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									cultural & computer Studies (2 year)

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course information
This course is designed for International Students who wish to learn the essential skills needed for further education to in Ireland and also improve their job opportunities. The course focuses on a diversity of workplace arenas such as security, business and office procedures.
SubjectS include:
• Communications • Personal Effectiveness • Understanding Interculturalism • English as a Second Language • Cultural Studies • IT Skills • Computer Applications • Mathematics dbl university progression programmes 2008-2009:
• Information Technology • International Trade • Business – Accounting • Cultural & Computer Studies • Marketing • Tourism Studies • Nursing Studies

international Students:
To accommodate our International Students, all DBL courses will include an ‘English as a Second Language’ subject to help students with any language problems or barriers they may be experiencing and also to help with completing their assignments.

Schedule 2008/2009:
cultural & computer Studies course Start dates: 2008: Aug 4th, Sept 22nd, Nov 10th 2009: Jan 6th, Feb 10th, Mar 30th Currently registering for all programmes

AdMiSSiOn ReQuiReMentS:
An entry- level English examination will have to be taken and passed for a candidate to be allowed entry to this course. No computing skills are necessary to gain entry to this course.

This course will be broken into 4 terms of 6 months. Two modules will be completed in every 6 month term

HOw tO Apply
You can apply in person to the admissions office located at The Steelworks, Foley Street, Dublin 1 or online at Alternatively you can contact the admissions office on 01-8559437.

• You will receive a FETAC level 4 Minor Award Certificate for each module you pass. • A candidate who passes all modules will receive FETAC level 4 Major Award.

Subjects are examined via a range of methods including assignments, examinations, presentations, skills demonstrations etc.

beneFitS OF dOinG tHiS cOuRSe:
• Improve your level of English • Acquire national and international qualifications in English, IT and business subjects. • Improve your communications skills • Progress to University level • Improve your computer and workplace skills • Increase job prospects • Receive an Internationally recognized qualification

wHO ARe FetAc
FETAC is the National Awarding body for Further Education and Training in Ireland and is funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan
Admissions office: The Steelworks, Foley Street, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8559437 Fax: 01 8559421 Email:

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