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July 15_ 2012 - The Manila Mail


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									  Vol. XXI, No. 17                                                   Online: www.ManilaMailDC.net                                                                  July 15, 2012

                     FilAms compete in UK Olympics
                                     lah to earn a berth in the team.      and growing up, Paige said she      brother,” she revealed.
By Rodney J. Jaleco
                                          She is the 4th of 5 children     had to split her time between the        “I found this all out when I
                                     that Dave and Susan McPherson         sport (she’s actually an aspiring   turned 18. I was determined to
                                     adopted. Paige is Filipino and        ballerina) and dance.               find my other family. I ended up
eyes will be on London as hun-
                                     African American; her siblings             In an interview with USA       finding up my brother, well my
dreds of athletes from all over
                                     Aaryn and Graham are part Na-         Today, she said that after the      dad did, through a detective. I
the world including a number
                                     tive American, brother Evan is        Olympics she will resume her        found him on Facebook and I
of Filipino-Americans converge
                                     Korean and sister Hannah was          quest for her biological parents.   started talking to him on Face-
for the quadrennial Summer
                                     born in St. Lucia.                         “When I was 18 I tried to      book and calling him. I actually
                                          The family lives in Sturgis,     find my biological older brother.   talked to my (biological) mom,”
     At 21, Paige McPherson is
                                     South Dakota.                         I have an older brother and then    Paige said.
the youngest member of the US
Olympic taekwondo team. She               It was actually Evan who         myself, and then I have actually
                                                                                                                     Continued on page 22           Raymond Martin
beat 2004 Olympian Nia Abdal-        1st got hooked to taekwondo           a half-sister and a half little

     WASHINGTON D.C. - An            Filipino American leaders and         pino Channel's daily newscast       agree with the SC decision,               TFC said that "while several
informal poll by a Philippine TV     doctors said the majority were in     Balitang America said the major-    while forty seven percent said it    polls show majority of Ameri-
station in the United States said    favor of the controversial health     ity of viewers who participated     is about time that the richest       cans want ObamaCare "re-
majority of Filams are against                                                                                 economy in the world take care       pealed" (mostly because of
                                     plan.                                 in the informal poll were upset
                                                                                                                                                    conservative principles), with
the Affordable Health Care Act            The Online Filam Star            by the Supreme Court's decision     of its own people. The SC deci-
                                                                                                                                                    some liberals saying the law
(Obamacare) which has been           claims in its recent issue that ma-   and were against the health         sion makes the United States ap-     does not go far enough to ensure
ruled constitutional by the US       jority of Filipino American lead-     plan.                               proach the high standards in         adequate health care coverage
Supreme Court. But some FilAm        ers it interviewed support                 The TFC channel poll said      health care of other developed
newspapers that interviewed          Obamacare. In contrast, the Fili-     53 percent of voters did not        countries.                                Continued on page 23

Asian festival                                           DOLPHY IS DEAD!                                                                               Potomac
opens July 21                              The Philippines' " King of                                          ippine comedy field for more
                                                                                                                                                      yields body
     The grand opening of the
two-day 9th Asian Food and
                                      Comedy" is dead!
                                           Dolphy, whose real name
                                                                                                               than half a century. Millions of
                                                                                                               Filipinos in the United States          of FilAm
Multicultural Festival will be        is Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr, ,                                            and around the world also ex-             The mystery of a body
held at the George Mason Uni-         passed away on July 9 at the                                             pressed shock and sorrow over        fished out the Potomac River
versity (main campus) in Fairfax,     Makati Medical Center of multi-                                          his passing.                         last July 6 was solved when it
Virginia at 10 a.m. on Saturday,      ple organ failure and complica-                                               Actor Eric Quizon, one of
July 21.                              tions from pneumonia. He was                                             Dolphy's sons, read a family
     The July 21-22 festival will     83.                                                                      statement before a huddle of TV
have 35 Asian food vendors of-             Millions of Filipinos, in-                                          cameras and journalists, thank-
fering authentic cuisine; over 200                                                                             ing millions of Filipinos for sup-
                                      cluding top Philippine govern-
multicultural retail stores, where                                                                             porting his father and asking
                                      ment officials, fellow movie and
one can do early Christmas                                                                                     for prayers. "Heaven is a hap-
                                      TV celebrities and common folk
shopping; and one big stage fea-
                                      mourned and heaped praise on
turing all-day traditional and                                             Dolphy                                    Continued on page 24
                                      Dolphy who had ruled the Phil-
modern Asian performances,
Hip Hop Contest, and Speed
      "The festival is a two-day,                Donaire gets WBO-IBF titles
free admission event to promote           Nonito “The Filipino Flash”      unify the World Boxing Organi-      by ESPN.
greater understanding of Asian       Donaire continued his winning         zation (WBO) and International           The Bohol-born, Bay Area-
countries and cultures," said                                                                                  based Donaire (29-1, 18 by KO)       Rodolfo Rudy Concepcion
                                     streak, carving a convincing win      Boxing Federation (IBF) super
event     co-organizer     George    against South African Jeffrey         bantamweight       titles    (122   knocked down Mathebula near          was finally identified as that of a
Duangmanee.                          Mathebula in a July 7 bout at the     pounds).                            the end of the 4th round.            59-year-old Filipino from Mary-
     Asian ambassadors in the        Home Depot Center in Carson,                "It was tough. He got me           He connected with a strong      land.
nation's capital will preside over   California.                           off the jab really well. That jab   left hook to Mathebula’s chin,           Grace Valera, co-executive
the opening ceremonies. The fes-          He won the judges’ nod           really took me out of my power      sending the South African to the
     Continued on page 23            117-110, 118-109 and 119-108 to       range," Donaire was quoted                Continued on page 23                Continued on page 22

  Pinoy marker in                         PH school in                          ‘Lolong’ in                          Pope blesses                     Spo gives cap to
   Louisiana P4                           Spratlys P6                           Guinness P8                          Binays P14                         PNoy P19
 2                                                                                                                             July 15, 2012

                       FAYLP youth ‘excited’ over trip to Manila
      WASHINGTON D.C. - "Ex-          them and allow them to contrib-      senting more than 25,000 under-          Angela graduated from the          Adele H. Stamp Award for Serv-
cited" was the word used by           ute to the betterment of their       graduate students. He also led       University of Maryland in 2002         ice; Student Government Asso-
Greg Cendana and Angela Lag-          home communities in the U.S.         the successful campaign that es-     with an honors citation. She was       ciation Outstanding Executive
dameo in describing their senti-      while making an impact in the                                                                                    Award; and William E. Kirwan
ments just a few days before          Philippines," Ambassador Cuisia                                                                                  Award for Outstanding Junior.
they are due to depart for Ma-        said.                                                                                                            She was also recognized for
nila to take part in the Filipino          Greg and Angela have both                                                                                   overseeing a $1.5 million student
American Youth Leadership             been elected as delegates to the                                                                                 activities fees budget, putting
Program (FAYLP). The visit will       Democratic National Conven-                                                                                      the first student liaison on Col-
be an eye-opener for the two ac-      tion (DNC), which will take                                                                                      lege Park's City Council, and for
complished Filipino American          place this September. As dele-                                                                                   establishing the first Asian
individuals. The last time An-        gates to the DNC, they will be                                                                                   American Studies Program in
gela was in the Philippines was       voting on behalf of thousands of
                                                                                                                                                       the D.C. metropolitan area. An-
ten years ago, while for Greg, it     people in their party from a par-
                                                                                                                                                       gela obtained her Masters' at the
was when he was still a baby.         ticular district on who will be
                                                                                                                                                       Harvard Kennedy School of
      The two FAYLP delegates         the presidential candidate.
                                                                                                                                                       Government, where she started
called on Ambassador Jose L.               Both Greg and Angela are
                                                                                                                                                       the Religion, Ethics, and Public
Cuisia, Jr. July 5 to thank him for   also distinguished alumni from
the opportunity to be a part of       their respective alma mater.                                                                                     Policy Interest Caucus and was a
the laudable project. "My wife,       Greg was an honors graduate                                                                                      member of the Diversity Com-
Ma. Victoria, and I observed that     from the University of California                                                                                mittee while pursuing this de-
the youth were not so engaged         in Los Angeles. He made his-                                                                                     gree.
in the activities of the Filipino     tory in 2006 by becoming the                                                                                          With sponsorship from
American community in the             first openly gay Filipino to be                                                                                  Chevron, Ayala Corporation,
United States. We wanted to in-       elected to student government                                                                                    Phinma Foundation, Philam
                                                                           Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. poses for picture with Greg Cendana (left)   Life, the Makati Business Club,
itiate a project that would excite    as Internal Vice President, repre-   and Angela Lagdameo.
                                                                                                                                                       Ayala Foundation and ABS-
                                                                           tablished a Pilipino studies con-    lauded as the first Asian Ameri-       CBN as a media partner, the
                                                                           centration within Asian Ameri-       can female to become Student           FAYLP delegates are taking part
                                                                           can studies, the first of its kind   Body President of 25,000 under-        in the 7th Ambassadors, Consuls
                                                                           for the department, partnered        graduates after serving as Presi-      General, and Tourism Directors
                                                                           with UCLA's student govern-          dent of the Asian American             Tour from July 11 to 13 followed
                                                                           ment, IDEAS (an undocumented         Student Union.         She was         by a special 3-day program,
                                                                           student advocacy group), Pilip-      awarded the five most prestig-         where they are scheduled to
                                                                           ino Worker's Center and many         ious university awards: Wilson         meet with young officials in
                                                                           other organizations to uplift the    H. Elkins Award for Outstand-          government, corporate execu-
                                                                           impact of immigration and edu-       ing Senior; Vera Cruz-Kochi-           tives, and those involved in tra-
                                                                           cational access and affordability    yama Award for service to the          ditional        and         social
                                                                           for the Filipino community.          Asian American community;              entrepreneurship.
                                        July 15, 2012                                                                                                                      3
                               Ms Mafna is new PAFC president
      Aylene Mafnas recently as-     lifetime member of the Federal     and is the current Chair of the   are confident that under her di-           Mafnas, in accepting her
sumed the post of president of       Asian Pacific American Council     Board.                            rection the PAFC will continue       new responsibilites, said that she
the Philippine American Foun-        (FAPAC). Ms. Mafnas was the               PAFC Board Chairman        to develop and implement pro-        was honored and humbled and
dation for Charities (PAFC) fol-     past president of the Philippine   Ador Carreon said "We are         grams that will help the less for-   looks forward to working with
lowing a vote by the PAFC            Association of Metro Washing-      happy to have Aylene's enthusi-   tunate the Philippines and in the    the PAFC staff towards the ful-
Board of Directors.                  ton, DC Engineers (PAMWE)          asm, drive, and experience. We    local area."                         fillment of its charter
     Ms. Mafnas takes over from
Eileen Nadal who led the PAFC
since January this year. Ms.
Nadal was a very inspiring and
energetic leader whose vision
and drive resulted in many suc-
cessful fund raising ventures in
support of PAFC's charitable,
educational, and cultural objec-
tives, the most recent being the
Philippine Festival 2012.
     She cited a recent promo-
tion in her job and the need to
spend more time with her family
as the primary reasons for her
decision to step down. However,
she will remain active with
PAFC for special events. Ms.
Nadal expressed her wish that
the PAFC will continue to have
success in its endeavors.
      Aylene Mafnas has been an
active member of the PAFC for
several years and brings a
wealth of organizational and
cultural experience to the Presi-
dency. After her day job as a
high ranking officer with the
U.S. Department of Agriculture
she finds time to be a successful
realtor and to serve as an officer
with the Guam Society and a
 4                                                                                                                              July 15, 2012

        ‘Filipino Village’ in Louisiana gets marker
     LOUISIANA - The group of        Lafcadio Hearn published an ar-       smoked fish."                         became a problem, he was jailed        women, Indians, and others.
Filipino fishermen who built         ticle in Harper's Weekly in 1883           The diet in the village was      in what was called a "fish-car", a     Some of them enrolled their chil-
shelters on stilts atop some oys-    that their existence was finally      mainly fish. They rarely ate rice,    makeshift jail cell. Due to the        dren in schools in New Orleans.
ter reefs at the mouth of            exposed to the American people.       even though it is a staple food of    harsh conditions and lack of                 Whenever possible, if there
Barataria Bay in Southern Lou-       Hearn's article is the first known    Filipinos. The predominant re-        food, the offender would usually       were still the means of re-con-
isiana in the United States and      written article about the Filipi-                                                                                  necting with their families back
named the village after Philip-      nos in the United States.                                                                                          in the Philippines, the Manila-
pines capital were honored June            Hearn was able to visit the
                                                                                                                                                        men often sent money to friends
16 with the unveiling of the his-    village, and his account pro-
                                                                                                                                                        in Manila with the profits they
torical marker for "The Manila       vided very detailed information
Village."                            regarding their dwellings. The                                                                                     made from fishing.
     In attendance were about 50     Manilamen lived in small houses                                                                                          Saint Malo was only one of
direct descendants of the origi-     which were supported above the                                                                                     the Filipino settlements in the
nal group of Filipinos who es-       water by stilts.[1] The palmetto                                                                                   Southern United States. The
tablished the Village in the late    and woven cane did not have                                                                                        other settlements were Manila
1800s. To date, there are over       the durability to withstand the                                                                                    Village on Barataria Bay in the
10,200 Filipinos in Louisiana, re-   violent climate of the bayous.                                                                                     Mississippi Delta by the Gulf of
siding mainly in New Orleans,        Much of the wood needed to                                                                                         Mexico; Alombro Canal and
Baton Rouge, Alexandria, La-         build the houses had to be                                                                                         Camp Dewey in Plaquemines
fayette and Lake Charles.            shipped from various parts of                                                                                      Parish; and Leon Rojas, Bayou
     The event was organized by      Louisiana, as wood strong                                                                                          Cholas, and Bassa Bassa in Jef-
the Philippine-Louisiana Histori-    enough to support dwellings
                                                                           Philippine Consul General Leo Herrera-Lim (left) witnesses the unveiling     ferson Parish, all in Louisiana.
cal Society led by Robert            could not be easily found in the
                                                                           of the Manila Village marker last June 16 in Lafitte, Louisiana as part of   Manila Village on Barataria Bay
Romero and vice president Car-       swamps. Since many creatures
                                                                           the Philippine Independence Day celebration and bicentennial of the state.   was considered to be the largest
melo Astilla. Mayor Tim Kerner       of all kinds lived in the swamps,
of the town of Jean Lafitte, who     the dwellers found it necessary       ligion of the Manilamen was Ro-                                              and most popular, Saint Malo,
                                                                                                                 change his mind and obey any
is married to a Filipina, actively   to improvise their houses. They       man Catholicism, although it          rule or decision. The village was      however, was the oldest. Houses
participated in the ceremonies.      had every window closed with          was not known if a priest actu-       never visited by any Louisiana         in Manila Village were built on
     Wikepedia says that as early    wire netting to protect them-         ally visited the settlement from      government official or tax man         stilts on a 50-acre (200,000 m2)
as 1763 Filipinos who deserted       selves from mosquitos and other       nearby New Orleans to minister        even though it was within the          marshland; this community sur-
from Spanish ships during the        insects and also had to be vigi-      or perform any Christian rites        jurisdiction of the nearby St. Ber-    vived until 1965, when Hurri-
Manila Galleon Trade. They re-       lant for reptiles and other ani-      and sacraments.                       nard Parish.                           cane Betsy destroyed it.[12][13]
portedly escaped from Spanish        mals abound in the swamps.            Government                                 Rarely did women live in          Among the legacy introduced by
brutalities on board the ships       There was no furniture, no table,                                           the village. In fact there were no     the Filipinos was the production
                                                                                The Manilamen paid no
and settled in the marshlands so     no chair and no bed in any of the                                           women in the village during            of dried shrimp, known as "sea
                                                                           taxes and had no policemen.
the Spaniards could reach them.      dwellings. What could have                                                  Hearn's visit. Those fishermen
                                                                           They had set their own rules and                                             bob" from the French term "six
"The people who settled in the       been considered as mattresses                                               who did have families had them
                                                                           laws that all those living in the                                            barbe". Dried shrimp is still pro-
bayous were called Manilamen         were filled with what Hearn                                                 live in New Orleans or in other
and later on as Tagalas. They        called     "dry    Spanish-beard."    village were bound to obey. In                                               duced by the Cajuns of Louisi-
                                                                                                                 localities.[3] The reason for this
governed themselves and kept         These were laid upon "tiers" of       case of disputes, it was usually      can be attributed to the isolated      ana.[13][14]    Some     of    the
their existence a secret from        shelves faced against the walls.      left to the oldest man currently      and harsh conditions of the set-       descendants of the original set-
mainstream society for over a        According to Hearn the fisher-        living in the settlement to medi-     tlement. Since there were no Fili-     tlers continue to live in Louisi-
hundred years.                       men slept at night "among bar-        ate the situation. If a man re-       pino women, the Manilamen              ana to this day as Multiracial
     It wasn't until journalist      rels of flour and folded sails and    fused a given verdict or likewise     often courted and married Cajun        Americans.

                                     FilAms’ join APIA Vote training
    “We cannot be empowered          Owens attended the training           schools, are just as important be-    nonpartisan organization that          in light of recent polls which
unless we are seen, heard and        along with Rita Gerona Adkins,        cause they affect our families        works with partners to mobilize        find that major political parties
counted,” said Maurese Owens,        Minerva Rosenthal and Jon Me-         and our children’s future.” NaF-      Asian Americans and Pacific Is-        ignore Asian Americans. And
a Northern Virginia resident and     legrito all NaFFAA members in         FAA has launched a national           landers in electoral and civic         yet AAPI voters are the nation’s
a member of NaFFAA Region 2’s        the Capital Region (See Photo by      FilAm Vote program to mobilize        participation.                         fastest growing racial group and
governing board during an all-       Jon Melegrito). “Our voices           Filipino Americans across the              During an all-day training        are expected to vote in record
                                                                           country to register and cast their    session in Northern Virginia on        numbers this fall. The Filipino
                                                                           ballots in November.                  June 30, Hang engaged more             American vote actually made
                                                                                “This is not about the No-       than 60 community leaders and          the difference in Nevada as the
                                                                           vember elections, but about           youth activists in the basics of       “swing vote” in the successful
                                                                           building political power for our      voter education, voter registra-       re-election bid of Sen. Harry
                                                                           community,” said Pakou Hang,          tion and getting out the vote on       Reid. Virginia is another battle-
                                                                           community organizer and lead          election day.                          ground state where Filipino vot-
                                                                           trainer of APIA Vote, a national           The training was significant      ers could play a significant role.

                                                                                       Boracay is ‘World’s Best Island’
                                                                                 Reader of "Travel + Lei-                                               and Hotel Spa. In the last cate-
                                                                           sure," an international travel                                               gory, the Discovery Shores Ho-
                                                                           magazine, have voted the Philip-                                             tel, also in Boracay, won the
                                                                           pines' Boracay Island in Malay,                                              award for the Asia sub-category.
                                                                           Aklan Province, as the World's                                                    This is the 17th year of
                                                                           Best Islands for 2012.                                                       Travel + Leisure's World's Best
Filipino American leaders and members were among the participants in the         Known for its crystal blue                                             Awards. Each year, readers of
all-day seminar conducted by APIA Vote on voter education. (Photo by Jon   waters and white, powdery                                                    Travel + Leisure are invited to
Melegrito)                                                                 sand, Boracay received a score of                                            answer a questionnaire, either
                                                                           93.10 to top the 10 Best Islands                                             online or in a Travel + Leisure
day training of APIA Vote            should be heard on national is-       list this year.                       A tourist on the beach of Boracay.     magazine.      The   74-year-old
(Asian Pacific Islander Ameri-       sues like health care and immi-             The criteria for World's Best                                          magazine, based in New York
cans) in Northern Virginia June      gration,” said Melegrito. “But        Island include natural attrac-        Other categories in the annual         City, is published by the Ameri-
30. “We need to mobilize our         state and local issues, like          tions, activities and sights, res-    awards are World's Best City,          can Express Publishing Corpora-
community because the issues in      women’s rights, gambling, pub-        taurants and food, visitors and       Hotel, International Airline, Do-      tion, a subsidiary of American
this election affect us directly.”   lic safety and the quality public     people and value for money.           mestic Airline, Tour Operator,         Express Company.
                                    July 15, 2012                                     5
                            Maglaya gets DSA from Amb. Cuisia
     Ambassador         Eduardo                            workers (OFWs) from nearby
Maglaya receives the Distin-                               Tunisia and Libya, even as he
guished Service Award from                                 and his team were leading
Ambassador Jose Cuisia during                              evacuation teams for OFWs in
ceremonies held at the Romulo                              Egypt. Maglaya was posted in
Hall of the Philippine Embassy                             Washington, D.C. twice, first as
on June 28. Witnessing the cere-
                                                           Third Secretary & Vice Consul
mony are Mrs. Maglaya (right-
                                                           from 1986 to 1987 and then as
most) and Ambassador Maria
Rowena M. Sanchez, as special                              Minister Counsellor & Consul
guest. Cuisia cited Maglaya's                              General from 1995 to 1999.
long and distinguished career in                               Ambassador      and    Mrs.
the DFA and his stint as ambas-                            Maglaya have many friends in
sador in Cairo, Egypt during                               the greater Washington D.C.
the Arab Spring. He led evacu-                             area. His wife worked with the
ation teams for overseas Filipino                          World Bank for so many years.
 6                                                                                                                              July 15, 2012

                    PH opens kindergarten school in Spratlys
     MANILA - Philippine offi-       land, which the Philippines calls                                                                                  inforce its claim to the Spratly
cials have formally opened a         Pag-asa or "hope" in Tagalog.                                                                                      archipelago.
small kindergarten school on              "We're trying to come up                                                                                           More than a dozen families
Kalayaan island in the Spratlys      with as normal a community as                                                                                      have been encouraged by the
in the West Philippine Sea           possible and this is one impor-                                                                                    government to live on the tad-
(South China Sea) which are          tant step," Bito-onon said by                                                                                      pole-shaped island 480 kilome-
claimed by several countries, in-    telephone, adding that more                                                                                        ters (300 miles) off southwestern
cluding China.                       children could be accommo-                                                                                         Palawan province by offering
     Mayor Eugenio Bito-onon         dated in the school if he can get                                                                                  them free food, shelter, electric-
said the school was opened June      more government funding.                                                                                           ity, water and now, education.
15 without fanfare to help a poor         "The kids were very excited.                                                                                       China, Taiwan, Brunei, Ma-
Filipino community on the is-        They grabbed their new school-                                                                                     laysia and Vietnam also claim
land but not to antagonize rival     bags and prodded their parents                                                                                     the mostly barren Spratlys,
claimants.                           to bring them to class early,"                                                                                     which are believed to be rich in
     Five students were wel-         Bito-onon said.                                                                                                    oil and gas and are near one of
comed by their teacher in a               Filipino troops guard Pag-                                                                                    the world's busiest sea lanes.
classroom filledwith crayons,        asa, the largest of nine islands,                                                                                       A nonbinding 2002 accord
pencils, coloring books and a        sandbars and reefs held by the                                                                                     discourages aggressive acts that
blackboard, Bito-onon said.          Philippines under a municipality                                                                                   could spark fighting. Bito-onon
     A Philippine flag fluttered     led by Bito-onon. The Philippine      Students and teachers pose in front of their schoolbuilding on Kalayaan      said opening a kindergarten
in the breeze in the schoolyard      government established the far-       island in the Spratlys.                                                      could not be seen in anyway as
on the 37-hectare (91-acre) is-      flung municipality in 1978 to re-                                                                                  having violated that pact.

                        Asean takes up China’s bullying in SEA
     PHNOM PENH, Cambodia                                                                                              "They have set this month        draft code of conduct, leading to
- Friction over competing claims                                                                                  as their self-imposed deadline to     a "big disagreement", Philippine
in the South China Sea took cen-                                                                                  come up with a draft COC.             Foreign Secretary Albert del
ter stage when the 10-member                                                                                      There could be progress,"             Rosario said at the time.
Association of Southeast Asian                                                                                    Thayer said.                               But the bloc is still hoping
Nations (ASEAN) opened talks                                                                                           China, Taiwan and ASEAN          to reach an agreement with
here July 9.                                                                                                      members the Philippines, Viet-        China by the end of the year, 10
     Manila is leading a push for                                                                                 nam, Brunei and Malaysia have         years after first committing to
ASEAN to unite to persuade                                                                                        overlapping territorial claims in     creating a legally binding frame-
China to accept a "code of con-                                                                                   the South China Sea, home to vi-      work for resolving disputes.
duct" (COC) in the sea, where                                                                                     tal shipping lanes and believed            US assistant secretary of
tensions have flared recently                                                                                     to be rich in oil and gas deposits.   state for East Asia, Kurt Camp-
with both Vietnam and the Phil-                                                                                        China recently angered Vi-       bell, said late last month he saw
ippines accusing Beijing of bul-                                                                                  etnam by inviting bids for explo-     momentum on the issue after
lying.                                                                                                            ration of oil blocks in contested     noticing "an increase in diplo-
     US Secretary of State Hillary                                                                                waters, sparking protests in          macy" between ASEAN and
Clinton later joined the ASEAN                                                                                    Hanoi earlier this month, while       China on a potential code of con-
Regional Forum on July 12 to                                                                                      Beijing and Manila are locked in      duct.
                                     US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shakes hands of Cambodian foreign
lead efforts to ease tensions in                                                                                  a tense standoff over a disputed           The US recently expanded
                                     minister, the host of the ASEAN meeting.
the West Philippine Sea (South                                                                                    shoal.                                military relations with the Phil-
China Sea).                          resource-rich and strategically       Thayer, a politics professor and            At their last summit in          ippines and Vietnam, and the
     China prefers to deal with      important area.                       Southeast Asia securities expert       April, ASEAN countries were di-       strategic rivalry between Wash-
the claimants individually as it         "This is make or break time       at the University of New South         vided over when to include Bei-       ington and Beijing will be an is-
seeks to extend its writ over the    for ASEAN members," said Carl         Wales in Australia.                    jing in discussions about the         sue in the talks.

Community marks 10th anniversary of ‘Brown Strokes’
      Twenty     eight   Filipino    also paid tribute to Julian's fa-     evolution of Philippine arts," the     Ocinar, Julian Oteyza, Nikki          ris, Amy Quinto, Gabriel Riego
American artists and friends ex-     ther, Victor Oteyza. "While we        ambassador said.                       Oteyza, Kevin Owens, Marielle         de Dios, Jon Joseph Russo, Nilo
hibited their art and celebrated
the 10th anniversary of Brown
Strokes on a White Canvas
(BSWC) with the community on
June 21. The event was spon-
sored by the Philippine Ameri-
can Foundation for Charities
with the support of the Philip-
pine Embassy. The full-house
reception was opened by Am-
bassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. who
commended the participating
artists. He said "their passions     Front row from left: Gloria Federigan, Cecile Kirkpatrick, Toni Tiu, Kevin
are fired up and they are gifted     Owens, Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., Josie Lim Cruz, Amy Quinto, Alice
to translate their thoughts and      Santos, Maurese Owens, Mya Talavera, Mitch Ocampo (son of Galo
emotions to visual arts." He         Ocampo) back row: Consul Emil Fernandez, Julian Oteyza, Ador Carreon,
added that "the Embassy and          Nilo Santiago, Marvin Santos, Virgilio Rollamas.
your community are proud of          are gathered here to celebrate             Participating Artists: Ken        Front row from left: Dr. Cris Lopez, Dr. Jovy Eusebio, Feed the Hungry
the groundswell of talent and        the 10th anniversary of Brown         Abrams, Holly Adams, Cynthia           Director Tess Alarcon and PAMWE President Hilda Leuterio-Gigioli.
that we are supportive of the in-    Strokes, I hope that Julian and       Angeles, Angelito Baban, Danny         Behind is Jun Eusebio and an unidentified guest.
itiatives that showcase you and      his sister, Maurese, will allow us    Buenaventura, Nina Case, Dul-
your talent. He congratulated        to associate Brown Strokes with       cie Dee, Gloria Federigan, Cecile      Mariano, Michelle Owens-Mar-          Santiago, Alice Santos, Marvin
the show's curator Julian Oteyza     the art and the contribution of       Kirkpatrick, Josie Lim Cruz,           tin, Tanya Owens-Nuchols,             Santos, Mya Talavera, Toni Tiu
for organizing the project. He       Victor Oteyza to the history and      Pacifico Lopez, Eva Molnar,Jade        Edgar Pagalilauan, Natalya Par-       and Virgilio Rollamas.
                                         July 15, 2012                     7
Pinoys told to attend
Ocean City tribute to PH
      NEW YORK - Philippine           Dance Co. also of Philadelphia
Consul General in New York            will perform aboriginal dance,
Mario de Leon is urging Filipi-       while the Philippine Youth of
nos and Filipino Americans to         South Jersey will render folk
watch Ocean City's 3rd annual         dances. American youngsters
"Tribute to the Philippines" on       working at Air Circus toy shop
July 21 to 22.                        in Ocean City will demonstrate
      De Leon said the event          their skills in playing yo-yo, a
"gives us an excellent opportu-       popular toy said to have origi-
nity to promote our country and       nated in the Philippines.
people to mainstream America"              Filipino doctors, nurses and
because thousands of tourists         health professionals from New
visit the place in summer time.       York, New Jersey and Philadel-
      Many in Washington DC           phia will conduct free health
however wonder why Ocean              check-ups, including blood pres-
City, which is part of Maryland,      sure and blood sugar tests and
falls under the jurisdiction of the   give health and wellness semi-
New York consulate instead of         nars.
the Philippine embassy.                    "We will highlight our Fili-
      Nevertheless, the New York      pino American medical profes-
consulate has prepared an array       sionals who are highly regarded
of exhibits aside from the usual      in the U.S. for their competence
trade and tourism exhibits they       and dedication to work," said de
did in the last two years. This       Leon.
year, the festival will introduce          Several years ago, Ocean
cultural performances that will       City forged a sister city agree-
showcase the                          ment with San Jose City in Occi-
      music and dances of the         dental Mindoro. Rene Sese, a
Philippines, as well as health        resident of Ocean City and a na-
and wellness seminars for the         tive of San Jose City, was instru-
residents and tourists of Ocean       mental in organizing the
City, Amb. de Leon said.              Philippine tribute, a project of
      The Philippine Folk Arts So-    the City council, the Regional
ciety rondalla group based in         Chamber of Commerce of Ocean
Philadelphia will play tradi-         City and the Philippine Consu-
tional music. Philippine Mutya        late General.
 8                                                                                                                                July 15, 2012

                   PH has world’s largest crocodile - Guinness
     MANILA - Guinness World          ton.                                   being used to feed and care for        people realize the biodiversity of    was killed in 2009 and a fisher-
Records has declared that a                AP said Bunawan Mayor             the crocodile and for park main-       their surroundings and the need       man went missing. Water buf-
monster crocodile the Philip-         Edwin Cox Elorde said the news
                                                                                                                                                          falos have also been attacked by
pines has named "Lolong" is the       sparked celebrations in his farm-
largest in captivity in the world.    ing town of 37,000 but also fos-                                                                                    crocodiles in the area, officials
The giant reptile has brought         tered concerns that more giant                                                                                      said.
pride, fear, tourism revenues         crocodiles might be lurking in a                                                                                         About 100 people led by
and attention to the remote town      nearby marshland and creek                                                                                          Elorde pulled the crocodile from
where it was captured.                where villagers fish.                                                                                               a creek using a rope and then
     A week later, reports ema-            "There were mixed feel-
                                                                                                                                                          hoisted it by crane onto a truck.
nated from Mindanao that a            ings," Elorde said by telephone.
much larger reptile has been          "We're really proud because it                                                                                      It was named after a govern-
spotted in the waters off Agusan      proves the rich biodiversity of                                                                                     ment environmental officer who
del Sur.                              our place but at the same time,                                                                                     died from a heart attack after
     The saltwater crocodile          there are fears that Lolong may        Bunawan Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde pretends to measure a huge crocodile          traveling to Bunawan to help
which was captured last Sep-          not be alone."                         which was captured by residents and crocodile farm staff along a creek in    capture the beast, Elorde said.
tember in Bunawan town in                  Lolong has become the star        Bunawan in Bunawan town in Agusan del Sur province, southern Philip-              Elorde said he saw a bigger
Agusan del Sur province, meas-        attraction of a new ecotourism         pines.
ures 20.24 feet (6.17 meters) and     park and research center in the                                                                                     crocodile escape when Lolong
weighs more than a ton, Guin-         outskirts of Bunawan and has           tenance.                               to protect it. He said he would       was captured and villagers re-
ness spokeswoman Anne-Lise            drawn thousands of tourists                 Environment and Natural           recommend that the government         main wary of fishing there at
Rouse said in a statement . The       since news of its capture spread.      Resources Secretary Ramon Paje         help Bunawan become an eco-           night. He said he has formed a
reptile took the top spot from an     Elorde said his town has earned        welcomed the Guinness an-              tourism destination.
                                                                                                                                                          new team of hunters and is seek-
Australian     crocodile    which     3 million pesos ($72,000) from         nouncement and the growing at-             The crocodile was captured
measured more than 17 feet (5         the modest entrance fees at the        tention being given to the             with steel cable traps during a       ing government permission to
meters) and weighed nearly a          park, with most of the money           crocodile, saying it would help        three-week hunt after a child         start hunting that crocodile.

                NY foundation helps poor
                   patient from Albay
     NEW YORK- Diane Beltran,         tary Club in New Jersey, whose         given a new lease in life," said de
28, who is suffering from a rheu-     president-elect Jennifer Padolina      Leon. Left untreated, Diane's
matic heart valve disease in          is Filipino. The foundation has        condition could potentially lead
Camarines Sur, Philippines is         previously helped four people          to heart failure, according to her
one of the lucky Filipinos who        from the Philippines and a man         doctors.
found help from the US.               from Peru.                                  Present during the emo-
     The daughter of a street              The club facilitated Diane's      tional visit were Padolina; Nelsie
food vendor had no more hope          trip to the U.S., and The Valley       Parrado, president of the Sunrise
until she reached out to the Gift     Hospital in Ridgewood donated          Rotary Club of Fair Lawn, who
of Life Foundation website in         its medical staff and facilities.      has offered to house Diane and
the U.S. despite friends' warn-       After the surgery, Diane was           her mother during her recupera-
ings the site appeared to be a        nicely recovering from her triple      tion; Peter Diestel, senior vice
hoax,     according to North-         valve operation. Then she got a        president of The Valley Hospital       New York Consul General Mario de Leon visits Diane Beltran, sick daugh-
jersey.com.                           visit from the Consul General.         ; Diane's cardiac surgeon Mari-        ter of a food vendor in Camarines Sur.
     I turned out the foundation           "We are grateful for the          ano Brizzio; and her mother
is a project of the Paramus Ro-       Paramus Rotary Club; she was           Laurdita.                                        Pinoy becomes US
                                                                                                                                 citizen at 102
           The Trumps join Operation Smile                                                                               LOS ANGELES - Joaquin
                                                                                                                    Arciaga Guzman, 102, now
                                                                                                                    holds the record of being the
                                                                                                                    oldest Filipino immigrant to be-
                                                                                                                    come a United States citizen.
                                                                                                                         Guzman was sworn in
                                                                                                                    along with some 7,300 immi-
                                                                                                                    grants from 120 countries as citi-
                                                                                                                    zens     at   a     naturalization
                                                                                                                    ceremony at the Los Angeles
                                                                                                                    Convention Center early this
                                                                                                                         The story says Guzman
                                                                                                                    came to the United States in 1928     Joaquin Arciaga Guzman
                                                                                                                    to pick apples and vegetables in
                                                                                                                    San Francisco. After several          said Guzman's wife Paz did not
                                                                                                                    years, he returned, settled down      live to see her husband become a
                                                                                                                    in the Philippines, married Paz       US citizen. She died in 2007 at
                                                                                                                    Irene Gatchalian and sired six        the age of 89.
                                                                                                                    children.                                  The US Citizenship and Im-
                                                                                                                         He then returned to the          migration Services data said
                                                                                                                    United States. His wife and two       only 27 people older than 100
                                                                                                                    adult children who came to join       years old have become citizens
                                                                                                                    him became US citizens in 1984.       in the past 50 years.
                                                                                                                         But Guzman did not submit             Manik Bokchalian, who was
The sons of American billionaire Donald Trump were in Manila June 27 with the Operation Smile mission. Photo        any application for citizenship       117 when she took the oath in
shows from left, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Sen. Pia Cayetano and Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim (5th from left)        for reasons that are not clear, ac-   1997, holds the record of being
watching as Doctors Ma. Irene Tangco (6th from left) and Willie Go (right) operate on cleft patient, one-year-old   cording to reports.                   the oldest immigrant to become
Mark Carlos Nuegas, at the Santa Ana Hospital in Manila.                                                                 Los Angeles Daily News           a US citizen.
July 15, 2012   9
 10                                                                                                                             July 15, 2012

                  Virginia Beach marks FilAm Friendship Day
                                         Leading the parade were                This year, the grand mar-        several tents and eat food for              Now in its 20th year, the
Text and photos by
Bing C. Branigin                     American Veterans of Foreign          shalls were, Mayor Virginia           free. It was a fiesta like atmos-      Filipino American Friendship
                                     Wars (Hampton Roads Chapter)          Beach City Mayor Will Sessoms         phere, just like the practice in the   Day celebrates Philippine inde-
                                     while Cong. Bobby C. Scott (D),       and Rafael L. Lopez (Chief Op-        Philippines.                           pendence in June, and also the
sands braved the extreme heat to
                                     and former Virginia Governor          erating     Officer    ABS-CBN             Political candidates partici-     4th of July Independence Cele-
participate or watch the parade
                                     Tim Caine sang the national an-       Global).                              pated in the parade and also           brations of America.
                                                                                Various tents were set up        walk around the park to meet                The Hampton Roads FilAm
                                                                           for trade, commercial, and infor-     and greet potential voters.            community shows their appre-

The Filipino American Veterans of Foreign Wars, Hampton Roads Chap-
ter, with Cong. Bobby C. Scott, and former Virginia Governor, Tim Cain,    Filipino American veterans and youth lead the parade on the Park.
sing the national anthem at the opening of the annual Filipino American
Friendship Day, Red Wing Park, Virginia Beach, Virginia, June 30.
                                                                                                                                                        ciation to both countries by
                                                                                                                                                        throwing a big party celebrating
                                                                                                                                                               Fil Am Friendship Day
                                                                                                                                                        Chairman, Joe Ortega, and his
                                                                                                                                                        volunteers, Congratulations and
                                                                                                                                                             Hampton Roads Fil Am
                                                                                                                                                        community and as far as Caroli-
                                                                                                                                                        nas, and the Metro DC area, had
                                                                                                                                                        a wonderful time meeting old
                                                                                                                                                        friends and family. For one day,
                                                                                                                                                        FilAms threw a party celebrating
                                                                           Audience during the celebration reads the Manila Mail.
                                                                                                                                                        both cultures.

Cong. Scott Riggel, with Alberto Dayao, Chairman, National Federation of
Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), Region 2, at the Fil Am Friend-
ship Day, June 30.

                                                                           The 6th Annual Mr. Pogi Pageant sponsored by the Young Filipino American Modern Dancers of Virginia (YFMD)
                                                                           with the cooperation of CUFO was held at The Philippine Cultural Center of Virginia Beach June 29. Teen and
                                                                           College Teen 2012 Court Mr. Teen Pogi- Myron Simon; Mr. Teen Suave-Putra Surya and Mr. Teen Gwuapo- Ran-
                                                                           dall Tan Mr. College Pogi Court Mr. Pogi- Perry Fabi Jr.'Mr. Suave- Gary Armstrong Mr Gwuapo- Caleb Beard.

                                                                           mation. PNB had long lines at
                                                                           their booth because they were
                                                                           giving away bags, wallets, and
                                                                           other gifts. The Taglish Tees got
                                                                           a lot of attention from the young
                                                                           FilAms because of their original
                                                                           and innovative tee shirt designs.
                                                                           Red Ribbon, for their mango
                                                                           shake, halo-halo, and sago/gula-
                                                                           man. There was a long line for
                                                                           free hotdog, burgers, corn,
Mr. Teen Pogi Myron Simon with his escort.                                 drinks, dessert provided by the
                                                                           sponsors and served by the vari-
staged by different Filipino         them at the opening ceremonies.       ous volunteers.
American organizations to cele-      At the main stage were perform-            There were also several
brate the annual Philippine-         ers from local talents doing mu-      tents set up by the various Fili-
American Friendship day at the       sical numbers and cultural            pino American organizations.
Red Wing Park here on June 30.       presentations.                             Guests just go around the        Officers and members of the Zambaleno Association pose for group photo.
                                        July 15, 2012                                                                                                                      11
                 PH Embassy holds seminar to improve services
     Anbassador Jose L. Cuisia,           The aim is to equip all the           Amb. Cuisia said at the start   Embassy, in a subsequent semi-          Police Attache Gen. Ar-
Jr. held an in-house seminar on      staff with basic information on       of the seminar that it was an im-    nar, perhaps some time in De-      mando Ramolete, who is also
June 30 at the Romulo Hall of        consular and other embassy            portant and timely initiative as a   cember.                            the Embassy's Security Officer,
the Philippine embassy for offi-     services with basic information       similar undertaking had not               The lecturers for the semi-   lectured on Security Concerns.
cers and staff to improve serv-      to respond to queries from cli-       been done for the past several       nar were the concerned officers         The    ambassador      then
ices and assistance to the public.   ents without referring them to        years. He said that he would         and staff in-charge of the vari-
                                                                                                                                                   awarded Certificate of Atten-
     The seminar, originally         the concerned official.               also like to see briefings for the   ous topic areas.
                                                                                                                                                   dance to Naval Attache Capt. El-
meant only for consular services          To take full advantage of        staff on other aspects of the Em-         Among those who spoke at
was expanded to include other        the presence of the staff, security   bassy's work such as the politi-     the seminar were Atty. Sofronio    son Aguilar.       Assisting the
services and programs such as        concerns and administrative re-       cal, legislative and public          Cortel on consular matters, in-    Ambassador are Minister Ariel
labor, welfare assistance, tour-     minders were also incorporated        diplomacy areas, including that      cluding the authentication and     Penaranda (leftmost) and Con-
ism and economic diplomacy.          into the seminar.                     of the attached services of the      dual citizenship programs.         sul Arlene Magno.
  12                                                                                                                      July 15, 2012

   Public service draws 2 FilAm doctors to marriage
By Rodney J. Jaleco                  in touch and eventually got mar-                                       nesses but when they’re on mis-      drive to help the needy.
                                     ried in 2004 and moved to the                                          sion, it doesn’t really matter be-        “We try to stay in Region 3
     Their love story was born in    US,” she added. She currently                                          cause there is no mister or          (Central Luzon) but we have
public service so, in a sense,       serves as assistant chief medical                                      general or doctor,” she stressed.    gone outside the region, to Rom-
every time this physician-couple     officer of MMOM (her husband                                                “There are no titles. They      blon and Coron, Palawan,” she
go on a medical mission to the       is president and chief medical                                         will do what they have to do to      revealed.
Philippines is just like reliving    officer of this non-profit organi-                                     get the job done which is what            They do mostly general sur-
that romance.                        zation).                                                               we’re so proud of; there are no      gery because of the cost on indi-
     “I met him a few years ago            The pair also co-founded                                         egos and everyone works well
                                                                                                                                                 gent     patients.   “Even     in
at a medical mission organized       the Munting Ngiti Foundation                                           together,” Catherine said.
                                                                                                                                                 government hospitals there are
by their friends,” Falls Church,     Inc. (she actually established it                                           A native of San Fernando,
                                                                                                            Pampanga, she is a daughter of       costs that low-income and even
VA-based pediatrician Catherine      in 1999 but was incorporated as
                                     a charitable organization in                                           US-trained Dr. Ramon Panlilio        some middle-income patients
Panlilio Arzadon revealed. She
was talking about her husband,       2004) which provides free surgi-                                       and Shirley Temple Hughes, a         can’t afford,” Catherine ex-
Dr. Joseph M. Arzadon.               cal services for indigents with                                        registered nurse from Virginia.      plained.
     Catherine was given the         cleft lip and palette.                                                 She graduated from the Univer-            “Before we used to offer
Most      Outstanding    Migrant           “We started it with the Cir-                                     sity of Sto. Tomas in 1999.          medical consultations but now
Award in the Healthcare Profes-      culo       Pampangueno        then   Dr. Joseph M. Arzadon and wife,        She has always been in-         we’re streamlining more on sur-
sion at last month’s People’s Ball   branched out to medical mis-         Dr. Catherine Panlilio Arzadon.   volved with charity work. Aside      gery and dental procedures,”
organized by the Migrant Heri-       sions. That’s how the Medical                                          from the MMOM, she has volun-        she added.
tage Commission (MHC).               Mission was born from a group        helping the poor but needy pa-    teered for Catholic Women’s               Many could say that the un-
     “I promised to help so when     of friends who just wanted to        tients in the Philippines.        League Free Clinics, Pampanga        ion of Drs. Catherine and Joseph
they went to my province I           help,” she explained.                     “Not everyone can go but     Medical Society and Philippine       Arzadon was not only a match
helped out,” she told the Manila           The MMOM has about a           everyone helps to raise money     Pediatric Society.
                                                                                                                                                 made in heaven, they were also
Mail. They were part of the          hundred members, Catherine           for the mission, pack supplies         “I feel blessed and there is
Medical Mission of Mercy USA         said, and about 70 of them go to     and other things,” she added.     such a need,” she says of her
(MMOM) helping indigents in          the Philippines every year                “The majority are non-
     “That’s how we met, stayed
                                     which makes them one of the
                                     largest Fil-Am medical missions
                                                                          medical people, a lot of them
                                                                          hold high office or own busi-
                                                                                                                Manila’s only health
                                                                                                               museum shows US artifacts
                                                                                                                 When American authorities       in later years. He then thought
                                                                                                            ordered in 1902 the burning of       of sharing what he had to the
                                                                                                            nipa huts, the cremation of the      Filipino people to show his
                                                                                                            dead and imposing quarantines,       gratitude to the Philippines
                                                                                                            angry Filipinos balked and re-       which he considered his second
                                                                                                            belled, not knowing they were        home.”
                                                                                                            probably their only defense               The Co Tec Tai Medical Mu-
                                                                                                            against a cholera epidemic that      seum is the brainchild of her
                                                                                                            would eventually claim over          brother, Dr. Willie T. Ong, a car-
                                                                                                            200,000 lives by the time it was     diologist at Manila Doctors Hos-
                                                                                                            over.                                pital and Makati Medical
                                                                                                                 This episode of the Ameri-      Center.
                                                                                                            can colonial era in the Philip-           During his early years in
                                                                                                            pines has largely been forgotten     medical school, Willie was in
                                                                                                            which has piqued the interest of     search of role model Filipino
                                                                                                            concerned Filipino physicians.       doctors that could serve as his
                                                                                                                 The Co Tec Tai Medical Mu-      inspiration. But he couldn’t find
                                                                                                            seum showcases the history of        any. So, after graduating from
                                                                                                            medical practice and health care     school, he and his wife, Dr.
                                                                                                            in the Philippines. The first and    Anna Liza R. Ong, went to the
                                                                                                            only medical museum in the           United States and studied His-
                                                                                                            country, it has various collec-      tory of Medicine at the Univer-
                                                                                                            tions of rare photographs, health    sity of Wisconsin.
                                                                                                            artifacts, memorabilia, memen-            “For months, we toiled
                                                                                                            tos, medical books and instru-       through the icy winter of Madi-
                                                                                                            ments, and paintings.                son, collecting anything and
                                                                                                                 A large portion of the dis-     everything related to Philippine
                                                                                                            plays came from the United           medicine,” Willie recalled. The
                                                                                                            States which ruled over the ar-      couple also went to Washington,
                                                                                                            chipelago from 1899 (when Pres.      D.C., Maryland, Boston, and
                                                                                                            McKinley established the 1st         Wisconsin to gather “any scrap
                                                                                                            Philippine Commission) to 1946       Filipino health workers had left
                                                                                                            (excluding the years of Japanese     behind.”
                                                                                                            military    occupation     during         “Though this medical mu-
                                                                                                            World War II).                       seum, all the good works and
                                                                                                                 The medical museum is           noble projects of our country-
                                                                                                            named in honor of Ong Yong           men in the health sector can be
                                                                                                            better known as Co Tec Tai in        safely stored and remembered,”
                                                                                                            the Chinese community. He was        said Willie, who writes a health
                                                                                                            born in Jinjiang, China but came     column for a national daily and
                                                                                                            to the Philippines in 1922. He       has a weekly television and ra-
                                                                                                            was recognized as a philanthro-      dio show.
                                                                                                            pist and civic leader. He passed          The museum occupies the
                                                                                                            away in 2009.                        5th and 6th floors of the Warner
                                                                                                                 “My father gallantly fought     Building at 2540 Taft Ave., Pasay
                                                                                                            alongside the guerrillas in World    City (between the EDSA Ro-
                                                                                                            War II,” said daughter Julie         tunda and Libertad St.). It is
                                                                                                            Ong-Alonzo. “When the war            open from Mondays to Saturday
                                                                                                            was over, he did small busi-         from 9 am to 5 pm and admis-
                                                                                                            nesses until he built his fortune    sion is free. (RJJ)
                                         July 15, 2012                                                                                                                       13
                          Fil-Am beauty queen traces roots to Jolo
                                      lic, and her mother Sara Amel        and helped drive out terrorists
By Rodney J. Jaleco
                                      who runs a day care, grew up in      in the capital town the following
      Statuesque American Uni-
                                      one of the most strife-prone vil-    year.
versity freshman Iana Kozelsky
                                      lages in the Philippines.                 “It was okay, medyo ma-
dreams of being a journalist and
                                           Sara was born in Asturias, a    gulo,” Sara shared with the Ma-
perhaps winning another beauty
                                      barangay in Jolo, Sulu that has      nila Mail. But then she soon left,
title but for it now, it’s college.
                                      been the scene of periodic fight-    studying at Notre Dame high
      Iana, 18, is this year’s Miss
                                      ing triggered by everything from     school and then to Ateneo Uni-
Teen Philippines-America, re-
                                      family feuds to the presence of      versity in Zamboanga City,
portedly one of the longest-run-
                                      Abu Sayyaf bandits.                  about a hour’s plane ride away.
ning pageants in the Metro DC
                                           It was the seat of the Mus-          She earned an accounting
                                      lim secessionist uprising in Min-    degree from Ateneo de Zam-
      She also an interesting pedi-
                                      danao and much of the town           boanga, she revealed.
gree her father Gerry Kozelsky,
                                      was torched by fleeing rebels af-         She travelled to Silver         Teen Queen Iana Kozelsky poses with her parents, Sara and Gerry
a Chief Executive Officer of a
                                      ter government troops landed         Spring, Maryland in 1986, met        Kozelski.
transportation company in Balti-
                                      there in the early 70s. The US de-   Gerry and they married in 1987.      around Iana, their only child. pines.
more, is from the Czech Repub-
                                      ployed Special Forces in 2006             Their life has revolved                They’re excited about her       Her father said he’s visited
                                                                                                                       plans. “She’s a natural,” Jolo twice, the last time was back
                                                                                                                       Gerry says about her in 1998. He enjoyed the visit,
                                                                                                                       plans to pursue a career Gerry insisted, and didn’t feel
                                                                                                                       in journalism. “That’s threatened. If there were dan-
                                                                                                                       what she wants to do.”     gers, he now recalls with a
                                                                                                                            “Every since I was chuckle, “I didn’t know because
                                                                                                                       about in high school I nobody told me about it.”
                                                                                                                       was into public speaking        Gerry and Sara vacationed
                                                                                                                       and speeches in class but there last September but only
                                                                                                                       in my last 2 years of high stayed in Zamboanga City
                                                                                                                       school, as part of the which they now count as home
                                                                                                                       newspaper       team    in away outside the US.
                                                                                                                       school, that got me into        He says Iana wants to go
                                                                                                                       the news more and inter- back too but they just didn’t
                                                                                                                       ested on what’s going have the time, especially now
                                                                                                                       on,” she told the Manila that she’s starting college. “I
                                                                                                                       Mail.                      want to see my family there be-
                                                                                                                            She professed an in- cause they don’t have a chance
                                                                                                                       terest in politics and en- to visit us here, to visit Min-
                                                                                                                       tertainment perhaps an danao which I don’t remember
                                                                                                                       impractical combination much,” she explained.
                                                                                                                       here but something that         Then, as if an after-thought,
                                                                                                                       might find more rele- she wondered about another
                                                                                                                       vance if she were work- possible reason to visit the Phil-
                                                                                                                       ing in the Philippines.    ippines. “I heard there is a Miss
                                                                                                                            She was just 4 years Philippines pageant there; that
                                                                                                                       old during her 1st and would be kinda’ fun,” she said
                                                                                                                       last visit to the Philip- amusedly.

                                                                                                                       PMA opens doors to Gays
                                                                                                                           MANILA - The Phil-      bers of the third sex are not pro-
                                                                                                                      ippine Military Academy,     hibited from joining the acad-
                                                                                                                      the symbol of manliness,     emy.
                                                                                                                      will now open its recruit-        "Hindi po tayo tumatanggi
                                                                                                                      ment to gays.                doon. Ganun pa rin yung kul-
                                                                                                                           Maj. Gen. Nonato Al-    turang Pilipino, hindi (sila) tu-
                                                                                                                      fredo Peralta, PMA su-       wirang       accepted...      nasa
                                                                                                                      perintendent, said on July   transition ang Philippine society
                                                                                                                      9 the academy has            so ganun din po ang PMA, hindi
                                                                                                                      opened recruitment to        natin sasabihin na bawal, hindi
                                                                                                                      gays, giving them the        ganun, hindi pinagbabawal yan,
                                                                                                                      chance not only to serve     hindi po pinagbabawal," he said.
                                                                                                                      but even become future            Capt. Agnes Flores, the
                                                                                                                      officers in the military.    PMA spokesperson, said gays
                                                                                                                           Peralta said that for   will not be discriminated upon
                                                                                                                      the coming PMA entrance      once they are admitted into the
                                                                                                                      examination set on Au-       academy, but are expected and
                                                                                                                      gust 26, gays would be       required "to behave the way the
                                                                                                                      welcome to apply pro-        cadets are to behave."
                                                                                                                      vided they meet the re-           "So, hanggang sa makay-
                                                                                                                      quirements.                  anan nila ang training sa Philip-
                                                                                                                           Aside from accepting    pine Military Academy and they
                                                                                                                      gays, the PMA will soon      themselves are the ones who
                                                                                                                      reopen its doors to for-     will say na hindi nila kaya and
                                                                                                                      eigners who may want to      they go out of the academy dun
                                                                                                                      become cadets in the pre-    po tayo," said Flores.
                                                                                                                      mier leadership training          She added that while in the
                                                                                                                      school in the country,       academy, they (gays) must fol-
                                                                                                                      said Peralta.                low the rules and regulations.
                                                                                                                           At a press conference        Flores said that cross dress-
                                                                                                                      in Camp Aguinaldo, he        ing and taking advantage of fel-
                                                                                                                      emphasized that mem-         low cadets will not be tolerated.
  14                                                                                                                          July 15, 2012

                   Pope blesses Binay, wife; exhorts PH bishops
      MANILA - Vice President         tended the Filipino community's      January and July.                         Benedict's message read.        Gospel to those who have expe-
Jejomar Binay and his wife            celebration of Pista sa Paris 2012        "His Holiness is confident           The Year of Faith begins on     rienced a crisis of faith due to
Elenita received a special papal      on July 1 at the Stade de la         that the activities you plan for      Oct. 11 this year and ends on       secularization.
blessing from Pope Benedict XVI       Muette in Paris, France.                                                                                            Close to 100 bishops at-
as he concluded his general                The annual event is the Fili-                                                                             tended the Plenary Assembly
audience at the Paul VI audito-       pino community's commemora-                                                                                    where activities for the celebra-
rium early this month.                tion of the 114th anniversary of
                                                                                                                                                     tion of the Year of Faith and for
      Binay and his wife Elenita      the declaration of Philippine In-
                                                                                                                                                     the promotion of the New Evan-
also met with members of the          dependence.
Filipino community in Rome to              Last week, Pope Benedict                                                                                  gelization would be discussed.
hear their concerns and assure        XVI called on Filipino bishops                                                                                      Also on the agenda were
them of the government's con-         to strive harder for the promo-                                                                                preparations for a thanksgiving
tinuing commitment to provide         tion of "New Evangelization" as                                                                                celebration for the canonization
them assistance during their          they gathered for their 105th Ple-                                                                             of the Pedro Calungsod, the
visit to the Vatican.                 nary Assembly ahead of the cele-                                                                               country's second saint. The bish-
      Before leaving Manila late      bration of the Year of Faith.                                                                                  ops would also hear updates on
last month, Binay promised to              Vatican Secretary of State      Pope Benedict XVI chats with Vice President Jejomar Binay and wife,       the proposed Reproductive
pray for an end to the rift be-       Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone re-        Elenita, at the Vatican.                                                  Health Bill.
tween Sen. Aquilino "Koko" Pi-        layed the message to the Philip-                                                                                    Leading the plenary gather-
mentel III and former senator         pine bishops through the Papal       the Year of Faith and the initia-     Nov. 24, 2013.                      ing were CBCP president Cebu
Juan Miguel Zubiri. Pimentel          Nuncio to the Philippines, Arch-     tives you organize for the pro-            The CBCPNews said that in      Archbishop Jose Palma, Manila
eventually decided to leave the       bishop Giuseppe Pinto.               motion        of    the      New      the New Evangelization, the
                                                                                                                                                     Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle
United Nationalist Alliance                The message was sent on         Evangelization will bear much         faithful are called upon to
(UNA) of Binay and former             the occasion of the opening of                                                                                 and retired Cebu Archbishop Ri-
                                                                           fruit, in fulfillment of the          deepen their faith in accordance
President Joseph Estrada after        the Catholic Bishops' Conference     Church's mission, through the         with the teachings of Christ, and   cardo Cardinal Vidal.
failing to convince the two lead-     of the Philippines' 105th Plenary    grace and love of the Holy Spirit     to embark on their own evan-             The meeting was preceded
ers to drop Zubiri from the coali-    Assembly at the Pope Pius XII        , to lead all people 'to the faith,   gelization.                         by a three-day retreat at the Be-
tion's senatorial slate.              Center in Manila. The Plenary        freedom and peace of Christ'               The New Evangelization         tania Retreat House in Tagaytay
      The Vice President also at-     Assembly is held twice a year, in    (Ad Gentes, 5),"                      also involves "re-proposing" the    City.

     Minda massacre judge says trial won’t last 55,000 years
     QUEZON CITY - Quezon             The case is moving forward, the                                                                                guindanao case, aside from the
City Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes        prosecution is in our transcripts                                                                              two days set aside for motions
said July 7 the Maguindanao           (and) court records, presenting                                                                                and the civil aspect.
massacre trial "won't last 55,000     evidence, and the case is being                                                                                     Reyes said that while the re-
years", adding "she hopes to          heard," Reyes said.                                                                                            cords are for the 57 counts of
hand down the verdict "before              The usually soft-spoken                                                                                   murder, the pleadings may
President Aquino ends his term."      judge aired her sentiments fol-                                                                                equal those for 500 cases.
     The judge of Regional Trial      lowing reactions from different                                                                                     The judge explained that
Court Branch 221 was reacting         sectors on the recent deaths of                                                                                other factors come into play in
to public criticism on the slow       prospective witnesses in the                                                                                   resolving pleadings, such as
pace of the trial that she has        2009 Maguindanao massacre.                                                                                     pending appeals before higher
been handling for nearly three             The Nov. 23, 2009, massacre                                                                               courts that may affect certain
years while some prosecution          took the life of 57 victims, most                                                                              proceedings in her sala.
witnesses have already been           of them journalists, and in-                                                                                        "Don't blame the court
slaughtered, possibly by follow-      volved 195 suspects led by the                                                                                 alone. You also have to consider
ers of the Ampatuans.                 Ampatuan clan.                                                                                                 other factors," Reyes said.
     In an interview with report-          Although Reyes only han-                                                                                       The judge stressed that she
ers, Reyes said the case is mak-      dles the Maguindanao massacre                                                                                  has no ill feelings against those
ing progress despite the many         case since Branch 221 has been                                                                                 who speak out against her. "I
victims and suspects involved.        designated as a special court, its                                                                             have no right because they have
The perceived delays, she             staff still has to attend to other                                                                             freedom of expression," she said,
added, is just the judicial process   cases pending before them. The                                                                                 adding that she only hopes they
at work.                              judge added that the staff also                                                                                would "give the whole, complete
     "Don't put all the blame on      helps her with research and                                                                                    picture."
the court," Reyes said, as she in-    other chores that needed to be       File photo shows Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes (inset) with Andal Ampatuan,        "If they say, Judge Reyes,
vited the public to visit her court   done to resolve pleadings.           one of the accused in the massacre.                                       please resolve these, then (they
so they could check the records            In the 31 months that the                                                                                 must) also say (that) I'm calling
and see for themselves how far        Maguindanao massacre has been        least two inches thick, aside             Unlike other cases that are     the attention of the higher courts
the hearing has gone.                 in her sala, Reyes said they had     from the court transcripts that       heard once a month, hearings        to help speed up these cases by
     "If nothing is indeed hap-       accumulated 46 thick folders of      are being transcribed by three        are conducted twice a week for      resolving pending incidents,"
pening, then what is written?         legal documents, each of them at     stenographers.                        the criminal aspect of the Ma-      she said.

                   Priest assisting Luisita workers ‘executed’ in Pampanga
     SAN FERNANDO, Pam-               side L&S subdivision at around       when he tried to run after them       of the office when I saw the sus-   from the bank, although he
panga - A 67-year-old Dutch           12:45 p.m.                           to get the plate number of their      pects holding Willem, who was       could not recall seeing them flee
missionary who was reportedly              ABI is an affiliate of the      getaway motorcycle.                   then kneeling. That's when the      with any bag or envelop in
assisting farm workers in Haci-       Alyansang Magbubukid ng Git-              Villareal said Geertman and      shot rang out. I then tried to      which the victim could have
enda Luisita was executed in          nang Luzon (AMGL), the               three members of his staff ar-        rush towards them but one sus-      kept the money.
front of his office in Barangay       mother unit of the Alyansa ng        rived at their office in his Isuzu    pect pointed his gun at me. I            However, a later report said
Telebastagan here at past noon        Manggagawang        Bukid     ng     vehicle     after    withdrawing      again ran after them as they fled   that the gunmen fled with the
yesterday.                            Asyenda Luisita (Ambala).            money from Metrobank when             to get the plate number of their    victim's bag, which contained
     Willem Geertman, executive            Fred Villareal, vice-chair-     the two suspects parked their         motorcycle, but one of the sus-     about P1.2 million.
director of the Alay Bayan Inc.       man of the National Union of         motorcycle outside the ABI com-       pects again pointed his gun at           He said the suspects were
(ABI), was shot in the back by        Journalists of the Philippines in    pound.                                me before they fled," he said.      wearing baseball caps and jack-
two unidentified men as he knelt      Pampanga, said the gunmen                 "I had just emailed my                Villareal said the suspects    ets but did not bother to cover
just a few feet from his office in-   also pointed their pistol at him     story, which I did on the terrace     could have trailed the victim       their faces.
                                       July 15, 2012                                                                                                                           15
                                                                         giveaways). Contact: Pepito So-      powerment Conference. “Cele-           MMOM’s 2013 mission in Mex-
                                                                         lis    703.979-0838    or    p2so-   brating our Identity and Solidar-      ico, Pampanga and Marinduque.
                                                                         lis@gmail.com.                       ity,” will feature plenary             Contact: mariasison@gmail
                                                                               July 21-22 (Saturday & Sun-    sessions and workshops on “The               September 22 (Saturday)
                                                                         day) “Asian Festival” at George      FilAm Vote,” “FilVets & Family         Bicol Association of MWDC,
                                                                         Mason University Parking Lot J,      Reunification,”       “Immigration     “Sarung Banggi” 30th Anniver-
                                                                         Fairfax, VA. PAFC sponsors The       Reform,” “The Dream Act,”              sary Celebration. Details TBA.
                                                                         Philippine Village with food and     “The SAVE Act,” “Medi-                       September 29 (Saturday)
                                                                         product booths. An interactive       care/Medicaid          Portability,”   PAFC “Alay” Fundraising Con-
                                                                         tent will house cultural demon-      “Medical Missions to the Philip-       cert for Disaster Relief. Details
                                                                         strations, arts and crafts, story-   pines,” “National Filipino Foun-       TBA
                                                                         telling and more. Big stage will     dations,” “Overseas Workers,”                October 6 (Saturday) Uni-
                                                                         showcase best in FilAm music         “The      Empowered        Filipino:   versity of the Philippines of
      July 21 (Saturday) 6:00-      6:00 pm: FYBA's 5th Annual Pic-
                                                                         and dances. Details TBA. Con-        Shared Experiences and Success         DCMDVA 'Panagbenga' Ball,
10:00 pm. Summer Jam Session        nic. Van Dyck Park, Fairfax City,
                                                                         tact:        Eileen    Nadal    at   Stories,” “Domestic Violence,”         Hilton Mark Center, 5000 Semi-
hosted by Fil-Am Association of     VA. Join us for a fun-filled fam-
                                                                         Eileen_nadal@yahoo.com               “Human Trafficking,” “Filipinos        nary Road, Alexandria, VA. Pro-
Manassas & Washington Metro-        ily day. Details TBA. Contact
                                                                               July 28 (Saturday) 9:00am      in the Arts, Entertainment and         ceeds designated for the 7th and
politan Area. Lincolnia Senior      publicreations@fybaonline.com.
                                                                         8:00pm. Marinduqueneos of the        Sports,” and LGBT issues. There        last Junior Faculty Grant for UP
Center Ballroom. Alexandria,             July 14 (Saturday) Feed the
                                                                         Capital Area (MCA Inc.) Annual       will be a special tribute to NaF-
Va. $20 per person. All proceeds    Hungry 12th Annual Benefit Golf                                                                                  Baguio. Details TBA
                                                                         Family Picnic, Black Hill Re-        FAA Founder Alex Esclamado .                 October 6 (Saturday) Ma-
go to school-construction project   Tournament.       Prince William
                                                                         gional Park, Shelter B, 20926        Esclamado was elected NaF-             rinduqueno Association of the
in the Philippines. Dance music     Golf Course,14631 Vint Hill Rd.,
                                                                         Lake Ride Drive, Boyds, MD,          FAA’s first national chairman at       Capital Area (MACA, Inc) Fun-
courtesy of René Ibañez. In-        Nokesville, VA. Early-bird fee:
                                                                         20841. Contact: Cugie de la          the organization’s founding in         draising Gala Holiday Inn
cludes light refreshments. Con-     $95; after June 30: $110 (includes
                                                                         Santa at xtdelas@verizon.net.        Washington DC on August 1997.          Rosslyn at Key Bridge, 1900
tact: mlunaria@aarp.org             18 holes, golf cart, green
                                                                               August 2-5 NAFFAA Em-          Detroit Marriott at the Renais-        North Fort Myer Dr. Arlington,
      July 14 (Saturday) 11:00      fee,breakfast, buffet lunch and
                                                                                                              sance Center, 400 Renaissance
                                                                                                                                                     VA 22209. Contact: macasecre-
                                                                                                              Center Dr., Detroit MI 48243.
                                                                                                                                                     tary@gmail.com. All net pro-
                                                                                                              Contact P. Emraida Kiram at
                                                                                                                                                     ceeds will go to MACA'S
                                                                                                              pekiram@uwm.edu, tel. 414-899-
                                                                                                                                                     various charitable projects.
                                                                                                              2329      or    visit    www.naf-
                                                                                                                                                           October 13 (Saturday) Tu-
                                                                                                                                                     lungan Dinner Dance "Glitz and
                                                                                                                    August 4-5 (Saturday/Sun-
                                                                                                                                                     Glamour on The Red Carpet" to
                                                                                                              day) World Youth Basketball
                                                                                                                                                     benefit Missionaries of The Poor
                                                                                                              Tournament. 77-6365 Kenika
                                                                                                                                                     MOP-Cebu City), Don Bosco Sis-
                                                                                                              Place, Kailua-Kona, HI 96749.
                                                                                                              Sponsored by Sports Authority.         ter's Home (Manila, Philip-
                                                                                                              For details: wybt@hawaii.rr.com        pines); Immaculate Mary Queen
                                                                                                                    August 25 (Saturday) 6:30        of Heaven Missionaries (IMQH-
                                                                                                              p.m. PAMWE Gala Night.                 Cebu City). Hilton Springfield,
                                                                                                              Fairview Marriott Hotel. $70           VA. Details TBA.
                                                                                                              (free parking). Contact: Ms.                 October 20 (Saturday) Feed
                                                                                                              Hilda Leuterio-Gigioli            at   the Hungry, Inc. “Handog.” De-
                                                                                                              hilda.l.gigioli@roccomar.com or        tails TBA.
                                                                                                              240 832 7762                                 November 10. 10:00am-
                                                                                                                    August 31- September 2           3:00pm. PAFC” Pasasalamat:
                                                                                                              (Labor Day Weekend): 2012              Community            Appreciation
                                                                                                              North American Basketball As-          Lunch” Details TBA.
                                                                                                              sociation (NABA) Inter-City Bas-             December 1, “PAFC Pask-
                                                                                                              ketball Tournament hosted by           ong Pinoy”. Details TBA
                                                                                                              Filipino-American Youth Basket-              February 9, 2013. Fil-Am
                                                                                                              ball Association (FYBA). NOVA          Association of Manassas and
                                                                                                              Sportsplex, Chantilly, VA. De-         Washington Metropolitan Area
                                                                                                              tails TBA.                             Gala Dinner-Dance. Fort Myer
                                                                                                                    September 15 (Saturday)          Community Center. All pro-
                                                                                                              6pm to 1 am. Medical Mission of        ceeds go to “a gift that keeps on
                                                                                                              Mercy USA Fundraising Gala.            giving:” much-needed school
                                                                                                                Fairview Park Marriot Hotel.         classroom construction project
                                                                                                              Falls Church, VA 22042. In-            in extremely high-student den-
                                                                                                              cludes Casino Night , Dinner           sity areas in the Philippines. De-
                                                                                                              and Dance. Proceeds go towards         tails TBA.
  16 Around DC                                                                                                                 July 15, 2012

        MHC awards Cortel
         for helping Pinoys

                                                                          The Universal Brotherhood Festive Board Celebrated the Anniversaries of the Maynilad Lodge # 1521, La France
                                                                          Lodge #93, and Alianza Fraternal Americana Lodge #92, last June 15, at the Almas Shrine Temple, District of
                                                                          Columbia. Front row, L to R:, Carpenter Arpa 1V, Theodore Villapando, Joseph Crociata, Grand Master of
                                                                          Mason, District of Columbia, Bayani Cassanova, Kenneath Gibala, and Mariano Evangelista Jr. Back Row: Roger
                                                                          Velasco, Ador Carreon, Alex Mendoza, Delfin Lorenzana, Bayani Pioquinto, and Doods Castellano.

      Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia,     of Philippine independence and
Jr. called on Filipino Americans     migration of Filipinos to the U.S.
to promote the Philippines' rich     Outstanding Migrant Awards
heritage and become "a more          were given to individuals and
robust and responsible pillar in     organizations in the Filipino
mainstream America."           He    American community for their
added, "I call on each one of you    "exemplary work, leadership
to foster greater camaraderie,       and commitment." Among the
exercise strong advocacy and         awardees was Attorney Loy
internalize the lessons of our
                                     Cortel    of    the    Philippine
nation's independence." Cuisia
                                     Embassy, who was recognized
made these remarks during the
Migrant Heritage Commission's        for his work in assisting
(MHC) 7th People's Ball, which       distressed Filipino nationals.
was held at the Washington           Photo shows from left MHC co-
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel          directors Arnedo Valera, and
last June 23. The annual affair is   Jessie Gatchalian, Cuisia, Cortel,   Twenty-seven students from Mindanao who have completed one year of studying in local high schools and living
organized to commemorate the         co-director Grace V. Jaramillo       with host families under the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES) paid a courtesy call on
anniversaries of the declaration     and a beauty queen.                  Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. at the embassy June 28. Cuisia wished them well and expressed the hope they
                                                                          would share the experience and knowledge they have acquired with their respective communities back home. The
                                                                          students were then treated to a hearty lunch of much missed Filipino food. Photo shows the ambassador thanking a
Outstanding piano students                                                student participant as he receives a token of appreciation from the group.

                                                                                        TPNA holds Vegas tournament

                                                                               The       Washington-based       and ending with a letter u.t have     youth. We were able to garner
                                                                          Team Philippines North Amer-          any names? In the tournament,         little sponsorship to cover the
                                                                          ica (TPNA), a non-profit group,       team 16u won he championship          uniforms and registration for the
                                                                          recently held its basketball tour-    with 17/18 u in second place.         young players. All other ex-
                                                                          nament in Las Vegas. M Anne           Tabligan said the aid of TPNA is      penses were shouldered by the
                                                                          Tabligan     (anne@tabligan.org)      to put elite Filipino youth bas-      parents. If we can get sponsor-
     Shown at the award cere-        Gallardo with her piano studio       said six teams made up of young       ketball players across United
mony after the gala concert " A      awardees: Daniel Flores and                                                                                      ship for them, it will mean so
                                                                          players from seven states- VA,        States and Canada together to
Celebration of Piano Music," at                                           MD, FLA, NJ, PA, CA and Ne-           form teams to compete in inter-       much for these families. As we
                                     Natalie Fajerski, 2011-12 Out-
the John Addison Concert Hall                                             vada- competed in the tourna-         national and American national        speak, we have two teams (14u
in Fort Washington on June           standing Students and David
                                                                          ment. What is unique is that the      youth tournaments. "Through           Boys and 14u Girls) in Cleveland
23,2012 are instructor and con-      Miranda, 2011-12 Student of the      teams' names start with letters       basketball, we want to promote        OH representing Philippines in
cert director Marilou Padilla        Year.                                TP followed by numbers 11 to 17       friendship and goodwill to our        the Intercontinental Cup.
July 15, 2012   17
  18 U.S. News Briefs                                                                                                             July 15, 2012

                  A FilAm on top four spots of ‘Duets’ TV tilt
    LOS ANGELES - FilAm               Louis, Missouri; New Haven,            bors, or your friends, we encour-          LONG ISLAND - Queens              held at the famous Hollywood
singer Jason Farol has landed on      Connecticutt; and Memphis,             age you to sign up for the e-mail
Top 4 American reality singing        Tennessee.                             updates below: * Sign up in one-
                                                                             click for information to help you
                                         PH-US friendship                    with difficult financial times and
                                         day in Philly                       to receive featured updates from
                                                                             USA.gov. USA.gov and Gobier-
                                           PHILADELPHIA - Filipino
                                                                             noUSA.gov will highlight gov-
                                      Americans staged the annual
                                                                             ernment resources that will help
                                      Philippine American Friendship
                                                                             you with unemployment, jobs,
                                      Day parade at the birthplace of
                                                                             training, housing, debt and
                                      American      independence     in
                                                                             credit, family issues, health care
                                      Philadelphia starting on July 4.
                                                                             and insurance.
                                      After the parade, a pool party
                                      for the Migrant Heritage Com-             Jamero writes book
                                      mission parade participants               on vanishing Pinoys
                                      from Washington D.C. was
                                                                                 SAN FRANCISCO           - A
                                      hosted by Philadelphia/NJ Fil-
Jason Farol                                                                  book, titled 'Vanishing Filipino
                                      Am community leaders Dr.
                                      Rommel and Dr. Aida Rivera.
contest 'Duets." He was the           MHC has been a regular partici-                                               Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) gives up trying the Tinikling dance.
first contestant to be sent to        pant in the Philadelphia parade.
safety for getting enough votes                                                                                     Rep. Joseph Crowley early this
to be in the Top 4 on July 5. Ce-        Stockton Pinoys unfazed                                                                                          Bowl in Los Angeles on July 8.
                                                                                                                    month was brave enough to try
lebrity mentor Kelly Clarkson            by city's bankruptcy                                                                                             The Filipino-American member
                                                                                                                    the "tinikling" during a Filipino
thanked the fans for supporting                                                                                                                           of the Grammy winning-group
                                            STOCKTON, California -                                                  American townhall meeting at
her and Farol, her duet partner.                                                                                                                          said the Bowl annually cele-
                                      For the more than 20,000 Filipi-                                              the La Guardia Community Col-
     During the show, Farol's                                                                                                                             brates the cultural heritage of
                                      nos who comprise the city's larg-                                             lege but in the end conceded he
much-improved stage presence                                                                                                                              the various ethnic groups in the
                                      est      Asian       group,     the                                           could not do it. He spoke to
and confidence were praised by                                                                                                                            Los Angeles area. "This year
                                      unprecedented declaration of                                                  them about his support for the
the show's host and superstar-                                                                                                                            they wanted Philippine culture
                                      bankruptcy recently are taking                                                WWII Veterans Equity Bill, the
judges.                                                                                                                                                   for the event," said apl.de.ap or
                                      the issue in stride. "Stockton For-                                           Dream Act and SAVE our Indus-
     Farol said knowing that                                                                                                                              Allan Pineda in real life. "It's the
                                      ever!" remains the resounding                                                 tries Act. He said Philippine-
people voted for him gave him                                                                                                                             first all-Filipino original music
                                      cheer of the more than 300,000                                                American relations "must be
more confidence when he per-                                                                                                                              concert at the Hollywood Bowl."
                                      residents who rightly believe                                                 strengthened especially in light
formed his latest duet with                                                                                                                               Among the Filipino artists who
                                      that life should move on after                                                of the territorial dispute between
Clarkson, "Feeling Good". On                                                                                                                              will be part of the show are Mar-
                                      the city on June 28, became the                                               the Philippines and China over
Twitter, the singer once more                                                                                                                             tin Nievera, Ogie Alcasid and
                                      largest U.S. city ever to file for                                            the West Philippine Sea.
asked his fans to vote for him                                                                                                                            the band Sandwich.
                                      Chapter 9 bankruptcy protec-                                                       In attendance were Philip-
and Clarkson through Facebook,                                               Americans: The Bridge Genera-          ine ambassador Jose Cuisia, Jr.
                                      tion.                                                                                                                  Pistahan parade
phone, and on ABC.com. This                                                  tion" by Peter Jamero (Univer-         and NY Consul General Mario
                                            To them, this new down-                                                                                          in SF Aug. 11
week the Top 3 will be revealed                                              sity Press of America) is about        de Leon. Philippine officials
                                      turn is less terrifying, in terms of
before they compete.                                                         the manongs who began the              thanked Crowley for promoting              SAN FRANCISCO - Experi-
                                      impact, than the 'foreclosure-
                                      capital' title with which the          great wave of Filipino immigra-        closer ties between Filipinos and     ence the best of Filipino art,
   PH embassy consular                property crash crowned the city.       tion to the US in the 1920s. It        Americans through his member-         dance, music and food at the
   outreach in Orlando                "Most people here believe that         tells the story of who they are,       ship in the Philippine-U.S.           19th Annual Pistahan Parade
     WASHINGTON D.C. - The            the bankruptcy issue mainly af-        their struggles against isolation      Friendship Caucus. The event          and Festival ttp://pistahan.net/
Philippine Embassy in Washing-        fects city workers and retirees,"      and       discrimination,     their    was coordinated by the Founda-        on Aug. 11-12, 2012 at the Yerba
ton, D.C., in cooperation with        said Cathy Yadao, branch man-          achievements, and where they           tion for Filipino Artists Inc. led    Buena Gardens located at Mis-
the Council for Filipino Ameri-       ager of one of two Lucky Money         are now. Jamero gives them the         by its president, Aida Bartolome.     sion and 4th Streets. The event is
can Organizations (CFAO), have        remittance offices in Stockton, to     term 'bridge generation' be-                                                 the largest celebration of Filipino
                                                                             cause of the role they played as a        Apl.de.ap concert                  Americans in the U.S. and fea-
announced that it would con-          FilAm Star. "But with foreclo-                                                   in Hollywood July 8
duct a consular outreach mission      sure, so many have been im-            link to later generations of Filipi-                                         tures the return of the popular
in Orlando, Florida onAugust          pacted.... so many have lost their     nos in America. They are de-                LOS ANGELES - Filipino           Adobo Cook-off, Balut-Eating
25-26 at the Sheraton Orlando         homes. Yet still, people are not       fined as born in America by the        culture hits center stage at the      Contest, delectable Filipino cui-
Downtown, 400 W. Livingston           moving out of Stockton. We are         end of 1945 to at least one Fili-      Hollywood Bowl when a show            sine and desserts, cultural exhib-
Street,      Orlando,     Florida     staying." Chapter 9 bankruptcy         pino parent who immigrated to          organized by Black Eyed Peas          its,   and     world-class      live
32801.Services include process-       protection was Stockton's last re-     the United States in the early         member apl.de.ap. The event           performances on two stages. The
ing of applications for issuance      course after it failed to restruc-     1900s. Born in often abject condi-     dubbed, "Apl.de.Ap Takes You          two-day event is expected to
or renewal of Philippine pass-        ture its debt with creditors           tions in farmworker camps              to the Philippines, A Celebration     draw over 70,000 people. FREE
port,    authentication/acknow-       totaling over $700 million.            where their immigrant parents          of Global Filipino Music" was         admission.
ledgment of legal documents,                                                 settled, these children would
applications for Reports of              DOLE aids people                    grow up with an undeniably
Births and Marriages, admini-            with financial woes                 American identity without giv-              Prince Charles with Pinoys
stration of oaths to former Filipi-                                          ing up their strong sense of Fili-
                                           WASHINGTON D.C. - The             pino-ness. Indeed, reaching                  Prince Charles recently         voland Philippines is currently
nos under the Dual Citizenship
                                      Depart of Labor says its mission       maturity without the influence          hosted a private dinner at the       using all Porcelanosa products
Law and registration of Filipinos
                                      is to foster, promote, and de-         and support that Filipinos in the       royal summer residence Dum-
for Overseas Absentee Voting.
                                      velop the welfare of the wage          Philippines find in their ex-           fries House in Glasgow, Scot-
For more info, go to the em-
                                      earners, job seekers, and retirees     tended families and regional cul-       land for Porcelanosa Group, the
bassy's website at http://philip-
                                      of the United States; improve          tures,      bridge      generation      only building materials com-
                                      working conditions; advance op-        Filipinos were left to band to-         pany with a Royal Warrant
                                      portunities for profitable em-         gether, paving the way for the          from the British royal family to
   FBI lists 5 most                   ployment;         and      assure
   dangerous US cities                                                       development of a culture that           attest to its quality. Porcelanosa
                                      work-related benefits and rights.      while distinct from that of their       Group is exclusively repre-
     WASHINGTON D.C. - The            It said USA.gov and Gobier-            parents also was not wholly as-         sented by Casa Europa in the
Federal Bureau of Investigation       noUSA.gov, the official web por-       similated      into    mainstream       Philippines. Shown in photo is
(FBI) has listed the five most        tals of the U.S. government,           American life. The result was the       Prince Charles, Casa Europa          with the Royal Warrant in its
dangerous cities in the United        have put together helpful infor-       birth of a truly Filipino-Ameri-        president Jay Ong and wife           Aspire Tower Project in Nuvo-
States based on hard data com-        mation on how to get help for          can culture.                            Carmen and Nuvoland Phils            city, located in C5, Libis, Que-
piled by the bureau. On top of        difficult financial times.                                                     president Rally Martinez. Nu-        zon City.
the list is Flint, Michigan; De-           If times are tough for you           US solon tries,
troit, also in Michigan; Saint        and your family, your neigh-              fails at Tinikling
                                      July 15, 2012                                                                                                                      19
                Is this global warming?                                                                       Spo gives PNoy Miami
     WASHINGTON D.C. - Fili-
pino Americans sweltering un-
                                   Philadelphia and excessive heat
                                   warnings were issued for several
                                                                       have been damaged, according
                                                                       to unconfirmed reports.                Heat Championship cap
der more than 100-degree heat      states in the Midwest as the days         A map of projected high           MANILA - President Be-               Spoelstra, who was born to
in the Midwest and East Coast      of smothering heat piled on, ac-    temperatures for the United         nigno Aquino III has received a     a Filipino mother, also presented
for the past several weeks have    companied by severe storms that     States as a heat wave swamps        Miami Heat championship cap         the President with an auto-
started wondering if this is the   have knocked out power in           much of the nation Saturday,
                                                                       July 7, 2012. The National
                                                                       Weather Service says heat warn-
                                                                       ings and advisories will be con-
                                                                       tinued or expanded Saturday,
                                                                       with the heat largely centered
                                                                       over Ohio Valley and Mid-At-
                                                                       lantic states.
                                                                             At New York City's Penn
                                                                       Station, the air conditioning was
                                                                       falling short of full capacity.
                                                                       Amtrak officials have said for
                                                                       weeks that they've been trying
                                                                       to adjust it. The doors were left
sign of global warming which       spots from Michigan to the East     wide open at a half dozen loca-
many scientists have predicted     Coast.                              tions around the two-block-wide
and others have refuted.                Most notable was last week-    underground station.                NBA Miami Heat cap is shown with autographed greetings to President
     This came as at least 30      end's sudden and severe storm             Record temperatures were      Aquino III by head coach Erik Spoelstra, a Filipino American.
deaths have been blamed on the     that drenched the mid-Atlantic      set in several places, including
heat and severe thunderstorms      region, where thousands re-         Indianapolis, Washington and        sent to him by the teams head       graphed NBA T-shirt in a cour-
that have been spawned by the      mained without electricity a        Milwaukee. In central Arkansas,     coach, Filipino American Erik       tesy call in Malacanang in Au-
heat.                              week later.                         Russellville reached 106 degrees,   Spoelstra. Spoelstra affixed his    gust 2011.
     News reports said that             Late last month, the Wash-     breaking a record set in 1964.      signature on the cap and sent his        The shirt was inscribed with
highways buckled across the        ington metropolitan area was              Nine people in Maryland       best wishes to the President. "To   the message: "To President
country and the waters of Lake     paralyzed by severe thunder-                                            PNoy--Best wishes! Coach Spo,"      Aquino, you inspire all of us to
                                                                       have died of heat-related causes
Michigan were unusually warm       storms that spawned strong                                              wrote Spoelstra.                    make a difference. - Coach Spo."
                                                                       in recent days, the state said.
for this time of year and even a   winds that toppled trees and                                                The cap was sent through             Spoelstra visited the Philip-
                                                                       Authorities in Chicago said heat
minor train derailment outside     rendered millions of residents in                                       ABS-CBN News when sports            pines last year and conducted
Washington was blamed on heat      the tri-state area without power    was a factor in six deaths there,
                                                                                                           correspondent TJ Manotoc inter-     NBA-style basketball clinics for
as the hot weather gripping        for days. More than a dozen         mostly among older people.          viewed Spoelstra in Miami after     young Filipino ball players.
much of the country only wors-     deaths have been attributed to      Three deaths in Wisconsin, two      the Heat became the 2011-2012            The young coach earlier
ened Saturday.                     that powerful storm that is now     in Tennessee and one in Penn-       NBA Champions last month.           said he hopes that his success as
     Temperatures of more than     being called "derecho."             sylvania were also reported to          The     President     thanked   in the NBA "opens more doors"
100 degrees were forecast in            Several homes of FilAms        be heat-related.                    Spoelstra for the gesture.          for Filipinos.
 20 Hometown News                                                                                                                July 15, 2012

                PH ‘brain drain’ threatens science, technology
      The brain drain has become      ments, and establishing pass-          lauded six Metro Manila govern-       ing the Comelec for exploring          eral Santos City, is far from the
a bigger problem in the last 12       port-application centers in shop-      ments for enacting measures to        the option of proclaiming a 13th       hotly contested West Philippine
years, as the yearly exodus of        ping malls and in many regions         ban or regulate the use of plastic    senator in the 2013 mid-term           Sea (South China Sea) that China
people trained in science and         to facilitate easy passport appli-     bags in their localities and they     elections as part of its prepara-      claims is an integral part of its
technology (S&T) grew by about        cations.                               urged Congress to pass a similar      tions for the polls. Santiago,         maritime domain. Tonsay said
two and a half times from 1998                                               law that will be implemented at       however, said it is the over-          that the naval exercise fine-
to 2009. According to a Bureau           US-PH ties stronger                 the national level. Miss Philip-      eager politicians who desper-          tuned interoperability between
of Labor and Employment Sta-             than ever, says envoy               pine Earth Staephany Ste-             ately want to get into the Senate,     the two forces. "This is an annual
tistics (BLES) report, the number            Ties between the Philip-        fanowitz obliges Quezon City          as well as her critics, who have       naval exercises and is not geared
of S&T workers who opted for          pines and the United States have       folk who caught her at a market       been pressuring the Comelec to         towards anybody but simply to
overseas jobs rose from 9,877 in      so improved that perhaps Presi-        while campaigning for a nation-       declare a 13th senator as if she       enhance both our sailors and
1998 to 24,502 in 2009. The num-      dent Aquino and US President           wide ban on plastic bags in cele-     was no longer around.                  marine soldiers' skills to operate
bers refer only to new hires or       Barack Obama "might be friends         bration of International Plastic                                             jointly and to effectively deal
those leaving the country for         in Facebook already," US Am-           Bag Free Day. EcoWaste Coali-            USAID starts                        with maritime concerns," Tonsay
jobs for the first time. The BLES     bassador Harry Thomas Jr. said         tion officer-in-charge Manny             3rd cities development              said. Aside from the Philippine
cited data from a study titled        July 3. At an embassy reception        Calonzo said the Metro Manila              The United States Agency          and US sailors and marines, the
"International Migration of Sci-      on the eve of the Fourth of July,      local government units that have      for International Development          Philippine and US Coast Guards
ence and Technology Man-              which also marks Philippine-           heeded burgeoning calls to stop       has launched third Cities Devel-       are also participating in the joint
power-OFWs,"         which     the    American       Friendship     Day,     the use of plastic bags are Que-      opment Initiative (CDI) in Ca-         naval exercises.
Department of Science and Tech-       Thomas reaffirmed bilateral ties,      zon City, Makati City, Las Pinas      gayan de Oro, Batangas City in
nology's Science Education Insti-     which he said are based on             City, Muntinlupa City, Pasay          Luzon and Iloilo City in the
                                                                                                                                                             3 PH universities
tute (SEI-DOST) published in                                                 City and Pasig City. They are                                                   top English schools
                                      shared history and shared val-                                               Visayas. USAID Mission Direc-
2011. During that 12-year pe-         ues of democracy and peace .           among the 25 jurisdictions in the     tor Gloria D. Steele and Cagayan             Three Philippine Universi-
riod, S&T deployment grew by          "Our relationship is stronger          country that have taken the step      de Oro City Mayor Vicente Y.           ties are among the top 50 univer-
an average of 11 percent yearly,      than ever," Thomas said as he          of stopping or regulating the use     Emano signed a Memorandum              sities in the world when it comes
peaking at a 59-percent increase      cited the two countries' alliance      of plastic bags.                      of Understanding to launch the         to teaching English, according to
in 2001 when 17,756 profession-       that is "underpinned" by the                                                 project early this month. U.S.         a new survey by the London-
als left, compared with 11,186        Mutual Defense Treaty. "Ours is           Priests sprinkle holy              Ambassador to Manila Harry K.          based research and ratings firm
the previous year. Based on the       a relationship that was forged in         water on EDSA                      Thomas, Jr., Trade and Industry        Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). ,
SEI-DOST study, S&T man-              sacrifice and struggle." Chinese            Priests on July 6 sprinkled      Undersecretary             Zenaida     QS said the country's "specialist
power      includes     physicists,   Ambassador Ma Keqing was               holy water along the length of        Maglaya and Department of In-          strength" in the English lan-
chemists, mathematicians, statis-     among the guests at the recep-         EDSA as the Metropolitan Ma-          terior and Local Government            guage was affirmed in results of
ticians, computing professionals,     tion celebrating the 236th anni-       nila Development Authority            Undersecretary Austere Panad-          its latest World University Rank-
engineers, life science profes-       versary of US independence.            (MMDA) sought divine help in          ero witnessed the signing. "This       ings by Subject, an index that
sionals, health professionals (ex-    Thomas did not refer secifically       reducing accidents on the metro-      initiative is just one of many fac-    rates universities across 29 disci-
cept nurses), and nurses and          to the territorial dispute, but he     polis' busiest highway. Riding        ets of the U.S.-Philippines Part-      plines. Ateneo de Manila Uni-
midwives. The study found that        cited his country's partnership        an MMDA truck with MMDA               nership for Growth (PFG),              versity posted the highest rating
nurses and midwives repre-            with the Philippines "in the           Chairman Francis Tolentino, Fr.       which is working hard every            of all Philippine schools, ranking
sented the biggest group with an      spirit of mutual respect and mu-       Roderick Castro, the parish           day to encourage inclusive and         24th in English language and lit-
average of 9,348 deployed             tual responsibilities." He urged       priest of Guadalupe Church in         sustainable economic growth            erature. University of the Philip-
yearly, or 60 percent of the total    the two countries to work to-          Makati City, performed the rit-       here," Thomas said after the           pines ranked 32nd while De La
S&T average of 15,555. Engi-          gether for the achievement of          ual of blessing the northbound        signing.                               Salle University ranked 44th.
neers comprised the second-big-       "shared goals," noting that the        lane EDSA from Magallanes to               Thomas said that CDI is           World-renowned universities in
gest group, averaging 4,117           two have much to celebrate to-         Muñoz in Quezon City . At the         America's contribution to Ca-          the United Kingdom and the
yearly, or 26 percent of the total    gether, among them Manny Pac-          same time, another priest             gayan de Oro's commitment to           United States took the top five
outflow of S&T manpower.              quiao, American Idol contestant        blessed the southbound lane           grow its economy so that more          spots (in this order): Cambridge,
                                      Jessica Sanchez and Miami Heat         from Muñoz to Magallanes.             people can benefit from educa-         Harvard, Oxford, Yale and Uni-
   DFA to end passport                coach Erik Spoelstra. Sanchez          Tolentino said it was the first       tion, health, and business oppor-      versity of California Berkeley.
   services' agents                   and Spoelstra are Filipino-            time that EDSA, which was built       tunities while still taking care of
                                                                                                                                                             PH banana king
                                      Americans.                             in the 1940s and was originally       the environment.
     The Department of Foreign                                                                                                                               Floirendo, Sr. dies
Affairs (DFA) says it will termi-                                            named Highway 54, was
                                         PAF to buy 18                       blessed. "On top of the discipline       PH to quiz Jordan                        The Philippines' banana
nate by next year the operations         brand new jets                                                               TV man if found                     king Don Antonio O. Floirendo
of around 600 travel agencies                                                and traffic management, we are
                                                                             imploring the aid of divine                                                  Sr. passed away July 6. He was
that provide assistance to pass-            The Philippine Air Force                                                    Jodanian journalist Baker
                                                                             providence to lessen accidents                                               96. His remains were brought to
port applicants who want to           (PAF) has acquired 18 brand-                                                 Atyani, believed to have been
avoid long queues and hassles,        new jet aircraft that are expected     from happening along EDSA,"           kidnapped, but merely missing
saying there should no longer be      to arrive and then commissioned        Tolentino said. He said the           may yet end up being interro-
special treatments for applicants     in squadron service within two         number of accidents along             gated by the military and face
who can afford to pay extra fees.     years' time. Twelve of the new         EDSA daily averages from six to       probable charges as well as a
Foreign Undersecretary for Fi-        aircraft will be allocated to form     seven.                                stay in jail if he gets past his Abu
nance and Administration Ra-          an a air-defense squadron while                                              Sayaff captors. Latest report is
fael Seguis said the decision to      the remaining six will be used to         Miriam won't let go                that he is continuing his inter-
stop the operations of travel         establish an attack or bombing            of seat in Senate                  view with his captors. Atyani,
agencies that assist paying appli-    squadron. The AFP declined to               Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santi-      the Al-Arabiya bureau chief sta-
cants for passports is in line with   identify the type of jet aircraft or   ago said in a speech before the       tioned in Dubai, may have vio-
the Aquino administration'no          its country of origin but said that    Operating Room Nurses Asso-           lated Philippine laws against
wang-wang' policy, or no VIP          they were very capable and a           ciation that those aspiring to be-    meeting with outlaw groups.
treatment. He said there are 359      good bargain for the Philippines.      come       senators    and      the
travel agencies that are accred-      The fighter jet can carry all the      Commission        on      Elections
                                                                                                                      PH, US hold joint                   Don Antonio O. Floirendo Sr.
ited by the DFA to facilitate         latest ordnance developed by           (Comelec) should stop pressur-
                                                                                                                      naval exercises
                                      the West and is equipped with a                                                                                     Davao for burial. Antonio is the
passport applications of people                                              ing her to give up her Senate              The United States and the
                                      three-barrel 20mm automatic                                                                                         father-in-law of Margie Moran,
in Metro Manila and around 192                                               seat after she was elected judge      Philippines ended their July 2-10
                                      cannon capable of destroying                                                                                        Miss Universe 1973. His son
in the provinces. Travel agencies                                            in the International Criminal         joint naval exercises in Min-
                                      targets in the air and ground.                                                                                      'Tony Boy', husband of Moran,
in Manila are given a quota of                                               Court. This would require her         danao to enhance the skills of
                                      PAF considers the latest acquisi-                                                                                   served as congressman of Davao
1,000 passports per day. These                                               to report to the ICC in the Hague     the naval forces of the two allied
                                      tion as the most capable jet air-                                                                                   del Norte. The Floirendo family
travel agencies charge passport                                              when called on to sit as judge.       states and is not directed to-
                                      craft it had procured for the past                                                                                  owns vast landholdings and
applicants fees ranging from                                                 Recent discussions emerged            wards anybody. Col. Omar Ton-
                                      20 years.                                                                                                           other business interests in
P3,000 to P7,000 each to avoid                                               about the possibility that the        say, Navy spokesman, said this
                                                                                                                                                          Davao. Among these are the
long queues and hassles of                                                   Comelec would allow 13 senato-        year's Cooperation Afloat Readi-
passport applications. Seguis
                                         6 metro cities                      rial slots in next year's elections   ness and Training (CARAT) in
                                                                                                                                                          Tagum Agricultural Develop-
said the department will use on-
                                         ban plastic bags                    instead of 12 under the law.          Mindanao Sea with a staging
                                                                                                                                                          ment Co. Inc. or TADECO., one
line and call-center appoint-             Environmentalists         have     Santiago said she was not blam-       point in Sarangani Bay in Gen-              Continued on page 21
                                         July 15, 2012                                                                                                                            21
                                                                           taxonomic classification above          without anesthesia. Police Supt.     on Elections (Comelec) Chair-
Hometown News ... from page 20                                             species. That brings the total          Frumencio Bernal, MPD Station        man Benjamin Abalos Martirizar
                                                                           genera (the plural of genus)            8 commander, said that the po-       is also facing electoral sabotage
of the largest banana plantations     mariñas, Cavite province, to
                                                                           found in the country to 92,             lice were called to the Ospital ng   charges filed against her and an-
in the country. TADECO exports        celebrate her birthday.
                                                                           which is nearly a third of the to-      Sampaloc to check a single           other election officer, Lilian
fresh Cavendish bananas to Ja-
                                         Pinoy studes win medals           tal described worldwide. That's         mother named Jane, 28, of Santa      Radam, at the Pasay City Re-
pan, Hong Kong, Korea, China,
                                         in math Olympiad                  highly unusual for a country            Mesa, Manila who operated on         gional Trial Court (RTC) Branch
Middle East, and other territo-
                                                                           about the size of New Jersey,           herself by slashing the right        114. She lamented, however, that
ries. The Floirendos own Pearl             Filipino students won six
                                                                           General told OurAmazingPlanet           lower portion of her abdomen         despite the filing of two counts
Farm Beach Resort, one of the         awards, including a silver, in the
                                                                           in an email. For instance, that's       approximately 10 to 15 centime-      of electoral sabotage against her
high-end resorts in Davao. Don        24th Asia-Pacific Mathematics
                                                                           twice the number of genera              ters using a kitchen knife and
Antonio founded the ANFLO             Olympiad (APMO). Henry Jef-                                                                                       and Capt. Peter Reyes of the IS-
                                                                           found in Madagascar, a place re-        pulled out her baby, about 8 to 9
Group of Companies or ANFLO           ferson Morco of Chiang Kai                                                                                        AFP, the military has yet to initi-
                                                                           nowned for its biodiversity, said       months, out of her womb. Ac-
Management and Investment             Shek College won the country's                                                                                    ate court martial proceedings
                                                                           General, a researcher at Palawan        cording to Bernal, the woman,
Corp. (ANFLOCOR).                     lone silver medal in the contest ,                                                                                against other military officers al-
                                                                           State University in the Philip-         who operated herself managed
                                      which drew 333 contestants                                                                                        legedly involved in the 2007
   Sen. Benitez outlives                                                   pines.                                  to suture her gaping belly with
                                      from 37 countries, including the                                                                                  election fraud in North Co-
   10 PH leaders                                                                                                   ordinary needle and thread. af-
                                      United States, Japan, South Ko-         2 grandmasters in                                                         tabato.
                                                                                                                   ter the incident. He added that
    Former Sen. Helena Benitez        rea, Canada, and Australia.             nonstop showdown
                                      Morco scored 23, one point
                                                                                                                   relatives brought the woman to
                                                                                                                   the hospital but later was trans-
                                      away from the gold award. Ken-             Two young Grandmasters,
                                                                           one of whom being Filipino              ferred to the Santa Ana Hospital.         Continued on page 22
                                      neth Co of Philippine Science
                                      High School-Main got 16 point        Wesley So, will face-off in a non-         SAFP paid
                                      to win a bronze award. In this       stop, three-hour chess show-               Comelec
                                      year's APMO, 16 contestants got      down starting at 6:00 a.m., on             officer for
                                      gold awards, 39 got silver, 84       July 30, in a match that could             'service'
                                      won bronze and 85 got honor-         consist of as many as 50 games,
                                                                           to be streamed online              at         Formerh       Co-
                                      able mentions. South Korea
                                                                           Chess.com. The 18-year-old So           tabato election officer
                                      topped this year's contest with a
                                                                           will face-off against 17-year-old       Yogie Martirizar ad-
                                      total score of 333 followed by the
                                                                           Ray Robson of Florida, in an on-        mitted over the week-
                                      US, Thailand, Russia and Japan.
                                                                           line match that will test their         end       that      she
                                      The Philippines ranked 20th
                                                                           classical chess skills, their ability   continued to receive
                                      with a total score of 97. The
                                                                           to think quickly, and their en-         financial assistance to-
poses by the ancient piano of the     APMO is administered by the
                                                                           durance. The match's unique             taling P2 million from
ancestral Benitez home, declared      Mathematical Olympiad Foun-
                                                                           format gives the two prodigies          the Intelligence Serv-
a heritage site by the National       dation of Japan.
                                                                           three hours to complete as many         ice of the Armed
Historical Commission of the                                                                                       Forces of the Philip-
Philippines. At 98, she has out-
                                         40 new ant species                games as possible, with time-
                                         found in Philippines              controls for each game getting          pines (ISAFP), even
lived 10 Philippine leaders, start-                                                                                after President Be-
ing with President Manuel L.               About 40 new species of         progressively shorter, from five
                                                                           minutes per side at the bout's          nigno Aquino 3rd as-
Quezon, and has the distinction       ants have been discovered in the
                                                                           onset, down to just one minute          sumed office in 2010.
of defending the environment          Philippines,   ant   researcher
                                                                           during the final phase, all for a       Martirizar said she
long before the cause became                                                                                       still received money
fashionable. Just two years short                                          grand prize of $1000. Born and
                                                                           raised in Bacoor, So achieved the       from the ISAFP until
of becoming a centenarian early                                                                                    June 2011. She admit-
this month, former Senator and                                             title of Grandmaster at age 14
                                                                           and is the highest-rated Filipino       ted this when ques-
Ambassador-at-large Helena Z.                                                                                      tioned by lawyer
Benitez continues to attend                                                player of all time. In 2008 he be-
                                                                           came the youngest person to             Abraham Espejo dur-
meetings and conventions as                                                                                        ing a bail hearing in
board chair of Philippine                                                  ever achieve a chess rating of
                                                                           2600 or better, breaking a record       connection with the
Women's University, is a life-                                                                                     electoral      sabotage
time member of the Girl Scouts                                             formerly held by the world's #1-
                                                                           rated player, Magnus Carlsen.           case lodged against
of the Philippines chair emeritus                                                                                  former Commission
of the Philippine Rural Recon-                                             The following year, he won first
struction Movement, adviser to                                             place in his group at the prestig-
the National Council of Women                                              ious Corus Chess Tournament in
of the Philippines and founding                                            the Netherlands.
president of the Philippine
Home Economics Association,
                                                                              Pinay performs own
which she founded in 1948. She
                                                                              caesarean operation
led guests and four generations       David General and his col-               Manila police are investigat-
of the Benitez family in a tree-      leagues recently announced. The      ing a woman who aborted her
planting ceremony at Orchard          previously unknown species be-       baby by performing an opera-
Golf and Country Club in Das-         long to 11 different genera, the     tion with a knife on herself,
 22                                                                                                                           July 15, 2012
FilAms compete ... from page 1                                                                                                                       required points in the UCI sanc-
                                                                                                                                                     tioned BMX World Champion-
                                      Paralympic Trials at the age of                                                                                ships in Birmingham, United
                                      17 in November last year.                                                                                      Kingdom.
     “After the Olympics, I defi-          He joined the Paralympic                                                                                       Caluag, who first competed
nitely want to go over and see        Trials last June 29 in Indianapo-                                                                              in the 2005 Southeast Asian
them,” she added.                     lis and broke the world record                                                                                 Games, will be the first Filipino
     But the focus isn’t limited to   with a lap time of 30.18 seconds                                                                               to see action in the 30th Olympic
regular events. Votes are being       for the 200-meter track for                                                                                    Games which begins on July 27.
sought for Raymond Martin, a          wheelchair athletes race (T-52),                                                                                    The California-based rider
disabled Filipino-American ath-       according to a report of the Para-                                                                             saw action in the Continental
                                      lympic website.
lete nominated for "Best Male                                                                                                                        Championships in Hong Kong
                                           The Paralympics are being
Athlete with a Disability" award                                                                                                                     and World Cup in Chula Vista
                                      held simultaneously with the
handed out by ESPN.                                                                                                                                  in San Diego.
                                      Olympics in Lindon.                  Filipino American Paige McPherson (right) displays her prowess at
     Martin, a native of Jersey                                                                                                                           Boxing has been the richest
                                           Meanwhile, Filipino-Ameri-      Taekwondo that qualified her for the Olympics.
City, New Jersey, was born with       can Daniel Caluag failed to                                                                                    source of Olympic medals for
Arthrogryposis           Multiplex    make the cut in the US Olympic       prived him use of its facilities     gawa.“ lamented PhilCycling          the Philippines. The country
Congenita, a congenital disease       Cycling Team and will instead        because he was not part of the       president and Tagaytay City          won nine medals in the Summer
that affects movement in his          compete for the Philippines.         US team.                             Mayor Abraham Tolentino.             Games since it began sending
wrists and knees. He is a mem-             He has been training in the         “It’s quite disappointing                                             athletes in 1924 in Paris. Five of
ber of the US Paralympic team.        Netherlands and Canada after         and I feel sad this happened to         Caluag qualified for the          them were won by Filipino box-
     He first qualified for the       the US Cycling Federation de-        Caluag. Wala tayong maga-            Olympics after accumulating the      ers.

                                                                           saw him.                             that Rudy always goes home                 Rudy has been unemployed
Potomac yields body.. from page 1                                               Valera quoted police reports    and always maintained a happy        for the last 3 years and is there-
                                                                           saying that his body was found       disposition.                         fore bereft of funds to meet repa-
directors of the Migrant Heri-        she said in an email appeal.
                                                                           floating naked on the Potomac             She said the police was still   triation     expenses,     Valera
tage Commission (MHC), identi-             Concepcion reportedly sur-
                                                                           River at 12:51 AM of July 6. It      looking into Concepcions cause       appealed.
fied the man as Rodolfo Rudy          vived a stroke 3 years ago that
                                                                           was towed to shore and recov-        of death.                                  She explained that Concep-
Concepcion, a long-time mem-          left him unable to find work. He                                               Please pray for the repose of
                                                                           ered at 9:51 AM that same morn-                                           cions wife is a domestic worker
ber of the Catholic charismatic       turned instead to church work,       ing.                                 his soul, she said in the email      who did not have regular hours
group El Shaddai and a resident       spending more time with the El            His car was found aban-         message.                             and was employed only inter-
of Kensington, Maryland.              Shaddai.                             doned by State Police.                    His remains were brought        mittently.
     His friends and family                In reportedly left his home          Valera said his friends and     to the Rendon Hale Funeral                 Valera said repatriation to
member got worried when he            alone on the evening of July 4       relatives were shocked upon          Homes along Annapolis Road in        the Philippines costs from
did not return home last July 4,      and was the last his relatives       learning of the news, knowing        Lanham, MD.                          $10,000 to $15,000. (rjj)

                                                                           5-day visit to the Philippines,
Hometown News ... from page 21                                             also expressed surprise at one of
                                      pine Health Insurance Corp. has      the "warmest and most fantastic"
   Luisita Dutch priest               cited Albay for being the first      welcomes she was ever accorded
   'executed' in Pampanga             province in the country to imple-    in her foreign visits. The Spanish
     SAN FERNANDO, Pam-               ment a universal health coverage     royalty visited Albay early this
panga - A 67-year-old Dutch           and no-balance policy on pay-        week and inspected develop-
missionary who was reportedly         ments to government accredited       ment projects funded by the
assisting farm workers in Haci-       hospitals, for card-bearing Phil-    Spanish government through
enda Luisita was executed in          health members. The Albay pro-       the Agencia Espanola de Coop-
front of his office in Barangay       vincial     government        and    eracion Internacional para De-
Telebastagan here at past noon        Philhealth signed a Memoran-         sarollo (AECID). Albay Gov.
yesterday.                            dum of Agreement last week to        Joey Salceda and Social Welfare
     Willem Geertman, executive       renew the coverage of some           Secretary Dinky Soliman, accom-
director of the Alay Bayan Inc.       173,000 poor cardholders in the      panied the Queen in her seven-
(ABI), was shot in the back by        province worth P60 million.Phil-     hour visit and inspection of
two unidentified men as he knelt      health chief Dodo Banzon said        completed AECID projects here
                                                                           last Tuesday during which she
                                                                                                                for a zoning permit with the            Zambo hails 60 years
just a few feet from his office in-   Albay is a role model of univer-                                          planning and development of-            peaceful coexistence
side L&S subdivision at around        sal health coverage in the coun-     met withlocal officials and
                                                                                                                fice for commercial operations             DIPOLOG CITY -Zam-
12:45 p.m.                            try, which was started five years    openly interacted with Albay-
                                                                                                                along the Maharlika Highway in       boanga del Norte Gov. Rolando
     ABI is an affiliate of the       ago, and also the first to imple-    anos. Local residents came in
                                                                                                                Barangay Hermogenes Concep-          Yebes recently led the Hudyaka
Alyansang Magbubukid ng Git-          ment a no-balance policy -           full force to welcome Queen
                                                                                                                cion. Senior vice presidents Jef-
nang Luzon (AMGL), the                meaning patients' expenses are       Sofia to show their sincere grati-                                        to mark 60 years of peaceful co-
                                                                                                                frey Lim and Cecilia Patricio and
mother unit of the Alyansa ng         fully covered-in all hospitals re-   tude for the many help extended                                           existence among its Christian,
                                                                                                                SM department stores manager
Manggagawang         Bukid      ng    tained by the Department of          them by the Spanish people.                                               Muslim and native Subanen
                                                                                                                Jojo Mendiola submitted the ap-
Asyenda Luisita (Ambala). Fred        Health. Albay Gov. Joey Salceda                                           plication following an earlier       communities. The festival em-
Villareal, vice-chairman of the       who signed the agreement with
                                                                              Benguet mountain's                                                     bodies the province's historical,
                                                                              wooden mosaic                     meeting between Henry Sy Jr.,
National Union of Journalists of      Banzon said the scheme was                                                SM Development Corp. Chief           cultural and natural heritage,
the Philippines in Pampanga,          patterned after the British and           LA TRINIDAD, Benguet -                                               and tourism potentials, as well
                                                                                                                executive, and Mayor Julius Ce-
said the gunmen also pointed          Thai healthcare models. Among        This is what President Aquino                                             as the good-natured character of
                                                                                                                sar Vergara. The firm, together
their pistol at him when he tried     Bicol's six provinces, Albay ac-     III saw when he flew over the                                             its people, he said. Yebes intro-
                                                                                                                with planning chief Virginia
to run after them to get the plate    counts for almost all of province-   area to attend the oathtaking of                                          duced the Visayan word for
                                                                                                                Busog, has negotiated with own-
number of their getaway motor-        paid Philhealth coverage costs. It   new members of the Liberal                                                merrymaking 2005 to promote
                                                                                                                ers Macapagal family and
cycle. Villareal said Geertman        has also invested on education       Party here. He saw a mountain
                                                                                                                Roderick Perdigon for the acqui-     travel and investment in the
and three members of his staff        as in health, having sponsored       of houses that look like a
                                                                                                                sition of lots adjacent to the       Zamboanga peninsula. The fes-
arrived at their office in his        massive scholarships for disad-      wooden mosaic on the hillside
                                                                                                                Wheeltek Motor Display Center        tivities featured the indigenous
Isuzu vehicle after withdrawing       vantaged youths.                     that could become dangerous for
                                                                                                                and NE Superbodega along with        art and culture of settlers during
money from Metrobank when                                                  the thousands living there.
                                                                                                                Goodyear, Nissan        Yamaha,
the two suspects parked their            Spanish Queen Sofia                                                                                         the Tribal Dance Congress along
                                                                              New SM mall rises                 Petron and RCM Car Display
motorcycle outside the ABI com-          praises Albay progress                                                                                      with agricultural crops and
                                                                              in Cabanatuan city                Center. Designed by the Jose         products. Hudyaka was named
pound. The killers ran away car-           LEGAZPI CITY - Spain's                                               Siao Ling & Associates, the
rying the bag of money                Queen Sofia was greatly im-               CABANATUAN CITY--SM                                                  by the Department of Tourism
                                                                                                                firm's architect on record, the
containing P1.2 million.              pressed by Albay province's big      Prime Holdings Inc. will start                                            Region IX as the best festival in
                                                                                                                mall is expected to start ground
                                      strides in human development         construction of a four-story mall                                         the region and 3rd Best Tourism
                                                                                                                work this year and target deliv-
   Albay is universal                 despite the constant threats of      at a 8.5-hectare property here af-                                        Event Award in 2011 (Provincial
                                                                                                                ery in six months.
   health care model                  disasters. The queen, who re-        ter a decade-long negotiation.                                            Category) of the Association
    LEGAZPI CITY-The Philip-          turned to Spain last week after a         The company has applied            MINDANAO                          Tourism Officers.
                                          July 15, 2012                                                                                                                                23
                                                                                                                                                            Jorge Arce.
Donaire gets WBO-IBF... from page 1                                                                                                                             Top Rank Promotions chief
                                                                                                                                                            executive Bob Arum did not say
canvas. It was similar to the          bracket.                                                                                                             who Donaire's next opponent
punch that knocked out two of               The Filipino champion obvi-
                                                                                                                                                            will be, only saying that the fight
Donaire's previous opponents,          ously wanted to end the match
Vic Darchinyan and Fernando            on a spectacular note and                                                                                            will be on HBO, and "it's going
Montiel.                               stalked his prey throughout                                                                                          to be against one of these great
     But with little time remain-      most of the latter rounds. Mathe-                                                                                    fighters."
ing in the 4th round, Mathebula        bula instead turned defensive,                                                                                            The 30-year old Donaire
was saved by the bell, and man-        apparently contented to end the
                                                                                                                                                            held the belt in 4 different divi-
aged to take the fight to the dis-     bout standing.
tance.                                      "The better man won. I re-                                                                                      sions. In addition to his latest ac-
     Donaire used an impressive        spect him," Mathebula said in an                                                                                     quisition of the unified WBO-IBF
arsenal Mathebula (26-4-2) but         ESPN interview. "I believe I                                                                                         super bantamweight title, he is
his opponent avoided punishing         showed that I had the heart of a
                                                                                                                                                            also the former WBC and WBO
exchanges. "It's very hard to box      warrior."
a very tall fighter like that               An avowed fan of compa-                                                                                         bantamweight, Interim WBA su-
(Mathebula has a 5-inch height         triot Manny “The People’s                Donaire lands a right on Mathebula.                                         per flyweight and IBF flyweight
advantage)," said Donaire's            Champ” Pacquiao, Donaire has                                                                                         champion.
trainer, Robert Garcia. "But he        made no secret of his intention          lowing the fight.                     World Boxing Council’s "emeri-              Ring Magazine currently
broke him down round-by-               to unify all the belts in the                "I have great respect for         tus champion."
                                                                                                                                                            rates Donaire as 4th best pound
round."                                weight division, and even in-            Nishioka, he'a very good cham-             But Donaire is also open to
     It was only the 2nd time          vited     Japanese     champion          pion," Donaire said, referring to     fights against Abner Mares,           for pound boxer in the world.
Donaire fought in the 122-pound        Toshiaki Nishioka up to ring fol-        the Japanese fighter who is the       Guillermo   Rigondeaux and            (rjj)

                                                                                proved delivery of medical serv-      Chances Casino, a 100 percent              Under the law, an employer
FilAms buck, back... from page 1                                                ices to Americans.                    Filipino-owned company in the         with 25 or less employees is
                                                                                     "I think this law is okay be-    Bay Area town of Colma, said          qualified for federal tax credits
for all Americans, a Reuters/Ip-       millions of Americans who can-
                                                                                cause it is pro-people, for it will   the Affordable Care Act sends         to help the employer buy insur-
sos poll shows growing support         not afford it and believes that
                                                                                cover all patients who no longer      the message that the govern-          ance coverage for the workers.
for President Obama's health           the law "will do exactly that" re-
                                                                                [have to] resort going to the         ment cares for the ordinary peo-      Companies with 50 or more
care law.                              gardless of what the critics may
                                                                                emergency room for simple             ple, particularly the those who       workers and don't provide them
     FilAms interviewed by the         say.
                                                                                complaints like cough and cold,"      need of heathcare insurance the       with insurance - or if the work-
Filipino American media said                  "Whatever its opponents
                                                                                Bernardo said He lamented the         most.                                 ers can't afford the insurance -
Obamacare is "pro-people," "hu-        think about it, the Affordable
                                                                                fact that emergency room doc-              Of course, the ACA entails       would be liable for a $2,000-fine
mane," and "beneficial to those        Care Act is a necessary govern-
                                                                                tors sometimes become primary         additional costs for business, es-    per worker beginning 2014. But
who need health insurance the          mental expression of humanity
                                                                                care doctors in the present setup     pecially small businesses that        depending on the size of the
most."                                 and compassion that has long
                                                                                because some uninsured pa-            find it hard to raise the funds to    business and the state, the em-
     In the greater Washington         been absent from the American
                                                                                tients seek medical attention in      provide insurance coverage for        ployer could go for affordable
D.C. area, many FilAms have ex-        socio-political discourse," Ga-
                                                                                hospitals' emergency units, thus      their staff.                          small-group insurance coverage
pressed support for Obamacare          borro said .
                                                                                leading to additional expenses             "As an HR professional... I      from a highly regulated insur-
while those who already have                  Frederic Simonds has a
                                                                                for the government that funds         don't like the fact that employers    ance exchange.
insurance are opposed to it.           short but meaty reaction to the
                                                                                the hospitals.                        are backed into a corner as far as         Jun Nucum, who used to
     One local leader who re-          healtcare law, "It's not the end-
                                                                                     "Currently, the ERs are be-      what they choose to provide, be-      work in a Filipino-owned day
quested anonymity said "it is          all... but it's a heck of a lot closer
                                                                                ing used as a 'primary care           cause healthcare is a benefit,        care center for special kids, said
about time that the United             to the be-all."
                                                                                clinic' by the uninsured. Some        DeRenzo said. "If an employer         employees of his former com-
States, the richest country on                "Folks realize Obama cares
                                                                                visit the ER just to get prescrip-    has to juggle other expenses to       pany had clamored for health
earth, provide health care to all      and unfortunately [Republican
                                                                                tions refilled, or wanting care for   support a healthcare plan in or-      benefits but the employer did
its citizens, just as Canada and       presidential nominee Mitt] Rom-
                                                                                simple symptoms," said Ber-           der to stay in business, then that    not offer much in the absence of
other developed nations are do-        ney left his care package in Mas-
                                                                                nardo who used to work for a          is not a very good business ma-       a law like the ACA.
ing it."                               sachusetts," Simonds added.
                                                                                county hospital in New York.          neuver."
     The San Francisco-based                  Dr. Rick Carranza of
FilAm Star said Washington DC          Scottsdale, Arizona is convinced              Winston Serquiña of the
Community        leader     Arnedo     that the "most humane" and               U.S. Postal Service in Belleville,
                                                                                New Jersey, on the other hand,
                                                                                                                       Asian Festival... from page 1
Valera, a co-executive director of     probably most important feature
the Migrant Heritage Commis-           of the ACA is its prohibition on         is concerned that the ACA is, "in     tival's theme is the Year of the      member of the USTA family,
sion, called ACA the most im-          insurers from denying people             reality, the biggest tax hike" due    Dragon, sign of good fortune          was the recipient of the 2004
portant piece of health care           with pre-existing medical condi-         to bigger government medical          under the Chinese zodiac.             Organization of the Year
legislation since the creation of      tions.                                   expenses in having those with-             Asian embassies and or-          Award by USTA Mid-Atlantic
Medicare in 1965.                             "As a doctor, I applaud the       out insurance covered under the       ganizations will display exhibits     section and the USTA Virginia
     "This is a major and a radi-      upholding by the Supreme                 law.                                  on their cultures, arts and crafts,   District.
cal change of the U.S. health care     Court of the president's Afford-              Serquiña is also worried        and some will hold cooking                 More than 100 local tennis
system since the Medicare of           able Health Care Act. One key            that for persons who have ade-        demonstrations in "Destination        players will compete in the
1965, as it assures - or, to say the   provision there that I find most         quate insurance coverage, the         Asia" booths. Image of China,         men's and women's single and
least, attempts to assure - us of      humane - and which is the right          choice of medical service provid-     Incredible India, Discover Ko-        double tournament. The Char-
health care coverage as Ameri-         thing to do - is that which pro-         ers could be restricted by the        rea, It's More Fun in the Philip-     ity Classic & Junior Level 5, a
cans," said Valera, a Washington       hibits insurers from denying in-         law.                                  pines and Amazing Thailand            WTA Top 500 Designated
DC-based lawyer and immigrant          surance coverage for people                   "As it is, we already have a     are this year's main attractions.     Event, offers $5,000 in cash
advocate.                              with pre-existing conditions,"           good medical insurance cover-              The festival also features a     prize.
     FilAm Star continued:             said Carranza, an immigrant              age. I can go to the doctor I         tennis tournament, interactive             For more information,
     Though far from perfect,          from Cavite and Batangas.                want, whenever, I want but now        demonstrations, and children          please contact George Duang-
Valera thinks Obamacare is cer-        "That's no different from doctors        I would have no more choice but       interactive area. The Thai Ten-       manee      at    info@asianfesti-
tainly better than the status quo      shooing away patients who need           go to someone who will tell me        nis Organization in America           valdc.com, or Bing C. Branigin
- and is beneficial to FilAms.         our help. Still, there's a lot in the    the doctor I would report to for      (TTOA) will again partner with        at bing@asianfestivaldc.com.
     "For the four million Fili-       Act that need to be explained to         medical needs," Serquina rued.        Singha Beer and the U.S. Tennis            9th Asian Food and Tennis
pino Americans and immigrants          the people. I also wonder if                  With roughly 25 percent of       Association Virginia at this          Festival
of this great nation, it means ex-     there's a chance for the law to be       the population uninsured, the         year's festival.                           Location: George Mason
panded coverage for the unin-          tweaked before its full enforce-         Affordable Care Act is expected            TTOA works with several          University (Main Campus)
sured and underinsured," Valera        ment in 2014."                           to vastly expand insurance cov-       Asian American associations to             4352 Mason Pond Drive,
said, adding that affordable                  Another physician, Dr. Na-        erage to Americans, especially        introduce Asian cultures to the       Fairfax VA 22030; (Adjacent to
health care is a "basic human          poleon Bernardo of the Bay               minorities who could not afford       local community. Through              George Mason Inn)
right."                                Area, said that apart from ensur-        to pay for their own coverage         scholarships, it also aims to pro-         Date/Time: July 21, Satur-
     Allen Gaborro thinks that         ing coverage for people with             because of high costs.                mote tennis growth and encour-        day, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
the fundamental goal of Obama-         pre-existing medical issues,                  Lori DeRenzo, human re-          age young people to broaden                July 22, Sunday, 10 a.m. to
care is to provide healthcare to       Obamacare would lead to im-              sources manager of Lucky              their horizons. TTOA, a proud         7 p.m.
 24                                                                                                                             July 15, 2012

                                                                  What’s in a name?
                                                                          By Jose ‘Todith’ Garcia, Esq.
     June 30th, 2012 marked the      rather than tackling the more         was beside the point. FDR, as          giene, and calling their Chief Ex-    low named Bentot U. Mahalni-
second anniversary in office of      substantive issues facing the na-     well as John F. Kennedy, Jr.           ecutive as Mr. B. O. certainly        madir (BUM) aspires to be
Philippine President Benigno C.      tion. In fact, only in the Philip-    (JFK), had earned their initial-       leaves a bad taste in the armpit,     one, or a rogue candidate from
(“Noynoy”) Aquino III. Inter-        pines can one hear of the Chief       ized monikers as a form of ven-        er, in the mouth.                     Maguindanao known as Barum-
estingly, after being proclaimed     Executive being customarily re-       eration      for     their     lofty         In the Philippines, former      badu A. Dinanatutu (BAD) oc-
President-elect two years ago,       ferred to not by his/her true         accomplishments. In the Philip-        President Gloria Macapagal-Ar-
                                                                                                                                                        cupies Malacanang?            And
Aquino’s first order of business     name but by his media-tagged          pines, however, almost every-          royo was given a GMA moni-
                                                                                                                                                        worse, what if a Mr. Tom A.
was to announce his preference       initials. Take former Philippine      body who had occupied the              ker, which she happily accepted,
to be called, not by his boyhood     President Ferdinand Marcos, for       White House by the River (or           not knowing that it meant Grand       Etatmo (TAE), with his V.P.
name Noynoy, but as P-Noy            example. During his reign, he         Malacanang Palace, if you will),       Master of Animosity. Her hus-         Lambott B. Malasabauto (LBM),
(which has probably meant            was commonly referred to in the       beginning with first President         band, on the other hand, was          wins the presidential derby?
President of Pinoy or President      media as FM, as if he were the        Manuel L. Quezon (MLQ), had            given an FG label, which could        How are Filipinos going to en-
Noy). His Vice-President, Je-        operator of high-frequency ra-        assumed the privilege of using         have meant First Gentleman,           dure six years of mephitic politi-
jomar C. (“Jojo”) Binay, also did    dio stations (which was not re-       their “alphabet” names as if           but more likely was an abbrevi-       cal feces, er, mud-slinging?
not waste time declaring his         ally an off-tangent appellation,      they were in the league of FDR         ated appellation of Forever                 Despite being a sign of po-
preferred public moniker, i.e.,      if you think about it, consider-      or JFK. Former U.S. Presidents         Greedy.                               litical immaturity, the Filipinos’
V-Nay (for Vice-President Bi-        ing that he forcibly took over        George W. Bush and William J.                Filipinos are lucky that a      penchant for moniker designa-
nay). Whether these first “offi-     several oligarchs-owned radio         Clinton, it must be noted, never       certain Mr. Agapito S. Salatinio      tions can be attributed to their
cial” acts by two of the highest     stations at the height of his         used their initials to satisfy their   (ASS) has yet to become Presi-        carefree and light-hearted na-
officials of the land had boded      power).                               presidential egos. The same            dent, or that a certain Pepita I.
                                                                                                                                                        ture. “Initials appellation” is,
well for the maturity of the Phil-        Another example is former        goes for ex-U.S. Presidents            Gutumparati (PIG) has no illu-
                                                                                                                                                        indeed, an art that has been per-
ippines as a nation remains an       Philippine President Fidel V.         Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Car-           sion of becoming one. But what
                                                                                                                                                        fected by the Pinoys. Otherwise,
open question.                       Ramos, or FVR, as the Philip-         ter. As for President Barack           if a lady named Teodora I. Tina-
     Speaking of names, one          pine media had fondly called          Obama, not using his initials          hilang (TIT) becomes a Presi-         how else can one explain our
wonders why Filipinos waste          him. Whether or not it was a          had seemed not a bad idea after        dent, or a guy that goes by the       kababayans’ obsession with al-
their precious time mulling          poor imitation of former U.S.         all, for the American people are       name Ponso U. Sausauna (PUS)          phabet-based sobriquets such as
about a public moniker for their     President     Franklin    Delano      known for their obsession with         assumes the highest post of the       JR, PJ, EJ, KC, JJ, JV, BJ, JB and
President (or Vice-President)        Roosevelt’s popular tag (FDR)         self-vanity and personal hy-           land?       Or what if a fel-         the like?

                                                                           that spanned more than half a          both of which have been demol-        Best Actress awards at the Brus-
Dolphy is dead!... from page 1                                             century and that covered the           ished.                                sels International Film Festival
                                                                           stage, radio, television and film.          He started as a stage per-       for playing a comfort gay in
pier place with him there," said     as a laborer, watching comedy              Since two years ago when          former during the Japanese oc-        "Markova" in which he appeared
Quizon who had been at his fa-       stage shows before he himself         news about his illness was first       cupation when Benny Mack got          with his sons Eric and Epi. Two
ther's bedside throughout his        became immensely popular.             reported, Dolphy had been in           him as a chorus dancer, alternat-     years ago, he won Best Support-
confinement at the hospital.         Philippine presidential candi-        and out of the hospital due to re-     ing between Life and Avenue,          ing Actor for a relatively brief
      Dolphy started performing      dates had sought his backing          current pneumonia that struck          using the stage name Golay,           role in "Rosario" at the Manila
on stage in the 1940s during the     during elections to endear them-      him for the 12th time while he         later changed to Dolphy.              Filmfest. His last movie was "Fa-
Japanese occupation of the Phil-     selves to his massive following.      was at the Makati Med ICU.                  At 19, he did his first movie,
                                                                                                                                                        ther Jejemon," also shown at a
ippines and made his final com-                                                 Years ago, he underwent a         "Dugo At Bayan (I Remember
                                     A Legacy of Laughter                  quadruple heart bypass.                Bataan)," with Fernando Poe Sr.,
                                                                                                                                                        Manila Filmfest, which stirred a
edy flick,where he played a                                                                                                                             minor controversy because of a
priest, two years ago.               By Ricky Lo                                Every now and then, ru-           who first gave Dolphy breaks as
                                                                           mors would spread that he had          a character actor.                    communion scene that the
      One of Dolphy's biggest             MANILA, Philippines - The
                                                                           died, which he took with his                In the late 1940s, Dolphy        church found offensive.
comedy hits was 'Facifica Falay-     Comedy King is dead. Long live
                                                                           characteristic sense of humor,         ventured into radio with the               "I'm a devout Catholic and I
fay," where he played a gay          the Comedy King!
                                                                           saying he should not be rushed:        help of Conde Ubaldo, a popu-         will never do anything that will
man. He also starred in a popu-           It was curtain call for Dol-
lar, longtime television comedy,     phy who died at 8:34 last night       /"Bakit n'yo ako inaapura?             lar radio writer, joining Pacho       displease the church," said Dol-
"John en Marsha," where he           at the ICU of the Makati Medical      Darating din ako d'yan. Huwag          Magalona, Tessie Quintana and         phy who decided to remove that
played a man perpetually at          Center (MCC), where he was            n'yo akong apurahin."/                 Baby Jane. It was Pancho, father      scene.
odds with his mother-in-law.         confined for more than three               A sadness would appear            of the late Francis Magalona,              When he turned 80, Dolphy
      He starred in more than 200    weeks for pneumonia.                  across his face when, during in-       who recommended Dolphy to             had his biography released, ti-
films in his 66-year career, most         He would have turned 84          terviews, names of his contem-         Starmaker Dr. Jose R. Perez of        tled "Hindi Ko Ito Narating
of them produced by his own          on July 25.                           poraries such as his teammate          Sampaguita Pictures where Dol-        Mag-isa," written by Bibeth
movie firm, RVQ Productions,              Dr. Jake Marte, assistant pa-    Panchito, Chiquito and other co-       phy was groomed as a comedian         Orteza, coinciding with the
which he set up in the 1960s.        tient relations officer of MMC,       medians were mentioned. "Wala          initially playing gay characters      launch of the Dolphy Aid Para
      President Benigno Aquino       said, "Mr. Rodolfo 'Dolphy' Qui-      na silang lahat; ako na lang ang       ("Jack en Jill," etc.) that he con-   sa Pinoy Foundation, Inc., a non-
III said Quizon was a kind man       zon passed away due to multi-         natirira (They're all gone; I'm the    tinued to portray in movies that      profit and non-stock organiza-
who represented the Filipino         ple organ failure brought about       only one left)."                       he produced under his own             tion .
everyman and gave his country-       by severe pneumonia, chronic               He often repeated the line,       company RVQ Productions, in-               In one of his last long inter-
men "a reason to smile for the       obstructive pulmonary disease         "Mamatay man ako at mabuhay            cluding such classics as "Facifica    views with The STAR two years
daily happenings" in their lives.    and acute renal failure."             muli, mag-aartista pa rin ako          Falayfay," "Fefita Fofonggay"         ago, done at his home while he
      While Dolphy was in the             He died surrounded by            (Even if I die and live again, I       and      "Karioka      Etchos    de   attached to an oxygen tank, Dol-
hospital in critical condition,      members of his family, some of        will still be an actor.)"              Amerika."
                                                                                                                                                        phy said when asked what he
there was a clamor for the Presi-    whom had just arrived from                 His exposure to show biz               But he would bag as
                                                                                                                                                        was proud of as an actor, "I'm
dent to confer on him the Na-        abroad.                               began inside a theater where he        FAMAS Best Actor not for a gay
                                                                                                                                                        proud of what I have achieved.
tional Artist's award, but PNoy           Dolphy is survived by 18         sold peanuts and watermelon            character but for a dual role de-
                                                                                                                                                             Palagay ko maski mamatay
ignored it.                          children and Zsa Zsa Padilla,         seeds.                                 picting good and evil in "Omeng
                                                                                                                                                        ako at nabuhay uli, I will still
      Ex-President Joseph Es-        whom he described as "the last             He was 13 when World War          Satanasia."
                                                                           II broke out. He helped the fam-            He is best remembered for        love to be an actor. My life as an
trada, a former actor, says Qui-     woman in my life." He had
zon      should     receive    the   wanted very much to marry her         ily make ends meet by doing            the long-running TV show              actor is full of happiness. Ang
prestigious     National    Artist   but failed due to legal impedi-       odd jobs like shining shoes, at-       "Buhay Artista" (with Panchito)       dami ko na ring awards."
award posthumously.                  ments. He died a bachelor.            taching buttons at a pants fac-        and "John en Marsha" with Nida             And aside from making
      Dolphy had never been               Even if he was not con-          tory, stevedoring at the pier and      Blanca as his with in an inspir-      people laugh, what did he think
married but bore children with a     ferred the honor as National Art-     driving a horse-drawn buggy.           ing story about a poor yet happy      was the best legacy that he
number of women.                     ist, notwithstanding his great             He passed his free time           family. The TV show was made          would be leaving behind?
      Some of his children also      contribution to the entertain-        watching his idols Pugo and            into movies, just like "Home               "Kapag naaalala ko kung tu-
entered the movies, with a few       ment industry, Dolphy left be-        Togo (for comedy) and Benny            Along da Riles," the show that        matawa ang tao, masaya na
following in his footsteps as a      hind a legacy of laughter that        Mack and Bayani Casimiro (for          followed it.                          ako," he smiled.
comedian.                            has influenced generations of         dance) in stage shows at the Life           Dolphy was the only actor             Thank you, Dolphy, for
      As a young boy, he worked      Filipinos during a colorful career    Theater and Avenue Theater,            who won both Best Actor and           making us laugh!
                                         July 15, 2012                                                                                                                                25
     The     teleserye    "Walang
Hanggan" has been a consistent
top-rating show ever since it
premiered five months ago. It
has stood out from the other
teleseryes. In the Philippines,
most everyone are rushing home
to watch it- the boss, the em-
ployee, the mom's sosyal amiga        this teleserye. Their star-crossed    tended, the heart wrenching mo-
or one's date.
     Ditto with the many Filipi-
                                      characters Marco and Emily pro-
                                      vide the 'kilig' factor. Will Marco
                                                                            ments set off sobbing through-
                                                                            out the theater.
                                                                                                                                Run, Run Fast!!
                                                                                                                         I was walking down the          sentenced to 1-2.5 years in
nos here in the D.C.-area who         and Emily get back together?                This show has a stellar cast.    stairs from Pentagon City Mall        prison for “[inflating] victims’
make sure to be home before           Will Katerina leave her un-           Patrick Breen is excellent as          parking through the mall en-          incomes on loan applications
8:55 p.m. when the show starts        hinged husband Nathan(Paulo           Ned Weeks, who is in quest to          trance and my eyes caught this        and [misleading] customers
or Tivo it when they are not.         Avelino) to be finally with           fight this disease rants and           big poster in front of me in big      with a guarantee that he could
     Filipinos love a good old-       Daniel? Who will win in the           raves. But he balances his self-       bold letters: “IF THERE IS A          resolve pending foreclosures.”
fashioned love story which here       continuing feud between Mar-          righteousness with rare mo-            FEE, RUN!!! RUN FAST!!! It is         Realtors® today must know all
spans three generations. Viewers      garet and Emily?                      ments of some humor and                actually an advertisement from        the issues affecting these home-
are riveted to the richly layered          Stay tuned!!                     shows his tender side when he          VHDA (Virginia Housing De-            owners so that they can pro-
characters of Marco and Emily,        THE NORMAL HEART                      and Felix are alone. Even though       velopment Authority) on Loan          vide the best resources and
Daniel and Katerina(Julia Mon-                                                                                     Modification scams preying on
                                           "The Normal Heart," the          his character can be annoying,                                               information to ensure these
tes) and Nathan and the ongoing                                                                                    distressed or even well home-
                                      Tony Award-winning drama by           we still root for him, for his                                               types of scams don’t affect their
verbal tete a tete between the        Larry Kramer has been rarely                                                 owners who wish to lower
                                                                            bravery and compassion. Nick                                                 communities. There are many
formidable characters, Emily          staged in the D.C-area. It is now                                            their monthly mortgage pay-
                                                                            Mennell as banker Bruce Niles                                                options available. It takes the
and Margaret. The plots con-          getting an impeccable, powerful                                              ments.
                                                                            who is the level-headed one of                                               dedication of an entire industry
tinue to move at a fast pace          staging at Arena Stage which is                                                    Mortgage        modification
                                                                            the group, John Procaccino as                                                to affect a change.
which keeps viewers engaged.          running till July 29. First staged                                           scams made the list of the Bet-
                                                                            Ned's contentious but loving                                                       In short sales, one of the
     It also has all the elements     on Broadway in 1985, it tells of                                             ter Business Bureau’s Top
of a visually arresting teleserye:                                          brother, Michael Berresse as                                                 most frequent questions we’re
                                      the early years of the AIDS cri-                                             Scams of 2011, with more than         asked is if a short sale has the
love, money, betrayal, twists and     sis. This production is directed      weary city employee Mickey             20,000 complaints. Sadly, there
turns, a love child, a child who                                                                                                                         same effect on a consumer’s fu-
                                      with great sensitivity by George      Marcus and Chistopher J.               are countless organizations out
has got no love, stolen kisses,                                                                                                                          ture credit as a foreclosure. The
                                      C. Wolfe. "The Normal Heart"          Hanke who provides some                there preying on desperate
unwanted pregnacies, swapped                                                                                                                             answer         is…ABSOLUTELY
                                      moves,       inspires,    educates    comic relief as the acerbic            homeowners. Increased delin-
DNA results,        private planes                                                                                                                       NOT! When it comes to credit
                                      and continues to resonate even        Tommy Boatwright.                      quency and foreclosure rates
crashing, anger management                                                                                                                               reporting, a short sale will most
                                      to this day.                                In the role of Dr. Emma          across the country are putting
and confrontations galore.                                                                                                                               likely have a much less cata-
                                           Crusading journalist(Patrick     Brookner, Patricia Wettig is sim-      distressed homeowners in dan-
     "Walang Hanggan" also has                                                                                                                           strophic effect than a foreclo-
                                      Breen) and his friends in New         ply magnificent. Her wheel-            ger of fraud including modifi-        sure. As of right now, short
a powerhouse cast. Starting with      York City are alarmed when a          chair-bound situation doesn't          cation fraud and even short
the veterans Susan Roces and                                                                                                                             sales are not listed as “short
                                      unknown disease strikes terror        limit her, instead makes her fei-      sale flip fraud.
Helen Gamboa who play sisters                                                                                                                            sale” on your credit report, but
                                      when it claims the lives of their     sty, determined and outspoken.               Whenever a homeowner
who have always had a conten-                                                                                                                            as paid as agreed, paid as nego-
                                      friends and acquaintances. Help-      She received a thunderous ap-          calls me and inquires about the
tious relationship. Then there's                                                                                                                         tiated, or paid for less than the
                                      less and frustrated, he is spurred    plause in her scene where she          validity of letters and adver-
the Prince Of Independent                                                                                                                                original amount. Also, If you
                                      into activism by an outspoken         gives a blstering tirade to the an     tisements they see on TV and
Films, Coco Martin as Daniel,                                                                                                                            are considered current with a
                                      physician(a magnificent Patricia                                             ads guaranteeing to lower
who always gives a flawless per-                                            insensitive     medical      estab-                                          short sale, you still have the
                                      Wettig) and meets and falls in                                               down their monthly mortgage
formance. Such as here he plays                                             lishment.                                                                    ability to apply for an FHA
                                      love with New York Times re-                                                 payment, there is only one
the strong-willed           Daniel.                                               "The Normal Heart" contin-                                             loan, while having a foreclo-
                                      porter Felix Turner(a riveting                                               question I asked them.           IS
There's also Melissa Ricks, Paulo                                           ues to resonate not just in its                                              sure on your credit report stays
                                      Luke McFarlane).                                                             THERE A FEE? If the answer is
Avelino, and Joem Bascon.                  At first Ned's crusade in-       brilliance and profound ur-                                                  there for a mandated 7 years.
                                                                                                                   YES, throw it in the trash can.
Lending comic relief are Ogie         spires his friends to help out, he    gency. It is about the awareness                                             Not to mention, with a foreclo-
                                                                                                                   There should be no fee in loan
Diaz and Arlene Muhlach as the        later alienates them with his self-   of AIDS as it continues to claims      modification and there is no          sure, you must go through
wisecracking employees. Rich-         righteous attitude. The second        countless lives. It also continues     guarantee.       The only thing       months of delinquency notices
ard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta            act is a heartbreaking one when       to speak to everyone. (THE             lenders approved the loan             and in many cases a court ap-
who were once on-screen and           Felix is diagnosed with the dis-      NORMAL HEART, at Arena                 modification is based on your         pearance, which is also re-
off-screen lovers are reunited in     ease. In the performance I at-        Stage Kreeger Theater)                 financial documents. How can          ported on your credit report.
                                                                                                                   you guarantee something when                Steer clear of scams, if you
                                                                                                                   you do not see any information        feel something is wrong, there
  Blessed Pedro Calungsod on Facebook?                                                                             from a homeowner? Some let-
                                                                                                                   ters you receive or see in TV
                                                                                                                                                         is something wrong!!! Remem-
                                                                                                                                                         ber, your instinct never fails
      MANILA -       A group is       tues of Blessed Calungsod             tions slated before and after the
                                                                                                                   and print ads make you think it       you.
planning to launch a page in the      among the Filipino faithful and       canonization on Oct. 21.                                                           Note: Jocelyn Porteria is a
popular social networking site        to generate more awareness                  A Triduum of Masses              is legit because they use Fed-
                                                                                                                   eral Government departments           Realtor® licensed in VA. She
Facebook to drum up awareness         about him.                            would be celebrated from Oct.                                                earned a designation of ABR,
on Blessed Pedro Calungsod,                Clarke Nebrao of +Big            18 to 20 at the                        and make believe logos or men-
                                                                                                                   tioned Obama Programs lim-            GRN Accredited Buyer’s Special-
who will be declared as the sec-      Movement said, "We have a                   Basilica of St. Augustine, Pi-
                                                                                                                   ited funds etc. Please do not         ist and GREEN Designation,
ond Filipino saint in October.        friend who did a random survey        azza di Santâ Agostino 80 at 4
                                                                                                                   fall for it!! Again, rule of thumb    CDPE Certified Distressed Prop-
      CBCPNews, the official          in the A & B class in our society.    p.m.; Church of Gesu, Via degli
                                                                                                                   is there a fee and promised of a      erty and Short Sale Expert, (SFR)
news service provider of the          It was found out that only about      Astalli 16 also at 4 p.m.; and Ba-                                           Short Sales and Foreclosure Re-
                                                                                                                   guaranteed approved loan
Catholic Bishops' Conference of       23 percent know about Pedro in        silica of St. Mary Major, Piazza                                             source. For more info, visit her
the Philippines (CBCP), said that     Metro Manila, while for the           di Santa Maria Maggiore at 10                                                website at www.jprealdeal.com or
                                                                                                                         But distressed homeown-
the group, called +Big Move-          classes C, D, E, F crowds, only 17    a.m., all located in Rome.                                                   call her at 571-432-8335 or email
                                                                                                                   ers aren’t the only ones being
ment, is also planning to start a     percent know about him."                    A vigil and penitential serv-                                          at realdealconsulting@yahoo.com
                                                                                                                   targeted. Unfortunately, even
one-week promotional cam-                  As for the Facebook page         ice is set on Oct. 20 from 8:30 to
                                                                                                                   well intentioned agents have          for a free confidential evaluation of
paign for Calungsod's canoniza-       for Calungsod, their group is         10 p.m. at the Chiesa di Santa
                                                                                                                   been caught up in increasingly        your individual situation, prop-
tion.                                 hoping that thousands of people       Pudenziana Via Urbana 160.                                                   erty value, and possible options.
                                                                                                                   sophisticated mortgage fraud
      The campaign called "I like     would like the page.                        Blessed Calungsod will be
                                                                                                                   scams and I’m also talking            She is also an accredited agent of
Pedro Week" started on July 8              Meanwhile, organizers in         canonized with six others on a
                                                                                                                   about short sales. A recent re-       Ayala Land, SM Residences and
and lasted until July 13.             charge of promoting Calung-           Sunday morning at St. Peter's
                                                                                                                   port that a man from Hender-          Century Properties in the Philip-
      The +Big Movement is dedi-      sod's canonization released the       Square in Rome.                        son,     Nev.,     was     recently   pines.
cated to promote the life and vir-    dates of the liturgical celebra-
  26                                                                                                                            July 15, 2012

                                       (FRESH LUMPIA)
     Vegetable fresh eggroll is       ity wrappers closest to the            tating the pan to coat the sur-
one of the most popular native        homemade wrappers.                     face. Cook until almost dry on
dishes in the Philippine and is            Makes 12-14 (depending on         top (about a minute). Loosen
now gaining popularity around         size)                                  the edges with a metal spatula
the world. Whenever this is                Homemade Wrapper:                 and flip the wrapper over using
served to the mainstream, it be-           1 egg                             your fingers or the spatula, and
comes an instant hit. I have               1 tablespoon vegetable oil        then cook the other side for 20-
served this dish to dignitaries            1 1/2 cups water                  25 seconds. Repeat with the re-
and it has become a first-course           1 cup flour                       maining batter, wiping the pan
favorite.                                  2 tablespoons cornstarch          with oil as often as needed and                                             pinch of white pepper.
                                                                                                                  above      cooked      ingredients.)
     But not everybody likes to            1/4 teaspoon salt                 stacking the wrapper as they are                                                 Chef's Tips:
                                                                                                                  Transfer to a colander to drain
prepare this because of its tedi-          In a food processor or            cooked.                                                                          You have the choice to
                                                                                                                  any liquid from sautéing. Trans-
ous and detailed preparation, so      blender, mix all the ingredients                                                                                   make this dish with or without
                                                                             Filling:                             fer to a platter and let cool.
I have made this fresh lumpia         until smooth. If mixing by hand,                                                                                   meat (chicken or pork) or with
                                                                                  1 small onion, finely                 Lay the wrapper on a clean
recipe as simple as possible to       whisk the egg and vegetable oil                                                                                    seafood (shrimp or crabmeat).
                                                                             chopped                              and flat surface; put enough fill-
encourage others to include this      until blended and mix in the                                                                                            Master Chef Evelyn: 100
                                                                                  1/2 cup shredded chicken        ing (closest to you), approxi-
wholesome dish in their culinary      water. Combine and whisk the
                                                                                  3 cups Jicama, peeled, juli-    mately 2-3 tablespoons. Put a          Most Influential Filipina Women in
repertoire. It is worth to learn      dry ingredients and pour in the
                                                                             enne                                 small slice of lettuce on one side,    the U.S., 2009, Filipina Women’s
how to make it!                       egg mixture. Whisk the batter
                                                                                  1 small carrot, peeled, juli-   then fold the other side over the      Network; MHC Most Outstanding
     Making homemade wrap-            until smooth, then strain. Cover
                                                                             enne                                 filling and lettuce, then roll the     Migrant Award in Culinary Arts,
pers is also not as simple as it      and refrigerate for at least 30
                                                                                  10 pieces snow peas, cut in     lumpia until completely folded.        2011; PAFC Dakila Special
seems, but constant practice will     minutes.
                                                                             diagonal strips (1/2 inch thick)     Wrap the lumpia with wax pa-           Achievement Award, 2011; Owner,
make you an expert. If intimi-             Using a non-stick crepe pan
                                                                                  10 large shrimps, peeled,       per for easy handling. Repeat          Philippine Oriental Market & Deli,
dated to make your own lumpia         (9 or 10” pan), pour 1/4 cup of
                                                                             deveined and quartered (op-          the process until the rest of the      Arlington, Virginia; Founder and
wrapper, just buy the good qual-      the flour mixture, tilting and ro-
                                                                             tional)                              filling is gone. Serve cold with       President of CHEW (Cancer Help
                                                                                  Salt and white pepper           the sauce and garnishing of your       Eat Well) Foundation, a 501 (c) (3)
                                                                                  Choice of garnishing served     choice.
                                                                                                                                                         public charity formed to help and
                                                                             on the side:                         Sauce:                                 cook pro-bono for Filipino-Ameri-
                                                                                  4-5 cloves garlic, minced            Liquid     produced    from       cans who are afflicted with cancer
                                                                                  1/2 cup finely crushed un-      sautéing                               and other serious illnesses; Culi-
                                                                             salted peanut                             2 cups water                      nary writer, master baker and cake
                                                                                  Sweat the onion until soft           1-2 tablespoons soy sauce
                                                                             and transparent.         Add the                                            designer (kitchen-tested and mas-
                                                                                                                       1/2 cup sugar
                                                                             chicken and sauté until it is                                               tered more than 400 recipes, and
                                                                                                                       3 tablespoons cornstarch
                                                                             cooked. Mix in the jicama and                                               counting); Member, Les Dames
                                                                                                                  (diluted in 3 tbsp. water)
                                                                             carrots and season with salt and          In a small sauce pan, com-        d’Escoffier International, Washing-
                                                                             white pepper. Cook the vegeta-       bine the water, soy sauce, sugar       ton DC Chapter; Member, Interna-
                                                                             bles until very hot to the touch     and bring to a boil. Remove            tional Cake Exploration Society,
                                                                             (do not overcook the vegeta-         from heat and whisk in the corn-       Master Chef, French Cuisine and
                                                                             bles). Mix in the snow peas at       starch mixture until the sauce         Patisserie, Le Cordon Bleu, London,
                                                                             the last 2 minutes of cooking.       has thickened. Return the pan to       U.K.; Producer/Host of the cooking
                                                                             (Optional: Sauté the shrimps         the stove and let simmer while         show “Evelyn’s Kitchen Cooking
                                                                             separately and then mix in the       mixing the sauce, then add a           with Friends”

     A woman came home,               rectly toward a four-some of               Student: H, I, J, K, L, M, N,
screeching her car into the drive-    men playing the next hole.             O
way, and ran into the house.               The ball hit one of the men,          Teacher: Goodness, that's
     She slammed the door and         and he immediately clasped his         not what I taught you.
shouted at the top of her lungs,      hands together at his groin, fell          Student: But you said the
'Honey, pack your bags. I won         to the ground and proceeded to         formula for water was... H to O.
the lottery!'                         roll around in evident agony.          HUSBANDS
     The husband said, 'Oh my              The woman rushed towards               Three women were sitting
God! What should I pack, beach        the man and immediately began
                                                                             around talking about their hus-
stuff or mountain stuff?'             to apologize. "Please allow me to                                                                                  will be wiser than these guys, I
                                                                             bands` performance as a lover.       sila sa public pool ng isang
     'Doesn't matter,' she said.      help. I'm a physical therapist                                                                                     will ask to be very rich." Nag-
                                                                             The first woman says, "My Hus-       bote... kinuha ito at binuksan.
'Just leave.'                         and I know I could relieve your
                                                                             band works as a marriage coun-       May lumabas na genie. Sabi ng          ready na siya at tatalon na sana
MARRIAGE                              pain if you'd allow me," she told
                                                                             selor. He always buys me             genie na lahat ang kahilingan ng       nang may naapakan siyang balat
                                      him earnestly.
     Marriage is a relationship in                                           flowers and candy before we          apat na magkakaibigan ay tutu-         ng saging. Nadulas ito sabay si-
                                           "That's alright... I'll be fine
which one person is always                                                   make love. I like that."             parin niya isa-isa, pero ki-           gaw ng "Oh, shit!" At mga
                                      in a few minutes," he replied in
right, and the other person is a                                                  The second woman says,          nakailangang isigaw nila yon           kaibigan, alam na niyo kung
                                      great pain as he remained in the
husband.                                                                     "My husband is a motorcycle          sabay talon sa swimming pool.
                                      fetal position still clasping his                                                                                  anong naging ang tubig.
OH, GOSH                                                                     mechanic. He likes to play rough     Nauna ang bakla... tumalon at
                                      hands together in his groin.
                                                                             and slaps me around sometimes.       isinigaw "Lalaki!" Naglabasan          AWAY
     Mother Superior called all            But she insisted, and he fi-
                                                                                                                  ang isang daang pogi at sarap na            Anak: 'Tay 'Tay!! Nakipag-
the nuns together and said to         nally allowed her to help him.         I kind of like that."
                                                                                  The third woman just            sarap siyang naligo kasabay ang        away ako!
them, "I must tell you all some-      She gently took his hands away
                                                                             shakes her head and says, "My        mga ito. Sumunod ang tomboy,                Tatay: Aba ang galing
thing. We have a case of gonor-       and laid them to the side, she
                                                                             husband works for Microsoft.         tumalon at sumigaw ng "Babae!"         talaga ang anak ko. Anong gi-
rhea in the convent."                 loosened his pants, and she put
                                                                             He just sits on the edge of the      Siyempre pa, lumabas ang nag-          nawa mo sa naka-away mo...
     "Thank God," said an eld-        her hands inside his pants. She
                                                                                                                  gagandahang mga babae at hap-          Binugbog mo ba... pinag sasapak
erly nun at the back. "I'm so tired   began to massage him. She then         bed and tells me how great it is
                                                                                                                  ing-haping siyang naligo sa            mo ba? Ano anak, excited na ak-
of chardonnay."                       asked him "How does that feel?"        going to be when I get it."
                                                                                                                  pool. Sumunod na tumalon ang
HURT                                       He replied "It feels soooo        WISH                                                                        ong malaman kung ano ang gi-
                                                                                                                  probinsyano at sumigaw ng
    A couple of women were            gooood, but my thumb still                 Isang araw, nagpasiyang          "Alak!" At naging alak kamo ang        nawa mo.
playing golf one sunny Saturday       hurts like hell."                      mag-swimming ang apat na             tubig. Nagpakasawa siya hang-               Anak: Di hinampas ko sila
morning. The first of the two-        WATER                                  magkakaibigan... isang bakla,        gang siya ay nalasing. Sumunod         ng bag ko. Tse, ang mga chuva
some teed off and watched in             Teacher: What is the for-           isang tomboy, isang probinsy-        ang Fil-Am, pero nag-isip muna         chenes, 'tsura lang nila! O di ba
horror as her ball headed di-         mula for water?                        ano at isang Fil-Am. Nakakita        siya bago tumalon. Inisip niya "I      'Tay, taray ko 'no?
                                         July 15, 2012                                                                                                                                 27
   The best in
     The once mighty Oak tree
by our house has fallen one re-
cent Friday evening. Over the
years, it stood tall with fat trunk
and with sturdy branches proud
with their plentiful leaves. This
tree gave us a lot of shades and
cool breeze. It was also the com-
fort haven for the tweeting birds     created the hole.
in the morning. For twenty-
some years, we enjoyed the sight
                                           We calmly talked a little bit
                                      then remained silent. It was
                                                                            was ready to pay them for their
                                                                            assistance. Lo and behold the
                                                                            two went up the ladder and in a
                                                                                                                             Love is a Fairytale
of blazing red-orange leaves in                                                                                        “Sometimes in the middle                 The two young women were
                                      twelve midnight already. We           jiffy the hole was covered. They
the fall complementing our red                                                                                   of an ordinary life, love gives us        brought before King Baarakel. The
                                      stayed in the basement bedroom        did not accept payment and said
brick house. It was indeed quite                                                                                 a fairytale.”                             charges against them were read be-
                                      but since it has glass windows, I     they also would like to help
a picturesque.                                                                                                         Weddings make me weepy              fore a tribunal, hostile and uncar-
                                      moved to the hallway leading to       those in need.
     That Friday evening a wave                                                                                  and sentimental. Our second               ing. The haste of the verdict and the
                                      the bathroom, spread a com-                 Kirsten, another neighbor
of violent windstorm swept                                                                                       daughter found her prince and             punishment meant this was care-
                                      forter on the floor but sleep         stopped by to give me kind and
through Vienna and its neigh-                                                                                    will be married very soon. I              fully planned and meant to do away
                                      won’t come. I had a flash light       soothing words. She asked if I
boring cities in Fairfax County.                                                                                 would like to dedicate this to the        with Aarmyn and Missyla before
                                      and cell phone with three bars        needed anything food and even
It happened so fast that left us                                                                                 bride and groom Ang Alamat ni             the two women could summon help.
                                      left. I found comfort in praying      money. I told her we were OK
wonder what hit us. This was                                                                                     Aarmyn (The Legend of Aar-
                                      while Pat found his way to the        and coping. She hugged me
something not common to our                                                                                      myn.)This is a manuscript I have               'Aaldega, help me! Aal-
                                      bed. I got hold of my cell and        tightly, will pray for us and will
area. The TV news had an-                                                                                        been working on and is a novel            dega.......' Aarmyn knew her
                                      tried to call our four children but   be back with her husband the
nounced a tornado warning in                                                                                     filled with Philippine folklore.          spirit was waning. Exhaustion
                                      could not connect. All I heard        next day. There were still others
West Virginia. Ah, it is far. Min-                                                                                     This is how Aarmyn's 'Ode'          was in every fiber and every
                                      was fuzzy and sometimes busy          who stopped by and offered
utes after, it said a severe storm                                                                               to her beloved Aaldega came               pore. Aaldega had warned her
                                      sounds. I tried to call them again    help and kind words of concern.
watch in Fredericksburg, Prince                                                                                  about. It took place one sweet            of Prinsesa Lorelyn's hatred of
                                      Winnie and husband, Austin, in
Williams County, Woodbridge,          the Clifton area, Rissa in Alexan-
                                                                            More Manifestations of               spring day at Sa-anh, her place           her. The princess was spoiled
Vienna and some other nearby                                                Love and Concerns                    of exile. Aaldega braved the ele-         and craved all attention and all
                                      dria, Rick in Houston, Texas and
cities. A little later, the lights                                                                               ments and the threat of his own           adoration. And Aaldega.
                                      Chela in St. Petersburg, Florida,          Our children who live in the
flickered twice then the power                                                                                   banishment to be with Aarmyn.                          **********
                                      but without success. They were        area, Winnie and Rissa were
was completely out. My hus-                                                                                            I submitted the poem in a
                                      probably calling us also.             constantly either on the phone
band and I just finished setting                                                                                 competition and was accepted. It
                                      The Aftermath of                      or at our house. They provided                                                      An Ode to Aaldega Song of
up the flashlights and portable                                                                                  will be published in an anthol-
                                                                            us with food and the much                                                      Aarmyn
lamps when I heard the loud           Windstorm: Kindness                   needed      emotional    comfort.
                                                                                                                                                                You are here at last.
hissing sound of the wind out-        Prevailed                             Ricky who was in Houston,                          **********                       Take my hand.
side. We went down to the                  We probably fell asleep for      called a local maintenance guy             Ang Alamat ni Aarmyn (an                 We will go searching for
basement just in case the tor-        about an hour and it was morn-        to fix our air conditioner. He       excerpt)                                  smiles in every flower.
nado struck also. Suddenly I          ing already. Buzzing sounds           was checking on us from time to            Aarmyn breathed in the pure              I will gather the dewdrops
heard an unusual sound of             were heard outside the house.         time. Chela was in Costa Rica        sweet air from the flask and was in-      in a cup
“thug.” I wanted to know what’s       We opened the door but could          vacationing and did not know         stantly revived. The journey from              made of hearts and offer
happening outside the house. To       only see the branches and thick       about what was going on. They        Du-onh to Sa-anh sapped her en-           you the first drink.
satisfy my curiosity I went up to     mass of leaves, same with the         all said that the most important     ergy. Was it only a day ago when               Yonder is our canopy of
the kitchen and opened the win-       kitchen window and the garage         of all was that we were safe.        King Baarakel banished her from the       dreams.
dow shutter a little bit to peep      door. Of course we had a sliding      How lucky we were for having         home of her youth? The flowers she             We rest beneath its shelter
through the glass pane. In be-        door to the deck in the back. In      loving and supportive children,      and Missyla gathered lay strewn on        while we read from my book of
tween the continued flashes of        the front yard, three of our          near or far.                         the soil and dirt.                        sorrows.
the thunderstorm I did not see        neighbors were busy cutting the            My dear friend Norma Az-              The feast was to have taken              Promise me you would
anything but a mass of leaves         trunk and branches of our             arcon spoke with me to offer         place today. The two friends were         blink them all away to the land
covering the window. I immedi-        smaller tree that fell across the     kind words, food and shelter.        tasked to gather the most beautiful       of the forgotten, never to be re-
ately went to the front door to       street. They piled them up on         She called to check from time to     blooms that would have encircled          called.
see a bigger picture of what I        our yard by the curb. We were         time; also Evelyn and Oscar          Prinsesa Lorelyn's head. Du-onh's              Tread softly. The butterflies
just saw. With the little opening     appreciative of our good neigh-       Bonuan with a special offer to       abundant gardens were filled with         are stirring from their slumber.
I saw massive branches and            bors in the subdivision. We           eat at their deli shop, Maurese      all kinds of flowers from the width            Let us lay and dream as the
leaves right there covering and       learned from them that it was         Owens, Nancy Ceniza, Bing Bra-       and breadth of the kingdom.               sweet breath of hyacinths caress
blocking the door and beyond.         only us whose house was dam-          nigin, Aylene Mafnas, and Mary             The noise that disturbed the        us.
The wind was still hissing com-       aged by the windstorm. The            Ann Fadul. .                         peace and quiet appeared in all its            O lovely blooms, refresh us
bined with the sound of the fall-     other had fallen trees on their            Our accountant friends          horror. A group of Barakuls, King         even as I whisper my longings.
ing rain. I closed and locked the     yards. By noon time another           were wonderful. Bobby and            Baarakel's vicious personal guards,            We will dine on pure honey
door and called my husband. He        neighbor offered his plastic can-     Nina Tamayo were the very first      surrounded them. The men hid their        while the bees dance their court-
could not believe what he saw.        vas tarpaulin to temporarily          ones to call the next day and of-    deceit behind masks. But they could       ship.
We were speechless.                   cover the hole on the damaged         fered food and shelter in spite of   not hide their evil. Malevolent.               Come close, I will hum my
     Getting back to our senses, I    roof of our house as it was pre-      the fact that their garage was       Seething with hatred. Aarmyn rec-         desire with a melody as old as
rushed up to the second floor to      dicted to rain again in the eve-      also damaged by a fallen tree.       ognized two of the magnificent            time.
check the two bedrooms front-         ning. Then he himself did it with     Another immediate response           horses. One of them carried the lead           It has come.
ing the house. The big tree by        help of two other guys, went up       was the house visit of Chris and     guard. The once proud beast looked             You must bid adieu.
the front corner of the house         the roof with a ladder. By mid-       Mike Banagan. They were in           broken. Her head was bent with                 Gather me in and dry my
must have fallen. The bedroom         afternoon our roof was covered.       front of our house the day after     shame, her eyes downcast.                 cheeks.
on the left corner was alright.            It was another story to tell.    ready to give us help physically           'Elonar, this is not your battle.        Till our hearts entwine once
The bedroom on the right corner       While we were out to take lunch,      and otherwise. It was a truly        I have no quarrel with you. Be at         more, I will hold fast to your
was hit. There was a big hole on      Steve brought his ladder to           heartwarming gesture. Patrick        peace.' Aarmyn threw her thoughts         promise parHush my love. Be at
the roof, damaging a part of the      cover the hole on the roof with       and Lucille Ferraren and Ellen       to the distressed mare. Elonar            peace.
front wall. The debris were scat-     the “tarp” but found it challeng-     Myint also expressed their con-      dipped her head in silent salute.              I will come and find you.
tered on the bed and floor all        ing to do it by himself. He           cerns as soon as they heard the
wet - a slab of wall concrete ma-     needed help. He saw a couple of       news. And there were follow-up       ‘Thank You’ to all.” We humbly            do the same to them in the fu-
terial, red bricks and some small     guys working on the yard of an-       calls from them.
                                                                                                                 appreciated all their kindness,           ture. As what Chris Banagan
piece of woods. Apparently the        other neighbor and asked if they           Clearly, this is what we call
                                                                                                                 thoughtfulness and concerns. In           has said “That’s What’s Friends
trunk of the tree did not fall over   could help him. He explained          the manifestation of “The Very                                                 Are For.”
the roof but a big branch must        that he was just giving a helping     Best in People” “From the bot-       return, with sincerity, it will give
have hit that part of the roof that   hand to a neighbor and Steve          tom of our hearts, a warm            us much pleasure to be able to
                                                                                                                                                                 Continued on page 31
 28 Editorial                                                                                        July 15, 2012

            What is Obamacare?
  When the Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of
the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act “Obamacare”
they revived one of the most contentious, enigmatic, maligned
and misunderstood laws ever crafted in the United States.
  The fact that it’s almost 3,000 pages long does not help. It is
byzantine as it is expansive.
  Try asking people on the streets what they know about the
law half would probably give you the shrug, the other half a
rambling explanation,
  People tend to focus on just parts of the law they like or dis-
like, fueling vociferous argument, a truly futile and pointless                                             Manila Times
exercise that only adds to the pervading acrimony.
                                                                    Washington Tsismis
  “More important than the quest for certainty,” Francois
Gautier admonished, “is the quest for clarity.”                                        ‘Sus, Walang Puso’
                                                                         Unknown to many is the raging de-               June 18, 2012) DaBudaMasta said:
  A Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that as many as 14
                                                                    bate of Pinoys online about Obamacare.               -Neither is correct. It should rightly
percent of Filipinos in the United States don’t have insurance,          Here are samples of these exchanges       be called southeast asian seas because the
                                                                    among Pinoys following the Supreme             seas is surrounded by coastlines of Viet-
the 3rd best next to Indian and Japanese Americans.                 Court decision upholding the constitu-         nam, Thailand Malaysia, Indonesia, Phil-
                                                                    tionality of Obamacare.                        ippines, Taiwan and China. It is
  Learning and understanding this law especially as it affects           Emailer One- "In rendering his deci-      international waters.
                                                                    sion, Chief Justice Roberts said it is un-           -Don't mess with the Philippines too,
the Fil-Am community remains a challenge. Just how hard are         constitutional for the federal government      we've had enough! Anonymous said:
                                                                    to require people to buy health insurance      China is a greedy monster!
we trying to dissect this law?                                      but it is constitutional for the government          -Jason said: South China Sea my dear
                                                                    to levy a tax on people who do not buy         filipino tarsiers.
  Sometimes, it reminds us too much of school homework.             health insurance. But this historic deci-            - Freddie said: The name South
                                                                    sion could be a win for Mr. Romney."           China Sea/West Philippnes Sea does'nt
We’d rather be doing else but we had to do it because we knew            Emailer Two: "Romney's off the cuff       matter. The distance does matter. China
the cost of going through the next day unprepared. (RJJ)            tirade about him repealing a law passed        the bully is over 1,500 miles away and the
                                                                    by Congress, signed by the President and       Phillipnes is with-in the maritime limit
                                                                    upheld by the highest court just shows         agreed upon by the civilized countries of
                                                                    everybody the kind of President he             the world. The disputed Scarborough
                                                                    would have been."                              Shoal (IS.) is less than 200 hundred miles
                                                                         Emailer Three: "He, he...now it is        from the Philippine Mainland. Think
                                                                    fight between Obamacare and Romney-            about it. Don't buy Chinese goods if pos-
                                                                    care."                                         sible.
                                                                         Debate among FilAms in a recent                 -June 11, 2012) dan said: be ready
                                                                    party:                                         chinese people american are coming back
                                                                         Pro: E belat. Pare, mali ang hula mo.     in the philippines, don't mess around the
                                                                    We won. Obamacare is Constitutional.           allied of americans you will regret it.
                                                                         Anti: Okay, but in Obamacare, you               - Anonymous said: WEST PHILIP-
                                                                    and I will have to contribute to pay for       PINE SEA!! YOU CHINNES MONGOL-
                                                                    the health care of the perennial mendi-        OID! (June 9, 2012) -- SOUTH CHINA
                                                                    cants.                                         SEA YOU FILIPINO MONKEYS!
                                                                         Pro: 'sus. Walang puso."                        - china is killer and eating flash of
                                                                                          ***                      humans
                                                                          To those at the forefront of the "war"         Circulating in the Internet:
                                                                    with China over the Panatag Shoal and                PEDRO: Anong pulutan nyo ka-
                                                                    the Spratlys, go to a newly-opened             hapon sa birthday mo?
                                                                    website. chinaorwestphilippinessea.com               JUAN: Pata!
                                                                    and VOTE.                                            PEDRO: Wow! Anong klaseng pata?
                                                                          It says "voting is now open. South             JUAN; PATA galan ng kwento!
                                                                    China Sea or West Philippine Sea? "What                             *****
                                                                    do you think is the right name for the               Miriam Santiago is the model of a
                                                                    sea?                                           watch to be made jointly by Japan 's Seiko
                                                                          Recent comments came mostly from         and French's Patek Philippe. The brand
                                                                    Vietnamese and Chinese. Earlier, Filipi-       name of the watch is "SEIKOPATEK".
                                                                    nos dominated the voting. Following are                              ****
                                                                    some of the comments stating the hours               JINGGOY: Dad, bakit ba maalat at
                                                                    they were sent.                                may asin sa dagat
                                                                          Samples: Paracel et Spratly appar-             ERAP: Sinadya yan ni Lord para sa
                                                                    tiennent au Vietnam, nous essayons d'in-       ganun hindi mapanis ang mga isda..
                                                                    former tout le monde sait. Paracel and                               ****
                                                                    Spratly belong to Vietnam, we try to in-             TITSER: Ano ang PAST TENSE ng
                                                                    form everybody knows; Hoàng sa và              laba?
                                                                    Tru'ng sa thu'c v Vi't nam, chúng ta hãy             BOY#1: Naglaba mam!
                                                                    c'gng thông tin cho mi ngui du bit; fili-            TITSER: Tama! Ano naman ang PRE-
                                                                    pino people poor as piss; get a life you
                                                                    filipino loser                                           Continued on page 31
                                         July 15, 2012                                                                                                     Opinion 29
                                                                               I used to watch movies for
                                                                          entertainment. But with the
                                                                          presidential elections getting
                                                                          close, I don’t need Hollywood to
                                                                          amuse me. The presidential
                                                                          campaign       skirmishes    offer
                                                                          everything that the silver screen
                                                                          brings- action, suspense, laugh-

       The Summer of 2012                                                 ter and tears.
                                                                               Take 1        Pres. Barrack        pets.
                                                                                                                       Take 2 Another planted
                                                                                                                                                       Bain Capital, Romney’s former
                                                                                                                                                       company, of investing in compa-
      Before a scorching heat         help with their prescription        Obama unleashes his shock                                                    nies that outsourced jobs.
wave and a deadly storm hit           drug costs, what is it about        troops to wage a psychological          story again tried to portray              Now here’s the comedy.
the Washington DC area,               Obamacare that drives some          warfare and paint GOP presi-            Romney as a bully. Supposedly,       Factcheck.org could not find evi-
knocking out power for almost         people bananas to want to re-       dential candidate Mitt Romney           he and a few of his high school      dence to support Barrack’s alle-
a week in some areas (including       peal it?                            as cruel to man’s best friend.          buddies physically restrained a      gation. But what is known to
ours in Kensington), the U.S.              Health care reform, by         They planted a story in major           classmate and cut his hair. The      America is that Barrack invested
Supreme Court shocked the na-         whatever name, is a historic        newspapers telling an alleged           named victim was described in        taxpayer’s money under the
tion with a punch of its own,         achievement. For a country as       incident wherein Romney drove           the news account as gay whose        guise of stimulus funds in com-
knocking out die-hard oppo-                                                                                       hair style and apparel was non-      panies that outsourced jobs
                                      powerful and as richly blessed      his family for a vacation to Can-
nents who still don’t know                                                                                        conformist in an exclusive and       overseas. Remember the bailout
                                      as the United States, it’s the      ada with their pet dog carried
what hit them.                                                                                                    expensive school for boys. The       monies to GM and Chrysler?
                                      least this nation can do for her    atop the station wagon inside a
      This is a big deal. The high-                                                                               family of the named victim, now      Ask Barrack how many jobs are
                                      citizens.                           cage. The insinuation was that it
est court of the land upheld the                                                                                  deceased, denies the charac-         being outsourced by these bene-
                                           Days before the Obama-         was an act of torture to scare the
constitutionality of Obamacare.                                                                                   terization and another named         ficiaries of taxpayers’ benevo-
                                      care decision, the Supreme          dog with wind stream for miles
It’s impact in the lives of mil-                                                                                  witness denies recollection of the   lence in Canada, Mexico, Europe
                                      Court also did something re-        and miles.
lions of Americans will be felt                                                                                   incident.                            and Asia and he will likely blush
                                      markable. It struck down most            Boomerang doesn’t just
for years to come.                                                                                                     Don’t throw stones if you       to death.
                                      of the offensive elements of an     happen in Australia. Now here’s
      But what baffles me is the                                                                                  live in a glass house. Again,             Barrack’s fascination with
                                      Arizona anti-immigration law.       the laughter. Barrack Obama’s           Romney defenders point to Bar-
extreme reaction by those who         These draconian provisions                                                                                       global warming also made him
                                                                          own book, Dreams From My Fa-            rack’s book pointing to the story
continue to issue threats of re-      would impose penalties for fail-                                                                                 invest taxpayer’s money in
                                                                          ther, reveals a young Barrack           of young Barrack being teased
peal. This blind fury is really       ing to register as an immigrant,                                                                                 Fisker automotive so that it can
                                                                          having eaten dog meat while             and ended up shoving a young
something, considering that           establish criminal penalties                                                                                     produce luxury electric cars in
                                                                          growing up in Indonesia.                girl who run away crying.
most of the Affordable Care                                                                                                                            the price range that only the
                                      against individuals seeking to           Who is crueler to the dog,              Discredit Romney as a boy
Act’s provisions are actually                                                                                                                          likes of Hollywood celebrities
                                      work in Arizona, and permit         somebody who let the canine see         bully? Then let’s discredit Bar-
popular with most Americans,                                                                                                                           can afford. What does Fisker do?
                                      warrantless arrests based on        America at see-level or some-           rack as a girl bully.
including Republicans. Yes, in-                                                                                                                        It built its assembly plant in
                                      suspected immigration status.       body who feasted on cut-up dog               Take 3 Barrack directly at-
cluding Republicans who rant                                                                                                                           New Zealand rather than utiliz-
                                      The one area that the Court up-     leg? Advice to Malia and                tacks Mitt Romney as the pio-
and rave against Obamacare            held was the provision requir-                                                                                        Continued on page 31
but actually like many of its key                                         Shasha, keep an eye on your             neer of outsourcing, accusing
                                      ing Arizona to detain a person
provisions, such as allowing
                                      to determine his immigration
children to stay on their par-
ent’s insurance until age 26 and
                                      status. The Court, cautioned,
                                      however, that it will carefully
banning insurance companies
from denying coverage for pre-
existing conditions or from can-
                                      review how the state enforces
                                      this part of the law. Already,
                                      people of color in Arizona have           The wall of wind that struck
celling policies because a                                                that Friday evening looked
                                      felt the brunt of this statute.
person becomes ill. These are                                             every bit a harbinger of disaster.
                                      They have been stopped and
common sense provisions that                                              It knocked down trees and elec-
                                      questioned unfairly because of
have nothing to do with one’s                                             tric posts, a murderous wave
                                      the color of their skin. Civil
political views. They are consis-                                         that would cause lingering hard-
tent with basic American val-         rights advocates have vowed to
                                      monitor this kind of racial pro-    ship in the midst of a record-set-
                                      filing and get it struck down       ting heat wave.
      The recent Reuters/Ipsos
                                      eventually.                               We did not have electricity
poll also notes that more than                                                                                                                         being without electricity pro-
                                           Earlier in June, President     for 3 days. When it came back,          construction of new power
75 percent of Republicans and                                                                                                                          vided another insight.
                                      Obama did something to soften       we lost the water. Fortunately,         plants giving rise to today’s
Independents favor insurance                                                                                                                                I realized just how depend-
                                      the sting of his deportation        the taps were dry for less than         more diversified power genera-
pools that allow small busi-                                                                                                                           ent I was to my TV and internet.
                                      policies. From now on, Home-        24 hours.                               tion structure.
nesses and uninsured to take                                                                                                                           Although the electricity was
                                      land Security will use discre-            It almost felt like home. I re-         The sale of small electric
advantage of large group pric-                                                                                                                         knocked out, I did not learn of
                                      tion to halt the removals of        membered the heat, fanning my-          generators shot up, providing a
ing benefits. Almost 60 percent                                                                                                                        the extent of the damage until
                                      eligible children of immigrants     self to sleep and lighting candles      sort of stimulus to a languishing
of those polled also support                                                                                                                           the following day. We even tried
                                      whose parents came to this          and waving flashlights to navi-         economy.
subsidies for individuals and                                                                                                                          to push through with a barbecue
                                      country without legal status.       gate through our small flat. For              The “derecho” that hit the
families who cannot afford                                                                                                                             picnic at a lakeside park only to
                                      Hundreds of thousands of            awhile, it seemed amusing. But          region last June 29 exposed the
health insurance. I know many                                                                                                                          find it closed.
                                      DREAMERS greeted Obama’s            that changed quickly as the out-        vulnerability of Washington DC,
in our community who prefer                                                                                                                                 There was just one socket
to have coverage if it’s within       decision with joy and relief. His   age persisted and the mercury           Maryland and Northern Vir-           on the ground floor of our apart-
their means.                          courageous action will allow        began shooting up.                      ginia. It felt a little worrisome    ment where residents could plug
      The one provision not sup-      these young people to continue            An energy crisis hit large        that such a storm could cause        in their cell phone chargers. That
ported by Republicans is the          to develop their talents and aca-   tracts of Luzon in the mid-90s,         such protracted damage to a          corner became the improvised
one “expanding Medicaid to            demic skills. America will no       leading to rotating brownouts           critical part of the country.        community center with dozens
families with incomes less than       doubt reap the benefits of their    that brought havoc on factories               Observers have asked, for      forming a queue to re-charge
$30,000 per year.”                    contributions.                      and left millions to also fan           instance, why power utilities        phones, laptops or i-Pads.
      So, if most Americans find           This has been a remarkable     themselves to sleep on dark, hu-        still have not buried and run             I could not check my email
a lot to like in the Affordable       summer so far. And for once,        mid nights.                             their cables underground? Or         or open Facebook. My cell
Care Act because millions of          there was actually more light,            But it also forced govern-        why it takes days over a week        phone battery was drained. I
families already benefit from         than heat, coming from our na-      ment and private citizens alike         in some instances to bring the       could not watch the news nor
the law, and because millions of      tion’s judges.                      to adapt and improvise. The Ra-         juice back? How prepared really      could my wife follow the latest
seniors can continue to depend             Send your comments to          mos administration signed a se-         is this sector to respond to major   twists in her favorite telenovela.
on free cancer screenings and         jonmele@aol.com.                    ries of Build-Operate-Transfer          catastrophe?
                                                                                                                                                            Continued on page 31
                                                                          agreements that fast-tracked the              But the nearly 80 hours of
  30                                                                                                                            July 15, 2012
                                                                                Immigration Notes
                                                                                                                         VISA PRIORITY DATES FOR THE PHILIPPINES
                                                                                 By: J.G. Azarcon, Esq.                                 JULY 2012

                                                                             Stand by for                                    • FAMILY-SPONSORED PREFERENCES

                                                                               deferred                            First: Unmarried sons/daughters
                                                                                                                   of US citizens                                         Jul. 15, 1997

                                                                                action                             Second:
                                                                                                                   A: Spouses/minor children of
                                                                                  The announcement by the
                                                                                                                      permanent residents:                               Feb. 15, 2010
                                                                             Department of Homeland Secu-
                                                                             rity on June 15,2012 to exercise      B: Unmarried sons/daughters 21 years of age
                                                                             prosecutorial discretion and put         or older of permanent residents                    Dec. 22, 2001
          Who do the people                                                  certain young people without le-
                                                                             gal status on deferred action has
                                                                                                                   Third: Married sons/daughters of citizens
                                                                                                                   Fourth: Brothers/sisters of citizens
                                                                                                                                                                         Jul. 22, 1992
                                                                                                                                                                         Feb. 01, 1989
              believe?                                                       generated a lot of buzz in the ex-
                                                                             patriate community.                            • EMPLOYMENT-BASED PREFERENCES
     MANILA                           side.                                       To qualify, an individual
     The President of the Philip-           And yet, his critics refuse to   must:                                 First: Priority workers                                      Current
pines, Benigno Simeon C.              see the good side of the Aquino             - Have come to the US un-        Second: Professionals holding advanced degrees
Aquino III, has been in office for    administration's     performance.      der age of sixteen;                             or persons of exceptional ability            Jan. 01, 2009
two years. He was at first reluc-     For the political opposition,               - Have continuously resided
                                                                                                                   Third: Skilled workers, professionals                  Jun. 08, 2006
tant to run for the highest office    ideological groups or critical         in the US for at least 5 years be-
                                                                                                                           Other Workers                                  Jun. 08, 2006
because he felt he wasn't ready.      newspapers, President Aquino           fore June 15, 2012 and physically
But when he did join the fray, he     hasn't done scratch. They've all       present in the US on aforesaid        Fourth:                                                      Current
vowed to go after government          given him a failing grade for his      date;                                 Certain Religious Workers                                    Current
officials who stole the people's      first two years in office. It makes         - Currently be in school,        Fifth: Employment creation/
money and abused their power.         independent observers wonder           have graduated from high                     (Million or half-million dollar investor)             Current
     Aquino has kept his cam-         if these groups are looking at the     school, have obtained a general
paign promise, he has sicced the      same Mr. Aquino.                       education development certifi-       avail of this temporary reprieve,     your eligibility like birth certifi-
powers and forces of govern-                There's an explanation, of       cate, or be honorably discharged     be informed that DHS is not ac-       cate, old passports used for en-
ment on past public officials         course. These groups don't like        veteran of the Coast Guard or        cepting any applications at this      try, school records, medical
who overstepped their bounds,         Aquino. They don't gain any-           Armed Forces of the US; Not          time. It is expected that the im-     records and other documents
including and especially the for-     thing by praising what he has          have been convicted of a felony      plementing procedures will be         evidencing presence in the U.S.
mer President, Gloria Arroyo.         done so far. They have to keep         offense, a significant misde-        published and announced by            for the required period and date.
     Mrs. Arroyo is currently un-     up their criticism and keep on         meanor offense, multiple misde-      mid-August, 2012. If you are fac-          Deferred action prevents
der detention at a government         throwing brickbats at the presi-       meanor offenses, or otherwise        ing imminent deportation how-         certain eligible young aliens
hospital on charges of rigging        dent. They're the ones who did-        pose a threat to national security   ever and you believe that you
                                                                                                                                                        from facing removal or deporta-
the 2007 elections and for graft      n't like Aquino in the first place     or public safety;                    are eligible, contact Immigration
                                      and who supported other candi-              -Not be above age of thirty.                                          tion proceeding. It will also en-
charges. Her husband Mike,                                                                                        and Customs Enforcement at 1-
                                      dates for president in 2010.                Lest you fall prey to very      888-351-4024.                         able them to apply for work
who is said to be the architect of
alleged scams perpetrated dur-              So what they do is they con-     enterprising     operators   who          While waiting for the proc-      authorization but will not allow
ing Arroyo's time in office, is       tinue to play down the Aquino          could not wait to exploit the        ess to begin, start gathering         them to petition for their rela-
also being hounded by several         government's        achievements.      anxiety of those who want to         documents that would support          tives.
criminal charges.                     And they continue to put down
                                      Aquino as incompetent, lazy
     Foreign businesses are look-
ing at the Philippines again as a     and inept. They have a conflict-
                                      ing agenda from that of Mr.
                                                                                 Piece Meal
potential investment market.
Market-rating agencies abroad
have been upgrading the invest-
                                      Aquino. And what is that
                                      agenda? What it boils down to               Justice
ment-worthiness of the country.       is, simply, self-preservation.              "If we are to keep democ-
The Manila Stock Exchange is          Meanwhile, the majority of the         racy, there must be a command-
alive and well.                       Filipino people continue to sup-       ment: Thou shalt not ration
     Domestically, infrastructure     port the President and say so in       justice," US federal judge
projects are getting into the         the periodic surveys.                  Learned Hand wrote before his
                                            But, in fairness, life in the    death in 1961.
pipeline again after being sus-
                                      Philippines hasn't exactly turned           Here, "21% of trials take 2
pended for a time so they can be
                                      suddenly rosy. Despite the posi-       to 5 years to finish, and 13% take
reviewed and cleansed of the old                                                                                                                        joke to hit the century", snapped
                                      tive economic and fiscal indica-       more than 5 years," acting Su-
practice of bribing project offi-                                                                                 clude      President       Benigno    then Justice Carpio Morales.
                                      tors, growth hasn't trickled           preme Court chief justice Anto-
cers and/or giving kickbacks                                                                                      Aquino III.                                Carpio's program jump
                                      down, a favorite term of econo-        nio Carpio told a Central Luzon
from project proceeds to officials                                                                                     The          Arroyo-majority     starts the stalled Judiciary Re-
                                      mists in the 1970s and 80s. Pros-      convention of the Integrated
whose approval was required.                                                                                      stitched a legal fig leaf for "mid-   form program initiated by Chief
                                      perity hasn't been knocking on         Bar "There has to be a sea
     Self-sufficiency in rice, the                                                                                night appointment" of Corona,         Justice Hilario Davide.. These in-
                                      people's doors, especially the re-     change... Judicial reform is sim-
Philippines' staple and which                                                                                     papered over Rep. Dato Ar-            clude ( a ) case decongestion, ( b
                                      ally poor. Even the middle class       ply too important to fail".
had hitherto been the elusive                                                                                     royo's     jerry-mandering       in   ) integrity and independence of
                                      hasn't benefited. Yet. The hope is          Carpio pitched his address
Holy Grail of Filipino presi-                                                                                     Camarines, then rammed thru a         judges, ( c ) compensation of
                                      that economic growth will con-         to an audience beyond IBP : a
dents, appears achievable next                                                                                    temporary restraining order           judges, court administration,
                                      tinue and will finally reach more      nation scrambling, to close the
year. In Manila, the government                                                                                   that'd have allow Arroyo to flee.     and training. ( d ) Tansparency
                                      people.                                gap, left by impeachment of it's
has been experimenting with                                                                                       Now in hospital           detenton,   and accountability.         "Clean-
                                            The poor are still poor, and     23rd chief justice. The Senate
ways to make the metropolis a                                                                                     GMA denies charges of plun-           house" measures, instituted day
                                      the President and his people had       fired Renato Corona by a 20-
less chaotic place.                   better act fast and decisively in                                           der and election sabotage.            after impeachment, underpin
     In general, the Aquino ad-                                              to-3 vote. It nailed the "Capo"           Serial skewed decisions, by      this road map for the future.
                                      order for the bulk of the popula-      for stashing unreported dollars
ministration has had positive re-     tion to crawl out of poverty,                                               the Arroyo justices eroded the             "Sunlight is the best disin-
sults. Mr. Aquino has ordered                                                while fiddling with Statement        Court's moral high ground.            fectant," counseled Justice Wil-
                                      where they've been wallowing
his cabinet secretaries to perform                                           of Assets and Liabilities.           Among others, these included          liam O. Douglas, who served
                                      for many years.
or else they're out of a job. Going                                               The unsaid context was de-      repeated flip-flopping of 16          longest ( almost 37 years ) in the
                                            But, having said this, the
by the President's public ap-                                                cisions, by the Corona court,        towns into cities, paralysis on       US Supreme Court On his first
                                      President's detractors haven't
proval ratings, majority of the                                              that rationed justice. Crammed       the PAL flight attendants and         day as acting chief justice, Car-
                                      been honest or accurate with
people still support him, al-                                                with justices, handpicked by         stewards case to murmuring            pio prodded         once reluctant
                                      their assessment of Aquino's
though his current numbers are                                               President Gloria Macapagal Ar-       amen as Eduardo Cojuangco             justices to direct judges: Disclose
                                      performance. While it's their role
not as robust as in the beginning                                            royo, the Corona majority            pocketed 16.2 million in San          SALNs "as mandated by the
                                      to point out the President's
of his term. But his numbers                                                 served as bouncers for GMA's         Miguel Corp. shares, funded by
                                                                             interests, claim critics. They in-   coco farmers levies.. "the biggest          Continued on page 31
have remained on the positive              Continued on page 31
                                         July 15, 2012                                                                                                                          31
                                                                            used taxpayer’s stimulus money
Barrack attack... from page 29                                              to support companies that have
                                                                                                                  Life’s essentials... from page 29
                                                                            actually exported jobs overseas.      We were, for a time, totally cut     marched on. That darn outage
ing idle plants in Detroit.                Well, America let’s find the     Allegation versus hard facts.         off from the world that we were      forced me to see that much of
     By the way, Pres. Obama          real score. The Romney camp                The unfounded accusation         accustomed to.                       the stuff that I thought were es-
has a jobs czar. His name is Jef-     denies the outsourcing allega-        against Romney and Bain Capi-              And yet we survived. Life       sential weren’t after all.
frey Emmelt, the CEO of GE            tion and Factcheck.org could not      tal purportedly as practitioners
Capital. His company received
$125 million from the stimulus
                                      find evidence to support the al-
                                      legation. But even if it were true,
                                                                            of jobs outsourcing suggests that
                                                                            anybody who outsource jobs
                                                                                                                  Washington Tsismis... from page 28
funds to be spent on wind             for the sake of argument only,        overseas is not a friend of the                                                            ****
                                                                                                                  SENT TENSE?
power projects. GE outsourced         Romney did not squander tax-          American worker. I tend to                                                      JUAN; Tay ! Penge P20
                                                                                                                       BOY#2: Naglalaba!
some wind jobs to Norway. Last        payers’ money. It was his job         agree with it. By that standard,                                           bibili ako ng de lata.
                                                                                                                       TITSER: Tama! Ano naman
year, GE also moved its X-ray         and responsibility to prudently       Barrack’s no friend of the Ameri-                                               TATAY: Anak, mga taga
                                                                                                                  ang FUTURE TENSE?
production to China. Look             invest entrusted client funds in      can worker.                                BOY#3: MAGSASAMPAY              bukid lang ang gumagamit ng
America, Obama’s job czar is          business projects anywhere to              The moral of Barrack’s at-       mam!                                 term na de lata! Englisin mo yan!
one of the biggest offenders in       make a profit. Pres. Obama can-       tack- what goes around comes                          ****                      JUAN: Paano?
job outsourcing.                      not deny that his administration      around.                                    IN ENGLISH:                          TATAY: KANG GUD!
                                                                                                                       Eat All You Can, don't be                       ****
Who do the people... from page 30                                           critics paint it to be.
                                                                                  In the end, the President's
                                                                                                                  shy, feel at home!                        ERAP: Hello, I would like to
                                                                                                                       IN TAGALOG:                     inquire how long is the flight to
shortcomings, they should be ac-      aren't blind.                         approval rating proves that the            kain lang kayo ng kain,              San Francisco ?
curate and reasonable in their             Yes, the people cry for          people can see improvements in        walanghiya kayo, pakiramdam               OPERATOR: Just a minute,
criticism. Otherwise, they lose       higher wages, cheaper food and        both governance and in the            nyo bahay nyo to!                    Sir.
their credibility.                    other commodities, less crime in      economy. As long as Mr.                               ****                      ERAP: Really? Thank you..
      Which is what's happening.      the streets or in homes, and a                                                   ONLY IN THE PHILIP-                             ****
                                                                            Aquino's survey numbers are
The President's critics have been     generally stable economy. Yes,                                              PINES :                                   PILITA CORRALES - Asia 's
portraying him as a non-per-          they could do with improved           positive, that is proof enough
                                                                                                                       1. Doctors go back to school    Queen of Song. LANI MISA-
forming leader despite the ap-        living conditions and a better        that the people believe and sup-      to be nurses abroad.                 LUCHA - Asia 's Nightingale.
preciable     improvements     in     quality of life. But the picture is   port him more than they do his             2. Rats are normal house             REGINE VELASQUEZ -
many areas. But the people            not as dire and hopeless as the       detractors.                           pets.                                Asia 's Song Bird.
                                                                                                                       3. Soap opera is reality and         GLORIA         MACAPAGAL
                                                                                  Criminal cases account for      news provide the dramas of life      ARROYO - "Mole of Asia "
Piece Meal Justice ... from page 30                                         four out of every five pending             4. Actors make the rules and                    ****
                                                                            cases. There is a severe lack of      politicians provide the entertain-        Old man: Doc, I'm 95 and
Constitution and the law."            trial.                                prosecutors and public defend-        ment!                                my 18yr old wife is pregnant!
     It helped that Carpio                  If the CA can do it, why not    ers. About 26% of courts here                         ****                      Doc: Let me tell you a story
opened his SALN long before           the Supreme Court? In fact,                                                      ENRIQUE ZOBEL: half Fili-
                                                                            lack judges. Ideally, the vacancy                                          about an old hunter who, in-
the Corona conviction. "The Su-       CMS for trial courts is being pi-                                           pino half Spanish.
                                                                            rate should be less than 5% ( In                                           stead of his gun, brought his
preme Court has done this as          lot-tested in all Quezon City trial                                              HENRY SY: half Filipino
                                                                            the U.S, vacancy in federal dis-                                           umbrella in the jungle, met a
part of the lessons learned from      courts. If successful, the trial                                            half Chinese.
                                                                            trict courts is 10%. "And they're                                          bear, aimed his umbrella, pulled
the recent impeachment trial",        court CMS will be deployed na-                                                   JUAN FLAVIER: half Fili-
                                                                            already talking of a judicial cri-                                         the trigger and the bear dropped
he said." Leaders of the Judiciary    tionwide in 2013.                                                           pino half Igorot.
                                                                            sis".)                                                                     dead.
must lead by example".                      Simplify, simplify, simplify.                                              RAUL ROCO: half Hawai-
                                                                                  In    Manila, the average                                                 Old man: Impossible! Some-
     Post on the Court's website,     Streamline       trial procedures,                                          ian half Polo.
                                                                            caseload is 242 cases per judge.                                           body else must have shot the
what were once kept hush-hush,        patterned after four existing spe-                                               JOHN OSMENA: half Fili-
                                                                            In next door Taguig, it is 1,161                                           bear!
Carpio directed. At the click of      cial rules in corporate controver-                                          pino half Filipina.
                                                                            cases per judge. "Clearly, there                                                Doc: Exactly!
a computer mouse, you can surf        sies, environmental issue and                                                    MIKE ARROYO: half Fili-
                                                                            is a need to re-engineer the dis-                                                          ****
today what former Senator             intellectual property rights.                                               pino half Pork.
Rene Saguisag and researchers               "Internet connection for all    tribution of courts in relation to                                              Tanong: Ano English ng
                                                                                                                       AI AI DELAS ALAS: half
were repeatedly denied access         courthouses is now a necessity.       population. This needs legisla-                                            "baka maswerte ako?"
                                                                                                                  Filipino half Moon.
to: reports on the Judiciary De-      Access to the Supreme Court's                                                                                         Sagot: "Beef Lucky Me"
                                                                            tion. '.                                   GMA: half.
velopment Fund and Special            ELibrary will put at the finger-                                                                                      Tanong: Ano English ng
                                                                                  The attentive reader will l                     ****
Allowance for Judges, plus those      tips of all judges nationwide all                                                                                "Maswerte ako Inay"?
                                                                            find      it worthwhile going              TATAY: Bagsak ka na
by Commission on Audit.               the jurisprudence and laws they                                                                                       Sagot: "Lucky Me Mami"
                                                                            through the full text of Carpio's     nman! Ba't di mo gayahin si Pe-
     "This is really a no-brainer     need in writing decisions. Every                                                                                      Tanong: Ano English ng
                                                                            address. . Surf the Net         for   dro? Palaging may honor.
since all these are public docu-      judge and justice will be pro-                                                                                   "Maswerte ako sa lalake"?
                                                                            "sc.judiciary.gov.ph/         jcar-        ANAK:Unfair naman kung
ments," Carpio explained. "This       vided with a USB 3G wireless                                                                                          Sagot: "Lucky Me with
                                                                            pio.php. This column's 5,700-         ikumpara nyo ako kay Pedro.
is part of the new transparency       thumb-drive...                                                                                                   Egg"!
                                                                            character--space cap can only              TATAY: Bakit naman?
and accountability policy".                 Filter cases through media-                                                                                                ****
                                                                            skim highlights:                           ANAK: Matalino tatay nun!
     Quit        shillly-shallying.   tion. "Out of 209,165 civil cases                                                ****                                 Erap: pagbilan po!
                                                                                  Liberty is best ensured by                                                Tindera: Ano yun?
Move decisively into the digital      mediated as of May 2012, the                                                     INTERVIEWER: Ano ang
age. Adopt a computerized case        success rate was 64 %. And out        ending the rationing of justice.                                                Erap: Meron po ba kayong
                                                                            "The spirit of liberty lies in the    plano nyo sa mga homeless?
management system, as demon-          of 23,979 civil cases placed un-                                                 ERAP: Marami, kaso may          skats teyp, yung tig-piso?
strated by the Court of Appeals       der judicial dispute resolution as    hearts of men and women;" Jus-                                                  Tindera: Meron?
"widely acknowledged world-           of May 2012, the success rate         tice Learned Hand said in a                                                     Erap: Magkano po?
                                                                                                                       INTERVIEWER: Ano po
wide as a success" By end of          was 40%. Judicial dispute reso-       1944 Central Park address.            yun?                                                 ****
2012, Presiding Justice Andres        lution is a second sieve.. It         "When it dies there, no constitu-          ERAP: ang hirap nilang ha-           Bruno: Ano yang nasa papel
Reyes foresees the CMS system         sifted 78% of all civil cases filed   tion, no law, no court can save it.   napin, kasi wala silang address.     nayan?
will ensure that all cases are        with first and second level                 (     Email:      juan_mer-                     ****                      Juan: Listahan ng mga takot
decided 12 months from end of         courts.                               cado77@yahoo.com )                         MGA JOB TITLES NA DA-           sa aken!
                                                                                                                  PAT NANG PALITAN:                         Bruno: Bakit nakalista ako?!
                                                                            livable. And there was not need            PRESIDENT- pasimuno.                 Juan: Bakit laban ka?
The best in people ... from page 27                                         to move out, though there were             VICE PRESIDENT- kunsiti-             Bruno: OO!!!
                                                                                                                                                            Juan: Eh di burahin,
                                                                            offers from our daughters and         dor.
     Meanwhile, Pat and I have        about two months to finish the                                                   SECRETARY- palsipikador.        problema ba yun?
                                                                            nice friends. Maraming kaming
to continue communicating with        job, hopefully less. Moreover,                                                   TREASURER- kubrador.                            ****
                                                                            bahay na matutuluyan and food
our insurance company regard-         we are lucky that the house was                                                  AUDITOR- kasabwat.                   Pedro na-late sa klase?
                                                                            to eat! Salamat sa Diyos!
ing our coverage and coordinat-                                                                                        PUBLIC RELATION OFFI-                Titser: Pedro late ka na
ing with the adjusters from the                                                                                   CER- tsismoso.                       naman!
three contractors sent to start the                                                                                    REPRESENTATIVES- pa-                 Pedro: Late po kasi relo ko
works - the company to dry up                                                                                     hamak.                                    Titser: problema ba yun?
the water damage, the tree cut-                                                                                        SPOKESMAN- bolero.              Edi i-advance mo!
ter/remover and the reconstruc-                                                                                        SGT-AT-ARMS- tirador.                Pedro: Opo?
tion        company.           The                                                                                     ADVISER- taga sulsol.                Titser: O san ka pupunta?
reconstruction estimate was                                                                                            (mas tama di bah?)                   Pedro: Mam, uwian na!
32   July 15, 2012

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