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Supporting growth and prosperity for all


2                                          Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                   June 2012
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Welcome                              3
                                                                   to our June edition of Chamber Business News
Chamber’s Business Voice             4, 5
Hampshire Events Listing             6
                                                                   Foreword by Charles Marchant-White
Hampshire Wide News                  7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 22,          It is an honour and a privilege to
                                                                   be the first Chair of a regional
                                     24, 25, 28, 41, 45, 48        Chamber Committee, to pen a
                                                                   welcome to Hampshire Business
Local Office News
North Hampshire                      10, 11, 39                    Basingstoke is blessed with a
                                                                   thriving, motivated, forward thinking
Portsmouth                           12, 13, 38
                                                                   business community with good,
Southampton                          14, 15, 40                    business opportunities, facilities,
International Trade                  18, 19                        transport and communication links.
                                                                   Basingstoke also has thriving and forward thinking educational
News from our Patrons                20, 21                        establishments helping to improve the skill set of students
Graduate Jobs South Profile          26, 27                        making sure that the employment pool contains candidates with
                                                                   appropriate qualifications to serve the local business community,
Commercial Property Business Feature 29, 30                        be that in retail, business or industry. Basingstoke College of
Advertising, Design &                                              Technology (BCOT) have just opened a brand new state of the
PR Business Feature                  31, 32, 33, 34                art Technology Centre, to very high acclaim, to ensure that
                                                                   their business centric strategies are further underpinned and
Networking Roundup                   36, 37                        enhanced.
Skills Education & Training          42, 43
                                                                   Furthermore Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council has recently
Chamber Services – Healthcare        44
                                                                   demonstrated its 'business centric' outlook through its exciting
Chamber Passport – Offers            46, 47                        promotion of development of the Basing View site as well as
Welcome to our new members           49, 50                        taking a leading role in organising and proposing the highly
                                                                   successful Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership bid.

                                                                   Basingstoke Area Committee boasts members representing major
 Contacts                                                          business sectors ably supported by Chamber personnel and is
                                                                   recognised as a main consultee in all matters of infrastructure,
 Publisher Denise Barlow                                           planning and development.
 023 8022 3541                                                     Basingstoke is 'open to' and 'for business’ - Basingstoke is a
                                                                   great place to 'work, rest, live and play'.
 Production Editor Lorraine Gourley
 023 8022 3541                                                     Don't just take my word for it - come see for yourselves. We will be
                                                                   delighted to welcome you in person!
 Advertising Sales Carole Mills
 carole.mills@hampshirechamber.co.uk                               Charles Marchant-White,
 023 9225 5325                                                     Chair, Basingstoke Area Committee,
 Members are invited to send in their editorial to:                Director of Hampshire Chamber Board

 Southampton Office Lorraine Gourley                               Mail, telephone or fax to:
 023 8022 3541                                                     Southampton Office,
                                                                   Bugle House, 53 Bugle St, Southampton SO14 2LF
 Portsmouth Office Cheryl Whitwood                                 Tel: 023 8022 3541 Fax: 023 8022 7426
                                                                                                                                               Supporting growth and prosperity for all

 01329 242422
                                                                   Portsmouth Office, Regional Business Centre,

 Basingstoke Office Ian Welland                                    Harts Farm Way, Havant, Hampshire P09 1HR
 ian.welland@hampshirechamber.co.uk                                Tel: 023 9244 9449 Fax: 023 9244 9444
 01256 352275 / 07712 861816
                                                                   Basingstoke Office, Business Support Centre, Deanes
 Subscriptions                                                     Building, London Road, Basingstoke RG21 7YP
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 denise.barlow@hampshirechamber.co.uk                              Tel: 01256 352275 Fax: 01256 479391

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                                           Day One For Daedalus
 Chamber's Business Voice

                                                                                                                East Hampshire Area Committee, said: “It is incredibly exciting
                                                                                                                to see this project beginning to take shape through the new
                                                                                                                access points. The work that is taking place now is laying the
                                                                                                                foundations for a world-class advanced manufacturing centre that
                                                                                                                Hampshire and the UK can be truly proud of.”
                                                                                                                Kevin Bourner, the HCA’s head of area, added: “This phase of
                                                                                                                work marks the vital first step in attracting more businesses
                                                                                                                and investors to the site. Our £1.6m investment into phase
                                                                                                                one and the speed at which it is taking place is further proof of
                                                                                                                our commitment to making the Solent Enterprise Zone a huge
                                                                                                                success for South Hampshire.”
                                                                                                                Jimmy Chestnutt, Chief Executive for Hampshire Chamber of
                                                                                                                Commerce said, “This is good news for the South Hampshire
                                                                                                                Economy, providing a clear signal that the area’s growth and
                                                                                                                sustainability programme is well and truly underway. The delivery
                                           Daedalus Enterprise Zone at Lee-On-The-Solent.
                                                                                                                of this site will bring about so many benefits to the wider
                                           Plans to bring thousands of jobs to South Hampshire have             businesses and communities.”
                                           taken a further step forward as improvement work has begun             For more details: http://www.solentez.co.uk/
                                           on the Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus.                             Email: Richard Jones, Executive Support:
                                           Just a few weeks after planning permission was granted by              richard.jones@solentlep.org.uk
                                           Fareham and Gosport Borough Councils to unlock the site for            Email: Jeff Channing, Project Coordinator: jeff.channing@
                                           major development which will deliver up to 3,500 jobs by 2026          eastleigh.gov.uk
                                           for the Enterprise Zone turning the area into a destination of
                                           choice for businesses within the marine, aerospace and aviation
                                           sectors, work is already underway to improve access to the site
                                           and boost water and electricity infrastructure. Approximately
                                           £1.6m will be invested by the Homes and Communities Agency
                                           (HCA) in this first phase of activity, which partners say marks a
                                           vital step in attracting new businesses and investors to the site.
                                           The Solent LEP has the task of delivering the Enterprise Zone.
                                           Contractors are currently transforming the old emergency
                                           access point near Gosport Road into a new permanent access
                                           point with its own junction and access road. Once complete,
                                           they plan to do the same at the access point off Broom Way.
                                           In addition, Portsmouth Water and Scottish and Southern
                                           Electric are carrying out the initial phase of bringing water and
                                           electricity to the site. Talks are also underway to bring super
                                           fast broadband to the site and real estate firm DTZ have been
                                           appointed to market the site to potential tenants.
                                           Gary Jeffries, Director of Solent Local Enterprise Partnership
                                           (LEP) and Chair of Hampshire Chamber’s Portsmouth and South          Gary Jeffries, Director of Solent Local Enterprise Partnership

                                           Lobby for Business Rate Discounts
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                           Fareham and Gosport Borough Councils have created a draft            Ian Welland, Head of Area Development for Hampshire Chamber
                                           policy for granting business rate discounts at the Daedalus          of Commerce said, “This mirrors the efforts of British Chambers
                                           Solent Enterprise Zone and have recently consulted with              of Commerce in their quest to minimise the burden of rates
                                           businesses on this. The draft sets out criteria for granting         on businesses and in particular, the burden of empty rates.
                                           business rate discounts to potential occupants and businesses        Hampshire Chamber welcomes the lead taken by Fareham and
                                           as well as those that are already located in either the              Gosport and look forward to other Councils adopting a similar
                                           Enterprise Zone or Fareham and Gosport.                              policy to encourage economic growth and sustainability.”

                                                                                                                  For more details on Fareham and Gosport’s Draft Policy:

4                                          Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                       June 2012
   M3 Corridor Pinch Points

                                                                                                                                           Chamber's Business Voice
   Score High In Poll
                                                                       In a letter to the Highways Agency, Enterprise M3 Chairman
                                                                       Geoff French said, “The evidence, comments from businesses
                                                                       and other partners have all contributed to the identification of
                                                                       nine key pinch points, from which we have identified four that
                                                                       deliver highly against the Agency’s key criteria. We are aware
                                                                       that improvements to the M3 between Junctions 3 and 4A have
                                                                       already been programmed. However, as the detail of these
                                                                       improvements is yet to be announced we wish to highlight the
                                                                       need to ensure sufficient additional capacity is provided along
                                                                       this stretch of the M3, as we consider this is essential to
                                                                       maximise the potential for growth in this area."

                                                                       Ian Welland, Head of Area Development for Hampshire
                                                                       Chamber of Commerce confirmed, “Improvements at
                                                                       M3 Junction 6 at Basingstoke’s Black Dam are pivotal in
                                                                       supporting significant proposed employment, housing and
   The M3 corridor through Hampshire has been identified               development at Basing View and other sites in Basingstoke.
   as having major pinchpoints in a survey conducted by                The case for Junctions 3 to 4A is clear for Farnborough and
   the Enterprise M3 LEP Transport Sub-Group, assisted by              Fleet’s push for growth."
   Hampshire Chamber of Commerce. Junctions 3 through
                                                                       Enterprise M3’s initial research indicates that each scheme
   to 4A are among the busiest in the south of England; with
                                                                       can be delivered below the £10m threshold set by the Agency.
   Junction 6 identified as holding back economic growth and
   development for Basingstoke’s Black Dam. Both pinch points          To view the full details:
   have been shortlisted in a list of 4 to obtain funding from the     http://www.hampshirechamber.co.uk/news/All/2093
   Highways Agency’s Pinch Point Programme.

Summer Of Sport:
Do You Have A Business Continuity Plan?
The Olympic torch is coming to Hampshire and Basingstoke is
                                                                         For more information:
first point of call on 11 July. But as our proud sports men and
women take to the field at the Euro Finals, Wimbledon Tennis
Championships and the London Olympics and Paralympics,                   http://www.london2012.com/documents/business/
what does this mean for businesses?                                      preparing-your-business-for-the-games.pdf

Most will embrace the opportunities to showcase Britain as a             For details on the Olympic Torch Relay in Hampshire:
great place to do business; however, businesses are gearing              http://www.hampshirechamber.co.uk/news/All/2028
                                                                                                                                          Supporting growth and prosperity for all

themselves up to be flexible as their workforce prepare to enjoy
all the sporting splendour via their workstations or request to
work from home or take leave. London 2012 has published
guidelines to assist business. ACAS are advising employers to
adopt fair and consistent policies that take account of staff who
do not intend to follow the sport and have no need for leave –
staff that may find themselves unduly penalised by having to
work longer than usual hours to cover absent colleagues.

Do you have a Business Continuity Plan?
Are you ready?

June 2012                                                            Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk             5
                                                                                       Events List - June 2012 - July 2012
 Hampshire Events Listing

                                                  DATE          OFFICE                   EVENT                        TIME                             VENUE                        SPONSOR

                                                                                 Farnborough Business
                                               11th June             NE                                         7.30am - 9.00am               Holiday Inn, Farnborough

                                                                                                                                        Marwell Zoo, Colden Common,
                                               12th June             W          Sunset Safari at Marwell        5.45pm - 8.00pm
                                                                                                                                                     SO21 1JH

                                                                              Networking Lunch at The Ark,                               The Ark Conference Centre,
                                               19th June             B                                          12.00pm - 2.00pm
                                                                                      Basingstoke                                             Basingstoke, RG24 9NN

                                                                                  People Management                                       Dutton Gregory Solicitors,
                                               19th June             W                                          8.30am - 9.30am
                                                                                       Breakfast                                               Winchester SO23 8BT

                                                                                Networking Event at Old
                                                                                                                                              Old Thorns Manor Hotel,
                                               21st June             P        Thorns with Surrey Chamber        4.30pm - 6.30pm
                                                                                                                                              Griggs Green, GU30 7PE
                                                                                                                                                                                     March 2010               £3.00

                                                                               Activity day and Networking                               Chewton Glen, New Milton,
                                               28th June             S                                          10.00am - 4.00pm
                                                                                 Lunch at Chewton Glen                                               BH25 6QS

                                                                               Employment Law Breakfast                                  Dolphin Hotel, Southampton
                                                3rd July             S                                          7.30am - 9.30am
                                                                                        Seminar                                                      SO14 2HN

                                                                                  Winchester Business                                  Winchester Guildhall, Broadway,
                                                4th July             W                                          5.30pm - 7.30pm
                                                                                       Exhibition                                             Winchester, SO23 9GH

                                                                              Networking Showcase Lunch                                 Spitbank Fort Departure, Royal
                                                6th July             P                                          11.30am - 3.00pm
                                                                                    @ Spitbank Fort                                   Clarence Yard, Gosport, PO12 1FX

                                                                                 Farnborough Business                                                       Farnborough
                                                                                                                                              Holiday Inn, March 2010
                                                9th July             NE                                         7.30am - 9.00am                                                                               £3.00

                                                                                       Breakfast                                                     GU14 6AZ

                                                                                                                                      Farnborough Air Science Museum,
                                               11th July             NE       Farnborough Air Show Lunch        12.30pm - 2.30pm
                                                                                                                                              Farnborough GU14 6TF

                                                                               Networking BBQ Lunch at                                    New Place, Shirrell Heath,
                                               12th July             S                                          12.15pm - 2.00pm
                                                                                       New Place                                              Southampton SO32 2JH

                                                                                  People Management                                       Dutton Gregory Solicitors,
                                               17th July             W                                          8.30am - 9.30am
                                                                                       Breakfast                                               Winchester SO23 8BT

                                                                                                                                       Absolutely Offices, Grove House,
                                               18th July             B                HR Breakfast              8.00am - 10.00am
                                                                                                                                      Chineham, Basingstoke RG24 8AG
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                               Showcase Supper-Wessex
                                                                                                                                      Wessex Heartbeat@Southampton
                                               19th July             S          Heartbeat/Air Ambulance         5.00pm - 7.30pm
                                                                                                                                         General Hospital SO16 6YD

                                                                                 Meet the Chamber at                                   Barton Hall Conference Centre,
                                               25th July             P                                          4.00pm - 6.30pm
                                                                              Barton Hall Conference Centre                                     Horndean PO8 9PQ
                                                                                                                                                                                     March 2010               £3.00

                                               For further details       www.hampshirechamber.co.uk   Andover        events.north@                 Portsmouth & S E Hants   events.portsmouth@
                                               and to book:                                                          hampshirechamber.co.uk                                 hampshirechamber.co.uk
                                                                                                      Basingstoke    events.north@                 Southampton &            events.southampton@
                                                                                                                     hampshirechamber.co.uk        Fareham                  hampshirechamber.co.uk
                                                                                                      North          events.north@                 Winchester               events.north@
                                                                                                      Hampshire      hampshirechamber.co.uk                                 hampshirechamber.co.uk

6                                          Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                                               June 2012
Ministers Confirm A Rural

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hampshire Wide News
& Farming Network For Wessex
Hard work by all the partners concerned which includes                                           The Wessex RFN covers rural communities, rural
Hampshire Chamber of Commerce represented by Barry                                               businesses, food and farming industries in Dorset,
Olorenshaw of the Chamber’s                                                                                                                         Hampshire, the Isle of Wight,
Planning & Transport Committee,                                                                                                                     Surrey, West Berkshire, West
has brought the great news that the
                                                          The new networks                                                                          Sussex and Wiltshire and is seen
Wessex Rural and Farming Network
                                                          sit alongside a £165                                                                      as the key development in suppor t
                                                          million package of
(RFN) has been confirmed by DEFRA.                                                                                                                  of the rural economy’s priorities
                                                          measures to support
                                                                                                                                                    and par tnerships. At the Wessex
The Wessex RFN is one of three just                       rural communities
                                                                                                                                                    RFN inaugural event at Sparsholt
announced by government additional                        announced in the
                                                          Rural Economy Growth                                                                      College on 21 March chaired by
to the 14 set up at the beginning of
2012 to identify and feed back local                      Review.                                                                                   Lord Selborne, some succinct points
                                                                                                                                                    emerged and were agreed for taking
issues and concerns direct to the
                                                                                                                                                    for ward by the sector leads after a
central policy makers to help make
                                                                                                 review meeting with DEFRA ministers in April at which the
their work more relevant locally. Each network will also be a
                                                                                                 shor tage of water was top of the agenda.
vital point of contact in the event of local emergencies – such
as flooding – giving advice and information to keep businesses                                    Further information can be obtained at www.wessexr fn.net
running. The new networks sit alongside a £165 million
package of measures to support rural communities announced
in the Rural Economy Growth Review.

                                             PLANT A TREE FOR THE JUBILEE

  Hold a ‘Green’ meeting for 40 or                                                                    Hold a Delegate.*
                                                 Your “Green Meetings” vary between £35.00 and £40.00 Day‘Green’ meeting for 40 or                                                          Your “Green Meetings
  more delegates at the Portsmouth               Rate includes:                                       more delegates at the Portsmouth                                                      and £40.00 Day Deleg
                                                 • Breakfast baps, tea and coffee on arrival                                                                                                Rate includes:
  Marriott Hotel and we will dedicate                                                                 Marriott Hotel and we will dedicate
                                                 • Morning and afternoon break with something savoury, sweet and healthy                                                                    • Breakfast baps, tea
  a tree in your company name with                                                                    a tree in your company name with
                                                 • Deli-style lunch buffet in the Sealevel Restaurant                                                                                       • Morning and afterno
  the Woodlands Trust to celebrate the                                                                the Woodlands Trust to celebrate the                                                    savoury, sweet and
                                                 • LCD projector, screen and flipchart
  Diamond Jubilee.                                                                                    Diamond Jubilee.
                                                 • Green apples and water on the meeting tables                                                                                             • Deli-style lunch buff
                                                                                                      In room
                                                 • One complimentary internet connection in the meetingrecognition of our environmental
  In recognition of our environmental                                                                                                                                                       • LCD projector, scre
     Book now and hold a meeting before 31st March 2012 with 10 to 20 delegates and your £32 DDR package includes: including 100%
  achievements, including 100%                                                                                                                                                              • Green apples and w
                                                                                                        recycling of our waste be enjoyed
                                                 Each tree planted comes with a lifetime care and protection policy allowing it towith 100%
  recycling•ofBreakfast rollswith 100%
               our waste on arrival                                                                                                                                                         • One complimentary
                                                                                                        non-landfill, The Green Business
                                                 by generations to come. There is a choice of six sites in which your tree can be planted:
                                                                                                                                                                                              the meeting room
           • Morning and afternoon break
  non-landfill, The Green Business               • Hucking Estate near Maidstone, Kent                  Tourism Scheme has awarded
   GREEN All day has awarded
  Tourism Scheme tea and coffee THE PORTSMOUTH MARRIOTT.
              MEETINGS AT                        • Kentle Wood near Daventry, Northamptonshire          the Portsmouth Marriott with its                                                    Each tree planted com
           • Deli style lunch menu                                                                                                                                                          and protection policy a
  the PortsmouthProjector/Screen or TV
                    Marriott with its            • Fox & Parrot Wood near Craghead, County Durham second Gold Award.
           • LCD                                                                                                                                                                            by generations to com
           • One complimentary Internet March • Kilcooley Wood near Bangor, County £32 DDR package includes:
   Book now and hold a meeting before 31stConnection with 10 to 20 delegates and your Down
  second Gold Award.                             2012                                                                                                                                       six sites in which your
                                                   • Glen Finglas near Brig o’Turk, Stirling
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                                                                                    To book or for further information
          • Breakfast rolls on arrival DDRQ1
             call 02392 383151, Quote
    To bookor for further information to get this excellent offer now. Conwy
                                                   • Parc Mawr near Henryd,                                                                         call 02392 383151 and ask for our       • Hucking Estate nea
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          • Morning and afternoon break
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                  383151 coffee
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          • All                                    season and day of the week.                                                                      PortsmouthMarriott.co.uk                • Fox & Parrot Wood
            Deli style lunch visit
  “Green•Meetings” or menu our
                                                                                                                                                                                              County Durham
  website LCD Road. Portsmouth. or TV
    Southampton Projector/Screen
    PO6 4SH                                                                                                                                                                                 • Kilcooley Wood nea
          • One complimentary Internet Connection
    T. 02392 316121 | F. 02392 388701                                                                                                                                                       • Glen Finglas near B
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   Available at 35 Marriott Hotels HOTEL
  PORTSMOUTH MARRIOTT throughout the UK                                                                                                                                                     *depending on availab
  Southampton Road. Portsmouth.                                                                                                                                                              day of the week.
  PO6 4SH Road. Portsmouth.
   Southampton                                                                                                                                                                              PortsmoutH mAr
      02392 02392 388701
  T: 02392 316121 | F.316101
   PO6 4SH
                                                                                                                                                                                            Southampton Road, Po
                                                                                                                                                                                            Phone 02392 316101 |
                                                          PLANT A TREE FOR THE JUBILEE WITH THE PORTSMOUTH MARRIOTT!

                                                          Hold a ‘Green’ meeting for 40 or         Your “Green Meetings” vary between £35.00
                                                          more delegates at the Portsmouth         and £40.00 Day Delegate.*
                                                                                                   Rate includes:
                                                          Marriott Hotel and we will dedicate
                                                                                                   • Breakfast baps, tea and coffee on arrival
                                                          a tree in your company name with

June 2012
                                                          the Woodlands Trust to celebrate the
                                                          Diamond Jubilee.
                                                                                                   • Morning and afternoon break with something

                                                                                          Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk
                                                                                                     savoury, sweet and healthy
                                                                                                   • Deli-style lunch buffet in the Sealevel
                                                          In recognition of our environmental
                                                                                                   • LCD projector, screen and flipchart
                                                          achievements, including 100%
                                                                                                   • Green apples and water on the meeting tables
                                                          recycling of our waste with 100%
                                           Fareham’s 800-Year
 Hampshire Wide News

                                           Tradition of Markets
                                           Fareham markets celebrate 800 years of tradition this year,
                                           having been held by custom in the town since 1212, during
                                           a century when street fairs and markets were in their heyday
                                           in England. The market would probably have served regional
                                           and local customers and, in an era when communications and
                                           travel were difficult and often dangerous, markets were a good
                                           way for commerce to occur.

                                           In 1795 the market began operating every fortnight on a
                                           Monday, selling cattle and livestock which it continued to do until
                                           1972. Today, a general street market operates every Monday,
                                           and a Farmers’ market has operated on the first Saturday of
                                           the month since 1998. To celebrate this special anniversary,
                                           Fareham Town Centre Management has organised a number of
                                           activities at its Farmers’ Markets from late Spring through to
                                           early Autumn. Full details are on Fareham Council’s website at
                                                                                                                 part of its 800 years of markets celebration, Fareham town
                                                                                                                 centre will be hosting a series of Strawberry Fridays starting
                                           aspx and the dates are 2 June, 7 July, 4 August, 1 September,
                                                                                                                 Friday 18 May, continuing up until and including Friday 29 June
                                           6 October, with May to October – Explore the history of Fareham
                                                                                                                 and including one Saturday (23 June). On these days, you
                                           Town Centre in Fareham Library.
                                                                                                                 will find local independent strawberry growers Nick and Debbie
                                           Fareham Strawberry Fridays                                            West, and their son Jimmy, in the Performance Podium selling
                                           One of the most important industries in the Fareham area during       the strawberries freshly picked from their nursery in Brownwich
                                           the late 1800s to mid 1900s was strawberry growing. As                Lane, Titchfield.

                                                                                                                 Parking Fees Stay Low
                                                                                                                 In Fareham And Districts
                                                                                                                 Fareham Borough Council has listened to the views of
                                                                                                                 businesses and residents and will be keeping the “no
                                                                                                                 charge” policy for coastal and district centre car parks as
                                            Your friendly, local practice with over 25 years experience,         part of its overall review of parking strategy. This decision
                                            offering a wide range of patent services based on                    is welcomed by Hampshire Chamber of Commerce after its
                                            engineering science, including:
                                                                                                                 survey of Fareham business members about the council’s
                                                                                                                 public consultation late last year and its subsequent response
                                           • Preparing and filing           • EPO oppositions & appeals
                                             Patent, Trade Mark &                                                recommending charges were not introduced. The Council’s
                                             Registered Design              • Intellectual Property              Executive made a commitment that this “no charge” policy
                                             applications                    due diligence                       would be maintained for at least 5 years in order to support
                                                                                                                 the businesses in district centres and to ensure that local use
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                           • Patent, Trade Mark &           • Design Right & Copyright           of the coastal areas for recreational purposes is not affected.
                                             Registered Design               advice                              The recent Council budget did not assume any increases in
                                             searches and opinions
                                                                                                                 parking charges for the financial year 2012/13.
                                                                            • IP enforcement & litigation
                                           • IP licensing                                                        A comparison of parking fees for city and town centres across
                                                                                                                 South Hampshire also shows that Fareham Town Centre has
                                                                                                                 some of the lowest parking fees, which should be encouraging
                                                                                                                 news for visitors to Fareham Shopping Centre and historic Town
                                                                                                                 Centre and for Fareham Market traders and customers alike.
                                             T: 01730 823647             E: office@nbpat.co.uk
                                                                                                                   Web site links to all the information for a day out in Fareham
                                             Nigel Brooks Chartered Patent Agent                                   can be found at www.fareham.gov.uk/business_and_
                                             Hill Hampton East Meon Petersfield Hampshire GU32 1QN                 economy/town_centre/intro.aspx.

8                                          Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                   June 2012
Bank Of England Climb A Tall

                                                                                                                                       Hampshire Wide News
Talks Business  Ship’s Mast On
At St Mary’s    Nautical Friday
                                                                   To Raise Funds For Seafarers In Need
The Bank of England’s Executive Director for Markets and
Member of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Paul                 30 places available in Southampton for all abilities, including
Fisher, was in the right place to answer the right questions       wheelchair users.
at a special breakfast briefing on 1 May at Southampton’s St
                                                                   Do you have a head for heights?
Mary’s Stadium.
                                                                   Seafarers UK – the leading charity for seafarers in need – is
Dr Fisher was speaking on a two-day fact-finding visit to
                                                                   seeking 30 fearless individuals who want to literally climb on
Central Southern England. He discussed a range of issues
                                                                   board the tall ship Lord Nelson on Nautical Friday, 29 June, the
that could affect the UK’s economic recovery, including global
                                                                   charity’s national fundraising day.
developments and factors closer to home. He went on to set
out the MPC's various policy options following the recent gilt     By kind permission of the Jubilee Sailing Trust, 30 brave
purchases that have taken the total amount of quantitative         individuals will ascend using ropes and ladders to reach the
easing to £325bn since 2009. He noted that the Bank would          top of the mast at 130 feet, where they will be rewarded with
be publishing its latest forecasts for the economy on 16 May.      magnificent views of the Port of Southampton and the Solent.

Jimmy Chestnutt, Chief Executive for Hampshire Chamber of          This exclusive Seafarers UK event is open to people of all
Commerce, led the thanks to Paul Fisher for his valuable and       physical abilities, including wheelchair users. Registration
timely address.                                                    costs £25 and there is a fundraising target of £175 per
                                                                   person. To apply please phone 020 7932 5961 or email
"It's always a tremendous opportunity to be able to hear
directly from one of the MPC members. I'd like to thank Paul
for being so very open and those attending learned a great           www.seafarers-uk.org
deal about his thinking on the economic outlook. A number of
really challenging questions were posed and Paul answered
them all. In turn, I know he very much welcomed the feedback
offered by the Chamber's members."

  For more information:                                                Ocean village
                                                                       innOvatiOn centre
                                                                      Ocean village innOvatiOn centre (Ovic) prOvideS
                                                                      the ideal OppOrtunity tO lOcate yOur buSineSS in
                                                                      the Stunning Ocean village marina, SOuthamptOn.

                                                                       •   Serviced Office Space fOr 1-60
                                                                       •   virtual Office Service
                                                                       •   meeting & cOnference facilitieS
                                                                       •   excellent tranSpOrt linkS
                                                                                                                                      Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                       023 8038 1920

                                                                                              Ocean village innOvatiOn centre
                                                                                                     Ocean way, SOuthamptOn
                                                                                                               hantS, SO14 3JZ
Dick Oram, President of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Paul
Fisher - Executive Director, Markets – Bank of England

June 2012                                                        Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk             9
 Member News – North Hampshire

                                           Better Business
                                           Businesses across the region are invited to the                 The Hampshire Business Expo will be running on Thursday
                                           Hampshire Business Expo 2012 which is taking place on           21st June at the Apollo Hotel in Basingstoke from
                                           Thursday 21st June at the Apollo Hotel in Basingstoke.          9.30am – 4.30pm.

                                           Now in its second year, the Hampshire Business Expo is          Fur ther information on visiting and exhibiting and
                                           helping to celebrate the London Olympics with this year’s       sponsorship oppor tunities at the Hampshire Business
                                           theme encouraging growth, development, competition,             Expo are available online at
                                           oppor tunities and winning more business!                       www.hampshirebusinessexpo.co.uk or by contacting
                                                                                                           Matthew Larcome on 01256 838386 or
                                           The expo is FREE to attend and will be suppor ted by
                                                                                                           emailing info@memoevents.co.uk.
                                           Hampshire County Council and Hampshire Chamber of
                                           Commerce and will include an exhibition of over 70 local
                                           businesses, 1-2-1 suppor t consultations, seminars,
                                           networking events, workshops and competitions, plus
                                           a keynote presentation with local ActionCoach, Dave
                                           Gammon, on Business Success Secrets.

                                           The Hampshire Business Expo, which is being organised
                                           by Memo Events, will provide an oppor tunity for local
                                           businesses of all sizes to promote themselves, network,
                                           make new contacts, grow connections and demonstrate
                                           growth and entrepreneurialism in and around Hampshire.
                                           There will also be two networking sessions hosted by
                                           Business Wide Networking and AQ Networking in the
                                           morning and afternoon.

                                           We have over 50 businesses booked and confirmed
                                           as exhibitors including Basepoint Business Centres,
                                           Vacancy2Market, Wettone Matthews, Grundon Waste
                                           Management, Talk Design & Print, Newbur y Building
                                           Society, Southpoint Films, Splice Marketing, Mentor-net
                                           and many, more!

                                             Green Credentials
                                             Make Good Business Sense
                                             PDM Training & Consultancy has           sensors, and staf f have reduced          surrounding environmental issues
                                             been awarded ISO 14001:2004              the general of fice waste by 50%          is high profile and ver y impor tant.
                                             by demonstrating its commitment          through use of recycling facilities.      Customers are keen to engage with
                                             to effective environmental                                                         companies that can demonstrate
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                      Demonstrating a commitment
                                             management.                                                                        their ability to manage and improve
                                                                                      to protecting the environment
                                                                                                                                their environmental impact.
                                             The ISO inspection was carried out       brings with it business benefits;
                                             over 3 days and included an audit        cost savings can be made                  ISO14001:2004 is increasingly
                                             of areas such as legislative training,   through improved ef ficiency and          becoming a requirement for many
                                             waste disposal and environmental         productivity, and customers are           customers, governmental and
                                             monitoring measures.                     keen to engage with companies             industrial bodies, as they look to
                                                                                      that can demonstrate their ability        do business with companies that
                                             Over 20 staf f were inter viewed to
                                                                                      to manage and improve their               have “Green Credentials”. This
                                             ensure that environmental issues
                                                                                      environmental impact.                     environmental standard provides
                                             were fully understood. PDM have
                                                                                                                                an ef fective means to demonstrate
                                             under taken a number of measures         Gerr y O’Lear y, PDM’s Quality
                                             to reduce environmental impact           Manager, said, “The world is
                                             including the installation of light      fast changing and the concerns

10                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                        June 2012
Signs Express (Farnborough)

                                                                                                                                                           Member News – North Hampshire
Prepares For Farnborough International Airshow
The bi-annual Farnborough International Airshow takes place                  interior and exterior signs, vehicle graphics, exhibition and
this year, 9-15 July. Commenting on the show, Tim Burt,                      display products and window graphics for businesses in
Owner of Signs Express (Farnborough) said: “During the last                  Farnborough and surrounding areas.
airshow in 2010 we provided vehicle signs for the organiser’s
fleet of 40 Range Rover VIP Courtesy Cars, signage around
the show site, contractor vehicle signs and exhibition stand
graphic services”.

At the Signs Express (Farnborough) airfield-based production
unit, the growing company has taken on a new member of
production staff, ‘Sam’ Samuhel who with many years of signs
and graphics design and installation at the National Exhibition
Centre is ideally suited for Farnborough Airshow projects.
Sam, a talented graphic designer and skilled sign-maker, joins
Signs Express at the same time as they have invested in new
printing capabilities.

Tim Burt, Owner of Signs Express (Farnborough) commented;
“We are delighted with the results from our new Roland
wide-format digital printer, its come at a great time as we will
be very busy in the run up to the Airshow. Our new printer
means we can manufacture and deliver signs and graphics to
our customers quicker than ever, building on our successes
since we opened in October 2008. Tim continued, “Offering
clients a complete service, we can produce anything from                     Photo: Tim Burt (left), Centre Owner and new team member
                                                                             ‘Sam’ Samuhel with their new Roland wide-format printer.
interior and exterior signs to vehicle graphics, banners and
exhibition displays in-house, a perfect combination of expertise
                                                                                                                          yo 0%
for airshow exhibitors as well as the wider needs of the north
Hampshire business community.”
                                                                                                                            ur sa
                                                                                                                               pr vin
Having established Signs Express (Farnborough) after leaving
                                                                                                                                 em g
the RAF, Tim always enjoys the Farnborough International
Airshow and remembers shows from his childhood in the
1970s and 80s when he lived in nearby Fleet. The production                                                                            s*
unit is situated right beside the airfield so they are able to
serve the airshow exhibitors immediately.

As part of the UK’s leading signs and graphics company,
Signs Express (Farnborough) provides a complete design,
                                                                                        Don’t let your business insurance give you a headache let
manufacture and installation service for all signage including
                                                                                        Headley Insurance Services Ltd, take the strain….

                                                                                        Whatever the type of insurance you are looking for, we would
  Do You Have An                                                                        welcome the opportunity to meet you and carry out a no

  Olympic Story To Tell?                                                               obligation review of your you a headache let
                                                                                Don’t let your business insurance give insurances. This will ensure that you
                                                                                                                                                          Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                       have the right insurance take the strain….
                                                                  Headley Insurance Services Ltd, at the right price that is specific to
                                                                       you insurance give you a headache let
                                                   Don’t let your business and your needs.
                                                                  Whatever the type of Ltd, take are strain….
                                                   Headley Insurance Servicesinsurance you the looking for, we would
  We would like to know if any of our members are involved
  with the Olympics and showcase these stories in our                                       Contact us on: 01420 594242
                                                                      welcome the opportunity to meet you and carry out a no
                                                                      obligation review of your insurances. This will ensure that you
                                                       Whatever the type ofalternatively visit us out onfor, we would
  publications and on our website, including our twitter                          insurance
                                                                             Orright insurance you are looking www.headleyinsurance.co.uk
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  feeds. Your company could be a supplier, a sponsor orwelcome the opportunityneeds. the extensive range of insurance products.
                                                                      you and your to meet you and carry out a no
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  part of a consortium of businesses that have contributed
                                                       obligation review of your insurances. This will ensure that you
  to the London Olympics and Paralympics? Perhapshave the right insurance atInsurance Brokers. Authorisedis specificby the Financial Services Authority.
                                                                                         the on: 01420 that and regulated to
                                                                                  Contact us right price594242
                                                                             FSA Reg No. 306701, William Curtis House, Lenten Street, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1HH.
  have provided facilities or a site for training? We want to
                                                       you and your needs.
                                                                      Or alternatively visit us out on www.headleyinsurance.co.uk
  hear from you!                                                            And see the extensive range of insurance products.

  Please email your stories and images to: ian.welland@                                 01420 594242
                                                               Contact us on: Brokers. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
                                                                   Registered Insurance

  hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                        us out on www.headleyinsurance.co.uk
                                                    Or alternatively visit 306701, William Curtis House, Lenten Street, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1HH.
                                                                   FSA Reg No.

                                                                     And see the extensive range of insurance products.
                                                                             *subject to underwriting criteria

                                                            Registered Insurance Brokers. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

June 2012                                                   FSA Reg No. 306701, William Curtis House, Lenten Street, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1HH.
                                                                          Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                        11
                                           Fontwell Park
 Member News – Portsmouth

                                           Racing And Events
                                           Fontwell Park is undoubtedly one of the most intimate and             Whether booking a private box or table in the 888sport Premier
                                           friendly racecourses in the country. Its figure-of-eight track        Grandstand on one of 24 racedays in 2012, or a conference for
                                           is unique to the UK and adds to the excitement of National            400, Fontwell Park prides themselves on great value and the
                                           Hunt racing.                                                          first-rate level of service offered.
                                           Located between the picturesque towns of Chichester and
                                           Arundel, Fontwell Park is located just off the A27 and is two
                                           miles from Barnham train station, with mainline links to London
                                           Victoria and Southampton Central.
                                           General Manager, Holly Glover said ‘Our reputation as a premier
                                           hospitality venue has been gained through a total commitment
                                           to our customers and by providing some of the finest facilities
                                           on the South Coast. The beautiful surroundings also help.’
                                           Fontwell Park provides a one stop shop, from original enquiry
                                           through to the raceday experience. Ensuring that guests are
                                           dealt with by one member of staff, this makes organizing a
                                           raceday simple, convenient and stress free.
                                           More than £8m has been spent improving the facilities since
                                           Northern Racing purchased the track in 2002, including the
                                           construction of the 888sport Premier Grandstand in 2010.
                                           Along with offering superb raceday facilities, the state-of-the-art
                                           Grandstand is complete with two conference halls and 12 suites
                                           ideal for break-out rooms, is fast becoming the premier venue
                                           for business along the South Coast.

                                           New Senior Manager
                                           At Morris Crocker Chartered Accountants
                                           The partners of Morris Crocker Chartered Accountants are              so capable and experienced to join us and I am looking forward to
                                           pleased to announce that Paul Underwood has joined the firm           working with him”.
                                           as senior manager. Previously employed by a top 20 firm of
                                                                                                                   Enquiries to Mrs Margot Vere, Morris Crocker Chartered
                                           accountants, Paul gained valuable experience working closely
                                                                                                                   Accountants, Station House, North Street, Havant. PO9 1QU.
                                           with clients in a variety of owner-managed businesses in the
                                                                                                                   Tel: 023 9248 4356, Email: mcv@morriscrocker.co.uk
                                           SME markets. Also, his knowledge and expertise of the not-
                                           for-profit sector will make him a valuable addition to Morris
                                           Crocker’s specialist charities team.

                                           Overseeing a team of qualified accountants to maintain the
                                           firm’s reputation for excellence, and identifying new business
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                           opportunities for the firm, are also part of Paul’s remit.

                                           Having assisted many organisations achieve their objectives, Paul
                                           is excited about his new role at Morris Crocker and optimistic
                                           about the future. He observes: “Commentators anticipate slow
                                           growth in the economy for the next two years. However, we
                                           are seeing confidence returning and those organisations who
                                           have survived the recession are well positioned to invest in the
                                           infrastructure to gain an advantage moving forward.”

                                           The very rewarding feeling Paul gets from watching organisations
                                           succeed is one of the reasons he chose accountancy as a career.

                                           Commenting on Paul’s appointment, Morris Crocker partner
                                           Richard Perry says, “We are extremely fortunate to have someone

12                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                    June 2012
Aerial Open Day Success

                                                                                                                                                 Member News – Portsmouth
Aerial Business Communications held their first ever open                 what was really refreshing was that our approach to Business
day in April. The event was to celebrate the launch of the                Communications and the complete solution was just what they
new Aerial business IT and telephone system product range                 needed in this ever changing times of technology and cost
and the grand opening of the extended showroom. Over                      efficiencies”.
150 businesses attended the event on Rodney Road which
                                                                          Aerial are now in their 26th year of business, founded in 1986 by
was also showcasing the new Aerial branding which has
                                                                          Managing Director Paul Davis. Aerial currently employs a team of
effectively created 4 new divisions within the organisation.
                                                                          over 30 dedicated individuals and are not only one of O2’s only
Aside from over 20 live demonstrations, one of the central
                                                                          “Centres of Excellence” but also their partner of the year. As a
attractions of the event was the full size F1 simulator located
                                                                          true “one stop shop” provider, Aerial can provide a full range of
in the car park. Throughout the day visitors competed to gain
                                                                          business telephone and IT support services.
the fastest lap and win 2 tickets to the Silverstone GP.
                                                                          Aerial are proud to have the only official Nokia Repair Centre in
Aerial’s General Manager, David Hall, said “The event proved
                                                                          Hampshire and many mobile telephone users on the south coast
to be a great success, so many customers both new and old
                                                                          benefit from their same day repair service.
commented on the value they can see with working with us and
                                                                            Contact: David Stephens
                                                                            Email: dave.stephens@aerial-telephones.co.uk

   Lord Mayor Of Portsmouth
   Helps To Launch Cascades
   Shopping Centre Gift Card
   The Former Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Cheryl Buggy, joined
   Cascades Shopping Centre Director, Rhoda Joseph, for the
   launch of city-wide advertising on Portsmouth’s buses to
   let people know about the new Cascades Gift Card, being
   introduced at the Centre this month.
   Cheryl Buggy said, “I am passionate about encouraging people
   to shop locally and the Cascades Gift Card is a great idea.”
   A £100 gift card was also presented to the Lord Mayor for the
   ‘Positively Portsmouth: Passport to Success’ project, helping
   young people in the city.                                               90 x 100 Ad vr2:90 x 100 Ad vr2         11/4/08    00:39    Page 1

   “Cascades is delighted to receive the support of the Lord
   Mayor, Cheryl Buggy, for our new gift card,” Rhoda Joseph
   said. “Cheryl is involved in many local community initiatives,
   including being Managing Director of Express FM. Cascades is
   a friend of the radio station, so this was also an opportunity for
   the Centre to further show its commitment to local businesses
   and to our customers.”
   “The Cascades Gift Card makes the perfect gift for family
   and friends and is the ultra-convenient way to give someone
   the freedom to choose from loads of exciting gifts at our
   stores – from fashion and jewellery, to home goods, music,
   books and toys.”                                                                          inspire your
                                                                                                                                                Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                             customers motivate
                                                                                             your colleagues
                                                                                             entertain your clients
                                                                                             Portsmouth Technopole
                                                                                             Conference & Meeting Room
                                                                                             For further information please contact:
                                                                                             the Conference Co-ordinator
                                                                                             Tel: 02392 658200
                                                                                             E-mail: info@portsmouth-technopole.co.uk
   Photo: Rhoda Joseph, Cascades Shopping Centre Director (left)
   and Cheryl Buggy, Lord Mayor of Portsmouth,                                               www.portsmouth-technopole.co.uk

June 2012                                                               Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                13
                                           Charity Family Fun Day, Dog Show
 Member News – Southampton

                                           And It’s A Knockout Challenge

                                                                                                         Come and join the Jubilee Sailing Trust at our Family Fun Day

                                             Hotel Terravina And                                         & Dog Show with It’s a Knockout challenge on Sunday 1st
                                                                                                         July at Itchen Valley Country Park.
                                             The 10in8 Fine Dining                                       It will be a great day out for all the family, packed with activities

                                             Group Have Merged                                           and stalls that appeal to everyone including face-painting, a
                                                                                                         barbeque, local crafts, stands and a bouncy castle.

                                                                                                         There is also the opportunity to get involved in the "It’s a
                                             Gerard Basset, OBE, (Best Sommelier in the World
                                             2010), co founder of the original Hotel du Vin Group,       Knock-Out!" Tournament! Based on TV shows like Takeshi’s
                                             and his wife Nina, who together own the award winning       Castle teams will push their abilities to their limits with
                                             hotel Hotel TerraVina in the New Forest, are delighted      challenges such as Space Hopper Races, Scramble Hill and
                                             to announce that they have merged their hotel with          Slide and a Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course to name a few.
                                             10in8, The Fine Dining Group, (comprising The 10in8
                                             Collection of restaurants: L’Ortolan, La Bécasse, Paris     Up to 20 teams of between 8-10 people will compete against
                                             House and The Angel) founded by famous Michelin star        each other to become the ultimate champion in a series of
                                             chef Alan Murchison.                                        games, such as the Space Hopper Run, Scramble Hill and
                                                                                                         Slide, Ball Pool and Giant Inflatable Hoop La. It is suitable for
                                             Alan Murchison and Gerard Basset have been friends for
                                             a number of years. They feel that there is great synergy    all ages and so why not make it a family affair or cajole your
                                             between both companies and their own complimentary          work mates into entering a team.
                                             skills. The aim is to continue the expansion plans of
                                                                                                         To enter It's a Knock-Out, a deposit of £25 per team is required
                                             10in8 together, with the exciting development of The
                                             Fine Dining Academy, as well as the creation of a world     and each team must also aim to raise a minimum of £250 in
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                             class Cookery and Wine School.                              sponsorship. After the competition you can simply relax and
                                                                                                         enjoy the rest of the Family Fun Day or enter your dog into the
                                             Nina says, ‘we are delighted to join forces with Alan,      fun dog show with categories including, Prettiest Female, Most
                                             Richard and their team. This merger will open up
                                                                                                         Handsome Male, Best Rescue dog/bitch, Waggiest Tail, Best
                                             many great opportunities for the talented teams that
                                             already exist in both businesses. They will play such       Condition and Dog the judges would most like to take home.
                                             an important role in the development of the group and       Entry is £1.50.
                                             we are delighted for them as well as for us. We have
                                                                                                         If you are interested in attending this event then please contact
                                             already worked with 10in8 informally on a couple of joint
                                             projects and it was clear that the mix of Gerard’s wine     us on 023 8042 6868 or email fundraising@jst.org.uk
                                             skills when combined with Alan’s culinary expertise
                                                                                                          For more information about the Jubilee Sailing Trust or to
                                             created a potent mix of talent that in our opinion is
                                             unsurpassed in the world of hotel management and fine        make a donation visit www.jst.org.uk or call the team on
                                             dining.’                                                     023 8044 9108.

14                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                              June 2012
A Night to Remember

                                                                                                                                                   Member News – Southampton
Grand Café hosted two of the most              the menu served to the 1st Class                        players acted out a very moving scene
memorable evening dinner events in             passengers on the evening of 14th April                 taken from the transcript of the enquiry
Southampton in recent years on the             1912. The guests were entertained to                    in New York that followed the disaster.
10th and 15th April 2012. The dinner           a performance from the Sarah Siddon
                                                                                                       Certainly two nights our guests will
evenings were to commemorate                   players before the main course was
                                                                                                       never forget!
the day RMS Titanic sailed from                served and at the end of the evening the
Southampton on 10th April 1912 and
the fateful night she hit the iceberg
and sank on the 15th April.

The evenings began with Champagne and
Canapés reception in what was the grand
foyer of the old South Western Hotel
so kindly loaned to Grand Café by the
residents – a perfect setting.

Throughout the evening, the guests
were entertained by a string quartet
playing music from the repertoire of the
musicians on the Titanic and the actors
and actresses of the Sarah Siddon Fan
Club Theatre Group who took on the
roles of officers, crew and passengers
to great effect.

A sumptuous 6 course dinner then
followed with each course taken from

                                                  Direction        Support         Results

                                 In business, two heads can
                                     be better than one.
                                 Business mentoring from local business people

                                                          Find Direction
                                       Step back and take a different view of the future

                                                              Get Support
                                        To identify and implement the right solutions
                                                                                                                                                  Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                              See Results
                                   Actions identified, implemented and goals achieved.
                                     If working with a Mentor could help your business,
                            find out more at www.mentor-net.co.uk. Call us on 0845 45 86 454
                                           or email us on info@mentor-net.co.uk
                                                 Have what it takes to be a business mentor?
                                           We’re always looking for new volunteers, so get in touch.

June 2012                                                              Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                   15
                                           Hampshire Chamber Member’s
 Hampshire Wide News

                                           Success At Winning
                                           Hillcrest Structural Limited was presented with the first                Hillcrest also supports its local community, the local football
                                           Southampton Business Success Award by The Right                          teams and Brownie units and they maintain an on-going
                                           Worshipful, The Mayor of Southampton – Cllr Derek Burke, at              long-term financial commitment with Shine – the registered
                                           the Mayor Making Ceremony held in Southampton Guildhall, in              spina bifida charity.
                                           recognition of Hillcrest Structural Limited’s contribution to the
                                                                                                                    Hillcrest has responded to the difficult business climate by
                                           City of Southampton.
                                                                                                                    diversifying and expanding its product range, and by its general
                                           The Award which was established by Hampshire Chamber of                  approach to business life represents the best of the SME sector
                                           Commerce and Southampton City Council and is supported by                on which the economic recovery of the Country depends. Many
                                           Inca Design, was accepted on behalf of the company by Jamie              congratulations to Hillcrest on their achievement.
                                           Green, Managing Director and Marion Alcock, Financial Director.
                                           Hillcrest Structural Limited is a Southampton based structural
                                           steelwork company specialising in the design, fabrication and erection
                                           of a wide range of steel structures for the construction industry.
                                           Hillcrest works with a number of main contractors nationwide
                                           and its prestigious contracts within the Southampton area have
                                           included The Police Command Centre, Sea City Museum and
                                           Carnival UK Headquarters.
                                           The company is committed to its staff and invests heavily in
                                           training and career development. Students from the local
                                           community are regularly offered work placement and it is
                                           company policy to employ at least two apprentices every three            From left to right – Jamie Green, Managing Director of Hillcrest
                                           years. This year they are employing three apprentices. 4                 Structural Limited; The Right Worshipful – The Mayor of Southampton
                                           members of staff have been sponsored to enable them to                   – Cllr Derek Burke; and Marion Alcock , Financial Director of Hillcrest
                                           achieve a minimum of HNC/HND standard.                                   Structural Limited.
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

16                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                            June 2012

                                                                                                                                                                           Hampshire Wide News
Are Ready To Go!
People have come from all over the city to help spread                 The first group of Ambassadors will be undertaking their training
the word about the city’s bright future. The City Brand                on June 21st this year.
Workstream of the Portsmouth Business Leaders Group got
together and created a Portsmouth Ambassador programme
and is set to launch in June.

There will be three types of Ambassador, Business, Community
and Youth and they will be speaking with groups about the
benefits of living and working in this great waterfront city. From
job opportunities created by the regeneration of Portsmouth right
through to how young people can gain support and make friends.

Quote from Stella Mbubaegbu CBE, Principal Highbury College

                                                                                                                                           Photograph: Stella Mbubaegbu
and Chair of City Brand Group.

"A Portsmouth Ambassador is someone who cares about the
City of Portsmouth and is passionate and proud of their city.
Highbury has been working with Denique Training Services
to create a workbook and qualification which will support our
Ambassadors in communicating the Portsmouth message to
others. We are confident that within the first year thousands of
Portsmouth people will have heard the news that Portsmouth is
open for Business”

                                                                                                                                                                          Supporting growth and prosperity for all

June 2012                                                            Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                             17
                                           International Trade
 International Trade

                                           Training Diary 2012
                                           June 2012                                                           July 2012
                                           25th                A Foundation Course in Importing (P)            3rd                  Letters of Credit (S)
                                           This course offers practical guidance to importers by considering   This course outlines the main procedure and practice of handling
                                           the basic procedures, terminology and documentation required        Letters of Credit from the exporters' perspective. It covers the
                                           for successful importing.                                           opening procedures through to the managing Letters of Credit,
                                                                                                               completing all the paperwork, including Bills of Exchange/Drafts
                                           26th                Export Documentation (S)                        and presentation to the banks.
                                           The main objective is to help each delegate understand why
                                           they are creating the paperwork and the legal significance of the   September 2012
                                           forms. The course will also consider some of the export shipping    26th & 27th           Export Starter (S)
                                           processes and procedures and help exporters understand the          This two-day course outlines the four key areas of export practice -
                                                                                                               terminology, documentation, customs and payments. The payment
                                           time management requirements.
                                                                                                               section will include approximately 1½ hours on letters of credit alone.

                                                                                                               October 2012

                                              Documentary                                                      2nd                 Introduction to Export Operations (P)
                                                                                                               This course offers an introduction to the Terminology, Procedures

                                                                                                               and Documentation used in exporting. Gain an overview of the
                                                                                                               exporting process from first enquiry to order completion

                                              For Iraq
                                                                                                               10th                 Import Procedures (S)
                                                                                                               This one-day course covers Customs Clearance Procedures, Tariff
                                                                                                               Classification/Import Declarations – C88/E2, Duty/VAT Calculations/
                                                                                                               CFSP Procedures, Customs Warehousing/RGR/AEO Status,
                                                                                                               Inward/Outward Processing Relief – IPR/OPR, Preferential Trading
                                                                                                               Agreements – EUR/GSP, Customs Valuation/End Use Relief/PCC.
                                              We have been informed by the Embassy of the Republic
                                              of Iraq that all certificates of origin and commercial           November 2012
                                              invoices submitted for legalisation must now be                  6th                Letters of Credit, Drafts and Bills (P)
                                                                                                               This course helps delegates to understand the role and structure
                                              accompanied by either the original or certified true
                                                                                                               of a Documentary Letter of Credit or Bill of Exchange (draft)
                                              copy of the transport document, insurance policy and
                                              certificate of conformity (where applicable). All of             13th                Export Documentation (S)
                                                                                                               The main objective is to help each delegate understand why
                                              which must also be legalised along with the certificate
                                                                                                               they are creating the paperwork and the legal significance of the
                                              of origin and commercial invoice.                                forms. The course will also consider some of the export shipping
                                              Any goods supplied under contracts awarded by the                processes and procedures and help exporters understand the
                                                                                                               time management requirements
                                              Iraqi Government will be exempt from the above
                                              and documentary requirements will be as before:                  26th                A Foundation Course in Importing (P)
                                              certificate of origin, commercial invoice and certficate of      This course offers practical guidance to importers by considering
                                                                                                               the basic procedures, terminology and documentation required
                                              conformity/indemnity letter.
                                                                                                               for successful importing.

                                                                                                               December 2012
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                                               4th                  Letters of Credit (S)
                                                                                                               This course outlines the main procedure and practice of handling
                                                                                                               Letters of Credit from the exporters' perspective. It covers the
                                                                                                               opening procedures through to the managing Letters of Credit,
                                                                                                               completing all the paperwork, including Bills of Exchange/Drafts
                                                                                                               and presentation to the banks
                                                                                                               7th                    Export – Understanding the Paperwork (P)
                                                                                                               This course will examine the purpose of export documents in
                                                                                                               both paper and electronic formats, and the information required
                                                                                                               for their efficient preparation, handling, collation and retention

                                                                                                               Key: (S) Southampton office                (P) Portsmouth office

                                                                                                                 For further information please visit

18                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                      June 2012
Multi-Million Pound Initiative

                                                                                                                                         International Trade
To Find UK’s Top Innovative And
International Thinking Businesses
-HSBC Urging Businesses Across The South To Take Part-

HSBC has announced further support to UK business                   allowing even more businesses to connect but the competition
following on from their £4billion International SME fund, with      element will be unique for UK businesses.
the launch of Global Connections, a global initiative from
                                                                    Ian Tandy, HSBC’s Regional Commercial Director for the
HSBC focused on highlighting the importance of international
                                                                    South and East region, said: "This is a great opportunity
business in today’s global economy. In the UK, the top 10
                                                                    for businesses to learn from other companies involved in
International and Innovative businesses could be awarded a
                                                                    international trade and put together a network that offers the
share in £60 million worth of funding (up to £6million lending
                                                                    chance to expand and grow on the global stage. The funding
each) linked to a financial reward of up to £120,000 for
                                                                    on offer will also help enterprises build on their success by
the 10 finalists and £240,000 for final winner. The finalists
                                                                    recognising where to concentrate their energies and which
will also be invited to take part in International Exchanges
                                                                    skills they need to develop."
for networking and business
development.                                                                                  HSBC are inviting forward thinking,
                                                                                              ambitious UK businesses to
Jacques Emmanuel Blanchet HSBC’s                      HSBC are inviting
Deputy Head of Commercial Banking
                                                      forward thinking,                       demonstrate the quality of their
                                                      ambitious UK                            thinking and the ability to put that
Europe and Head of Commercial
                                                      businesses to                           thought into action. They’ll then be
Bank UK said: "Through regular
                                                      demonstrate the quality                 selecting a shortlist of 10 finalists,
meetings with businesses, I am
                                                      of their thinking and                   chosen by their panel of judges, and
fortunate enough to see the huge                      the ability to put that                 inviting them to attend one of two
entrepreneurial spirit that exists                    thought into action.                    high profile International Exchanges
across UK businesses. They often
                                                                                              in either the USA or UAE. These
talk to me about how international
                                                                                              prestigious events will bring together
opportunities are critical to the future success of their
                                                                    leading business minds from countries across the globe,
businesses; however, their key question is how to identify and
                                                                    to share their knowledge and experiences, and discuss the
fund them.
                                                                    issues they face in today’s business world.
Our Global Connections initiative seeks to help UK businesses
                                                                    Back in the UK, all of the Global Connections finalists will be
compete at the forefront of international trade. Not only can
                                                                    given the opportunity to build their business pitch, applying the
we help through providing funding but also through introducing
                                                                    insights gained on their International Exchange with the overall
them to other entrepreneurial businesses both in the UK and
                                                                    winner receiving a financial reward of up to £240,000.
around the word. Once you bring businesses together, you can
tangibly see partnerships forming as they share challenges,         Businesses will be able to submit an application detailing their
insights, and find synergies to help each other grow. It is         business plans and unding requirements online at
a privilege to facilitate these connections and to help UK          www.hsbc.uk/globalconnections by closing day
                                                                                                                                        Supporting growth and prosperity for all

businesses achieve success on a global scale. Trading across        Friday 13 July 2012.
borders is not only critical for the future success of British
businesses but is also critical to the UK economy."

HSBC has previously taken businesses from across the UK to
‘Thought Exchange’ trips in some of the world’s most dynamic
areas of economic growth – Hong Kong, Brazil, New York,
United Arab Emirates and Paris - allowing them to meet other
businesses and investigate international trade opportunities.
This year’s competition will be linked into a global initiative

June 2012                                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk              19
                                             BCoT Puts The “T”
                                                                                                                   Platinum Patrons

                                             Back Into Technology
                                                                                                                                                    IT solutions in
                                                                                                                      Photocopier &             Hardware, Software
                                             Chamber Patrons Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT)               Facsimile suppliers           and IT business
                                                                                                                                                systems applications
                                             opened its doors on 24 April to the business community in
                                             style for the launch of their new Technology Centre.
                                             Anthony Bravo, Principal, welcomed businesses from all
                                             sectors and spoke proudly of the way that the Technology              Gold Patrons
                                             Centre was now taking a giant leap toward excellence in line
                                             with in the College’s high aspirations. After paying tribute to the
                                             support of the students, staff and governors, Anthony handed
                                             over to special guest Lord Drayson, former Minister for Science
                                             and Innovation, Owner of Drayson Racing Technologies, to
                                             officially open the new Technology Centre in the presence of                                                                Marketing &
                                             The Mayor of Basingstoke Councillor David Leeks.                                                                              Agency

                                                                                                                                              Website Design and
                                             Guests were then invited to take a tour of the Centre                      Exhibitors            Internet Marketing
                                             including the impressive automotive and engineering
                                             workshops. The tour also included visits to the CNC CAD/
                                             CAM Workshop, electronics workshop, aquatics and animal
                                             management, mathematics and forensic courses. Tutors and
                                             Students were on hand to talk about their work and provide a                                                                Port Authority
                                             vital insight into the special experience of learning at BCoT.
                                                                                                                                              Print and Design
                                             The event, which was attended by members of the
                                             Chamber’s Basingstoke Area Committee, was rounded off                   Digital Printing
                                             with a buffet hog roast and drinks in the College refectory.
                                             For more details on BCoT: http://www.bcot.ac.uk
                                             Tel: 01256 354141

                                                                                                                   CBS Outdoors PLC

                                                                                                                   Silver Plus Patrons

                                                                                                                           Accountants                                    PR, Marketing and
                                             Lord Drayson meets students on the Forensic Science Course                                              Football Club         Graphic Design

                                                                                                                            Solicitors                                       Radio Station
                                                                                                                                                Marketing, Branding
                                                                                                                                                & Website Designers
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                                                            Radio Station

                                                                                                                   Silver Patrons

                                                                                                                       Economic Development
                                             Lord Drayson officially opens the new Technology Centre with
                                             the help of Anthony Bravo, Prinicipal of Basingstoke College of

20                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                               June 2012
  Bronze Plus Patrons

                                                                         Chamber Of
                                               Ship Owners,
         Hotel               Hotel            Passenger Ferry

                                                                         Welcomes Its
                                                                         Latest Silver
     University of          Lawyers
    Business School                         Basingstoke College of

                                                                         Plus Patron
                                                                         Apollo Business Supplies launched in November 2011
     Accountants &
    Business Advisers                                                    with dedicated office and warehouse facilities in the
                                                 De Vere Grand           heart of Southampton. Although a fledgling business,
                                                 Harbour Hotel
                                                                         our team has a wealth of experience in the Office
                                                                         Supplies industry spanning more than 125 years! We
                                                                         understand that ordering stationery is a low priority,
                                                                         so our main aim is to take the hassle away from you,
                                                                         allowing you more time to focus on your own business.
    Independent financial
    Advisers, Corporate &
                                                                         With preferential terms for Chamber members and a
      Personal Benefits                                                  free “stationery health check” we are confident that
                                                                         we can offer a cost effective solution from pens to
                                                                         office furniture, to suit any budget.

                                                                         As Silver Plus Patrons, we are strong believers that
                                                                         people do business with people and are passionate
                                                                         about supporting local businesses. To demonstrate
       Hotel & Conference
             Centre                                                      our commitment to these philosophies we are working
                                                                         closely with fellow Patrons and members to promote
                                                                         local business throughout the Region.

                                            Luxury Hotel &
                                          Conference Centre

                                      Transforming Offices using
                                           Original Artwork
                                                                                                                                  Supporting growth and prosperity for all

  If you are interested in becoming a Patron of
  Hampshire Chamber please email
  for details of the packages available

June 2012                                                            Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk     21
                                           Tips For Avoiding Problems
 Hampshire Wide News

                                           With Late Payment
                                           Peter Whalley, James Cowper

                                           In the face of mounting concern within business about                Do not to get swept up in the excitement of a significant new
                                           the problems of late payment, Hampshire Chamber asked                account without exercising rigorous procedures for new account
                                           Peter Whalley, one of the Chamber’s directors and head of            opening. These might include agreeing credit limits, taking
                                           restructuring and insolvency at James Cowper LLP, for tips on        up bank or trade references, and, if there are any concerns,
                                           how to avoid such issues.                                            requesting payment guarantees from directors or others.

                                           The first question must be ‘do we really need to give credit in      Do you have robust credit control procedures? Does someone
                                           the first place’? All too often, business owners assume they         monitor the payment patterns to ensure that they do not
                                           have to give credit when it may not be necessary.                    drift beyond agreed terms? Do you regularly chase overdue
                                                                                                                amounts, recording what the customer says? It is excruciating
                                           In certain businesses normal terms of trade involve payments
                                                                                                                                         for a customer who is trying to fob you
                                           in advance or stage payments – for
                                                                                                                                         off, saying the cheque signatory is not
                                           example, magazine subscriptions,
                                                                                                                                         in the office when, for instance, you
                                           insurance premiums, IT support                       If payment is still not
                                                                                                                                         remind him that, last week, the cheque
                                           contracts - and customers readily                    forthcoming resort to a
                                                                                                                                         was in the post!
                                           accept this. In others – such as                     seven day letter before
                                           supermarket or clothing retail                       action and, if necessary,                Place overdue debts on stop. If
                                           suppliers for instance - there can be                instruct solicitors.                     payment is still not forthcoming resort
                                           an expectation of 60 or even 90 days                                                          to a seven day letter before action and,
                                           credit. If you can’t avoid giving credit                                                      if necessary, instruct solicitors. Of
                                           entirely it may be possible to limit credit to just those whose      course, by the time you get to that stage you may be ‘closing
                                           custom it is sufficiently important to retain.                       the stable door after the horse has bolted’. Credit insurance,
                                                                                                                therefore, can cover against non-payment of debts within
                                           If giving credit is a necessity, look at how diverse the customer-
                                                                                                                agreed limits.
                                           base is. If you have 1,000 customers each spending £1,000
                                           pa you should have less exposure than a business with 10             Finally, one way to smooth the cash flow pressure is invoice
                                           customers each giving you £100,000 of orders pa.                     finance. Broadly speaking, a recognised lender will advance up
                                                                                                                to (say) 80% of the value of each invoice as it is raised which is
                                           If you do have a few larger customers, do you check their
                                                                                                                effectively repaid when the customer sends the remittance.
                                           creditworthiness? All too often, late payers have a track
                                           record that can be identified from credit agency ratings and           Peter Whalley is a partner and head of restructuring and
                                           databases or company searches.                                         insolvency at James Cowper LLP. He can be reached by
                                                                                                                  email: PWhalley@jamescowper.co.uk.
                                                                                                                  Visit www.jamescowper.co.uk for further information.
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

22                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                   June 2012
                                                                       Supporting growth and prosperity for all

June 2012   Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk   23
 Hampshire Wide News

                                           Willmott LLP
                                           Drives Picador’s
                                           Growth Into
                                           The New Forest
                                           SOUTHAMPTON car dealership Picador PLC, in its 50th                He said: “Picador is a serious player in the Solent 250 and one of
                                           anniversary year, is now one of the biggest dealers on the South   the top 200 dealer groups nationally, we were delighted to act on
                                           Coast following its takeover of a successful local family firm.    their behalf to secure this very important acquisition.
                                           Picador bosses have signed a deal for Pat’s Garage in Lyndhurst,   “I’m sure this will see the family owned business go from strength
                                           which has been serving the local community since 1939.             to strength and ensure people in the New Forest continue to have
                                           With both firms operating as Vauxhall dealerships the deal was a   access to a top quality car dealership.”
                                           natural fit which puts Picador at the heart of the New Forest.
                                                                                                              The Clarke Willmott team handled all aspects of the share
                                           The deal was brokered by a specialist team from the Southampton    acquisition including full due diligence, employment contract
                                           office of law firm Clarke Willmott LLP.                            reviews and the taking of a lease of the site from the Seller,
                                           Team head and Partner at Clarke Willmott Peter Swinburn said the   thereby safeguarding the company's presence in this key location.
                                           deal was great news for Picador.

                                                                                                    Business Insurance

                                             At Higos we provide an extensive range of insurance cover for your business, including:

                                                Manufacturing • Shops • Offices • Property Owners • Public Liability • Employers’ Liability
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                            Professional Indemnity • Wholesale • Goods-in-Transit • Fleet

                                             We deliver professional advice face to face throughout the South. We have access to over 200
                                             insurers, allowing us to deliver insurance cover tailored specifically to the needs of your business. All
                                             backed up by qualified staff and a dedicated in-house claims team, here to help should the worst happen.

                                                               15 Water Lane • Totton • Southampton • SO40 3DF
                                               ( 023 8032 5555 • @ andrew.shore@higos.co.uk • 8 www.higos.co.uk

                                                             The Cover You Want • The Service You Expect • The Advice You Need

24                                           PUBL1221 - Hampshire Chamber of 1 1
                                           Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk
                                                                                                                                                              14/05/2012 10:03:29
                                                                                                                                                                     June 2012
New Luxury Spa

                                                                                                                                         Hampshire Wide News
For Winchester
The Winchester Hotel was acquired by family owned Quantum
Hotels Ltd in May 2011. Since then, the Company has
continued to invest heavily in the hotel, creating a number of
luxury Club rooms and suites, refurbishing one of its principal
function suites, substantially improving its Health Club
poolside environment and most significantly, creating a new
luxury spa to extend and enhance the hotel's facilities.

The Spa will offer a wide range of treatments focusing on
ESPA products, ESPA being one of the world's leading spa
product houses. Nailcare by Jessica Nails, specialist Caci
facial treatments and spray tanning by FakeBake will also all
be available within the Spa.

The new Spa was opened on May 21st and according to
Quantum Hotels Ltd Managing Director, Gregor y Harris,
it is expecting to receive considerable interest from both
hotel guests and local residents. According to Gregor y
Harris, "the spa project came about as a result of repeated
enquiries from our hotel guests and local 'spa goers' for
spa treatments at the hotel and we decided to respond by
creating a ver y inviting and luxurious spa facility to operate
alongside the existing health club at the hotel. We have
recruited a ver y experienced and professional spa team,
headed by Spa Manageress and Senior Therapist Nicola                  and who will be dedicated to providing only the ver y best in
Thomas, who has had many years within the beauty industr y            luxur y spa treatments and ser vice to our spa clients".

How Prepared Is Your Organisation?
Carmdale are a fresh, new company run by two former                   can come out the other end as efficiently as possible, with your
government employees, Matt and Mark, who worked within the            organisation intact and impact minimised.
MoD helping develop business resilience and security, team
                                                                      Some great tools for business resilience are:
performance and staff development.
                                                                      •   Business Continuity planning
With almost 40 years combined experience in this area, and
both being qualified through the Institute of Leadership &            •   Crisis Management planning
Management as professional life & business coaches, they have
                                                                      •   Exercising
chosen to take their knowledge and abilities in to new areas.
                                                                      •   Risk Management
Carmdale are passionate about organisations being as resilient
as possible, and through their experience they know that a crisis     •   Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (close any gaps before
                                                                                                                                         Supporting growth and prosperity for all

can happen to anybody! Coming through a crisis can make or                there are problems!)
break a business. Plans and procedures are great in these
                                                                      •   Team development
situations, but every organisation needs to know that their staff
are capable of reacting appropriately; especially leaders and         •   Leadership development
managers who people will look to for guidance and fast, effective
                                                                      •   Life, Business and Executive Coaching
                                                                      Carmdale provide a friendly ‘one-stop shop’ for all the above,
This is where training and development becomes important –
                                                                      and much more. They have a sincere passion for this and are
whether outsourced or internally provided – you need to know
                                                                      always happy to discuss any concerns or needs you may have.
your team are capable of getting your organisation through
difficulty. You need to know your leaders and managers have           For more information, check out their website at
the abilities and confidence to react assertively and effectively     www.carmdale.co.uk – or contact them on:
under stress. You need to know that if adversity strikes, you         0844 995 9900 Email: enquiries@carmdale.co.uk

June 2012                                                           Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk             25
                                           Find Future Employees
 Hampshire Wide News

                                           By Test Driving Our
                                           Graduate Talent
                                           Hiring someone as an intern is the most effective way to
                                           evaluate their potential as a full time employee. When you "try
                                           out" candidates via an internship, you make fewer mistakes
                                           when it comes to full time staffing; you avoid the pitfall of
                                           training a new employee, only to find out they're not a fit for                                        
                                           your organisation…or that the entry-level employee doesn't like                                        
                                           the field. Starting an internship programme lets you benefit from                                                                                                          
                                           additional staff, while more accurately assessing candidates.                                                                                                              
                                           Chris Stemp, Venue Manager of The Joiners, said:                                                                                                                                 
                                           “Internships are really beneficial to both parties, it gives a great                                                                        
                                           opportunity to an enthusiastic graduate whilst also giving the                                                                              
                                           employer the benefit of ‘test driving’ the candidate. If all goes                                                                           
                                           well the company can then offer them a position if something is                                                                             
                                           available, with the bonus of having somebody ‘on board’ who is                                                                              
                                           already experienced within the job role.”                                                              
                                           Jenna Barker, Southampton Solent University graduate who is                                                                                             
                                           currently working at The Joiners as a Promotions Assistant                                                                                             
                                           Intern said:                                                                                                                                            
                                           “Leaving University, particularly in today’s financial climate, can                                                                                    
                                           be daunting. However, knowing that there were opportunities                                            

                                           specifically for graduates within my industry of interest and a                                        
                                           support team behind it, made the transition into employment a                                
                                           lot more enjoyable and safer! From this, I have gained a greater                             
                                           understanding of how the industry works, developed my skills and                             
                                           have experience to take on to any future employer.”                                          
                                           It's not just the extra set of hands that make interns’
                                           advantageous, new people bring with them novel perspectives,                            

                                           fresh ideas, and specialised strengths and skill sets.                                  
                                             If you would like a graduate to help grow your business, please
                                             contact the Graduate Jobs South team to discuss your options                                                         
                                             on 023 8031 9329 or by email: graduate.jobs@solent.ac.uk                                                   
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

26                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk
                                                                                                                                                                                                      June 2012
June is a great time of year to hire one of this year’s graduates.      key regional employer but also to recruit using the website free of

                                                                                                                                               Hampshire Wide News
Having just finished their degree course they are ready to hit the      charge. Last month over 160 businesses advertised opportunities
marketplace and have a wealth of the latest thinking from social        with us including; Lubetech, Fujitsu, LV, B & Q, Southampton
media marketing to the latest IT skills to help your business           University Hospital Trust and many more.
grow. Graduates are a great way to expand your business and
                                                                        We also work with employers to develop internship opportunities
bring in new knowledge and enthusiasm.
                                                                        and graduate jobs and can help you through all stages of the
Graduate Jobs South (GJS) can help your business to source a            recruitment process.
graduate. We have a database of over 20,000 candidates from
                                                                         Please contact the GJS team to find out how we can help you.
regional universities and beyond who are looking for work in the
                                                                         023 8031 9734 or email graduate.jobs@solent.ac.uk
Join over 4,000 regional businesses, many of them small
businesses, all using GJS to both promote their organisation as a

Toolkit Website have hired a number of interns through Graduate Jobs South. Pictured are Barnaby Lewington, Matthew Sawyer and
Marcus Green

 “I really like the opportunity to be able to ‘test drive’ graduates and see how they perform for the company. We can then offer them a
position if we want to, although crucially there is no implied long-term commitment. Great scheme!” Marcus Green Toolkit Websites.
                                                                                                                                              Supporting growth and prosperity for all

June 2012                                                            Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                 27
                                             Heading For The Mountains Of Lesotho
 Hampshire Wide News

                                             In July Barry & Heather Mann, a Hampshire based                                                         A key part of their roles will be to equip the local Basotho team
                                             photographer and accountant, will be embarking on an                                                    with the skills that they have, thus empowering them to take
                                             exciting adventure as they head to Southern Africa to work                                              the project forward without the need for outside assistance.
                                             with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) and the Growing Nations
                                             agriculture project based in Lesotho.                                                                   They said “We are excited to be part of the project and are
                                                                                                                                                     looking forward to joining the team in Lesotho. We are also
                                             They have been involved with Growing Nations for the past                                               extremely grateful to fellow Hampshire Chamber members for
                                             7 years, both personally and through Winchester Baptist                                                 their generous support in so many different ways”.
                                             Church, during which time they have been privileged to see
                                             the tremendous impact the Project has made in Lesotho                                                   If you wish to find out more about Growing Nations please visit
                                             through its ‘Transformation through Sustainable Agriculture’                                            www.growingnations.co.za or if you would like to support Barry
                                             training programme. The team are equipping key community                                                and Heather in their work in Lesotho please e-mail them at
                                             members, including pastors, farmers and agriculture students                                            barry@barrymannphotography.com.
                                             across Lesotho and beyond, by teaching the principles of
                                             how to farm without ploughing using Conservation Agriculture
                                             methods. The training incorporates agriculture, leadership and
                                             spiritual transformation.
                                             So what do an accountant and a photographer have to offer?
                                             Well, they will be involved in various aspects of the Growing
                                             Nations project; Heather will be the project CEO, overseeing
                                             the finances, working on project grant/funding proposals,
                                             delivering leadership training, mentoring the female pastors
                                             and delivering personnel training. Barry will be the Project’s
                                             Creative Specialist, involved in development of marketing
                                             collateral, curriculum development, report writing, website
                                             development and delivering leadership & business skills

                                                                                                                                          legal services for individuals and businesses

                                             Glanvilles Business and Commercial Services Team are able to advise                                                                                       Commercial Property Services

                                             businesses and individuals on all aspects of company, commercial and                                                                                      • Commercial Leases
                                             commercial property law.                                                                                                                                  • Sales & purchases of
                                                                                                                                                                                                         commercial property
                                             We care about you and your business - and we care about your deal. Drawing on our experience
                                             of advising businesses of all sizes in many different industry sectors, we have a successful track                                                         • Landlord & tenant
                                             record advising on a broad range of commercial property transactions, acting for buyers, sellers,                                                         • Planning
                                             lenders, developers, landlords and tenants.                                                                                                               • Secured Lending
                                              No matter how big or small your business or what your commercial property                                                                                • Agricultural land
                                              needs are, Glanvilles can help.                                                                                                                          • Property development
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                              Our Commercial Property team

                                             Sue Craven         Nicola Crookes-West   Martyn Chadderton        Nick Hessey                    Rajinder Sangha                Marie Hamar     Iain Munro
                                             Partner            Partner               Solicitor                Partner                        Partner                        Solicitor       Legal Executive

                                             West Wing, Cams Hall, Fareham
                                             Hampshire PO16 8AB
                                                                               Langstone Gate, Solent Road
                                                                               Havant, Hampsire PO9 1TR
                                                                                                                                e Courtyard, St. Cross Business Park,
                                                                                                                              Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5BF
                                             Telephone: 01329 282841           Telephone: 023 9249 2300                       Telephone: 01983 527878                                      commercial@glanvilles.co.uk

                                                                                                Glanvilles are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. SRA number 507970

28                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                                                                        June 2012
Commercial Leases -

                                                                                                                                         Business Feature - Commercial Property
What Is Security Of Tenure?
                                                                     the landlord can show the Court that one or more of the
                                                                     grounds for opposing the new lease apply. Alternatively the
                                                                     Landlord can apply to Court for the terms of the new lease
                                                                     to be determined or indeed for the termination of the current
                                                                     lease. It is important that Tenants respond to and or ser ve
                                                                     appropriate notices and comply with time limits other wise
                                                                     they may lose their rights.

                                                                     What if I want to end my 1954 Act protected lease?

                                                                     The 1954 Act allows a tenant to determine the lease at the
                                                                     end of the contractual term either by giving the landlord at
                                                                     least three months notice or by simply vacating before the end
                                                                     of the term. If the tenant is still in occupation of the premises
                                                                     at the end of the contractual term, the tenant can determine
                                                                     the tenancy at any time by giving the landlord three months'

                                                                     What if my lease is excluded from the 1954 Act?

                                                                     If your lease is excluded from the 1954 Act (and many leases
                                                                     are) your lease will automatically come to an end on the last
                                                                     day of the contractual term. If the tenant wants to stay in
                                                                     occupation they will have to agree terms with the landlord in
                                                                     advance of the end of the term either by signing a new lease
                                                                     or entering into an agreement for lease.

                                                                       If you would like advice regarding the 1954 Act, or any
                                                                       other commercial property matter, please contact Glanvilles
Two questions that often get asked in connection with                  Business & Commercial Ser vices team by email on
commercial leases are “what is security of tenure?" and                commercial@glanvilles.co.uk or by calling: 01329 282841
“what is the effect of a lease being granted with or without           (Fareham), 023 9249 2300 (Havant) or 01983 527878
it?". Martyn Chadderton, Solicitor at Hampshire based                  (Isle of Wight).
law firm Glanvilles explains how the 1954 Act can affect
commercial leases:

Security of tenure applies to most commercial leases over
6 months unless the provisions contained in Part II of the
Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 ("the 1954 Act") have been
specifically excluded. It acts as protection for the tenant
to prevent eviction at the end of the fixed term. In order to
                                                                                                                                         Supporting growth and prosperity for all

regain possession the landlord must ser ve a notice under
the 1954 Act stating one or more of the grounds specified in
the 1954 Act as to why they oppose the renewal of the lease.
These grounds range from the landlord wanting to redevelop
the property, to the tenant having a poor histor y in obser ving
the covenants under the lease.

What if I have a 1954 Act protected lease and want a new

The tenant can agree the terms of a new lease with the
landlord. If negotiations fail the tenant can apply to the
Court for a new lease, which is likely to be granted unless

June 2012                                                          Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk              29
                                           Work Starts At Highcross’
 Business Feature - Commercial Property

                                           Lakeside North Harbour Retail Hub
                                           Work is now underway on the new
                                           retail and lifestyle hub at Highcross’
                                           Lakeside North Harbour business park, in
                                           Portsmouth, after the contract was given
                                           to local construction company Warings.

                                           The Southern Co-operative, which also has
                                           its headquarters at 1000 Lakeside, will
                                           provide a convenience store and florist. A
                                           further three of the planned seven units
                                           are currently under offer, to a dry cleaning
                                           business, hairdresser and cafe.

                                           Highcross awarded Warings the £3m                     we have carried out at Lakeside and the        our retail hub and nursery, and the
                                           construction contract for the new retail              high standard of the finish we achieved        development of the new car retail
                                           hub and the recently announced day                    there.”                                        centre, highlighting the business park’s
                                           nursery.                                                                                             growing reputation as a leading location
                                                                                                 The new retail/lifestyle hub is expected
                                           The retail scheme will involve the                                                                   for businesses. These latest deals also
                                                                                                 to be ready for opening in early 2013.
                                           construction of two single-storey                                                                    underline our desire to provide a superb
                                           pavilions, which will be linked to the                Highcross asset management director,           working environment for companies
                                           1000 Lakeside building by a tensile                   Nick Turner, added: “The planned               based at the park, with a growing range
                                           fabric canopy.                                        expansion of our Lakeside North                of amenities and facilities right on their
                                                                                                 Harbour business park is beginning             doorstep.”
                                           Philippe Jouy, managing director of                   to take shape, with early pre-lets on
                                           Warings said: “We are proud of the work

                                                                      DESTINATION LAKESIDE                                   ALREADY A LIFESTYLE DESTINATION
                                                                                                                             FOR OVER 100 COMPANIES
                                                                               A GREAT PLACE TO WORK                         For more information visit: www.destinationlakeside.com
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                       EXCELLENT         STUNNING                  LAKESIDE NORTH HARBOUR
                                                                       FACILITIES        ENVIRONMENT               J12 M27, PORTSMOUTH,
                                            * Scheduled for 2012/13

                                                                                                                   P06 3EN
                                                                       ON SITE           GREAT
                                                                       RETAILERS*        LOCATION                  Call Karen on
                                                                                                                   023 9238 9056
                                                                       EXCITING          QUALITY BUSINESS          or for more information
                                                                       OPPORTUNITIES     ACCOMMODATION             please contact the agents:

30                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                            June 2012
                                                                                                                                 Business Feature - Advertising Design & PR
How to choose a video supplier
You know you need video – it brings your business to life         DO look for
online, it improves your SEO, and it drives sales. And your
competitors are doing it!                                          Years of experience across many sectors – like yours!
But how do you get professional video on your site? How            Lots of real films for real clients you’ve heard of
do you choose the right company to trust with your brand?
And once you’ve got video how do you get it out there?
                                                                   Client testimonials (on video of course!)
Jonathan Booth, MD of The Internet Video Company,
sympathises. “Most businesses haven’t commissioned video           A chance to call any of their clients for a reference
before,” he says, “so naturally they don’t know how to go
about it. As with most things, there’s no subsititute for
                                                                   A no-obligation chat with a Senior Producer
experience. You need to find a company who’s made 1000s
                                                                  Properly made, your videos will be the cornerstone of your
of films for hundreds of clients, many in your own sector,
                                                                  marketing for years to come. Make sure you choose the right
and watch the examples relevant to you. Then call for a chat
                                                                  people to make them!”
about how to bring your own messages to life.”

  For a no-obligation chat about your video needs, call Jonathan Booth
  direct on 01962 736666, or email jb@theIVC.com

  These Chamber members and many other leading companies use IVC

    “Our web traffic
    increased threefold”                           “Helps us drive sales”         “Value for money second to none”
                                                                                                                                Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                                 “Video sells properties
   “IVC were great to work with”             “The video got us the contract”                          like nothing else”

   Find out how video can work for you too.

   Call 01962      736666 or go to theIVC.com                     Scan to

June 2012                                                      Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk         31
                                                 Purposeful PR Builds
 Commercial Feature -Advertising Design & PR

                                                 Relationships And Reputation
                                                 Design has many different meanings – from sketches and          She and the PR team can help with good news you want to
                                                 concepts to graphic artwork and production, and from            shout about or bad news you need to deal with.
                                                 rough plans to defined purpose. By design means ‘on
                                                 purpose’ and purposefulness lies at the heart of Navigate       Emma has looked after brands such as Fuji, L'Oreal, Seven
                                                 Design’s work as marketing communications specialists.          Seas and Weight Watchers while working for top London
                                                                                                                 agencies. As a key part of Heathrow Airport's PR team she
                                                 Navigate’s purpose is much more than excellent design and
                                                                                                                 gained an in-depth knowledge of crisis management – so
                                                 copywriting for print and digital communications. PR (public
                                                                                                                 negative publicity can be limited if and when it happens.
                                                 relations) is another important part of Navigate’s purpose.
                                                 Public Relations Director Emma Gaisford leads the Navigate
                                                                                                                 Getting the right message in the right place is her expertise
                                                 team, supported by PR and copywriting specialists.
                                                                                                                 and the team’s. They combine to ensure that marketing
                                                 Emma says: “Public and press relations (PR) are all about
                                                                                                                 messages reach their target audience – whether in the
                                                 managing your image and communications with your
                                                                                                                 national, regional or trade press; or digitally via the internet,
                                                 customers and the wider world. With purposeful PR you can
                                                                                                                 social media or emailers; or in business to business
                                                 build and sustain a richer relationship with your clients.

                                                 “Our PR Consultancy helps companies to develop
                                                                                                                 Contact: Emma Gaisford, 01730 235666.
                                                 integrated PR campaigns which are relevant and effective
                                                 – communicating key messages to the right audience and
                                                 in the right media. Media campaigns can be tailored to the
                                                 needs of a company or organization by Navigate.”

                                                    in depth                                                                                        scan it
                                                                                                                                                    for more n

Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                               ...from navigate
                                                                                               Hampshire Studio: t: +44 (0)1730 235666 London Office: t: +44 (0)20 7998 3535
                                                                                                                   e: info@navigate-design.com www.navigate-design.com

                                                  design        n   print     n   web     n   publishing          n   PR   n   marketing             n   consultancy

32                                             Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                  June 2012
It’s The Thought That Counts

                                                                                                                                      Business Feature - Advertising Design and PR
WHAT makes one communications agency different from
another? Providing the lowest quotes? Meeting tight
deadlines? Designing the wackiest creative? Leepeckgroup,
one of Hampshire’s leading agencies, believes the answer is
simple. It’s all about brainpower.
Strategy is at the heart of ever ything the agency does. From
advertising, to PR and digital media; creative thinking is the
bedrock of the agency’s offering.
“Our clients choose to work with us not simply because they
know we can get work out into the marketplace - be it ads,
websites, mobile apps or press releases. They choose us
                                                                    minimise wastage. You’ll get your message in front of the
for our ability to assimilate complex information, data and
                                                                    right people at the right time in the right way.”
new learning and devise a strategy that will genuinely reach
and engage their audiences with potent propositions,” says          A WINNING FORMULA
Leepeckgroup MD, Sue Thomas.
                                                                    Leepeckgroup recently won the contract to brand and launch
Sue continues: “There are loads of agencies that can                the popular SeaCity Museum in the heart of Southampton’s
produce basic brochures, leaflets and simple ads. And               Cultural Quarter, as well as running the marketing for the PSP
they’re often also pretty low cost. But we’re finding that more     Southampton Boat Show.
and more clients are realising that you get what you pay for
in this sector. A cheap set of leaflets with a badly thought        “These recent wins prove that our approach works,” said Lee
through idea – is actually ver y expensive.                         Peck, chairman. “Clients buy us for our brains first, and the
                                                                    fact that we also have the brawn to deliver. This means our
Our clients recognise the value of sound thinking. Good             clients get a more co-ordinated and effective strategic and
strategy is the difference between a shotgun approach, and          tactical campaign.”
carefully planned rifle fire. Get the thinking right and you

                                                                        we think...
                                                                        therefore you gain. Strategy before action;
                                                                        creativity before delivery. It’s the way we think
                                                                        that changes the way people feel.
                                                                                                                                     Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                        advertising creative online public relations
                                                                        17 carlton crescent, southampton SO15 2ES

                                                                        023 8063 2211


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 Business Feature - Advertising Design and PR

                                                                                                                      Explore your marketing

                                                Marketing For                                                         from a new perspective

                                                Business Growth
                                                Hoot understands business and our aim is to help you drive
                                                more revenue and growth from your marketing investment. We
                                                become part of your team, working alongside you to help you
                                                maximise customer enquiries and sales.

                                                Hoot approaches marketing from a strategic perspective,
                                                drawn from many years professional experience in business
                                                and marketing. And, because you can’t manage what you can’t
                                                measure, we tie any marketing and promotional activity into your
                                                business goals and make it measurable, so that its success can
                                                                                                                    For straight forward honest marketing advice contact us today:
                                                be monitored, evaluated and where necessary refined.
                                                We can work as an outsourced marketing department, head up          01243 389 884
                                                specific projects or simply help generate new ideas. However we     www.hootmarketing.co.uk
                                                work with you though, our strategic advice will help you make the
                                                most of your marketing budget, delivering impressive results that
                                                will help your business grow and realise its best potential.

                                                  For a free consultation call us on 01243 389884 or
                                                  email hoot@hootmarketing.co.uk and for marketing tips
                                                 follow us News_INCA_JUNE_HCoC_Bus News_INCA_JUNE 16/05/2012 15:07 Page 1
                                                HCoC_Bus on Twitter@hootmarketing

                                                                                                                                                       ignites here

                                                                                                                                                       You don't get a
                                                                                                                                                      second chance
                                                                                                                                                        to make a first
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                                                                                            Spotlight project

                                                               O1489 878553                                                   www.incadesign.co.uk
34                                              Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                June 2012
    Because every occasion deserves a wonderful location...

Conferences Weddings Exhibitions Civil Ceremonies Seminars
       Set on Sparsholt College campus, amongst 450 acres of beautiful
       Hampshire countryside, The Wessex Conference Centre’s venues
                are perfect for corporate and private functions.
     Just ten minutes from Winchester city centre, the conference centre
       benefits from easy access to the M3 and plenty of free parking;
        ideal for those looking to combine the convenience of the city
                      with the tranquility of the country.
     Our friendly team will guide you through each step of the planning
  process to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible, and for those
                                                                                                 Supporting growth and prosperity for all

  spending their special day with us, our dedicated Wedding Coordinator,
  Anne McDonald, will make sure that every wedding day detail is seen to.
      For more information regarding our wonderful venues please call
         a member of The Wessex Conference Centre team today on
                              01962 797259.

     www.thewessexcentre.co.uk | Sparsholt College, Winchester, SO21 2NF

June 2012                             Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk   35
                                           Spot Yourself
 Networking Round Up

                                           At An Event In Your Area
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

36                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk   June 2012
June 2012
Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk
                                                           Photography: Michel Focard

                                                              Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                                         Networking Round Up
                                           Rooms With A View!
 Networking Round Up – Portsmouth

                                           Spitbank Fort is an unusual and historic sea fortress in the
                                           Solent, off Portsmouth and is part of Solent Forts which
                                           includes No Man’s Land Fort and Horse Sand Fort, two other
                                           forts recently acquired by Clarenco.

                                           Having recently undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment,
                                           the fort has been transformed into a luxury private island
                                           retreat and is one of the most exclusive destinations in
                                           the country available for exclusive use, special events,
                                           private parties, wedding receptions and corporate hire. With
                                           accommodation for 18 and function space for up to 60 people,
                                           this unique venue also boasts a Laurent-Perrier Champagne
                                           bar, open air hot pool and fire deck, wine cellar, games rooms
                                           and sun decks.

                                           The Chamber is delighted to be able to offer a showcase event
                                           on Spitbank Fort on July 6th where delegates will be able to
                                                                                                            Friday July 6th
                                           enjoy a water crossing, showcase lunch and tours of this truly
                                                                                                            11.30am – 3.00pm
                                           amazing facility.
                                                                                                            Spitbank Fort Departure Lounge, No 2 The Mill,
                                           This event is likely to be popular. Book your place today.       Royal Clarence Yard. Gosport PO12 1FX
                                           Restricted to one person per business
                                                                                                            Member £ 19.00 (inc VAT)
                                             Please check the Hampshire Chamber website for detailed
                                             information. www.spitbankfort.com                              Non Member £29.00( inc VAT)

                                              Networking Across                                              Speed Networking With
                                              The County                                                     The Neighbours
                                              The weather didn’t dampen spirits or attendance at            As part of our cross Chamber working we were
                                              the joint Hampshire, Chichester, Worthing and Adur            delighted to be hosted at Old Thorns Manor Hotel,
                                              ‘Business Exhibition and Workshops’ event held                Liphook for a speed networking event in association
                                              recently at Fontwell Racecourse, Sussex.                      with our neighbours Surrey Chamber.
                                              Over 60 exhibitors showcased their wide ranging business
                                                                                                            Fast and fun and always popular, companies were
                                              services and products and attendees also had the
                                                                                                            brought together from all sectors to enable them to
                                              opportunity to pick up helpful professional advice to
                                                                                                            explore new business opportunities and contacts
                                              support their business from the free presentations and
                                              workshops on the day provided by Chamber members Neb          against the clock.
                                              Media and Kerry Kyriacou Associates.
                                                                                                            Social networking and the chance to follow up potential
                                              A networking wall provided the opportunity to post what       business was shared over an excellent finger buffet and
                                              businesses could provide and what businesses were also        cup of tea in the Grand Ballroom.
                                              looking for.
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                                            Look out for the next speed networking event in August. If
                                              The event offered great networking with the neighbours        you haven’t tried it you don’t know what you are missing!
                                              and the chance to build new contacts and relationships
                                                                                                            Event details on the Hampshire Chamber website.
                                              across the border.
                                                                                                                                                                         Photography: Michel Focard

38                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                          June 2012
View From The Bridge

                                                                                                                                        Networking Round Up - North Hampshire
The way things are at Westminster was The Right                     Closer to home, Gerald was in no doubt that the Farnborough
Hon. Gerald Howarth’s cue as guest speaker at May’s                 Airshow is the world’s premier event of its kind attracting
Farnborough Business Breakfast Club chaired by Tim Straker          thousands of visitors as well as global business interests. This
of Caravan Charity. With the Coalition Government now               year’s airshow is sure to be an excellent curtain raiser for the
two years in office, the MP for Aldershot was confident             London Olympics.
that whilst times remain challenging, the UK economy was
starting to head in the right direction.

The reduction of £30bn of inherited budget deficit to £126bn
was an indication that debt was being tackled positively.
Investment into the UK was rising and global markets in India,
China and Brazil are proving attractive for UK business. UK
businesses now have the perfect platform in which to innovate
and win contracts.

Questions from our breakfast diners included Greece and
their chances of remaining in the Euro; the Strategic Defence
Strategy; and the Farnborough Airshow.

Regarding Greece, it was agreed that there was no hope in
sur vival and that it will be necessar y for Greece to withdraw
from the Euro. Gerald maintained his view that the Strategic
Defence Review was under taken too quickly which was
and is controversial, however at least it exposed the scale
of debt especially highlighted by the order of 2 ver y large
aircraft carriers at a cost of £26bn (the original figure being
closer to £250m).

   Immediate Return On
   Investment At Winchester Lunch
   Online presence and social media was the hot topic               Ben presented an array of statistics on the impact of
   at this month’s Chamber Lunch held on 9 May,                     social media. 71% of businesses use twitter, 56% use
   sponsored by Hampshire Chronicle and hosted by                   facebook, 53% use Linked-In and 41% use YouTube. Only
   Wessex Conference Centre near Winchester.                        4% of businesses in the UK employ a dedicated member
                                                                    of staff to work on Online Social Media Marketing. Ben
   David Harris and Ben Robson from One2Create gave
                                                                    said businesses are missing out on genuine opportunities
   an impressive whistle-stop tour of how businesses can
                                                                    to achieve sales as a result of web and social media
   maximise their online attractiveness and selling power
                                                                    inactivity. A great website did not mean customers will
   whilst at the same time take full advantage of online
                                                                    use the site. Ben presented a raft of ideas to help boost a
                                                                                                                                       Supporting growth and prosperity for all

   intelligence. David’s analogy of a website being a shop
                                                                    return on investment and to track social media flow; and
   window led him to suggest some enhancements to build
                                                                    encouraged everyone to look at the whole spectrum of
   confidence and credibility of a business as seen online
                                                                    their online presence.
   that should bring sales. With an average of 7 seconds
   spent on homepages, it is important that a website               The Chamber wishes to thank the Wessex Conference
   visitor should be able to navigate the full site easily          Centre for a superb lunch, One2create for a interesting
   and be where they wish to be within 2 clicks. David              and informative talk, The Hampshire Chronicle for
   then explained the need for businesses to use natural            sponsoring this event and lastly our photographer Jan
   search engines; Google adwords; Google analytics and             Zawada for his photography. All photos copyright to
   social media to help drive customers to the site but also        www.janzawada.co.uk.
   understand customer profile and habits.

June 2012                                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk             39
 Networking Round Up – Southampton

                                           Another 4-Star
                                           Chamber Member Hotel
                                           Opens Its Doors To Hampshire Chamber Members
                                                                                                                 finishing capabilities. Their wide format inkjet presses
                                                                                                                 produce large-scale exhibition graphics, posters, banners,
                                                                                                                 canvas prints and signage and offer mounting on a wide variety
                                                                                                                 of materials such as Perspex or Foamex, lamination and
                                                                                                                 At the start of 2012 Diguru invested in additional digital
                                                                                                                 printing capacity with the acquisition of a Xerox 8080 to
                                                                                                                 supplement their existing digital press to give greater speed
                                                                                                                 and capacity to meet the growing market demands.
                                                                                                                 In closing Keith went on to say:
                                                                                                                 “Our business ethos has three main components;"
                                                                                                                 •   Quality – work to the highest standards
                                           Set in 176 acres of beautiful Hampshire countryside with
                                                                                                                 •   Personal service – you will be talking with someone
                                           a Championship golf course onsite, the Macdonald Botley
                                                                                                                     looking to help you
                                           Park Hotel, Golf and Spa just a short distance from the City,
                                           hosted our recent May networking lunch sponsored by Gold              •   Delivery – we meet the most challenging delivery
                                           Patrons Diguru.                                                           deadlines at home and abroad

                                           Following pre-lunch networking we were invited to take our            In closing Keith invited Chamber members to pop in for a cup
                                           places for a most enjoyable two course hot lunch following            of coffee, tour and chat at their Chandler’s Ford premises.
                                           which host Board Director Peter Robertson, who is also a              www.diguru-uk.com Telephone: 023 8024 0710 or email
                                           Director with Condor Office Solutions, welcomed Chamber               Richard@diguru-uk.com
                                           members from across Hampshire and went on to introduce
                                                                                                                 On behalf of the Chamber Peter gave thanks to Diguru for
                                           Keith Elliott Chairman of Diguru to give a short presentation.
                                                                                                                 their continued support following which he introduced Barry
                                           Keith informed us that Diguru (“Digital Guru”) was founded in         Mann who has worked tirelessly for the past five years with the
                                           February 2010 by Richard Harwood, Alex Marszal and they are           Chamber’s Events Team giving them his services free. Barry
                                           a digital and lithographic printing company based in Chandlers        and his wife Heather have been supporting a sustainable
                                           Ford. The Company was formed to offer an environmentally              farming project in Lithsoto for a number of years and in July will
                                           friendly service to designers, marketing consultants and print        be moving to Lithsoto in Africa and will be continuing their work
                                           buyers in Hampshire and across the UK. The company’s                  for the next two years.
                                           management team has been enhanced by the addition of
                                                                                                                 Barry’s support to the Chamber has been second to none
                                           Luke Willett and Dennis Moon, both experienced print industry
                                                                                                                 and on behalf of the Directors, Events Team and Members,
                                           professionals. Diguru now have a staff of ten with over 100
                                                                                                                 Peter thanked Barry and wished both Barry and Heather every
                                           years experience in the printing industry. Keith went on to say,
                                                                                                                 success in their new venture.
                                           with this kind of knowledge it means that they are perfectly
                                           positional to offer the right advice to their ever-expanding client   As usual with Chamber events the networking lunch was a
                                           base. They know how to get the results that you want, on              great success with networking and new introductions continued
                                           time, on budget, and with minimum effect on the environment.          long after the event had ended, but not before thanks were
                                                                                                                 extended to the Team at Diguru for sponsoring the lunch.
                                           All machinery has been selected with a view to reducing
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                                                 Thanks also were extended to the team at the Botley Park
                                           environmental impart. Their Presstek litho press is waterless,
                                                                                                                 Hotel for agreeing to host the event, not forgetting Chef and
                                           VOC-free and uses organic inks, minimising the usage of
                                                                                                                 his team who did a remarkable job in working within our strict
                                           chemicals; the large format and sheet fed digital presses are
                                                                                                                 timing schedule and providing us with a delicious lunch.
                                           among the most environmentally friendly available. Recycled
                                           papers are available on request and their in-house stocks are
                                           generally certified by either the FSC or PEFC, ensuring that they
                                           have been produced from sustainable, well managed forests.
                                           All waste materials are recycled wherever possible by Diguru
                                           and the company has FSC accreditation.
                                           Their in-house sheet-fed capabilities, combined with carefully
                                           selected partners, give them the flexibility to produce anything
                                           from 50 single colour business cards to 20,000 full colour
                                           company brochures, complete with state of the art specialist

40                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                    June 2012

                                                                                                                                    Hampshire Wide News
Need You!
CDG are currently looking for local companies who are             To find out more, please contact Sally Goodger on
interested in setting up a volunteer opportunity for their        0300 247 2222 or email her at sally.goodger@cdguk.org
staff, allowing them time to come and give additional
                                                                  In addition they are looking to work with employers, who
support to our jobseekers. Volunteers can take on a
                                                                  would like help to fill their vacancies, through the ser vices
mentoring role, helping people on a one-to-one basis, or
                                                                  they of fer, which is a free ser vice. Employers who employ
they can organise team volunteering days, arranging a
                                                                  18-24 yrs through CDG are entitled to £2,275 (Youth
range of activities to help our jobseekers improve their
                                                                  contract). For more information please contact Lisa
                                                                  Goncalves on 07789 263073 or lisa.goncalves@cdguk.org
Many of the people CDG suppor ts have multiple barriers
to employment, including a lack of recent work experience,
disabilities, health problems and a lack of relevant
employability skills.

Their volunteer programme, CDG Volunteers, of fers
jobseekers an extra helping hand, over and above
the suppor t of their own staf f. They bring a wealth
of experience to the role and are working with those
jobseekers who need a little extra help.

They have centres in Southampton, Por tsmouth,
Basingstoke, Aldershot and Fareham. They provide a full
induction and on-going training for volunteers and will
liaise with you to make sure the scheme of fers you a
sustainable, flexible and ef fective way to give something
back to your local community.

Barclays, Regus And LCM Kick
Off ‘The Power Of Marketing’
Seminar Series For Business Owners
Barclays, Regus and Logical Creative       consultations with LCM, Regus and
Marketing (LCM) ran the first in a new     Barclays and there was the option of a
series of six marketing seminars last      tour around the Regus Whiteley building.
month, designed for the directors of
                                           The ‘The Power of Marketing’ seminars
growing owner-managed businesses.
                                           are being run by the three organisations
                                                                                                                                   Supporting growth and prosperity for all

The first, entitled ‘The Power of          to benefit not only existing customers,
Strategy’ took place at Regus Whiteley     but all local businesses who need better
on 31st May 2012 with Lizz Clarke,         marketing solutions.
Managing Director of LCM, leading
                                           The series of six seminars will run
the interactive workshop, which gave
                                           twice, spanning over a year and covering
participants a complete guide to what
                                           marketing strategy, market research,
they need to consider when putting
                                           web & online marketing, public relations
together a revenue-driving strategy for
                                           & social media, and branding.                   If you are interested in attending
their companies.
                                                                                           one of these seminars
                                           The next seminar will be held on 12th July
After the workshop there was an                                                            please contact Barclays on
                                           at Regus Whiteley from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m.
opportunity to network, have free                                                          07503 539482.

June 2012                                                      Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk            41
                                           College Goes The Extra Mile
 Skills, Education & Training

                                           To Support Youth Employment!
                                           One of the major challenges facing young people today is               The event proved a success with both employers and young
                                           making the transition from school, college or university into          people looking to under take an Apprenticeship.
                                                                                                                  Eastleigh College have a large range of Apprenticeships on
                                           As par t of it’s commitment to suppor ting students’ career            offer, and many enthusiastic learners available to star t work
                                           progression, Eastleigh College held a ‘Meet the Employer’              now! For fur ther information call 023 8091 1226 or
                                           event on Wednesday, with 18 local employers recruiting for             email ecta@eastleigh.ac.uk.
                                           new Apprenticeship vacancies. An enthusiastic audience of
                                           over 160 young people seeking employment were introduced
                                           to local companies including Blake Lapthorn, First Wessex
                                           Ltd, Appetite Gourmet Cuisine, Lovell, and Applewood
                                           Joiner y, to find out about the career oppor tunities on offer.
                                           Vicky Mansfield, Director of Hamble-based Appetite Gourmet
                                           Cuisine, said:
                                           “The event has gone really well, we’ve met quite a few
                                           potential apprentices and we’ll be inviting them in for an
                                           inter view. I would definitely recommend this event to other
                                           companies looking for future apprentices; the College has
                                           been ver y helpful in guiding us through the whole process
                                           and introducing us to these potential employees.”
                                           Also in attendance were employment advisors from Engage
                                           Recruitment, a free ser vice set up by Eastleigh College in
                                           2011 to suppor t students’ progression into employment,
                                           and to provide local employers with work-ready candidates to
                                           fill their vacancies.

                                           Lead The
                                           Way With
                                           In partnership with Apprentices for Business (A4B), Hampshire          and support them when they return to Sparsholt College during the
                                           based Hambrooks, one of the UK’s leading independent                   winter months to study towards their work-based diplomas (NVQ).
                                           landscapers, has just taken on seven apprentices to add to their
                                                                                                                  The six men and one woman will be working alongside the
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                           80 strong workforce.
                                                                                                                  company’s skilled teams to gain practical experience and are
                                           Hambrooks chose to collaborate with A4B, a not-for-profit              a vital part of Hambrooks strategy for organic growth within the
                                           Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) as they have close                business.
                                           connections with Sparsholt College, a specialist provider of land
                                                                                                                  Together with a bid to support government initiatives to help the
                                           and environment training and understand the challenges of the
                                                                                                                  local young unemployed get a foothold in the workplace, it was
                                           horticulture industry.
                                                                                                                  always the long held ambition of Managing Director, Norman
                                           A4B’s expertise in the horticulture field was crucial to not           Hambrook, to use his forty years experience in the business to
                                           only attracting and recruiting suitable candidates, but also in        help nurture the next generation of landscapers.
                                           understanding Hambrooks requirements and providing them with
                                                                                                                  Three further apprenticeships may be available for this year, and
                                           high calibre applicants who would fit in with the culture and values
                                                                                                                  as part of Hambrooks long term recruitment strategy the company
                                           of the company. A4B’s involvement continues throughout the two-
                                                                                                                  is already looking into offering more apprenticeships in 2013.
                                           year apprenticeship as they provide mentoring for the apprentices

42                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                      June 2012
Chamber Training – For All Your Training Needs

                                                                                                                                      Skills, Education & Training
        June Training                                               July Training

        Basic Bookkeeping                                           Letters of Credit         3 July          Southampton Office
        & Accounts               13 June     Southampton Office

                                                                    Becoming a Successful
        Finance for Non                                             Supervisor or
        Financial Managers       15 June     Southampton Office     Team leader               11 July         Southampton Office

        How to Succeed as a                                         To find out more information on the courses we can offer visit
        First Time Manager                                          our websites or contact our training departments
        or Supervisor            19 June     Portsmouth Office
                                                                    North Hampshire office
        Confident                                                   www.hampshirechamber.co.uk/skills_training or contact the
        Telephone Sales          20 June     Southampton Office
                                                                    training department on 01256 352275

        Podcasting for Business 21 June      Southampton Office
                                                                    Portsmouth office
                                                                    www.hampshirechamber.co.uk/skills_training or contact the
        Foundation Course in
        Importing                25 June     Portsmouth Office      training department on 023 9244 9449

        Expert Documentation     26 June     Southampton Office     Southampton office
                                                                    train.southampton@hampshirechamber.co.uk or contact the
                                                                    training department on 023 8022 3541
                          With substantial discounts for members you won’t find better value locally!

                     SHOW YOU MEAN BUSINESS,
                     GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

                     Our MBA will provide you with the opportunity
                     to develop your strategic problem-solving skills
                     whilst mastering the latest business research
                     knowledge and practice. We offer extensive
                     involvement with real organisational issues
                     embedded in an innovatively designed, AMBA
                                                                                                                                     Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                     accredited, programme.

                     To find out more about our wide range of
                     degrees, come along to one of our regular open
                     evenings – details of which can be found at

                     T: 023 9284 8200
                     E: pbs.postgradadmissions@port.ac.uk

June 2012                                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk           43
                                           Westfield Health
 Commercial Service

                                           Launches New Hospital
                                           Treatment Insurance
                                           An innovative new corporate health insurance product that        Following referral from a consultant, employees are allocated a
                                           offers fast access to more than 1,300 surgical and medical       case manager who will source and arrange a private treatment
                                           procedures has been launched by Westfield Health.                package to suit their needs.

                                           Inspired by the pressures facing the fast-changing NHS           Hospital Treatment Insurance is available as a stand-alone
                                           in today’s tough economic climate, Westfield’s Hospital          product, or can be used in conjunction with a new or existing
                                           Treatment Insurance provides affordable private cover for non-   health cash plan such as Westfield’s Foresight Healthcare
                                           urgent surgical procedures, many of which now involve longer     Plan, which is available to members of Hampshire Chamber of
                                           waiting times on the NHS.                                        Commerce.

                                           For Westfield Health, this marks                                                             Paul Shires said that Hospital
                                           a significant move into the middle                                                           Treatment Insurance represents
                                           ground between health cash plans                                                             a new opportunity. “There is no
                                                                                            With cover starting
                                           and more comprehensive private                                                               excess to pay when a claim is
                                                                                            from £1.24 per
                                           medical insurance (PMI), giving                                                              made and premiums are community
                                                                                            employee, per week
                                           employers a more affordable way                                                              rated, so everyone pays the same
                                                                                            and two levels to
                                           of providing employees with quick                                                            price regardless of age or location.
                                                                                            choose from, Hospital
                                           and easy access to private medical                                                           No medical is required and a cash
                                                                                            Treatment Insurance
                                           care.                                                                                        benefit is available if an employee
                                                                                            enables employees to
                                                                                                                                        receives NHS treatment.”
                                           Westfield Health Executive                       receive treatment at
                                           Director – Sales and Marketing,                  any hospital in the UK                      Paul emphasised the role of
                                           Paul Shires, explains: “While                    where private treatment                     Hospital Treatment Insurance
                                           the NHS is excellent at providing                packages are available.                     as being strongly supportive of
                                           care for life-threatening illnesses                                                          the NHS at a time when it faces
                                           and emergencies such as cancer                                                               the biggest shake-up since its
                                           and heart disease, patients requiring non-urgent treatments      foundation in 1948. He said: “The challenge for all health
                                           may begin to suffer, and face longer waiting times for routine   insurers is to anticipate those areas where NHS provision is
                                           surgery and scans as the NHS attempts to save £20 billion by     limited or unavailable – and to develop products accordingly.
                                                                                                            “Westfield Health is now ahead of the game. Bringing Hospital
                                           “Delays in non-urgent medical care can increase sickness         Treatment Insurance to market reinforces our position as a leading
                                           absence and place a heavy financial burden on employers.         health insurance provider, offering more affordable access to
                                           Hospital Treatment Insurance will help employers to manage       private medical care in addition to our comprehensive range of
                                           staffing levels more effectively and lower costs, while          corporate health cash plans – all supported by Westfield’s award-
                                           employees – many of whom will be able to access private care     winning and accredited customer service excellence.”
                                           for the first time – will benefit hugely from quick treatment
                                                                                                              For more information, visit
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                           and having more choice and control over where and when they
                                                                                                              www.hampshirechamber.co.uk/products_and_ser vices
                                           have their surgery.”

                                           With cover starting from £1.24 per employee, per week and
                                           two levels to choose from, Hospital Treatment Insurance
                                           enables employees to receive treatment at any hospital in the
                                           UK where private treatment packages are available.

                                           A wide range of common medical and surgical procedures
                                           are covered, such as hip and knee replacements, slipped
                                           discs, varicose veins, cataracts, abdominal hernias and
                                           gynaecological problems.

44                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.                                                                     June 2012
A New Look

                                                                                                                                        Hampshire Wide News
For A Premier Law Firm
Trethowans, a premier law firm in the South, has unveiled a           Simon Rhodes said as well as the new investment in the
new look in the form of a brand refresh and a new website.            Firm itself, Trethowans has been dramatically increasing its
                                                                      involvement in the community with sponsorship of individuals
Commenting on the new look, Managing Partner Simon Rhodes
                                                                      such as Southampton born Olympic diving hopeful Max Brick as
said, “We’ve completely redesigned our website to utilise the
                                                                      well as award competitions such as the prestigious South Coast
latest technology and given it a sharper look. At the same time
                                                                      Business Awards and the Salisbury International Arts Festival.
we’ve refreshed our logo and branding to make sure it stays as
                                                                      Simon Rhodes himself was also the driving force behind the
modern as the Firm is, as we continually progress.”
                                                                      Salisbury Big Business Event.
Over the last three years the firm has attracted a number of
big hitting partners from rivals. Expertise has been added in
the areas of banking and insolvency as well as giving further
quality in depth. The firm has attracted key partners which has
enabled Trethowans to build teams to drive growth for the firm.

Trethowans, which is nearly 150 years old, employs more than
140 staff across its offices in Salisbury and Southampton, and
has been facing up to changes in the legal industry such as the
opening up of the legal market. The introduction last year of so-
called non-lawyer owned ABSs (alternative business structures)
has brought in a new era of “Tesco law” that could start to
threaten services such as conveyancing and wills. Trethowans
seems better placed than most for the challenges ahead.

                                                                                                                                       Supporting growth and prosperity for all

   As the South’s largest commercial printer, we handle all your print needs:
   Programmes • Brochures • Folders • Catalogues Stationery • Flyers and much much more...

           Follow us on Twitter for up to the minute news,                 T: 023 9233 4900
           print tips and last minute offers.                              enquiries@bishops.co.uk
   Large enough to cope, small enough to care                              www.bishops.co.uk

June 2012 Chamber of Commerce.indd
  Bishops Hants                      1                              Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk
                                                                                                               16/05/2011 15:08        45
                                           Chamber Passport
 Chamber Passport

                                           New Code Released:
                                           Have You Got Yours?
                                           To keep Chamber Passport a benefit for our members we change the code to access the discounts annually on 1st April.

                                           Have you got your new code yet? The code is distributed to members as they renew their subscriptions. If your membership
                                           is paid up to date and you do not have the new code, or would like to add an offer, at no charge to your organisation, please
                                           email coral.benham@hampshirechamber.co.uk with your request or offer and a Jpeg of your logo.

                                           To access discounts simply visit the website at www.hampshirechamber.co.uk and click on the “Chamber Member Offers”
                                           section on the left hand side. Click on this, enter your pass code and star t saving. The offers on the website are increasing
                                           on a regular basis – so please keep checking the website.

                                           This ser vice benefits all members: sole traders without the time to network; SMEs that do not need help with the various
                                           Chamber ser vices and larger companies that employ many staff can use it as both a retention and recruitment tool.

                                           Please remember to pass the code onto all your staff so that they can all benefit.

                                           Here are our new offers:-

                                           Ashley Cleaning Systems Limited - Commercial and industrial window
                                           cleaning specialists in the South offer 20% off with your first clean. Does your
                                           company have a requirement for window cleaning/general office cleaning or
                                           are you currently using a supplier you are not happy with? Then contact Ashley
                                           Cleaning Systems – the commercial and industrial window cleaning specialists in
                                           the South with over 25 years experience. Ser vices we offer: • Commercial window
                                           cleaning • Reach and wash for better cleaning results • Hydraulic platforms •
                                           High level / awkward access cleaning • Pressure washing and cladding cleaning •
                                           General office cleaning. Ashley Cleaning Systems are health and safety compliant,
                                           fully insured and are local authority approved. Contact us for a free quote today
                                           – no job is too big or small for us. Call us: 023 8025 5610 or 07802 713480.
                                           Email us: ashley.cleaning@talk21.com Visit: www.ashleycleaning.co.uk

                                           Badi Mirchi Indian Restaurant             - are offering Poppadoms & chutney, 2
                                           main dishes, 1 side dish, 2 rice or naan breads, a bottle of quality house wine
                                           or 2 pints of draught beer and coffee all for ONLY £39.95 until 19 July 2012.
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                           Please quote the discount code to get this offer. T+C's apply. Excludes king
                                           prawns. Sunday to Thursday only. Must pre-book. Can be done at www.badimirchi.
                                           co.uk. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Subject to
                                           availability. Offer can be withdrawn at management discretion. Zero cash value.

46                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                             June 2012
Badi Mirchi Indian Restaurant             - Claim your free bottle of quality wine

                                                                                                                            Chamber Passport
up to £15.00. If you enjoy an exquisite, mouth watering menu and the freshest
and highest quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible. We cater for all
occasions for up to 85 diners, a private dining area for extra intimacy and we
welcome private par ty and celebrator y bookings. T & C's apply. This offer applies
to diners choosing from our A La Car te menu only. Minimum spend £15 per
person. Valid from Sunday to Thursday only. This offer is valid from 20 May 2012
until 19 July 2012. Minimum of 2 diners. One bottle and one voucher per table/
par ty or group booking. This offer cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any
other promotion. Zero cash value. Please print and bring this offer when you dine
with us to claim your FREE bottle of quality wine to the value of £15.00.

New Forest Hotels          - Receive 50% off when you book a stay of 2 nights or
more (Sunday - Friday) at any of our 4 New Forest Hotels: * Our classic countr y
hotel, Bar tley Lodge Hotel, Cadnam * Our forest retreat, Beaulieu Hotel, Beaulieu
* Our contemporar y town hotel, BEST WESTERN Forest Lodge Hotel, Lyndhurst
* Our village hideaway, Moorhill House Hotel, Burley. Offer valid for dinner, bed
and breakfast stays up to 19 July 2012. Call 0800 44 44 41 and quote code to
receive your discount.

New Forest Hotels          - Receive 15% off any of our day delegate or residential
conference packages at any of our 4 New Forest Hotels:

• Our classic countr y hotel, Bar tley Lodge Hotel, Cadnam

• Our forest retreat, Beaulieu Hotel, Beaulieu

• Our contemporar y town hotel, BEST WESTERN Forest Lodge Hotel, Lyndhurst

• Our village hideaway, Moorhill House Hotel, Burley

Offer valid up to 19th July 2012. Call 023 8028 6126 and quote your code to receive your discount.
Visit www.newforesthotels.co.uk/conferences for more information.

                                            Environmental Project
                                            Consulting Group
                                                                                                                           Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                            The Environmental Project Consulting Group are offering a 10% to 15%
                                            discount on commercial fees depending on project to Hampshire Chamber
                                            of Commerce members. Clients range from large development companies
                                            to individuals and from governmental agencies to non-governmental
                                            organisations. They provide an effective and individual service. They are
                                            adept at solving their clients problems (often at very short notice such as
                                            for planning applications) and undertaking longer investigations (such as
                                            for sustainable land management). They have special skills in wildlife and
                                            ecology, hydrology and soils, trees, landscape and visibility assessment
                                            and in Ecological and Environmental Impact Assessment, all crucial to
                                            their clients interests in demonstrating a sustainable approach to land
                                            management and development

June 2012                                                       Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk   47
                                           Queen’s Speech VIPS Covered At Houses
 Hampshire Wide News

                                           Of Parliament By Custom Covers
                                           When Her Majesty the Queen arrived for the State Opening                covering dignitaries and their guests on this historic occasion at
                                           of Parliament on Wednesday 9 May 2012, she could rest                   the Mother of Parliaments was a first”.
                                           her mind at ease that the assembled VIPs waiting to gain
                                                                                                                     For further information please contact:
                                           entry for this historic occasion could shelter from the
                                                                                                                     Robert Sanders at Custom Covers
                                           unseasonably wet May weather under a brand new bespoke
                                                                                                                     T: 023 8033 5744
                                           awning manufactured at their Southampton base by Custom
                                                                                                                     E: rsanders@customcovers.co.uk

                                           The State Opening of Parliament marks the formal start of the
                                           new 2012-13 parliamentary session. The primary purpose of
                                           this colourful state occasion is to set out the Government’s
                                           legislative agenda in the Queen’s Speech. The ceremony
                                           brings together the constituent parts of Parliament: the
                                           Monarch, the Lords and the Commons, a symbolic reminder of
                                           Parliament’s unity.

                                           To make sure none of the dignitaries get wet while they waited
                                           to gain entrance to the ceremonies: Parliament erected a 43m x
                                           2.5m entrance awning with bespoke guttering system. Custom
                                           Covers were tasked with designing, manufacturing and doing the
                                           first install of the bespoke awning for this historic occasion.

                                           “We have installed covers at some sensitive sites” commented
                                           Simon Bell the Custom Covers technical Director on the job “but

                                              Backup Or Packup?
                                              An off quoted ‘fact’ is 80 percent of small businesses               2. Backup Security.
                                              affected by a major incident close within 18 months if
                                                                                                                   Compliance – if you’re subject to regulation, does your backup
                                              they do not have a contingency plan in place ----
                                                                                                                   strategy meet compliance requirements? E.g. if your backup
                                              What is CERTAINLY true is that an organisation without               contains personal information you should consider whether
                                              adequate backups that suffers major data loss will experience        they need encryption.
                                              considerable inconvenience and probable financial loss.
                                                                                                                   Data integrity – it is ESSENTIAL to run regular test restores
                                              So, what is ‘adequate backup’?                                       from backup. You don’t want to wait until you need to before
                                                                                                                   discovering that you can’t!
                                              For an individual with small amounts of data it could be as
                                              simple a weekly copy onto an external device or the Internet.        Physical security – you should keep at least one backup in a
                                                                                                                   separate physical location.
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                              For businesses it goes further. The more vital your data to your
                                              everyday operation, and particularly if you have to satisfy an       Internet storage – can provide a cheap and convenient off-site
                                              external regulator, the more important it is to carefully consider   backup. A fast Internet connection is essential and if you are
                                              your backup requirements and to implement an appropriate             subject to the Data Protection Act you must ensure that the
                                              strategy. Consider the following:                                    data storage is within the EU or covered by a Safe Harbor
                                              1. How frequently does your data change?
                                                                                                                   Data you don’t have at least two copies of…….
                                              If you only occasionally add/change documents, backing up
                                                                                                                   is data you don’t care about!
                                              daily or even weekly may be sufficient.
                                                                                                                   For a free review of your backup Strategy call
                                              If your data changes frequently during the day, you should back
                                                                                                                   Geoff Baldwin of Beaufort Networks on 01428 770300
                                              up at least daily and even consider a system that provides
                                              ‘point in time’ backups that will allow you to recover to a
                                              specific time of day.

48                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                       June 2012
Portsmouth Technopole

                                                                                                                                       New Members
Welcomes New Members To Hampshire Chamber Of Commerce
 All Systems International                    Bamboo Creative                            Basingstoke Voluntary
 Limited                                                                                 Services

 Elizabeth Sabawi, Unit 4, Fleets             Tom Cowan, 4a Davis Way, Fareham,          Tricia Cubbage, The Orchard,
 Bridge Business Centre, Upton Road,          Hampshire, PO14 1JF                        White Hart, Basingstoke,
 Poole, Dorset, BH17 7AF                      Tel: 07815 566689                          Hampshire, RG21 4AF
 Tel: 01202 680998                            www.bamboocreative.co.uk                   Tel: 01256 423816
 www.asicavi.com                              Bamboo is a bespoke, design-led            www.voluntaryservices.com
 Principle activities of the company          marketing consultancy specialising in      Basingstoke Voluntary Services (BVS)
 include the design, supply and               driving and supporting your business,      is a company limited by guarantee and
 support of computer audio-visual and         branding, promotions and events            a registered charity. BVS's objectives
                                              through effective creative solutions       are to promote charitable activity
 communications systems for both
                                              and communications from start to           and co-operation in and around the
 the domestic and overseas markets.                                                      district and Borough of Basingstoke
 The company also trades in the               finish. We thrive on ideas generation.
                                                                                         & Deane, providing services to help
 resale/installation of audio and video                                                  charities form, operate successfully
 equipment.                                                                              and survive.
                                              ChangeWise Limited

 Berwind Business Solutions                   Mike Williams, 2 Long Drive,               Cornerstones Training
                                              West End, Southampton,
                                              Hampshire, SO30 3HX
 Sarah Rohn-Magee, 96 Brook Lane,                                                        Huw Jones, 14 North Road, Bargoed,
                                              Tel: 023 8046 4153
 Warsash, Southampton,                                                                   Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan, CF81 8TN
 Hampshire, SO31 9FD                                                                     Tel: 01443 822865
 Tel: 07548 540255                            ChangeWise streamlines processes           www.cornerstonestrainingsolutions.co.uk
                                              using LEAN to increase efficiency and
 www.berwindbusinesssolutions.co.uk                                                      Vocational training has been an integral
                                              reduce costs, enhances customer
 Secretarial Service and 'virtual'            service and delivery, improves quality     part of training in many organisations
 administrative assistance for anyone                                                    and its value has been proven in many
                                              with Six Sigma and reorganises
 that doesn't have the need or budget                                                    scenarios. At Cornerstones we have a
                                              workflow to give greater effectiveness.    huge range of experience in delivering
 for a full-time employee, but still needs    We also provide strategic change
 a little help. Offering services such                                                   vocational training in a work based
                                              management expertise to deliver            learning context.
 as typing & transcription, appointment
 setting, Book-keeping, CV Writing            organisational transformation.
 & Interview Preparation, Telephone
 Answering Service, New-Business                                                        Diabetes Research &
 Startup, including marketing & website       Dietitian UK                              Wellness Foundation
 design, Data Entry & PA Assistance.
 Berwind also offers B.O.S.S. (Berwind
                                                                                        Claire Levy, Northney Marina,
 Office Saving Solutions) for any
 businesses that require a temporary          Priya Tew, 37 Cobbert Road,               Hayling Island, Hampshire,
 office with secretarial support for          Bitterne Park, Southampton                PO11 0NH
 overflow, out of town business or small      Hampshire, SO18 1HJ                       Tel: 023 9263 6138
 businesses without a base who need a
 'virtual or fixed office' once in a while.   Tel: 07747 466911                         www.drwf.org.uk
 Whatever their business, they can all be     www.dietitianuk.co.uk                     The Diabetes research and Wellness
 a Berwind Boss with their own private                                                  Foundation is a registered charity,
 secretary - available 24 hours a day.        Dietitian UK provides nutritional
                                              and dietetic advice to individuals,       established in 1998 to raise public
                                              businesses and all organisations.         awareness to the condition and its
                                              We help with menu analysis, special       associated complications, treatment,
 Deventer Limited                             diets, provide training, support food     avoidance and relief and to provide
                                              companies with evidence based             support to people living with diabetes.
                                                                                                                                      Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                              messages and help with product            Our long term mission is to discover
                                              development. If you have a restaurant,    a cure for diabetes. Whilst funding
 Mark Pontin, 10 Hinton Fields,                                                         diabetes research we aim to ensure
                                              food company or just want a dietary
 Kings Worthy, Winchester,                    overhaul, we are here to help.            that people are "staying well until a
 Hampshire, SO23 7QB                                                                    cure is found!"
 Tel: 01962 882776
 Designers and Manufacturers of               Fox Whitfield Employment Solicitors
 educational equipment for use in
 schools, colleges, training institutes       Andrew Browning, Southampton              We advise on all aspects of employment
 and universities worldwide.                                                            law including tribunal claims,
                                              Science Park, 2 Venture Road,
                                              Chilworth, Southampton,                   discrimination, redundancy, contracts and
                                              Hampshire, SO16 7NP                       policies and TUPE. Our fixed and capped
                                              Tel: 023 8000 1037                        price arrangements take the uncertainty
                                              www.foxwhitfield.com                      out of legal costs. All our solicitors have
                                                                                        been qualified for over 5 years.

June 2012                                                        Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk             49
                                            Investitec/Fraudline UK                    Jo Humphrey Business                          Memo Events
 New Members


                                            Ian Younger CFE, Church View,              Joanna Humphrey, Christmas                    Matthew Larcombe, Winton House,
                                            Palace Close, Kings Somborne,              Cottage, Hawkley, GU33 6LX                    Winton Square, Basingstoke,
                                            Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 6PS           Tel: 01730 827327                             Hampshire, RG21 8EN
                                            Tel: 01794 389598                          www.johumphrey.com                            Tel: 01256 838386
                                            www.investitec.com                         Do you have a special project? Need           www.memoevents.co.uk
                                            Certified Fraud Examiners specialising     short term cover or require confidential PA   Memo Events organises business to
                                            in the investigation, prevention and       assistance?                                   business events including conferences,
                                            detection of employee/workplace fraud                                                    exhibitions, tradeshows, expos and
                                                                                       A flexible new service for businesses in      networking sessions in and around
                                            and corruption and the investigation of    Hampshire which provides affordable           Hampshire and South England. The
                                            disciplinary, misconduct, malpractice      support on an occasional or regular basis.    company was founded in 2011 and
                                            and other employment matters including                                                   boasts two annual flagship events
                                            discrimination, harassment and bullying.   Jo Humphrey Business Support offers           including Hampshire Business Expo and
                                                                                       a professional, reliable and affordable       the South Startup & Business Show.
                                                                                       service when you need it - leaving you free
                                                                                       to run your business. Assignments can
                                            Millstream Productions                     be undertaken at the client's premises        Red Penguin
                                                                                       or remotely, and often at short notice.
                                                                                       Services available include, one-off
                                                                                       projects, event organisation, emergency
                                            Daniel Musty, 24 Queen Street,             cover, confidential PA services, property
                                                                                                                                     Mark Sansome, P O Box 3799,
                                            Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7BL              search and management etc.                    Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 9GY
                                            Tel: 01243 699288                                                                        Tel: 0800 292 2193
                                            www.millstreamproductions.com                                                            www.redpenguinsolutions.co.uk
                                                                                       NXD Services                                  Red Penguin helps employees to become
                                            Millstream Productions is a full service
                                            video production company. We work with                                                   more effective at what they do, more
                                            businesses, events and organisations in                                                  efficient in the way they do it and more
                                            creating videos for the web and DVD.       Clive Squire, Dene Cottage, Wey Road,         engaged as they do it. This is primarily
                                                                                                                                     delivered through training courses,
                                                                                       Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8HW                   facilitating meetings and team building
                                                                                       Tel: 01962 853128                             events. Red Penguin demonstrate a
                                            Risk Reduction Solutions                                                                 proven track record of increasing business
                                                                                                                                     profits and personal effectiveness.
                                                                                       NXD members are all senior executives
                                                                                       with practical first hand experience at
                                            Graham Edgar, 32 Eastfield Road,                                                         The Learning Garden
                                                                                       board level, and dedicated to bringing
                                            Southampton, Hampshire, SO17 2JG
                                                                                       the benefits of their experiences to
                                            Tel: 023 8058 6220                         SMEs. NXD provides the long term
                                            Created to fulfil the ever increasing      support required, following an initial        Teresa Webb, 1 Bentall Place, Andover,
                                            need for Health and Safety advice          discussion at no charge or obligation,        Hampshire, SP10 2JA
                                            at all levels in the workplace. This       towards evaluating how we can add             Tel: 07510 163369
                                            includes seminars, risk assessments,       value, typically in situations where a
                                            Policy formation, implementation and                                                     www.the-learning-garden.co.uk
                                                                                       business is either distressed or wishes
                                            reviewing. Designed to improve morale      to expand. Let us help take your              A learning and development consultancy
                                            which has a direct influence on output,    business to a new level and to fulfil its     dedicated to growing people &
                                            time off work and injury claims.                                                         potential. Working with individuals and
                                                                                       true potential.
                                                                                                                                     organisations to provide "off the shelf"
                                                                                                                                     and "pick your own" learning solutions.
                                            Thinking Dimensions (UK)                                                                 Constantly "planting" new products and
                                                                                                                                     services. See how the Garden grows!
                                                                                       SEM HR Consulting Limited
                                            John Hudson, Windsor Court,                                                              Tiger Tiger
                                            14 Winn Road, Southampton,
                                            Hampshire, SO17 1EN                        Sarah MacDougall, 32 Priestlands,
                                            Tel: 07890 518167                          Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 8FL                   Jenna Edwards, Gunwharf Quays,
                                            www.thinkingdimensionsglobal.com           Tel: 07752 014317                             Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 3TF
Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                                                                       www.saramacdougall.com                        Tel: 023 9288 2244
                                            Thinking Dimensions bring proven
                                            decision making methodologies to           SEM HR Consulting Limited specialises         www.tigertiger.co.uk
                                            assist clients battling growth, cost and   in offering support to small businesses       Tiger Tiger is an ultimate event venue,
                                            performance challenges. Our process        with regards to all kinds of employee         a versatile and flexible location for
                                            driven thinking technologies guide the     issues. Established three years ago,          any corporate event with 7 individual
                                            development of effective corporate         our consultants have twenty years             event spaces, offering comfortable
                                            strategies, operational improvements       experience of supporting many different       accommodation for events up to
                                            and ITRCA solutions. Our solutions         industry sectors including public sector,     1900. From bespoke menu's to sit
                                                                                       manufacturing, financial services, retail,    down dinner, buffet and canapés to the
                                            recognise that decision making is the
                                                                                       engineering and IT. If you have issues or     perfect Christmas party. To discuss
                                            foundation of performance.                                                               your event please call our corporate
                                                                                       conflict with staff, please contact us for
                                                                                                                                     sales manager.
                                                                                       a free hourly consultation.

50                                         Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                                                                 June 2012
                     Experience the power of desktop virtualisation

                                           Citrix VDI-in-a-Box delivers the big benefits of desktop
                                           virtualisation without the huge cost or complexity. There is
                                           no simpler, or more affordable way to virtualize desktops.
                                           VDI-in-a-Box is an all-in-one solution designed specifically for small and medium
                                           businesses that want to:
                                           • Deploy virtual desktops for less than the cost of a PC
                                           • Eliminate complexity with an all-in-one solution
                                           • Cut infrastructure costs by 60% without the need for a shared area network
                                           • Easily scale with no hidden costs and reduce downtime with built-in high-availability
                                           • Free users with simple and secure access from any device, anywhere

                                           Contact Innovate today to find out how your business can benefit from desktop
                                           virtualisation and see for yourself how easy it is for businesses of all sizes to set up
                                           virtual desktops.

                                           Why Innovate?
                                                                                                                                               Supporting growth and prosperity for all

                                           Innovate combines the strategic vision, planning skills and business acumen
                                           typically not found within the IT arena, with a culture of client focused approach,
                                           and high service level standards.
                                           • unequalled service, high reputation
                                           • highly trained and experienced engineer professionals
                                           • leading edge support infrastructure and work-flow systems

                                           Telephone: 0330 999 1000
                                           Email: info@innovate.uk.com
                                           Web: www.innovate.uk.com

June 2012                                                        Telephone No: 0844 499 0446 – www.hampshirechamber.co.uk                      51
 23092_Innovate_sprint_Ad_173x267.indd 1                                                                                    18/05/2012 15:25
A cut
the rest...

The right legal advice is priceless, so what makes us so rare? Is it the investment we make to
get the deal done? Is it the entrepreneurial spirit that we bring? Is it the commercial advice that
we provide clients? Is it the high quality service that we deliver at a competitive cost?

Our clients think it is all of the above. They have described us as “Truly professional, very
experienced, prepared to go the extra mile and very competitive.”

If you are looking for a legal team offering more than the traditional – choose us.

To find out how we can help you or your business, contact us on 0845 209 1000
or email info@clarkewillmott.com

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