The Mole Diagram

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					The Mole Diagram
Objective: Learn how to use visual
    aides to do conversions.
           Think of the mole as
           equal to two things
   1.00 mole CO2 = _________ g CO2

   1.00 mole CO2 = __________molecules
   Now suppose you have 88.0 grams of CO2
   Use the diagram to convert to molecules.
   Now use the diagram to find the grams of CO2
    in 3.0 x 1023 molecules of CO2
               Sulfur Trioxide
   Set up a diagram to convert 30g of Sulfur
    trioxide to molecules

   30 grams to molecules
    The mole is equal to three things
   At STP one mole of any gas has a volume of
    22.4 liters.
   STP stands for Standard Temperature
   T = 0o C or 273 K P = 1.0 atmosphere
   14. 7 psi
    The Volume of one mole of GAS is
        equal to 22.4 liters @STP
   The volume of one mole of iron is not equal to
    22.4 liters @STP because iron is not a gas.
   The volume of one mole of oxygen @STP is
    equal to 22.4 liters because oxygen is a gas.
     Pick the ones that have a molar
          volume = 22.4 Liters
   Which of the elements below would have a
    molar volume equal to 22.4 liters @ STP?
   Fe C N2          Cl2 S He
   So a mole diagram for a gas looks like this
   With one thing added
   Use the diagram to find the volume of 7.0
    grams of nitrogen
                HW #20 Page 188

Calculate the molar mass for each of the following substances.
a. barium perchlorate d. copper(II) nitrate
b. magnesium sulfate e. tin(IV) chloride
c. lead(II) chloride  f. phenol, C6H6O

   Change the 49.2 mg to 49.2 grams.
   SO3 = 80 grams for one mole.
   (49.2/ 80) = 0.614 moles

Calculate the number of moles of the indicated substance
in each of the following samples.
a. 49.2 mg of sulfur trioxide
b. 7.44 104 kg of lead(IV) oxide
c. 59.1 g of chloroform, CHCl3
d. 3.27 g of trichloroethane, C2H3Cl3
e. 4.01 g of lithium hydroxide

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