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									Royal College of Radiologists PACS and Teleradiology Special Interest Group
Business Meeting

17.15 25th June 2003, QEII Conference Centre, London
Attendees: 18 members

Chair: Dr David Lloyd

   1. The financial statements of the group were not available as the Treasurer had
      been unable to attend at short notice. It was noted that the meeting held in
      conjunction with CARS2003 had been expensive, but that the sponsorship
      money had more than covered this and that it had raised the profile of the
      group considerably.

   2. The chair requested suggestions concerning use of surplus sponsorship
      funds in future. A number of suggestions were made viz. sponsorship of
      Eastern European radiologists, sponsorship of SpR research or study visits,
      development of a ‘Road Show’, sponsorship of a lecture at the UKRC,
      sponsorship of work on PACS environments. No firm conclusion was reached
      due to time constraints.

   3. The position of the PACS SIG wrt to the RCR IT Committee was discussed. It
      was emphasised by Nicola Strickland that the SIG was held in esteem by the
      RCR and was regarded as a ‘feeding arm’ to the IT committee. A particular
      discussion was held on advice re quality and standards of reporting and
      clinical review VDUs and it was considered that this was something that the
      RCR should provide advice to members about. There was further discussion
      led by Grant Shaw regarding quality of VDUs available to clinicians for initial
      diagnosis when radiologists were not readily available and it was agreed that
      each PACS should have an appropriate number of higher specification VDUs
      available in critical areas – e.g. A&E, Admission wards, ITU, Chest clinics –
      although for general review usage standard 17” plus VDUs sited in
      appropriate areas (low light/non glare) were adequate.

   4. For the next meeting members wished to focus part of the meeting onto areas
      for research. Portsmouth would be asked to host the next meeting in
      November and Grant Shaw and the Group Secretary would discuss this with
      Dr Fiona Witham.

   5. Dr Stephen Davies gave an overview of the present situation as seen from
      the RCR IT Committee of the English NHS PACS procurement programme as
      being developed by the NPIT programme. This is attached to the whole
      meeting record as a PowerPoint presentation. The topic raised an animated
      discussion, but the situation should be clarified soon and will be a topic for
      talks at the next meeting when representatives of the English NPIT project will
      be asked to present.

   6. The meeting closed at 18.00.

                                                                 Dr Keith Foord
                                                                  (Group Secretary)

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