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									You've created a great- Web resume.              What's It like to live there?
You've posted it on all the right sites.
What happens next? You get offers!               Career moves often require geographic
Here are Web sites that will help you            mov6s.                    IlomcFair,corn
figure out which job to take.                    ( offers tools to
                                                 help you calculate the cost of moving,
What’s It like to work there?                    the cost of living and the quality of life
                                                 in various places.
You never know what it's like to work
inside a company until you're on the             5. The Moving Calculator helps you
inside. But to get a peek, check out             figure out how much it will cost to ship
Experience                        Online         your worldly possessions to a particular
( The site's           city.
researchers have spent thousands of
hours interviewing insiders about jobs at        6. The Relocation Crime Lab compares
200 companies. Users subscribe to a              crime rates in various locations.
career field or job skill - advertising,
consulting, and marketing. In return,            7. The City Snapshots feature compares
they get the scoop on everything from            demographic, economic and climate
office hours to dress codes. A six-month         information for two cities of your
subscription to Experience Online costs          choosing,
$34 per category.
                                                 8. The Salary Calculator computes cost-
1. The site's Snapshot area describes life       of-living differences among hundreds of
inside a company. Go to Nestle USA,              U.S. and international cities and tells you
and you learn that life is buttoned-down         how much you'd need to make in your
from Monday through Thursday, but                new city to maintain your current
casual on Friday, complete with                  standard of living.
"chocolate martinis on Hollywood
Boulevard."                                      Will I be paid enough?

2. The Company Blueprint describes               You want to work at a great company.
history, strategy and culture.                   You want to live in a great place. But
                                                 sooner or later. It all comes down to
3. Still want to work there? Then visit          money.
the How to Break In section, and get the
skinny on interviews: what the company           9. The best place to explore your market
may ask you, what you should ask in              value             is           JobSmart
return.                                          (
                                                 tm) The site links to more than 150
4. There's even an Interview Cheat Sheet,        general and profession specific salary
with the straight dope on company                surveys
financials and business milestones.

10. For information on salaries in the
computer Industry, try DataMasters

11. If you're in accounting or finance,
check out experience on Demand

- Los Angeles Times


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