how in conducting
responsive investigations in across Pakistan, Asian region and Middle east countries. These
responsibilities comprise major fraud investigations, international background investigations,
international asset searches, corporate crisis management, International trace and debt collections,
responses to significant threats, Intellectual property Investigations, Corporate security consulting and
conduct of business intelligence appointments.


       Fraud & White-collar Crime Investigations
       Forensic Accounting and Investigations
       Corporate Security Consulting & Investigations
       Business Intelligence & Investigations
       Background Investigations (Pre-employment Screening and public record searches)
       Due diligence and KYC Inquiries
       Insurance Fraud Investigations (SIU Services)
       Skip Tracing and Debt Collections


           Fraud & White-collar Crime Investigations

          Almost half of all business organizations worldwide have been victims of fraud in the past two
          years, according to the 2005 PricewaterhouseCoopers' Global Economic Crime Survey. CRI’s
          previous experience shows the main threats to businesses come from money laundering,
          Intellectual Property, Embezzlement, cheque and credit card fraud and cyber fraud. Businesses
          countenance massive risk when they walk around business partnerships, new customers,
mergers and acquisitions. CRI’s Fraud and White-Collar Crime Investigations and Risk
consulting services help financial institutions, corporations, partnerships and individuals to
minimize fraud risks associated with business operations and ensure success in all business
transactions and dealings.

Forensic Accounting and Investigations

Forensic accounting is the specialty practice area of CRI that describes engagements which
result from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation. 'Forensic' measures right and proper for
make use of in Court of law, and it is to that customary and prospective conclusion that CRI
Forensic Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners normally have to work on behalf of client
into individuals and corporations. CRI Forensic Accountants teamed up with Certified Fraud
Examiners often have to give expert evidence at the ultimate trial. Within Forensic Accounting
and Investigations, CRI have further sub-specializations; specialize in insurance claims,
personal injury claims, fraud, construction, or public audits.

CRI Forensic Accounting and Investigations handled by seasoned team of accountants and CFEs
and their Engagements relating to civil disputes may fall into several categories: calculating
and quantifying losses and economic damages, whether suffered through tort or breach of
contract; disagreements relating to company acquisitions - possibly make outs or breaches of
warranties; and business valuation; often assist in professional negligence claims assessing and
observing on the occupation of other professionals. Engagements relating to criminal matters
characteristically take place in the consequences of fraud.

Corporate Security Consulting & Investigations

CRI Analytical Research Consultants will help you ascertain, evaluate and develop all of your
Corporate Security and Investigative requirements such as corporate fraud committed by the
insiders along with outsiders against the company. A full range of services include:

• Intellectual Propriety Investigations
• Corporate Investigations (Employee fraud, theft and Embezzlement)
• Insurance Fraud Investigations
• Risk Management
• Corporate Security Consulting
• Corporate Crime Investigations

Business Intelligence & Investigations

Investigating business is a puzzle worth considerable dedication. CRI Investigator and
Researchers undertake Business Investigations with tenacity and intelligence. CRI have two
different approaches in business investigations and intelligence gathering. Primary,
investigative Operations concentrate on locating the assets of a business, obtaining financial
information, and in doing background investigations on officers in the business. And
subsequent, intelligence operations deal with obtaining an understanding of a business
strengths and weaknesses, its potential for future growth, its research and development
programs, its marketing and expansion, and its efforts to establish alliances.

Background Investigations (Pre-employment Screening and public record



Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt) Limited is a Risk consulting company with the objectives to
undertake research and Investigations on behalf of clients into individuals and corporations both in
Pakistan and overseas which include to collect and distribute information concerning the standing and
credit of persons engaged in trade and otherwise.

In today’s aggressive economic atmosphere businesses cannot manage to pay for to be side-tracked by
employee troubles such as workplace violence, theft, false resumes, embezzlement, harassment or
trumped-up injury claims. Employers have increasingly turned to pre-employment screening as a critical
risk-management tool to try to avoid hiring problem employees in the first place.


1.     To discourage applicants with something to hide, just having a pre-screening program
       discourages job applicants with a criminal background or falsified credentials.

2.     To eliminate uncertainty in the hiring process, many employers have discovered the hard way
       that relying on instinct alone is not enough. Hard information is also an important part of the
       hiring process.

3.     To demonstrate Due Diligence, all employers have a reasonable duty of care in the hiring
       process. That means an employers must take responsible steps to determine whether an
       employee is fit for a particular job. For example, an employer who hires a bus driver and does not
       take reasonable efforts to determine if the bus driver has a criminal record, could be found liable
       if that driver assaults a passenger, and a reasonable background check would have discovered
       the prior assaults.

4.     To encourage honesty in the application and interview process, employers find that just having a
       background program will encourage applicants to be more forthcoming about their history.


      Previous Employment Verification
      Verify and interviews of current and former address
      Verify and check Academic qualifications
      Verify name, address, DOB, National Identify Card number
      Local and International Criminal Record history check
      Pre-Employment credit check.
      Complete Court Records (Civil and Criminal)
      Background information on former employers
      Analytical research of Credential breaches
      Bankruptcy Searches
      Media and Internet Searches


We, at Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt) Limited, have covered a great deal of public records
checking and verification across Pakistan and other jurisdiction we hold, basically following structure of
searches is based upon two different types of checks:

•      VERIFICATION CHECKS: You are verifying previous employment, previous address, educational
       background and that type of thing. We will uncover the discrepancy in the dates and times.
       Computerized National Identity Cards, etc.,

•      RECORDS CHECKING : In public record checking we are compiling data on the subject that builds a

All of these checks are either paper sources of information or people sources of information. We have
the skills and knowledge to utilize both.

       It’s really a three pronged investigative process; Verification; Observation of neighborhood and
       dwelling; Interview with neighbors. Verification of name, address and telephone through
       electoral register records, National Databases Registration Authority and on-line electronic
       Telephone directories.

       CRI helps to make certain your applicants have the suitable training. CRI’s exceptional
       educational verifications identify the legitimacy of the educational information supplied to you
       by your applicant. If discrepancies are found, CRI automatically requests the transcripts and
       written documentation. Our Educational Verifications confirms dates of attendance, major
       course work and degree(s) awarded. Grade Point Average and academic honors may be provided
       based upon school policy.

       Searches of concerned Police Stations, databases, Federal Investigation Agency, National
       Accountability Bureau Courts, District & Sessions’ court, for criminal history and/or searches for
       criminal court proceedings.

       Consists verification; of position, dates of employment and salary history, information pertaining
       to what kind of employee the subject was, reasons for termination of employment and
       availability for rehire, description of job duties.

       Searches of Civil court records concerning civil actions.

       Searches of Civil Courts, Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan, and Nationwide bankruptcy
       databases of financial institutions searches
     Searches which determine an individual’s association with the equivalent of the
     Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (Searches should be include such as
     directorship, shareholder, or disqualified directorship/banned or any other adverse
     nature information).

     Any databases which may indicate whether an individual is currently or formerly involved in any
     Military service

Due diligence and KYC Inquiries


     Supporting from top to bottom Moral Standards with Customer Reference Checks,
     Frequent frauds in the banking and financial services industry; have compelled
     regulatory authorities to insist that these industries have a better understanding of their
     customers. "Know Your Customer" rules promote high ethical standards in the financial
     sector and prevent the institution being used by criminal elements. There is a growing
     demand for experts in such activities, and Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt)
     Limited “CRI” is here to fill that gap. With its existing experience and extensive national
     presence, CRI is able to assure you timely deliverance of services.

     Know Your Customer (KYC) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) are an increasing focus of
     the latest examinations. Qualified and experienced CRI Investigators draw out customer
     insights that further embellish our principals' understanding of their customers. Focus
     on the Customer's Customer is the key driver in this activity.

     All efforts are thus made in the direction of gathering relevant insights about our
     Customer's Customer to help them know them, and hence serve them better.

     For a due diligence investigation as a prelude to an acquisition or merger, conducting
     extensive background investigations on the company’s officers, verifying and auditing
     the financial statements, interviewing key customers and suppliers, evaluating the
     physical plant, and evaluating the company’s long term potential for growth, Corporate
     Research & Investigations (Pvt.) Limited has designed following arrangements for
     Analytical research:


     Using comprehensive good judgment, Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt.)
     Limited will examine a business on demand and endow with a complete Status Report
     which includes the following information and description:

     Correct full company name
     All former names, abbreviations and trading names
     Head Offices physical location and full postal address
     Confirmed telephone, fax and telex numbers
     E-mail address.

     Correct full name and positions of all senior company personnel

     Official Registration/Incorporation details of subject including legal status, Ownership
     (names, nationalities and percentages held of all proprietors, partners or shareholders)
     Date of Registration/Incorporation
     Company Registration number, Chamber of Commerce membership and license numbers
     Historical information including previous ownership
     Names and addresses of all affiliated and group companies

     Full description of subject’s business activities
     Production capacity
     Countries Imported to and exported from
     Brand names sold
     Agencies held current or recent contracts
     Payment methods
     Number of employees
     Financial information including annual sales turnover, net profit, total assets, invested
     capital and import value.

     Description of premises owned or rented
     Branch location addresses and telephone numbers

     Bankers’ names, addresses, telephone, fax and telex numbers
     Contact details of trade referees

     A brief summary of the report content
     Background information including current political climate, market factors, statutory
     regulations, trade embargoes and any other factor, which may enhance or adversely
     affect the security of dealings with the subject company
     Opinion on creditworthiness
     Opinion on suggested credit amount, where provided
     Recommendation of maximum credit figure

Insurance Fraud Investigations (SIU Services)

     Corporate Research and Investigations (Private) Limited (“CRI”), specializing in insurance
     investigations under the leadership of Certified Fraud Examiner-CFE. We provides
     following Investigative Services specifically to Insurance industry:

            Fraud Investigations
            Activity checks
            Witness statements
            Background Investigations
            Asset searches
            Medical audits and clinic investigations (Medicaid Fraud Investigations)
            Death Verifications
            SIU Services

     CRI take immense pleasure in Welcoming you and would like to invite your attention
     and taking your costly time for just to introduce that you may depend on us for your all
     your insurance investigations across Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Middle
     East. We assure you will find CRI to be a valuable investigative partner of your
     Investigation division. We look forward to serving you in the years to come. Should you
     have any questions, please call us at +92-51-4861255 or e-mail us at
     anytime. 24 hours a day!

Skip Tracing and Debt Collections

     It has been appeared through 16 year of experience in Risk Management and Fraud
     Investigations that peoples while in abroad obtain credit and Finance facilities for their
     businesses, Credit Cards and various means, willfully opted not to make the repayments
     of such finance facilities and returned back to Pakistan and disappeared!

     Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt) Limited “CRI” has develops its new concept
     of offering Legal services and Litigation support to its client nationwide & worldwide in
     order to trace that defaulters and recover the outstanding amounts they left back while
     in abroad.

     We understand that much bad debt has been accumulated by banks, other financial
     institutions and commercial companies over the last ten years. A large proportion of
     that bad debt is to be attributed to Pakistani nationals, who have fled Pakistan after
     (allegedly fraudulently) receiving large credits from the banks and other financial
     institutions. These credits add up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

     The thrust of the cooperative investigation by this company and concerned client is to
     locate and identify the stolen moneys, which have been transferred or hidden in
     Pakistan, outside Pakistan mainly to the U.K., Western Europe and North America.
     Expert advice will be provided through the good offices of CRI, to the creditors in order
     that, legally, they can freeze stolen assets followed by attachment and recovery.
CRI will be responsible for all investigative work outside of Pakistan and across Pakistan.
This investigative work will encompass:

     The tracing and locating of the assets, which have been taken out of Pakistan,
     The identification of those assets, thus proving that they belong to the fled
     Advising on the legal freezing, seizure and recovery of those assets in whichever
      jurisdiction they have been discovered.
     The initial vetting of the Creditor’s claim to ensure that it is still valid from the
      point of view of the Statute of Limitations in the jurisdiction in which the
      suspected assets are likely to be found. Maintaining a close liaison between
      Collection Departments of the Creditor, CRI and the Creditor client

Banks and other financial institutions have been the main sufferers from the alleged
fraudulent obtaining of credits, there may well be commercial organizations and
individuals who have been the victims of fraud. These latter may have legitimate claims,
which are acceptable to courts in the relevant jurisdictions, and may therefore wish to
recover that which is rightfully theirs.

Therefore, we have the honor to introduce our key services, International Trace & Debt
Collection Department offering collection services to our clients. We would like to offer
these specialized services to our customers in credit administration to recover their
outstanding Balances by following means:

     Stuck-up money create through bounce cheques,
     Non-performing loans,
     Asset Searching
     Unpaid Invoices and other types of receivables
     Credit Card Debts
     Skip tracing
     Finding of a lost debtor (Skipped Cases)
     Asset Tracing and property value investigations
     Complete research and investigation services
     Tracing missing funds and identifying the assets of those responsible for their
     Investigating the reasons for a loss with a view to litigation or settlement;
     Conducting due diligence enquiries, for a variety of needs; and
     Providing good sound advice to a client.

Our service charges are result oriented. We offer personalized, confidential, effective
and prompt Services.

Our objective is collecting the money from Defaulters & Absconders inside and outside
Pakistan amicably without refereeing to the Court of Law in first instance by our trained
ex-law enforcement officer’s team, and if required a legal action, than we have very
competent team of Recovery experts having complete grip on recovery proceedings
             under specific Statute of Pakistan and English Courts, that team of Lawyers and debt
             Collection experts, which will save your precious Time and money. We have our offices
             all over the Pakistan and worldwide network of local operatives.

             LEGAL RECOVERY

             We have also been proven right to call our team an expert on “what to do when debt
             collection does not bring in the money”. However successful and experienced the team
             of debt collectors may be, at the end of the day, it’s all up to your debtor to pay. Legal
             Recovery comes in where further steps need to be taken. Corporate Research &
             Investigations (Pvt.) Limited holds in-house lawyers within its legal departments as well
             as abroad network of independent lawyers throughout jurisdiction. Together we
             provide fast, efficient and, above all an effective service.


        Performance bond fraud

             Corporate Research and Investigations (Private) Limited were retained by a local
             financial institution which had been the subject of a performance bond fraud. At the
             outset of their retainer, Corporate Research and Investigations (Private) Limited did not
             have a sufficient evidence to identify assets of the fraudster let alone be in a position to
             freeze them.

             Due to the investigations of Corporate Research and Investigations (Private) Limited and
             an investigative team, it was established that the fraudster had defrauded a number of
             companies on a similar basis over several years. By the way of negotiation, Corporate
             Research and Investigations (Private) Limited secured the documentation and look over
             an action that had previously been abandoned by another victim. Based on the
             information that they collected, simultaneous Orders were obtained in various other
             locations freezing assets. At the same time a search was carried out at the two London
             premises occupied by the fraudster where substantial documentation was discovered to
             support the claim.

             During the course of the ensuing proceedings, Corporate Research and Investigations
             (Private) Limited obtained Orders requiring third parties to immediately deliver up
             material documentation which otherwise would not have been made available.

             In that process, Corporate Research and Investigations (Private) Limited’s investigative
             team was consisting on Certified Fraud Examiner, corporate lawyers and chartered

        Investigations of misconduct / malpractice
     Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt) Limited engaged by a largest
     Pharmaceutical company having issues of false sale targets, misappropriation of
     company resources, malpractices, fake medicine samples for physicians, and
     compensation provided to Chemists and Stockiests. CRI Investigation team consisting on
     Certified Fraud Examiner, Investigation Supervisor, investigators and client’s Regional
     Security Head conducted a serial of investigative interviews, discreet investigations,
     asset searching of questioned employees of the business Unit of our client in Pakistan,
     achieve the objectives and provided successful investigative support to Corporate
     Security Office of the company to eliminate the crime picture within organization.

Fake Invoices and Purchase Fraud

     A big U.S. Pharmaceutical company approached CRI with the problem they are facing
     inside the company’s local Unit is a possible fraud and diversion of product from one of
     their business units. The fraud going back to mid 2003. In addition there seems to be
     issues of false billing for purchase of items on fake invoices. In short the case was

          Misuse of expense accounts wherein expensive items like ac's , fridges etc are
           bought and supposedly given to doctors, hospitals etc. Most of the shops the
           items are bought from apparently do not exist. All these bills need to be

          Alleged misuse in sales being sent to hospitals for charity and as part of sales.
           Apparently stock is being diverted and sold in the open market etc.

     CRI under the supervision of Certified Fraud Examiner and forensic accounting staff of
     CRI conducted of forensic audit of the concerned unit and found a large scale fake
     invoices and bills, further investigations and physical verifications reveals a persistence
     practice of purchasing costly items and gifts for Doctors in order to promote the
     products of the company from non-existing firms and shops which in result huge
     plunder to the funds of the company.

     An undercover agent assigned to pinpoint the locations where stock is being diverted
     and sold in the open market, a large scale stock captured and seized.

Pre-Employment Screening (Background Investigations)

     Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt) Limited, has been engaged to undertake
     Background Investigations and Pre-Employment Screenings since 2001 and carried out
     more than 1000 Criminal History, Civil Litigations, Educational Verifications,
     Employment reference Verifications, Identity Verifications each month having
     jurisdiction across Pakistan particularly and around the world in General.

     The was a much interested case while screening pre-employment, one candidate
     claimed in his CV to be a Software Engineer having past employment with one of public
     administration department with USD2000 per month, his degree was checked and
     appeared that he have no such qualifications as he claimed and employed, the degree
     was fake having no record at concerned University.

     Second most interesting case come into the line of performing Criminal History check on
     a Vietnamese and found following results which was found by our daily updated
     Sanction and Embargo Lists database:

               “A Vietnamese court has convicted three Americans of terrorism, and ordered
               them deported. Along with four Vietnamese, the candidate, Americans - all
               naturalized - were accused of trying to take over radio airwaves and call for an
               uprising against the communist government. Under Vietnamese law, this
               charge is called terrorism. The trial heard that the man behind the charges is a
               Vietnamese-American… who is wanted in Thailand for a failed plot to bomb
               the Vietnamese embassy. All seven were sentenced to 15 months in prison,
               including time already served; meaning the Americans likely will be deported
               before the end of the year.

               Our client’s subject was also found member of the Free Vietnamese

Investigative Due Diligence:

     Following is a detailed example of many projects we undertake in order to Risk
     assessment, due diligence and profiling of a potential business partner/joint venture.

     We were requested to conduct a discrete investigation on ABC Holding, a company in
     the Kyrgyz Republic. The main goals of the investigation were to assert the existence,
     legal status and business reputation of the company, as well as to confirm their
     experience and ability to perform construction projects in the field of Water systems
     buildup and repairs.

     The technical aspects and communication to Kyrgyz companies proved to be very
     challenging, since many telephone numbers in the country are frequently changed, and
     many lines are not available at all times. As a result, we have not relied only on remote
     research, but have employed local assistance. This proved to be of great help.

     In the process of locating the company and its contact details (which have changed), we
     have contacted the local financial institutions, the Government Departments, the local
     offices of International Funding agencies, and a long line of other local companies,
     especially in the related practice areas of expertise.
From the outset, it was clear to us that this company is not well known or has a
considerable reputation. Almost none of the other companies or local authorities had
previous knowledge of the company. In regard to government offices, we could not
found to retrieve official information without company number, which were not
incorporated with concerned regulatory authorities as per law of the land. Eventually,
the main lead was the local office of an International Funding agency, which has
awarded a contract to the company in 2002, with financing of approximately one million
US Dollars. Further investigation coordination with a local Funding agency officials
revealed that the ABC Holding Company was directly subordinated to the Ministry of
Agriculture and Water Resources.

The sub-ministry unit that was in direct contact with the company is called PMU –
Project Management Unit.

We have reached the Director of PMU, and have made good connections with him.
Discreet investigations were our operative’s firsthand knowledge of the company is the
main source of the following issues:

   1. The company was awarded a contract of building water supply and sanitation
      systems for several rural villages in Kyrgyzstan. The projects were mostly small
      scale, with some larger project (as will be evident below).

   2. The company has performed poorly, providing very low quality (expression of the
      director of PMU) of construction. In addition, the company could not complete
      the construction of the bigger projects.

   3. Due to the above, the Ministry and PMU unit have terminated their contract
      with ABC Holding.

   4. The former director of the company has left the company, and, according to
      hearsay, has changed his last name.

   5. Since then, the former director's sister, Ms. E. M. has managed the company.

   6. The offices of ABC Holding are located in Bishkek, but most of the time they are
      not occupied. The telephone numbers there are +996-312-542603 / 4.

   7. Ms. M. mobile telephone number is +996-777-777777. We have not contacted
      her, based on client’s request to keep this investigation discrete.


We have asserted that the company, ABC Holding, does operate in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan,
and has past experience in constructing water supply and water sanitation systems. The
company is not well known in the local business or construction field.
                The company was awarded a contract containing several rural projects, upon which the
                company has performed very poorly, providing low quality of work and being unable to
                complete large projects. As a result, the overseeing government agency has terminated
                its relations with the company. The company's management has changes recently, and
                its offices are not attended regularly.

                Note: Name of individuals, companies and places has been changed in order to privacy
                of clients


Mr. Zafar I. Anjum, CFE
Certified Fraud Examiner

Mr. Zafar I. Anjum is Founder and Pakistan’s foremost member of Association of Certified Fraud
Examiners-ACFE, USA, who have been granted Certified Fraud Examiner-CFE Certification designation by
the Board of Regents of ACFE; He is also Chief Executive of Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt.)
limited, having Certifications in frequent investigative specialty areas. Life member of “Pakistan
Detective Training Institute”, Member of International Security and Detective Alliance, World
Investigators Network, National Association of Investigative Specialists. Ex-Area Governor; World
Association of Detectives and World Investigators Network for Pakistan. Mr. Anjum has extensive
experience in Investigating Fraud and White-collar crime, Business Intelligence and Investigations.

Mr. Anjum is foremost member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and Global Association of
Risk Professional in Pakistan. He is also an active advocate to regulate professional of private
investigation as an integral part of the freedom of information and as an additional support to law
enforcement and administration of justice.

Mr. Anjum is handled various corporate investigations as well as Forensic examination of the financial
control of organizations, Legal matters involve law enforcement, court litigation, legal disputes, and so
on, and he has complete knowledge of Sarbanes-Oxley act (SOX). Beyond SOX, Designing Successful
Know Your Customer Programs, and Using Digital Evidence in Investigations. Mr. Anjum as being
Certified Fraud Examiner with a qualified team of forensic accountants who work for private companies
help prevents and detect misuse of company resources.

Mrs. Kanwal Zafar

Mrs. Kanwal has been joined Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt.) Limited by it’s incorporation as
being founding director. She has been qualified from Pakistan Detective Training Institute, Karachi and
got her certification in Private Investigation. She has years of experience in investigating insurance fraud,
death verification and Medicaid Fraud Investigations.

Mr. Umer Farooq

Mr. Umer Farooq has joined CRI on 2002, having capabilities to handle background investigations,
Matrimonial Investigations, Pre-marital inquiries and investigative due diligence of corporate and
individual nature. He is also Associate member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Mr. Sheryar Mir
Investigation Supervisor – Investigations & Fraud Risk Management Services

Mr. Sheryar Mir is Ex-Intelligence Officer having capabilities of matching ability to merge under cover
and discreet investigations, good knowledge of interrogation, investigations, and surveillance
techniques with extensive experience in Investigating crimes, Corporate Security Investigations,
undercover operations, intelligence gathering and analysis, criminal nature investigations. Mr. Mir is
working as being Investigation Supervisor with Investigations & Fraud Risk Management Services of
CRI Mr. Sheryar Mir joined Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt) Limited in 2006,

Ms. Sobia Syed
Business Development Executive – Business Development

Ms Sobia Syed has joined the Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt) Limited in 2006, as Business
Development Executive having capabilities to work for the improvement of company’s business,
handle clients quires, to plane and implement strategies for the improvement of company’s image.

Mr. Irfan Farooq
Manager – Human Resources Department

Mr Irfan Farooq joined Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt) Limited in 2006, as Human
Resource Manager having a lot of experience & capabilities to plane, organize, lead ad control of
employees & capabilities of Marketing , Selling and Public Relation skills.

Mr. Umair Mazhar
IT Analyst – Cyber Crime Investigation Services

Mr. Umair Mazhar joined Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt) Limited in 2006, as Information
Technology Expert. Having capabilities to handle the software, hardware matters and information
environment, developing and coordinating technology crime investigations. Mr. Umair having
capabilities to help clients establishing and developing technology crime and security issues within

Mr. Zia Ullah Shan.
Assistant Manager – Collections & Credit Analysis Services

Mr. Zia Ullah Shan joined Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt) Limited in 2004, as Recovery
Manager having capabilities of collection management, skip tracing, recovery process of debt loans,
credit cards and to organize unit to perform with automated triggers producing the desired results.
Mr. Zia also having long experience to handle litigation matters with finance recovery.
   Mr Ezed Masoud.
   Manager – Financial and Account Services

   Mr Ezed Masoud joined Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt) Limited in 2005, as Accounts
   Manager having capabilities to handle the financial matters, Budgeting, taxation and monetary
   controls along with coordinating Corporate matters with the Securities Exchange Commission of
   Pakistan-SECP and Central Bureau of Revenue-CBR

   Mr. Umer Farooq, ACFE
   Manager – Background Investigation Services

   Mr. Umer Farooq has joined Corporate Research & Investigations (Pvt) Limited in 2002, having
   capabilities to handle background investigations, Matrimonial Investigations, Pre-marital inquiries
   and investigative due diligence of corporate and individual nature. He is also member of Association
   of Certified Fraud Examiners-ACFE.

Finally, when you cooperate with us, you can be assured that you are working with a company that
holds the highest professional standards. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; Global Association of
Risk Professional, National Association of Investigative Specialists are only some of them.

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Mr. Zafar I. Anjum, CFE
Certified Fraud Examiner
Chief Executive and Principal Investigator
Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt.) Limited; and

Ms. Kanwal Zafar

Mr. Umer Farooq
Research Analyst
Corporate Research and Investigations (Pvt.) Limited; and
Director, Safe Hiring (Private) Limited


          Company Officers having memberships with following industry associations:

   1.   Association of Certified Fraud Examiners-ACFE, USA
   2.   National Association of Investigative Specialists-NAIS, USA
   3.   National Association of Professional Background Screeners-NAPBS, USA
   4.   Information Systems Audit and Control Association-ISACA, USA
   5.   Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry-ICCI, Pakistan
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   7.   Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals-SCIP, USA
   8.   Society of Human Resources Management

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