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									Staff training & development

Paul Watson
Road Safety & Sustainable Travel Team Leader
Hartlepool Borough Council
        National Staff Training Group,
          Business Continuity and
Paul Watson
Hartlepool Borough Council

                              National Conference 2011
“An empowered organisation is one which
  individuals have the knowledge, skill,
   desire, and opportunity to personally
 succeed in a way that leads to collective
         organisational success.”
                                               Stephen Covey
                       The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

                                     National Conference 2011
    National Staff Training Group
• Members
   – Darren Divall. Su Negus, Cheryl Evans,
• Aims and Objectives
   – Provide a framework for Road Safety training and
   – Identify gaps in training.
   – Become an accrediting body on behalf of RSGB.
   – Provide ‘off the shelf’ fully evaluated training
     packages for LA/Road Safety delivery.

                                            National Conference 2011
    NSTG (2)
• First Tasks – Position Statement.
   – Surveys RSGB and IRSO members.
• Scoping exercise of development opportunities.
• Identify:
   – What courses are currently available?
   – Where Road Safety sits within LA’s/others?
   – Who has the responsibility for the function?
   – How the function is delivered?
   – What are the qualifications of staff delivering?
   – What are the main vehicles for delivery?
• Report to be made available on the RSGB website with

                                           National Conference 2011
“The growth and development of
  people is the highest calling of
                       Harvey S. Firestone

                         National Conference 2011
Road Safety Business Continuity
and Resilience
  •   Survival with austerity cuts.
  •   Loss of expertise and experience.
  •   Maintaining Road Safety business.
  •   Identifying new business opportunities.
  •   Survival through ‘paid for’ services.

                                   National Conference 2011
Support Examples
•   NDORS Contracts.
•   Work Related Road Safety.
•   Driver Training and Assessments.
•   Driver CPC.
•   Vocational Driving Licences.
•   Road Safety Consultancy.
•   Private Sector – Sustainable Travel.
     – Cycle Training.
     – Travel Plans.

                                           National Conference 2011

•   NSTG – require your support.
•   RSGB/IRSO Accrediting body.
•   Promotion of training/development.
•   Provide bespoke training packages.
•   Point of contact for business development.
•   Assist LA’s in surviving cuts and maintaining

                                       National Conference 2011
“Thousands of candles can be lit from a
single candle, and the life of the candle
        will not be shortened…….”

                             National Conference 2011
Thank you.

                       Paul Watson
         Hartlepool Borough Council

             National Conference 2011

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