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         MSA Sirius Multigas Detector W/PID

   1) Install Battery pack.
         A) Insert battery pack (found in case) by gripping the sides of the
             battery pack door with captive screw towards bottom of unit.
         B) Tighten captive screw.
         C) Install red rubber boot over unit.

   2) Turning ON the Sirius Multigas Detector.
         A) Press the Power ON button.

   3) Fresh Air Set Up.
         A) Once the instrument self check is complete, ZERO? Flashes for
            10 seconds.
         B) Push the ON/OFF button while ZERO? Is flashing.

   4) Verifying Pump Operation.
         A) Plug the free end of the sampling line or probe, Pump alarm
            must activate.
         B) Press the “RESET” button to reset the alarm and restart the

Note: CO sensor issue has been noted at half battery life
5) Calibration Check (A.K.A. bump test).
      A) Attach regulator to the cylinder.
      B) Connect tubing to the regulator.
      C) Attach other end of tubing to the instrument.
      D) Open the valve on the regulator, if so equipped.
             i. The reading on the Sirius Multigas Detector display
                should be within the limits stated on the calibration
      E) Disconnect regulator and tubing from instrument.
      F) Press the “RESET” button to reset the alarm.

6) Sirius Multigas Detector is ready for deployment.

7) Turning OFF the Sirius Multigas Detector.
      A) Push and Hold the ON-OFF/ACCEPT button for three seconds.
      B) Releasing the ON-OFF/ACCEPT button before the three
         seconds elapse returns the instrument to the Measure page.

8) Remove Battery pack.
     A) Unscrew the captive screw from the bottom of the battery
     B) Pull the battery pack out of the instrument by gripping the
        sides of the battery pack door and lifting it up and away from
        the unit.
     C) Place battery pack in case along with the unit.

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