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					 Mirfield Groundworks Ltd

 COSHH Assessment Floor Paint
                                                                                  No: 025

Location:                                               Date of Assessment/Review:
Workshops and Sites
Substance: Non Slip Floor Paint.                        Product Name:
Hazardous Content:                                          Classification:          LTEL:
Lead Chromate < 20%                                                                  Lead 0.15 mg/m3
White Spirit >40 < 40 %                                          TOXIC               White Spirit 575 mg/m3
                                                                 HARMFUL             STEL: White Spirit
                                                                  IRRITANT           720mg/m3
Description: Polyurethane non slip floor paint –        Persons at Risk:
viscous liquid.                                         Painters, Operatives
How is Substance Supplied:                              Storage: In a flammable liquid Store.
5 litre cans                                            Small quantities – in a cool, well ventilated, secure
                                                        place away from sources of heat and direct sunlight.
How is the Substance Used:                              Precautions to be Taken:
Applied by brush and/or spray to workshop and office    When spraying:
floor areas.                                            Avoid eye and skin contact.
                                                        Provide adequate forced ventilation to remove air
Spillage & Disposal:                                    borne mist from spray.
                                                        Wear suitable respirator.
Soak up spillage with non-combustible material and      Cover exposed skin
place in a suitable container for disposal as special   Use suitable barrier cream on exposed skin
waste. Do not allow to enter drains or water courses.   Wear suitable eye protection
                                                        When Brushing:
                                                        Avoid eye and skin contact
                                                        Use in well-ventilated area.
                                                        Avoid breathing fumes
                                                        Wear eye protection where risk of splashing.
                                                        Barrier cream is recommended for exposed skin.
PPE Requirement:                                        Risks:
Non permeable gloves                                    Harmful by inhalation and contact with skin.
Long sleeved overalls                                   Flammable
Respirator with double combination canisters            May cause lung damage if swallowed.
Safety helmet.                                          May cause harm to unborn child
Goggles                                                 Danger of cumulative effects.
LEP – when brushing                                     Possible risk of impaired fertility
                                                        Possible risk of irreversible effects
                                                        In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek
                                                        medical advice immediately.
                                                        Do not breathe vapours or spray.
                                                        Contains lead – should not be used on surfaces
                                                        likely to be chewed or swallowed.

 Mirfield Groundworks Ltd

 COSHH Assessment Floor Paint
                                                                              No: 025

First Aid: CONTACT WITH:                           Fire:
EYES – Wash with clean water for min 10 minutes.   Extinguishers – CO2, Powder, Foam, Sand
SKIN – Wash with soap and water, do not use        Do not use water.
solvents.                                          Fire will produce dense toxic smoke containing
INHALATION – Remove to fresh air.                  hazardous products of combustion. Full BA is
INGESTION – Keep at rest, do not induce vomiting   required.
After any of the above, seek immediate medical
ASSESSMENT OF RISK:                    LOW         N.B. - If the product is used in a different manner to
When used in accordance with this assessment.      that above, a separate risk assessment will be


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